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Old thread: >>53504918

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In windows in firefox the URL delimiter(?) was /, meaning if in the URL bar there was a website www.website.com/one/two/three/four if I pressed ctrl left it would put the cursor www.website.com/one/two/three/|four there and again /|three... etc etc but on linux the delimiter is a space so pressing ctrl left would take me from far right to |www.website...
Does anyone know how I can change that?

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If i stick my dick in my dick drive and close it, will it seriously hurt me or just bounce off?

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Only one way to find out.

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Should I be hard or flaccid?

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There is a way to report to Google Maps when I access a store page and the Street Views does not shows it? The Street View "inform a problem" just has "blur request" and "report misaligned image", not the problem I want to report.

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If your flaccid it might close because there isn't enough pressure.
Better go full throttle.

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Is Windows 10 actually shitty?
Should I avoid Windows 10 laptops?

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soft or hard. It will stop before squishy turns to bloody mess. try a finger first if you are worried.

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Opinions on the Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 speakers? I know /g/ trashes standard PC speakers, but I don't really want big, honking bookshelf speakers taking up my desk. I've read decent things about these and I want something better to replace my Dell A425

Also, I'm occasionally getting this error when I post-
>4chan X encountered an error while posting. [Banned?] [More info]
And yet my post still goes through when the timer resets, I'm just not notified when I get any replies. I'm running 4chan X on Waterfox 44.0.3.

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Yes, memes off it is bad right now because compatibility problems and errors.
No, just reinstall 8.1 on them.

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I know how the gaming headsets are frowned upon because of poor build quality. But I want a headset with a mic that I can strap around my neck and talk easily with people in my video games. Anyone have experience with something around say $30 or $50?

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>no one seeding the win10 enterprise N torrent

>ETA 20 hours

what the actual fuck.

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Now that my BetterTouchTool trial's ended is there any way to continue using it without paying the kike

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It's Windows 10, why are you expecting anybody to want it?

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Does Firefox has a maximum RAM size it can occupy, and after passing this limit it starts working badly?

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1. Klipsch is good shit. Solid monitors.

2. If you're using a proxy or HTTPSE you can get that error.

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I'm making an image guide on how to debotnet and debloat windows 10. Enterprise is the only version where you can disable auto updates.

I found a torrent which seems to have a clean ISO with no activators or anything

what kind of red flags should I look for?

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You're fighting a losing battle. have fun.

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How much is this laptop worth used?
I have one and want to know how much I should be selling it for.

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I believe that limit is roughly 2048kB

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Thats a screen anon.

you mean this:

And could be whatever a tech illiterate person is willing to pay for it.
$200-280 maybe, i would pay less.

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did i cock something up? i dont feel like the compressed zip should be this small compared to the original directory

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This is the stupid questions thread, not the literally retarded questions thread.

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My teacher said that ISPs have ISPs. Can anyone explain?

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i search a lot of words on firefox by simply typing them into the url. it should lead to googling them, but, randomly, firefox instead treats them as an url.

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sorry im just amazed at how small you can make shit

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My house received lots of Ethernet cables (inside the walls), but only one is working! Why? How can I discover?
I tested by plugging one side on a router (I tried 2 routers), and the other on my netbook, and then proceeded to pinging Google.

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Are there any good alternatives to Windows Photo Viewer?

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ifran view gave me issues with GIFs so don't bother using that.

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Windows 10 guide says to go into CMD and delete these two services

Why can't I just disable them using MSconifg?

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>Windows 10

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anon pls

I'm trying to create a nice user friendly guide on how to debotnet it. I wouldn't dare install it on MY computer. That's in virtualbox

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Is there a voice modulation software where you can bind keys to your keyboard to turn on modulation for your microphone in Windows?

For example: I would hold Numpad 2 to make my voice low, or hold Numpad 5 to make it reverb.

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What US carriers in Cali can I take a Xiaomi note 2 too?

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There is somewhere a guide on how to use AppchanX? There are some things I don't understand yet in this addon, and I would like to read instead of making many questions here, in this board.

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How good are the 2-1 laptops?
The ones that have a Quad core Atom CPU look rather powerful for what they are.

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You mean the tablets?

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I was reading a sci-fi series of low-medium popularity and it kind of occurred to me that a lot of concepts used there would make a really great strategy game. If I decided to make such a thing, obviously staying far away from any trademarked terms and changing things slightly so that it isn't EXACTLY like the books, but still anyone who read them could probably tell that conceptually there are a lot of similarities in premise, could I potentially open myself up to litigation by distributing it?

I mean it would be tiny scale thing that would probably only be played by a handful of people anyway, but still best to know if I am exposing myself to risk beforehand.

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Also, the ones that come with a keyboard with a HDD, how hard would it be to replace the HDD for a SSD?

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depends on what you are compressing, certain types of data compress better than others.

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>how to debotnet it
you can't fully debotnet wincuck 10 from the OS itself. A router firewall is required.

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what kind of router firewal

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Which program is the go-to for activating Win10 without a license?

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you should probably ask a lawyer
I think you're pretty much safe, even if it's hugely popular and a blatant ripoff, as long as it isn't making any money.

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can /g/ recommend a good android app for checking the battery capacity?

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What's the easiest way to dual boot Windows 7 and Ubuntu... which one do I install first and like is there any specific options I need to pick?

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On Ubuntu how do I mask/change temporarily my MAC address? I want to do this for torrenting.

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Is there a way I can somehow embed text into an image file

Like say I want to embed a website link or some other information into an image so someone could theoretically open the image using notepad or some shit and copy paste the link or links

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1. install windows (or don't, if you know what's good for you)
2. install linux
3. masturbate

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You can store text in the image metadata. (4chan and many image hosts strip this to protect people from doxing)
Stenography can also be used to store data (even other files) inside images.

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Are there any easy to use programs that would let me store a .txt inside a png or jpg?

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Can someone help me with bash?
I want to make a script to unpack a cbz/zip file then convert the png/jpg to webp then pack it back to cbz.
How to go about it?

unzip *.*
convert {}.jpg {}webp
zip *.webp
rm *.png

Any help is appreciated....

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Went to copy files, noticed this computer on my network. "Home" computer doesn't have it connected, just my desktop. Doesn't list it's MAC or IP, DameWare didn't pick it up either.

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I need a computer to act as a Cablecard DVR (using NextPVR). I don't need to for streaming, decoding, or transcoding, just recording. Here's the thing: it has to be in my bedroom, approximately 8 feet from my head. Low noise is a must. Should I buy a mini PC (e.g., Intel NUC, Gigabyte Brix, etc.) or build a PC myself using the quietest components possible ( even down lock the CPU for better TDP)

Looking to spend less than $400

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Android VLC 1.7.5

How to :

1/ make the OSD hide instantly (with NO delay)

2/ loop a video

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I want to post on /g/ using links2 text based browser. How do i do the captchas? Is ther a way to do /g/ via text based browser lifestyle?

