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Speccy Thread.

Post Em, Rate Em, Hate Em

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GPU is a 7970, non-GHz edition

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Just noticed operating system

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It gets work done. Currently working on a UMPC.

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why not the k faggit

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The 4690 was literally $50 cheaper.

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Meant you >>53573242

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>all this botnet itt

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Weird resolution because of remote desktop

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quite a powerhouse you're workin with

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then get out, freak

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> windows vista

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it sucks dick. upgrade to win 7 noob

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Why would it be bad? Please elaborate.

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What should I upgrade to? I'd like a mini/micro build.

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Whatever the new shit turns out to be

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What kind of jet engine cooler are you using?

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AMD/Speccy temp bug

Anything below ambient is a false measurement, it's probably around 30C like the rest of his shit

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Hello fire my old friend

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This is bait, right?

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Once the solder melts you'll have a liquid cooled laptop

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Is that just for gaming or do you do work on it too?

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Good olde 6gb vram original Titans. outdated as hell but still do the job

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Yeah, it's a laptop. I travel a lot, like, between countriesm there's no other option for me.

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Please rate. This is the best my wallet could afford.

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you forgot about
>check em

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pls post specs

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just got rid of the ultrabase (8GB USB + 1TB) and I got 480GB Intel 535 SSD instead.
Also the minidock now has a USB 3.0 4TB HDD.

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Isn't it the edition that comes without all the metro app bs and app store? Is it easy enough to pirate it?

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Boringly average

Crop your damn picture

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Sadly enough, the HDD died about a day after
Maybe I can still revive to finish the backup

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waiting on the charger but its a samsung q1 ultra. 800 mhz atom and 1 gb ram. It uses a 60gb ziff HDD. Pretty low power but its a cool piece of tech.

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Needs more storage, but otherwise not bad

Hopefully you have the firmware updated on that 840

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Got a NAS setup, also ditched my OC recently to redo it; wasn't happy with 4.6GHz

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whoops meant Pentium.

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Poos in the loos.

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nope, you mean intel stealey
It's a pre atom shrinked pentium. It overheats pretty easily and uses more power than your moms pussy. It's unusable.

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>1600p monitor

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Found the gaymur retard. Back to /v/.

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Jelly of that monitor

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Yeah, it is. It also comes without Microsoft Edge and WMP, I think. It shouldn't be too hard to pirate and then validate through AutoKMS, but I don't remember where I got the ISO offhand. There was a link on /wxg/ back when that was a thing last year.

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Pretty meme

Doesn't help that room temperature is at like 33°C

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Found an iso on kat. Thanks bro.

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Microsoft has backdoored its disk encryption.

In Windows 10, the universal back door is no longer hidden; all “upgrades” will be forcibly and immediately imposed.

Windows 8 also has a back door for remotely deleting apps.

Windows 8's back doors are so gaping that the German government has decided it can't be trusted.

Microsoft is repeatedly nagging many users to install Windows 10.

Microsoft informs the NSA of bugs in Windows before fixing them.

Windows 10 snoops on the users' files, text input, voice input, location info, contacts, calendar records and web browsing history.

Windows 10 sends identifiable information to Microsoft, even if a user turns off related settings.

Microsoft uses Windows 10's “privacy policy” to overtly impose a “right” to look at users' files at any time.
Windows 10's full disk encryption gives Microsoft a key. https://archive.is/qLRZx

Microsoft SkyDrive allows the NSA to directly examine users' data.

Windows 10 sends screenshots of your desktop to Microsoft.

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Temps in the Define R5 are kinda high

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>It's ok when Google does it

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With that amount of ram, you should be using multiple monitor instead

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It still comes with parts of cortana, the app store and metro settings application

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Exactly what I think, everytime I see something like this.

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Oh no, guess I'd best install Linux!

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>Temps in the Define R5 are kinda high
is it? Are you gaming or something like that?

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yeah I would be but scaling issues with Windows 10 and multiple resolutions make it really shitty

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video editing and gaming yeah

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thats not bad imo, considering getting an r5 but was reluctant to because I didnt know how it would effect temperatures.

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Load temps are around 62C on the CPU and 78 on the GPU

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nice botnet

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I have a speccy, though it seems the PSU is dead.