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You could try using legacy capcha, but I don't know how well it'd work

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Buy a pass

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I have a problem with outlook, I receive old emails, which I already have in my inbox, or are already deleted.
I tried with scanpst, it supposedly fixed some erros, but the problem persisted. I deleted my account and added it again, but I still receive old emails.

Any more tips ?

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Is pass botnet? Is it like being a tripfag?

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scratch that, I used command line

I can't post on 4chan though.

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4chan detects and blocks a lot of stenographic methods because people used it to share CP.

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oh true

there doesn't seem to be a convenient way to do this then. There's no point in making an info-graphic that can't be posted.

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A lot of my TV rips have the network ending where it says what show's coming up next, is there any way I can create an index of what show says what's up next and play the proper show accordingly? Or is this something I'd have to do myself?

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is there such thing as "height" in a CPU?

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So i want to upgrade my graphics card.
Is it as easy as it sounds?
Pic related.
would it just be a simple exchange?

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You just pull the old one out and put the new one in

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depends on the model, check the manuals for those you are interested in.
Usually you will find hybrid devices use an SSD already, albeit a slow cheap one usually on M.2 since it reduces physical size (gotta get that thin tablet feeling)

Biggest issues I can expect are underclocked processors to reduce heat, less serviceable and you generally find the wireless on them is underpowered resulting in half the speed of a laptop variant and a piss-poor range

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>something around say $30 or $50?
No but I like my G633,

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Having a Brix myself these things are silent and also come with VESA mount and screws so easy to wallmount or even mount on the back of any VESA capable monitor/TV so you can hide it out of the way.

Unless using a NAS you will be limited by the size of the M.2 SSD though

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Get a cable tester, they're cheap

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How come nowadays it's so easy to install a legit version of OSX on normal PC hardware?

Since it's also free now and performs much better than it used to, how does Apple not somehow crack down on this? They don't directly support hardware they don't sell themselves, but they sure haven't stopped anyone from using anything different, have they?

Or is it that they really can't somehow tell? Is a fake system definition so infallible?

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Where are you receiving emails from? Generally if you have a webmail provider (Gmail, hotmail, ISP) they will have the option enabled by default to not delete any mails from their servers, even if you delete it on the client.

1) You check for emails, receive mail A+B
2) You delete mail B on client, webmail provider does not delete mail B on server
3) You check for emails, receive mail B again

You need to log into the provider's webmail interface and change the options so the server does not retain emails once downloaded/deleted

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Is it really neccessary to have uBlock Origin installed if you're using uMatrix?

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All variants of the R7 need a 450W PSU and a 6-pin connector.
All variants of the 6900 series excluding the 6990 need 1 or more 6pins and a 500W+ Power Supply so no reason your system would be unable to power it.

I am taking a guess from the Speccy details you are running a 6950. While it is an old care the comparisons show that aside from some power efficiency you will see little performance gain and you may even see a drop in performance.

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Which linux os is the right one for a workstation to write documentations, programming, configure networkhardware and test them, etc.
Fedora? Mint? Manjaro?

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Any? I mean I would recommend Fedora, but it's not like you can't do that on any distro.

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Will there ever be DX12 for Windows 8.1?
I tried Win10 numerous times, I can't live with that shit.

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Is there any way to monitor which computers are online ? Something like client server. I need to know which machines, which run on win7, are online. I was thinking of writing some small java program to send every hour a mail, but it has to be something already developed.

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probably not....proprietary software

>> No.53518291

Microsoft doesn't work that way
The good news is you probably won't have any use for DX12 for quite a while.

>> No.53518297

hopefully never if vulkan doesnt suck ass

>> No.53518308

How do I convert a VIDEO_TS folder to individual episodes?

>> No.53518313

Better software and larger driver libraries have accumulated over time
Ultimately its such a small market that they don't really care

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Are there still sites that keep passwords as plain text or just hashes without salting them?

>> No.53518335

Of course, there will always be lazy or incompetent developers
You just never know until its too late

>> No.53518340

So even though you can't get a password from a hash, for a website that has password length limits and doesn't salt the passwords wouldn't it be easy to bruteforce passwords until you find one that matches an existing hash?

>> No.53518341

What comparison website is that?
Also, if what you are saying is correct, which card would you recommend to upgrade to?

>> No.53518360

Think it'll compile for OS X Leopard?

>> No.53518369

Maybe, but you might was well just download an older binary

>> No.53518374

Looking for a recommendation on best mechanical keyboard for price.
Cherry blue because I like the click.

>> No.53518392

are they all on the same local network?
If you want something that already exists then you are stuck with full monitoring software applications that are either expensive/have limited trials (Solarwinds)
Or you use an open-source tool, stick it on a Linux box and read up how to use it. Nagios would do the trick and would also tell you the state of drive capacity, memory, etc.

Otherwise you are scripting it yourself

>> No.53518394

Yeah looks like I'll have to, some of the requirements for building it aren't available in Tigerbrew

>> No.53518399

Bruteforcing an unsalted hash is essentially getting the password from the hash.

>> No.53518433

But that wouldn't necessarily be difficult right?

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File: 133 KB, 700x700, GTX480 HOUSEFIRES.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

thanks for the info. Let's hope they actually make games that use Vulkan on Windows instead of DX12.

>> No.53518471

depends on the password strength

>> No.53518474

You'll probably be able to use Vulkan, but performance on it isn't anywhere close to DX12 yet.

>> No.53518478

Sadly no, they are on different networks.

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the site is gpuboss.
The card you want depends on your needs and budget, are you trying to play the latest and greatest games where optimisation does not apply?

I don't know the prices where you are but an R7 370 where I am is ~£120
If you jump up to an R9 380 that takes the price up to £160 (2GB mode) or £170 (4GB model), I would recommend the 4GB for a bit more longevity.

I'm sitting on an R9 280X which sits on the previous generation but is pretty much just below the 380 performance wise. I can comfortably run stuff like XCOM2 on high though.

Power requirements jump up though so check your Power Supply has a second 6-pin or a spare molex (most cards come with a molex-6pin adapter that I have seen).
Recommended Power Supply is a 550W though my 280X is recommended at 600W and I'm sitting on a 500W PSU

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It's a work mail. The duplicate emails should've been deleted from the server. I was using the setting "delete from server after deleting from "deleted items"" or something similar.
I turned on the "dont save copies on server", and in the ISPconfig it says my inbox is 0% full, I have all mails on my laptop. Just lost everything from the phone, but it's not a big deal.

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Free anti-virus that isn't intrusive and keep recommending to install/buy useless shit FUCK AVG!

>> No.53518529

Avast is decent if you leave it in gaming mode.

>> No.53518541

Ok something like Nagios can still work for this. I speak only of Nagios as that's the only one I have touched.

What you can do is have a client installed on the systems being monitored (nsclient++) and have them configured to report their status to the Nagios server.
On your end you can view a web dashboard on Nagios that will list the status of all the systems or if they have not communicated for a while.

This all requires that the Nagios server can be reached from the clients either by having the Nagios server using a publicly available address or utilising VPN tunnels.

>> No.53518567

I'll try that.

>> No.53518574

If my car's battery is too low to turn over the engine, and I don't need to be anywhere for at least several hours, is there any reason I can't use an ATX PSU to charge it? Or should I call my bf?

>> No.53518581

Does your work provided Outlook Web access of any kind? If you delete an email on there does it still reappear later?
It could be some odd data retention policy in place.

As for your ISP's email, is this then happening on multiple email accounts? Apologies for that setting change, some allow you to only sync deletions.
If you contact your ISP I'm sure they can restore all mail to their server, generally even deleted items can be restored on a mail server within 30days.

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If you're already sitting on a 6950, you might as well just save up a little extra cash and get something you'll see a big difference in.

Drop the money for a 980 or a 290x.

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What's best option to run Android apps on linux?

>> No.53518601

Remix OS
But why would you want to do that anyway?

>> No.53518606

I've found Avast has always been even worse than AVG for popups, sounds and 'please buy our paid versions' guff.
Mixture of Windows Defender (MSE if on Win7) and Common Sense works fine.

>> No.53518607

For Windows, what's a good and free program for simple video editing? Removing portions of videos, adding text, merging files etc.

>> No.53518613

It's pretty bad but if you leave it in gaming mode it doesn't pop up.

>> No.53518624

Haven't used it in years so might have changed but I remember Avira not spamming you 24/7 to get the paid version.

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I need to have viber/kik/telgram account and I don't want to use my phone / tablet to do that.
Why are you asking?
Also regarding Remix OS isn't chinese botnet? and does it have persistence?

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>> No.53518656

Install them on Android. It has a Linux kernel so they will be running on Linux :^)

This is a situation in which you really should specify GNU/Linux

>> No.53518660

My brother hacked me and deleted ALL MY ANIME and changed my wallpaper to a white background with the text "FAGGOT". How do I get my anime back? If I install Linux, will that stop him from hacking me?

>> No.53518668

install gentoo

>> No.53518671

dunno if this is the right thread or board for that matter but here goes:
Anyone has some knowledge with turing machines?
We gotta write a turing machine with 1 state that is able to transform binary to decimal, example:
the number 12 (it is written backwards)
and the output should be
_ and ~ are just blank spaces, and the empty binary number should be filled with a placeholder, the machinestarts on the first number on the left and has to end on the first ~

My problem is I don't see how I can generate more numbers ( I need to be able to output 1,2,3,4,5,6 and so on) with what's given, especially with only one state, since if I modify a 1, every 1 will be modified accordingly regardless the position.
Since it has to end on the first ~, I reckon you write the placeholder going right, but as I said, no idea on how to generate more numbers.

Any help would be appreciated

>> No.53518673

AFAIK, we don't have any web access.
And I think it's only happened with me since I'm the IT guy, and problems go through me.

The ISP suggested the scanpst and then to remove and add my mail acc. so I will write him again.

>> No.53518674

I'm trying to install Void Linux in Virtual Box, but I'm facing two issues:

If I go BIOS way, it install great, but after reboot Virtual Box says "critical failure".

If I go EFI way, it install great but after reboot Void prompt me to a "emergency terminal" where almost nothing works.

I tried forums a little but nothing came up. What should I research or to try?

>> No.53518675


>> No.53518680

defined 'hacked'.
Did he just login as you, delete all files and changed your desktop?
Recycle bin empty?
Tried Recuva?

Using Linux probably won't make a difference. I assume he either had an account with local admin or guessed your password.

>> No.53518684

>falling for the b8

>> No.53518687

Thanks. I'll give it a try. I really just want to make fancy webms to enhance my shitposting.

>> No.53518689

He cares more about you than you probably do. He did you a favor, you faggot.

>> No.53518700

I don't know how the fuck he did it. He hacked me from his computer and he can't guess my password since it's the name of an anime character and he doesn't watch anime.

>> No.53518720

stop it anon. The people that frequent this thread are usually nice and won't realize you're just being a fuckwit.

>> No.53518725


>> No.53518764

I understand, thanks you very much for the info!

>> No.53518795

try 'webm for retards' then
It can do some of what you want (taking chunks out of a larger video and stringing it together, re-encoding to reduce file size) don't think it cn do text though

>> No.53518837

Windows file and printer sharing was turned on in your PC.
All he had to do was type \\yourpcname\c$\users\yourname
then proceed to do whatever he liked with anything on your desktop, documents, videos, dropbox, onedrive, etc.

Either turn that off or if you really want a poor excuse to install Linux then it won't have that enabled and has a different file structure

>> No.53518900

Best way to block entire country IP blocks on Windows? Also my router is wrt54gl if it can be done using the router.

>> No.53518901


Also, install gentoo

>> No.53518906

Do you want to block all IP's from a country or get around an IP block in your country?

>> No.53518980

Is possible to install a 64 bit version of android on a 64 bit device running a 32 bit version? Talking about the galaxy tab s2.

>> No.53518982

Has anyone encountered an error when using Gyazo, lightshot etc when trying to upload big part of the screen? I can upload only when selected area is small, but when it's fullscreen it breaks.

>> No.53519023

Why do some electronics sometimes make "stretching" or creaking sounds?

>> No.53519167

So, previously, an anon suggested http://pcpartpicker.com/p/VwCVkL for a decent, economic desk top; I've got it all queued up to order, but wouldn't mind a second opinion because I'm a slack jawed degenerate who has very little idea what he's looking at.

>> No.53519195

Looks solid, I see no obvious issues.

You'll be able to play all but the newest games on mid-high or high settings at 45+ FPS

>> No.53519226

Is there anything special I should do/know going into a windows 10 upgrade from win7? I just want to make the transition painless as possible, preferably without having to do a fresh install.

>> No.53519250

Good value build.
Just depends on how you use it.
Witcher 3 on Max settings probably not.
Pretty much any title with reasonable FPS, yeah.
Photo/video Editing: decent
Surfing the web: Overkill

>> No.53519257

Malwarebytes and literally nothing else.

Mstoolkit works better and does office activation as well

Heatspreader ram is unnecessary. Unless you want it because it looks cool, regular old ddr3 is fine (by gskill crucial or mushkin)

Psu could be better. Try seasonic or xfx. Look for one that is at least semi modular 80+silver. Non modular psus are garbage

For ~15$ more you can get an r9 380 4gb which blasts the 960 out of the water.