It's performant (poo in loos and ching chongs love this fake word) and you Windows cock suckers would love it because it does indeed have gaymes.

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Here it is:

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how did you nearly hit 1600mhz

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cpu is at 4.5 ghz, gpu is a 290 at 1100 mhz

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Magyar cigany detected

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New laptop :)

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This can't be real..

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He has some good temps. ;P

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What is this cancer?

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My Speccy, duh.

Don't be rude

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Why 980Ti with 1080p? Seems overkill!

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Dis gon b gud

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whats my first step for an upgrade

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>temperatures in fahrenheit

Can't be saved

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Be gentle

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It's a complete waste

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>no OS

C'mon anon!

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Processor. Ivy Bridge is getting outdated.

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I really need to upgrade this shit's getting outdated

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Hardly, unless he needs the features that come with newer platforms. I'd recommend another 8GB of RAM. Maybe upgrade the 770 once Pascal/Polaris come out.

>> No.53577503

>2 980's,
>Sandy Bridge
Jesus fucking christ dude, spread some of that money to your processor.

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mmm im seeing some contention with the advice, boys

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Slight bump in voltage and high ASIC quality

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Haven't really toyed around with a CPU overclock but it ran stable using 4.20 GHz OC preset

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Long time in the making, but it's done.

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It's a hexacore processor my man, i'll probably upgrade next generation

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>Magyar Cigany
>Got Gigabit Internet

Dont be mad

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why does everyone display temps in celcius?

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Well, >>53577498 is right, but I also have an Ivy Bridge, so I was just feeling your pain, and I know that's what I would upgrade in your place.

Once Pascal/Polaris comes out, I would recommend updating your graphics card though, since even a budget card will be a large imrpovement over your 770.

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Well, do you regularly do stuff with your computer that would actually benefit from the 15-20% increase you'd get with the i7-6700K? If you're not even sure whether you need to upgrade then I'd say don't bother with it. Then again, it's your dosh.

I personally wouldn't stand having just 8GB of RAM but again, depends on your use.

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Because america is shit

>> No.53577766

Please use a non-American CPU then.

Oh wait none exist except for Godson which is still a copy of an American design.

>> No.53577836

I use CPU manufactured in Costa Rica, so I'm ok.

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Update your video drivers kiddo, that one has issues

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rate pls, paid around $700

>> No.53578069


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4k on a way

>> No.53578299

Ok then i see the need for one of them cards!

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rape me

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>new platform build
>two 970s
>card killing driver
>limited storage
Did you seriously buy two meme cards in 2016 right before the new ones launch?

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Speccy does it by default.

>> No.53580716

I bought the two meme cards in 2015

I built this desktop alongside my second Pc with an i7 3770k and a GTX 660

Also paid 525 USD for the pair

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>that much RAM
>midtier components

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cpu bottleneck/10

>> No.53581059

The hdds are all reused and everything else suits my needs.

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good lulz

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>> No.53581131


You have that beast setup but old GPU

>> No.53581154

>realize I just browse 4chan and watch anime all day
>stopped playing video games

Wanted to grab some SLI/Xfire of the next gen's equivalent to the 7950 which is what that card is but right now there's just no reason for me.

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Anybody else's Speccy not pick up their Channel configuration on a X99 platform?

>> No.53581214

mine showed up as unknown as well.

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This is the most powerful computer I own.

Bought in 2012.

>> No.53581303

v tru in cpu intensive games

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Why did you get that setup then?
Or did you quit gaming after getting does new parts.

I also grew away from gaming, but will try to get a Oculus Rift and maybe that can help bring me back.

>> No.53581563

I rebuilt my computer and used my old GPU from my last rig.

After sitting on the new one for a bit I played less and less, and the games I played are not graphically intensive enough to matter. I won't see anything over 120hz with the monitor.

I do like the faster rendering times for non-video game stuff which is what was really cool. It's a bit faster now.

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Gotta love that Florida heat

>> No.53581632

Same situation man.

Miami is very hot.

>> No.53581644

I think you should sell this setup and get something that will fit your needs better.

Maybe an i5 6400 and R9 380X combo would be pretty good.

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