>> No.53519295

And quick follow up question since I've never bought a new PC before, what tools should I have on hand to assemble it? Am I going to have to get a soldering iron, or is it all screwdriver work, or?

>> No.53519302

What do you guys think of the Asus MG279G Monitor?

>> No.53519311

Are you sure you don't want blue or black RAM to match the motherboard?

>> No.53519355
File: 59 KB, 960x540, [Blaze077] Koyomimonogatari - 10 - Koyomi Seed [540p]00:11:10.043.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is there any way to autorotate the screen on a Thinkpad x220t when I move the screen around?

>> No.53519371
File: 3 KB, 230x21, Screenshot_2016-03-15_18-45-15.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does Chromium have any extensions that let you group tabs like this feature from Tree Style Tabs?

>> No.53519376
File: 186 KB, 1058x932, Screenshot_20160316-093924~2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I forgot the info pic

>> No.53519475
File: 147 KB, 1300x866, 30193410-Manual-worker-human-hand-holding-soldering-iron-tool-repairing-computer-electronics-circuit-board-Stock-Photo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> am I going to have to get a soldering iron


>> No.53519484

Eizo foris is better In a lot of ways

Wait till it comes out

>> No.53519488

how2get job

>> No.53519489

No soldering. It's like LEGO. You don't even need screws for connecting parts together. Those are just for affixing it to the case.

>> No.53519564

Block them. I know where to get get the lists of registered IP-addresses for each country but adding them to my firewall (Comodo) is a lot of work since it has to done manually. You can't use a batch file or something since Comodo won't accept any change to its configuration unless it's made through its own process.

>> No.53519572

I'm supposed to use one "capful" of a certain chemical in my hot tub, but the bottle has two things I might consider a "cap", there is the small cap that actually encloses the chemical, and then a secondary much larger one that covers the top that snaps on. (Sort of like a bigger version of what you might see on a cough syrup bottle but without the measurements on it.) Which one am I supposed to use here?

I could measure it out properly but my only real measuring utensils are kitchen stuff that I don't want to contaminate with harsh chemicals.

>> No.53519578

If you have to ask, you will never know.

>> No.53519587
File: 144 KB, 880x382, mags.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What is a cheap POS tablet that would be good enough to use just for reading digital magazines?
i.e robust screen size but...
I don't care about os/cpu/memory/camera etc.
I just want to read my retarded mags on the go.

>> No.53519597

>it's like legos

I love this meme. Its totally like lego, until you are putting in the cpu and you are sweating bullets as the thing creaks as you secure it in place. Then putting on the cpu cooler, the big air ones are a pain in the ass to install most of the time.

And then there is the matter of parts that should fit but don't due to shotty case and/or part design

Other than that, yeah it's like LEGO™ bricks

>> No.53519598

Chuwi Hi8

>> No.53519599

I see lots of iPads being used for point of sale. You just need to get a little card reader attachment.

>> No.53519609

Good one anon

>> No.53519618

What matters most for that is high ppi. Anything above 200 will probably satisfy you. 300 may be noticeably better.

>> No.53519634

Well i just want a budget one.
All i will do would be 4chan, youtube, MSOffice and Netbeans.

Im really interested in them because they are really lightweight (1kg or less) and cheap so sounds nice to carry around.

>> No.53519641


>> No.53519643
File: 108 KB, 573x720, therapist.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.53519673
File: 8 KB, 192x284, happy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nice...I'm on it. Thanks.

>> No.53519693

>chinese engineering
Expect fire.

>> No.53519713

Is there a type of program or even "torrent" that whenever there is a new episode released (example: Anime) it automatically downloads it in the background

>> No.53519718


>> No.53519734

Many popular torrent clients have such a feature. uTorrent and qBittorrent have RSS auto-downloading built in for example. So you just need to find a tracker with a good RSS feed to fetch your torrents from and you're set.

>> No.53519746


You can usually set up torrent programs with rss feed iirc

>> No.53519750

i know this is a more stupid question but whats a difference between a tracker and a seeder?

>> No.53519754

Recommendations on a book for learning C? I was thinking k&r but I think changed quite a bit since 1988.

>> No.53519764

wait, nvm I got it.

>> No.53519777

In bittorrent terms the tracker is the central server that keeps track of everyone in the swarm and helps get you in contact with other peers. "Tracker" is also used more generally to refer to websites that index torrent files (and usually run the other kind of tracker for hosted torrents as well) which is where you'd expect to find your RSS feed.

A seeder is just another guy in the swarm with a complete copy of the data you want.

>> No.53519824

thanks anon

>> No.53519842

> complete or incomplete*

Ftfy sempai

>> No.53519867

Doesn't the traditional definition of a seeder imply they have a fully copy of the files in the torrent, and stick around to share them with other people? You can upload if you haven't downloaded everything yet, but you're not considered a "seed" by the tracker or clients or anything.

>> No.53519883

If pc has either
Bootmgr is missing
Window/system32/config/system is missing

Do I just install a new OS?

>> No.53519891
File: 174 KB, 640x1136, image.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I bought a modem without realizing it was wireless and I have a wired router.
Is there any way to make a wireless modem connect to an older linksys wired router?

Am I forced to buy a wireless router?

>> No.53519931

It doesn't have any ethernet ports at all? I thought most wireless stuff still had that shit to fall back on.

>> No.53519943

You could always send it back to Amazon for a refund, less 15% or so restocking fee.

>> No.53519950

No, it only has a port for the dsl phone line.

I forgot to mention I have DSL, if that matters

Should I just try to return the thing?

Are wireless connections less reliable even if the proximity between modem and router is very close?
Like 4 feet

>> No.53519960

I'd just return it. Being forced to use wireless no matter what would be a huge inconvenience in my eyes, always prefer wired connections when I'm doing anything serious with it.

>> No.53519964

I could do this if there isn't an easy way to make it work.
Also what are your opinions on wireless connections of this type vs Ethernet cables?

>> No.53519981

My opinion is they tend to be slower and prone to lag and random connection dropouts, though of course this also depends on the physical setup of the devices, and also I haven't actually used WiFi as my main internet source in many years so maybe recent devices are better.

>> No.53519994

you can connect lan cables.
unless it's some shitty apple.

>> No.53520011
File: 376 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-03-12-20-34-24.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey /g/

Since i am connected to this crappy wifi in some indian hotel, i get randomly redirected from time to time to pages like the one in the pic. Heres the url that led to that 'promotion':


Google didn't bring me any further. Wtf is going on? How does this work? Random redirects? I am pretty sure i didn't download any malware or something, so i blame it on the network i'm connected to.
what does /g/ think? Serious answers appreciated.
btw, fuck u ( just in case)

>> No.53520020

I would just stop using that wifi unless you absolutely have to.

>> No.53520032
File: 109 KB, 1260x489, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You looked at the front and made assumptions?

>> No.53520040

What are some good tech news sites? I like the amount of stories that ars technica gets, but their community is completely Reddit tier. On the other hand, I like anand tech, but they have a lack of stories.

>> No.53520042
File: 256 KB, 1600x902, 1457899751908.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.53520051

forgot to link post

>> No.53520052

Pair of Rokit 5 G3 yay or nay?
Gonna be used for games, streaming and music, my main genres are Rock, Metal and Glitch Hop

>> No.53520061
File: 278 KB, 706x412, 1451307365236.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Use Ubuntu for casual stuff no big deal
>have a dead sd card so i run testdisk on it
>copy all shit to hdd
>copies bunch of shit i dont need so i delete the whole folder
>shutdown pc go to sleep
>boot up pc
>ubuntu logo comes up loading
>the entire screen goes black
>nothing happens no hdd noise
>reacts only to the power off button with the usual ubuntu loading screen
>wat do pls halp

>> No.53520067

I'm so sorry, I'm retarded
Ive tried connecting the modem to my router and then to my PC and i don't get internet connection.
it works when I skip the router, but I need to connect through the router for another PC in the house.
Any advice? Sorry for filling up the thread

>> No.53520077

I want to murder everyone in this picture.

>> No.53520087

pajeet pls.

>> No.53520089

Looks like Ubuntu claims another victim
It sounds like your router is not configured properly. Can't help much since I don't know what kind it is and don't have time for that bullshit anyway, but see if you can reset it somehow or if it came with a settings disc just run that or something.

>> No.53520105

go into router config and find something to clone PC's mac address.

>> No.53520127
File: 240 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-03-12-20-48-11.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Absolutely need it to lurk on /g/...
No seriously, whats happening? Couldn't even post from there as it said isp, network or country has been banned (can't b country though, managed to post from other networks).
really just wondering how this werks, bout the technique behind...
other scam in pic

>> No.53520139

Alright, atleast I know it'll work I just need to figure out the router settings
So the goal is to have my router and my PC have an identical MAC address?
I'll try that

>> No.53520145

The router is redirecting some of your traffic to malicious, shady shit.

Obviously since the thing is clearly set up to fuck you over you should assume everything you do will be logged and viewable by whoever set the thing up if they care enough.

>> No.53520168

>not lurking nuff
>pajeet? I'm no indian fag

>> No.53520181

You want the WAN facing side to have the same MAC as your PC. It probably won't let you change the LAN MAC.

>> No.53520239

Could I run the router's easy setup software and it fix that problem?
Or is it a manual only type fix

>> No.53520251
File: 158 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-03-12-20-48-59.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thx mate, that's an answer i appreciate.
So network (or even isp?) was redirecting? I think the owners of the hotel don't have a clue. It's a shame how many hotels don't even change the router's default credentials (though that one did change them).
3rd scam as pic

>> No.53520272

Going to use a Linux VM on a dual-booted OS X & Win 10 machine. Which distro should I use and why? Not Gentoo/Arch.

>> No.53520279

You haven't found it yet? What model is your router?

>> No.53520283

>Going to use a Linux VM
For what?

>> No.53520311

I'm at work

Linksys Wrt54gL

>> No.53520315

Gonna start streaming currently have a FX6300 want to hop on Intel train
Should I go i5 4460 or i7 4790 paired with a H97 board and 16gigs of RAM
I'm on a budget but if the performance increase with the i7 is noticeable, will take that route

>> No.53520337

>get a high dpi screen, at that point the text rendering method stops mattering
Is this true? I find it hard to believe there would be no difference between Linux/OSX font rendering and ClearType because of this...

>> No.53520361

Then you should be able to find it easily in the web interface, usually at

You find the Setup tab, click it, then under that will be a MAC Address Clone tab.

>> No.53520364

What is /g/ go to firefox adblock ?

>> No.53520378

Ok thank you sir I will try it

>> No.53520388

Ublock origin

For every browser

>> No.53520408

Where do I get it for Opera 12?

>> No.53520413

I5-4690k and a z97 mobo.
GA-Z97X-UD3H its really good for that CPU.

>> No.53520433

Does it allow making custom filters? Is syntax similar to adblock's?

>> No.53520439
File: 132 KB, 391x311, 1455888196800.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sup /sqt/ I'm a poorfag but want to upgrade my shit a bit.

Planning to buy an i5-6500 and an MSI entry level motherboard and some ram basically. My old power supply units are 350W and 400W. I'll be getting a case and a power supply (500W) for $56 but I'd rather reuse. I can reuse the old ones just fine but I might add a 950 in a month or two and that's some 70-110W under load... might not cut it. So I'm wondering... is there a way to sort of use two power supplies at once??? Like connect them together somehow through an adapter or just plug them both in the motherboard if it supports such a thing? Haven't heard of this but I'm wondering f it's possible is all.

>> No.53520447

Thanks m8
Beign a K cpu I will OC , what cooler do you suggest?

>> No.53520454

Sounds like man-in-the-middle attack, but it could be other session hi-jacking.
>I think the owners of the hotel don't have a clue
Or they do know and get paid to let it happen.

>> No.53520464

Check the page on the firefox or chome store

I don't know enough about that stuff to tell you for sure. It does have an element picker tool that lets you select things to block manually

>> No.53520478





Its what supplies power to all of your components on ypur computer. Using a shitty one means risking ruining your parts

>> No.53520492


Does Intel still pull that bullshit where you need to choose between overclocking and VT-x?

>> No.53520521

how long you guys think it's gonna take for usb c cable master race switch.

>> No.53520554

Thanks for the legit concern bro. I know, I'm not cheaping out, just reusing or buying a good one for cheap (it's Cooler Master/made in Taiwan). I also have a 750W UPS supplying the electricity so no additional risks take by reusing or getting a basic supply. The electricity provided to the PSU would be consistent and protected from irregularities with the help of the UPS.

>> No.53520764
File: 40 KB, 620x252, shield.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is it okay for me to remove the foam padding that's on the back of my Gigabyte motherboard's I/O shield?

>> No.53520794


>> No.53520807

Yes iirc.

>> No.53520839

If it's not packaging material you should leave it.

>> No.53520846


>> No.53520851

I don't think it's really intended, but I have had to do it at least once to make it fit properly over the ports. I don't think it's really a big deal to do it, but I'd avoid it as long as it is practical to do so.

>> No.53520854

Whats vt-x?

>> No.53520870

is there a way to change which audio output my phone uses when it's connected to my pc via bluetooth? I don't want it using the default one

>> No.53520882

Maybe "default communications device" would do it? Not 100% sure on that but the setting must exist for something

>> No.53520913

Virtualization support

>> No.53520914

give me a bit, i'll put something together

>> No.53520915

You should check your bank account balance and also absentmindedly practice typing your passwords and other sensitive information.

>> No.53520918

Which 980TI with closed loop watercooling is best? I was thinking of buying the EVGA Hybrid as their design has memory/VRM heatsinks, but what're the others like?

>> No.53520954

that's the thing, I can't seem to find an option for that anywhere. The music player program only has options like volume and skip, the bluetooth adapter only has options about connecting, and the phone control panel only has binary "connect this yes or no" options. Can't seem to find audio device settings anywhere

>> No.53520960

I have short videos I can view but not save in any conceivable way (long story)

Whats a good program to capture video AND audio playing on my screen? camstudio is shit. cant select capture size and it wont get audio

>> No.53520968

Right click volume control, go to playback controls, right click, set as default communication device

>> No.53521072 [DELETED] 


>> No.53521089

I did that and gave myself a test call and it's still coming out the default speaker

>> No.53521103 [DELETED] 


>> No.53521106

Basic hijacking.

Dont use that network.
Report with police unless you really are in india.

>> No.53521123


>> No.53521134

Use OBS, Open Broadcaster Software.

It's great for screencap if you're not running a newer Nvidia card.

If you have a newer Nvidia card, use Shadowplay.

>> No.53521139 [DELETED] 

Don't laugh at me ;_;
Shit must be case sensitive
You get the idea anyway


>> No.53521151 [DELETED] 


There, that should work now.

>> No.53521166

should i use something like https://github.com/skwp

>> No.53521173
File: 189 KB, 713x800, be_careful_et.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hi /g/
Been lurking for about a year.
I have been learning Python/C, and getting comfortable with Bash.
I want to learn more about computer architecture (e.g. RAID setups) and internet architecture (how the various protocols work).
Any thoughts on resources at beginner level for this stuff?

>> No.53521195 [DELETED] 

End it.


>> No.53521211

USB mic or 3.5MM mic?

>> No.53521223 [DELETED] 

Shit man. I don't know what's going wrong. Meant to quote >>53518574

>> No.53521241

Doesn't really matter if you're using it for games.

Go with whatever one has the features you want.

I have a Blue Yeti and love it. It's USB.

>> No.53521258

What is the difference between a Windows 8.1 Pro OEM key and retail key on Kinguin?

>> No.53521274


>> No.53521302

The difference is you shouldn't be paying for your os you fucking fag

>> No.53521369

i have GeForce 6200 LE and it only shows 64MB although it should have weither 128 MB or 256 MB
Whats going on !!!!! also its a dedicated card

>> No.53521382


>> No.53521403

What country do you live in?

That card is literally over a decade old.

>> No.53521415

I'm making a conprehensive guide soon so wait until then.

Don't pay money for a key when you can activate for free

>> No.53521436

i live in Egypt, i know the PC is a bit old but i was wondering if it could play games better while my main rig is being repaired
also processor is a Pentium D pretty decent
but why does it show 64 MB? It should have more... all sites online say it has at least 128

>> No.53521445

This is the only way?

>> No.53521492

It's the easiest way

>> No.53521530

also for this card to run quake 3 or counter-strike 1.6 without frame drops... why happen ? quake 3 run ok 90 fps but cs1.6 and other game dont run so good... should i check rivatuner?

>> No.53521605

How can this help me?

>> No.53521629
File: 94 KB, 640x640, at-sign-1083508_640.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Should I use a Windows e-mail client? Why?
If yes, should it be Mozilla Thunderbird?

>> No.53521659

What email service do you use?

>> No.53521671


>> No.53521692

Then, no. You should use inbox.google.com

>> No.53521744

So Linux is just a kernel, right? And distros use the linux kernel and build onto it? Then what the fuck is GNU?

>> No.53521755

Why shouldn't I use Thunderbird for Gmail?

>> No.53521779

why should you?

>> No.53521781

If I were to buy a B-Stock 3GB EVGA GTX 660ti FTW Edition gpu, would I be able to use it in SLI with a regular 660ti?

>> No.53521793

Why add another layer of abstraction between you and your data?

Plus, any changes you make in Gmail using the internet interface is available everywhere.

You can use Thunderbird if you like but there's no reason unless you have a particular need of functionality that it offers.

Do you?

>> No.53521796

Why do they call external harddrives passports?

>> No.53521802
File: 12 KB, 366x207, 2016031617104710.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So this just in, what any legit activator around?

>> No.53521807


>> No.53521808

Because this way I can download my emails.

>> No.53521811

its legit, the hard time is finding legit links for it

>> No.53521857


>> No.53521863

GNU sits on the kernel and is the operating system. Distros build upon this and add to it.

Something like Debian is GNU/Linux/Other Stuff.

Technically, you could call something like a Fedora installation Mozilla/KDE/Apache/X.org/GNU/Linux

>> No.53521872

I just found an old ISO of Win 7 I had floating around and there was a RemoveWAT program that seems to have done the trick (at least for now). Cheers anyway.

>> No.53521878

I need to edit someone's voice reading a letter. It needs to be kind of sad, coming from the "sky". I just installed audacity but I have no idea what I should do. Googled "god voice" and "narrator voice" but didn't get what I was searching for.

>> No.53521887

yeah that works too, but be sure to check what updates you do install because i think theres a few that fuck that activation

>> No.53521891
File: 20 KB, 300x300, sweating_ice.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What's the best way to pirate the newest version of Photoshop these days without getting the botnet?

>> No.53521905

Aight thanks for the heads up.

>> No.53521908
File: 267 KB, 1108x1108, GIMP.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.53521920

It took me an hour to figure out how to make this when I got tasked to by a website
n = int(input("Type a number: "))
counter = 0
theSumSoFar = 0

while counter != n+1:
theSumSoFar = theSumSoFar + counter
counter += 1

(Prints the sum all the numbers up to the one that gets entered)

Should I give up programming

>> No.53521935


>> No.53521953

My kindle won't let me text to speech on for a book I purchased because of legal bullshit, will jailbreak allow this?

>> No.53521987

Is it safe to say that 120 degree celsius laptop CPU at full load is too high?

>> No.53522002
File: 709 KB, 400x400, giphy.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


turn it off NOW

>> No.53522020
File: 33 KB, 800x441, God.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thou shalt add reverb.

>> No.53522026

I was stress testing.
It's currently a little under 100.

>> No.53522034

ouch, so impatient, try this out;
# dependencies: "unzip", "zip", "imagemagick" (mogrify), "bash", "findutils" (find)

## text to add to the end of the filename

tempdir=$(mktemp -d)

for file in "[email protected]"; do
echo Extracting \"$file\"...
unzip -qqd "$tempdir" "$file"
while read image; do
echo Converting image \"$(basename "$image")\"...
## adjust your webp settings here, see imagemagick docs
convert "$image" webp:- > "$tempfile"
rm "$image"
mv "$tempfile" "${image%.*}.webp"
done < <(find "$tempdir" -iname '*.jpg' -or -iname '*.png' -or -iname '*.webp' -or -iname '*.gif')
echo Creating new cbz archive...
cd "$tempdir"
zip -qr9 - * > "$originaldir/${file%.*} ${append}.cbz"

rm -r $tempdir 2>/dev/null
rm $tempfile 2>/dev/null

example output;
% ./cbzconv.sh *.cbz :(
Extracting "International Iron Man 001 (2016) (5 Covers) (digital) (F) (Minutemen-Thoth).cbz"...
Converting image "International Iron Man (2016-) 001-021.jpg"...
Converting image "International Iron Man (2016-) 001-020.jpg"...
Converting image "International Iron Man (2016-) 001-019.jpg"...
Converting image "International Iron Man (2016-) 001-018.jpg"...
Creating new cbz archive...

(excuse the filenames, i grabbed the first cbz on kat, i don't have any cbz files myself)

>> No.53522053

is that safe? I get scared when i see 80ºC on any laptop
i dont think its safe
have you tried cleaning it good ?

>> No.53522071

100 is too high, but its a pain in the ass to clean and I'm selling it anyway so I don't really care too much.

>> No.53522103

Consider using a phaser filter if you're into scientology.

>> No.53522125

Thx, appreciate
yeah was the first thing i did. Now no money left. What do? :-p
thx. Well, I really was there. Won't use it no more.
gonna inform myself bout hijacking.

>> No.53522127

just clean it you dick

>> No.53522148


>> No.53522161

Since every new computer comes with Windows 10 now, how do I make it less botnettish if I choose to get one?

>> No.53522162

and an example of the files you should end up with;
% du -h *.cbz
44M International Iron Man 001 (2016) (5 Covers) (digital) (F) (Minutemen-Thoth).cbz
34M International Iron Man 001 (2016) (5 Covers) (digital) (F) (Minutemen-Thoth) (webp).cbz

>> No.53522169

Install 8.1
Use DazLoader

>> No.53522304

Are there any programs that can improve the sound quality of my headphones? Improve may not be the correct word I'm looking for but on a recent episode of Linustechtips he said the major difference is the software used for headphones rather than the hardware itself, at least for usb devices. So are there any drivers/programs etc that can give me some settings to play with such as virtual surround for games?

>> No.53522334


>> No.53522374
File: 115 KB, 897x897, LQn852c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>rm -r $tempdir 2>/dev/null
rm $tempfile 2>/dev/null

Are those last two lines necessary?

And sorry I didn't mean to rush you it's just that the thread have reached bump limit.
Thanks a lot

>> No.53522426

they just remove the temporary extraction folder and temporary webp file from /tmp, they're unneeded after the script has completed, so they're removed
those lines aren't critical, but they do prevent 'leftovers' (since they're in /tmp, they will be removed by the os next reboot though)

>> No.53522501

conv.sh: line 20: syntax error near unexpected token `<'
conv.sh: line 20: ` done < <(find "$tempdir" -iname '*.jpg' -or -iname '*.png' -or -iname '*.webp' -or -iname '*.gif')'

Is what I get, am I that stupid to run a simple script?

>> No.53522608

you're using mac os, aren't you?
it ships with an old version of bash

# dependencies: "unzip", "zip", "imagemagick" (convert), "bash", "findutils" (find)

## text to add to the end of the filename

tempdir=$(mktemp -d)

for file in "[email protected]"; do
echo Extracting \"$file\"...
unzip -qqd "$tempdir" "$file"
while read image; do
echo Converting image \"$(basename "$image")\"...
## adjust your webp settings here, see imagemagick docs
convert "$image" webp:- > "$tempfile"
rm "$image"
mv "$tempfile" "${image%.*}.webp"
done <<< `find "$tempdir" -iname '*.jpg' -or -iname '*.png' -or -iname '*.webp' -or -iname '*.gif'`
echo Creating new cbz archive...
cd "$tempdir"
zip -qr9 - * > "$originaldir/${file%.*} ${append}.cbz"

rm -r $tempdir 2>/dev/null
rm $tempfile 2>/dev/null

>> No.53522679

>mac os
I'm on antergos my bash version is 4.3.39
And it does nothing now.

>> No.53522704

Did somebody fuck up?
Are they selling the actual computer this cheap?

>> No.53522705

You...didn't run that did you?

>> No.53522708

Anyone has an idea why dnf autoremove just deleted half my system?

>> No.53522726


>> No.53522753

What are the dangers/risks of MAC address cloning for the purpose of getting new network equipment to work just in my home? Could it cause any complications?

>> No.53522789

Why do some IRC channels have double # #? Is there a specific reason for this?

>> No.53522833

Is my OS installing if after multiple attempts to get it to install it's just the black screen with the white cursor

>> No.53522847

fixed it creating the new cbz in the wrong place if the input files aren't in the current folder
also, can you post the output if it's still not working?
# dependencies: "unzip", "zip", "imagemagick" (convert), "bash", "findutils" (find)

## text to add to the end of the filename

tempdir=$(mktemp -d)

for file in "[email protected]"; do
filename=$(basename "$file")
filedir=$(dirname "$file")
echo Extracting \"$file\"...
unzip -qqd "$tempdir" "$file"
while read image; do
echo Converting image \"$(basename "$image")\"...
## adjust your webp settings here, see imagemagick docs
convert "$image" webp:- > "$tempfile"
rm "$image"
mv "$tempfile" "${image%.*}.webp"
done <<< `find "$tempdir" -iname '*.jpg' -or -iname '*.png' -or -iname '*.webp' -or -iname '*.gif'`
echo Creating new cbz archive...
cd "$tempdir"
zip -qr9 - * > "$filedir/${filename%.*} ${append}.cbz"

rm -r $tempdir 2>/dev/null
rm $tempfile 2>/dev/null

>> No.53522866

he's referring to it being a bad idea to run some code posted here
it should go without saying that you shouldn't run something untrusted unless you can understand what it's doing

>> No.53522874

You're missing about seven additional bits of information if you want anyone to help you.

>> No.53522885

Especially when /dev/null is anywhere in there.

>> No.53522892

as long as no two devices share the same mac at a time you won't have any problems
remember mac address don't go past routers, so this only applies to your lan

>> No.53522893

it was doing select proper boot error and then i moved HDD and CD sata ports and now it's black screen

>> No.53522920
File: 139 KB, 700x954, motherboards españa.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

how do i tell a mediocre mobo with a good one? Im looking into buying a AM3+ motherboard with chipset 970 or better for 80€ or less

>> No.53522928

not so much when both instances are prefixed with "2>"
if you can't see that it's safe, sure, don't run it

>> No.53522954
File: 342 KB, 500x341, 0_5e090_bc38535b_L.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What do people use to keep up with backups on an external drive?

I prefer something other than just copy pasting it over.

>> No.53522986

>can you post the output if it's still not working?
Sorry it still doesn't work.
No output even.
Maybe it's something I'm doing wrong?
I've put the script in file and named it convert.sh.
And I run it with sh convert.sh

>> No.53523006

did you specify a cbz file to convert?
$ chmod u+x convert.sh
$ ./convert.sh comic\ book.cbz

>> No.53523031

This chart is a bit dated but it does show a pattern

>> No.53523036

No, I thought it scan the folder for cbz files and convert them.
Why? chmod u+x?

>> No.53523050


Would this work for a USB headset? Specifically a Microsoft LifeChat LX3000

>> No.53523065


Most of Razor's stuff is USB.

>> No.53523104

Now I'm getting this
sh convert.sh 1.cbr
Extracting "1.cbr"...
End-of-central-directory signature not found. Either this file is not
a zipfile, or it constitutes one disk of a multi-part archive. In the
latter case the central directory and zipfile comment will be found on
the last disk(s) of this archive.
unzip: cannot find zipfile directory in one of 1.cbr or
1.cbr.zip, and cannot find 1.cbr.ZIP, period.
Converting image ""...
convert: no decode delegate for this image format `' @ error/constitute.c/ReadImage/501.
convert: no images defined `webp:-' @ error/convert.c/ConvertImageCommand/3230.
rm: cannot remove ‘’: No such file or directory
Creating new cbz archive...

zip error: Nothing to do! (try: zip -qr9 - . -i *)

>> No.53523107

chmod u+x changes the file permissions to add execute rights, so it can be run directly (./program)

you can give it the argument *.cbz to work on any .cbz files in the current directory
./convert.sh *.cbz *.zip
(*.zip will work too, though the output will be renamed to .cbz)

>> No.53523121

cbr is compressed with winrar, the script was only made for zip (cbz)
i could add rar support if you want it

>> No.53523141

Please do...

>> No.53523243

Easiest IDE/tutorial set for learning android dev? I have an idea for a really basic app, but it needs me to know how to make it.

I know lots of Java 6, some 7, and some Java EE, but haven't used them in years.

>> No.53523245

What's the best tool to remove exif metadata? Command line, web or whatever I don't really care. I'm a windows pleb btw.

>> No.53523277

use MAT

>> No.53523308

Properties > Details > Remove Properties

>> No.53523339

Metadata Anonymisation Toolkit? Sounds great, thank you.
Top kek, that's even fantastic. Thanks.

>> No.53523371

Android Studio.

Find a simple project to clone and play around with it to see how things work.

>> No.53523510

seems to work
# dependencies: "unzip", "zip", "unrar", "imagemagick" (convert), "bash", "findutils" (find)

## text to add to the end of the filename

for file in "[email protected]"; do
tempdir=$(mktemp -d)

filename=$(basename "$file")
filedir=$(dirname "$file")
echo Extracting \"$file\"...
if [ "${filename#*.}" = "cbz" ]; then unzip -qqd "$tempdir" "$file"; fi
if [ "${filename#*.}" = "cbr" ]; then unrar x -inul "$file" "$tempdir"; fi
while read image; do
echo Converting image \"$(basename "$image")\"...
## adjust your webp settings here, see imagemagick docs
convert "$image" webp:- > "$tempfile"
rm "$image"
mv "$tempfile" "${image%.*}.webp"
done <<< `find "$tempdir" -iname '*.jpg' -or -iname '*.png' -or -iname '*.webp' -or -iname '*.gif'`
echo Creating new archive...
cd "$tempdir"
if [ "${filename#*.}" = "cbz" ]; then zip -qr9 - * > "$filedir/${filename%.*} ${append}.cbz"; fi
if [ "${filename#*.}" = "cbr" ]; then rar a -inul -m5 -r "$filedir/${filename%.*} ${append}.cbr" *; fi

rm -r $tempdir 2>/dev/null
rm $tempfile 2>/dev/null

>> No.53523611

Still not working

>> No.53523728

hmm, changing the redirect for find before broke comics with multiple images
you sure this won't work?
# dependencies: "unzip", "zip", "unrar", "imagemagick" (convert), "bash", "findutils" (find)

## text to add to the end of the filename

for file in "[email protected]"; do
tempdir=$(mktemp -d)

filename=$(basename "$file")
filedir=$(dirname "$file")
echo Extracting \"$file\"...
if [ "${filename#*.}" = "cbz" ]; then unzip -qqd "$tempdir" "$file"; fi
if [ "${filename#*.}" = "cbr" ]; then unrar x -inul "$file" "$tempdir"; fi
while read image; do
echo Converting image \"$(basename "$image")\"...
## adjust your webp settings here, see imagemagick docs
convert "$image" webp:- > "$tempfile"
rm "$image"
mv "$tempfile" "${image%.*}.webp"
done < <(find "$tempdir" -iname '*.jpg' -or -iname '*.png' -or -iname '*.webp' -or -iname '*.gif')
echo Creating new archive...
cd "$tempdir"
if [ "${filename#*.}" = "cbz" ]; then zip -qr9 - * > "$filedir/${filename%.*} ${append}.cbz"; fi
if [ "${filename#*.}" = "cbr" ]; then rar a -inul -m5 -r "$filedir/${filename%.*} ${append}.cbr" *; fi

rm -r $tempdir 2>/dev/null
rm $tempfile 2>/dev/null

>> No.53523755

oh yea, also, you don't have "rar" installed, haven't put it in the dependencies list, but you can see it wasn't able to find rar
it's needed to create a new .cbr

>> No.53523855

AM3+ itself is pretty dated so thanks

>> No.53523883

how do I get windows 7 on an USB

>> No.53523943

There is no rar package in arch repo
Also nope
Got this
conv.sh: line 22: syntax error near unexpected token `<'
conv.sh: line 22: ` done < <(find "$tempdir" -iname '*.jpg' -or -iname '*.png' -or -iname '*.webp' -or -iname '*.gif')'

>> No.53523948

literally google
WinUSB, YUMI, unetbootin

>> No.53523997
File: 2.13 MB, 3120x4160, IMG_20160223_220256.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

RIP 6970
Which Nvidia GPU should I buy for GNU/Linux casual gaming?
Budget is 400USD.

>> No.53524005

literally what is any of this

>> No.53524123

>what is google

>> No.53524148

i love your sweater
but why would you slice the thermal paste like that?
from nvidia i had a friend buy the GTX 950 and be very satisfied with it

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