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>using Win10 for few days
>decide to boot up my machine and play for 15min before work
>pop up about update, close it for now, something about restart but obviously it will warn me later about restarting
so i could postpone it again
>playing far cry for 5min
>windows is restarting
>no pop up, nothing
>updates start installing
>after 10mins 5% complete
>15min till work, have to call and say ill be late
>after 20min done installing, reboots
>check my afterburner to see temps
>no graphics adapter or driver installed

Fuck this

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>using windows
Found your problem, OP.

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>using win 10 since it was available
>never had any problems with updates because I set them to deferred and only enable them when I want to update
it's pretty good / 10

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>mom calls me
>she got upgraded to win10
>"I thought I could do an upgrade just once, like, what could go wrong?"

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>install Enterprise N 2015 LTSB
>never have any of these issues
>laugh at people who do

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>install win 10
>get spied on
>get malware through ads in my lock screen
>get personal info sold off
>get more malware week after installing, become part of botnet

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any source an any of that

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>watched hype on release
>not convinced.jpg
>SOMETHING HAPPENED something happened
>russian guy with wireshark.gif
>proceed to disable windows update

that was before the forced updates were fully confirmed.

if you say the same things I did and still installed 10, you deserve whatever comes your way.

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if you install pro (as opposed to home) it comes with group policy op, if you dont know what that is just know it can supress updates and just generally let you change things like the cool guys in IT.
not the mouthbreather level 1 guys you deal with at work, their boss' boss.
although im not sure why you'd opt to call in late to tend a rebooting PC, nor why you think your lil MSI tool is a substitute for event viewer.
I dont think you can blame the OS for this one mang. I think your main problem is stuck somewhere between your keyboard and the chair you sit on.

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>using since November
>only issue was and still is I cannot open the window for RivaStatisticServer.
>everythingelse is flawless
>brilliantly flawless

Anyone know wtf happened to RTSS?
It starts on boot but then its stuck in the tray with absolutely no way to bring it to the foreground with an actual window. In addition, if i try to kill the process tree it repopulates within 5 seconds of the kill.
I've uninstalled and reinstalled, no help. Alsog uninstalled msi afterburner and reinstalled RTSS alone. still forked.

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>Day 1 update to win10
>be on fx 8320 on 4,6GHz, OC turns unstable
>Down it to 4,4GHz
>all good
>zero problems
>forward to 2 weeks ago
>buy skylel cpu and new case psu, anythign except gpu
>install w10, zero problems
I don't get it, apart from my OC turning unstable, which probably wasn't even stable to begin with, I've had no issues with w10 AT ALL
except on my mom's pc where her remote desktop software didn't work on w10 so had to revert that back to w7, now she's on w10 and it just works

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Pro is still mouthbreather tier desu senpai. You can't even select the lowest level of telemetry. I won't say "disable" telemetry, because that's not possible on any version. Even on 0 on Enterprise it still sends some data. They even updated the group policy to reflect that.

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Morning Reddit

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>not configuring your settings

Mine were pretty unspectacular

>download Win 10 Enterprise
>install (took 10 min with ssd, bit long)
>spend hours adjusting the botnet, removing the blot, yidda yadda
>some gayms don't work but much better temps in the ones that do (overclocked 960gtx not even hitting 60° with fan on 55%)

Had the usual slowdowns, crashes and Hyper V didn't work on the second try but well, it's Windows so all expected. It's pretty much better looking 7, nothing special and definitely not even close to OSX for productivity, but that's not what I installed it for, so overall ... 6/10 I'd say.

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>be me
>be on windows 7
>window pops up
>"Upgrade to Windows 10 today!"
>close window

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Installed it yesterday on my thinkpad x220 in virtualbox on an Ubuntu Mate system to use specific software. Turned off all the botnet options and uninstalled the bloat. Runs pretty good desu senpai

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Where can I get w10n ent ltsb?

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>bought Windows/Android tablet
>oh shit, I thought it was coming with Windows 8
>as far as I'm concerned it's an Android tablet now

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The privacy panel on windows

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This. If you need win10 for some softwares or gayming, just do a fresh install of enterprise ltsb n. Any other option is retarded.

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>been running the preview on both my laptop and desktop
>comes out, both upgrade well and have no major problems
>Go and upgrade my dads laptop and desktop as well as my moms laptop
>No problems to speak of

Other than the potential for botnet and stuff, the update has been wonderful

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I like the os but you're right the auto update is absolute garbage.

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>upgrade to win 10 day one
>spend considerable amount of time going through control panel and settings to stop file explorer from showing the world the porn I just viewed
>two fucking control panels
>live tiles mashed with a start menu
>23 hours of win 10 installed and reverted back to windows 7
pretty shit experience to be frank, then spy net shit was found and I was like lol

then the telemetry updates kept reinstalling themselves in win 7 now I'm Mint with Cinnamon, might distro hop because of that data breach too

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Someone hosting the ISO there. You'll need Microsoft Toolkit to activate it though.

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Source on that pic?

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Emily Sears.

Visit her Twitter for a non-stop stream of feminist bullshit.

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You've got a nice ass op, Microsoft sucks regardless. Yes I use Linux as well

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>install 10 pro on 1.6ghz atom netbook with 3gb ram
>slow as fuck, have to disable tons of spyware and bloat, still slow pile of shit
>switch to Arch + Xfce
>smooth as fuck, no spyware, that glorious infinality font rendering

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>msi tool
Windows 10 uninstalled his gpu driver...

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>new laptop feel
>"oh it's got the new windows 10 OS that's been really hyped that should be good "
>TFW BSOD within the first day because driver for the wireless card is glitching
>TFW have to use powershell to get rid of shitware apps
>TFW settings were automatically set to show ads on login and had to turn that shut off
Feels pretty bad man.

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install 10
Turn off update service
Uninstall graphics card drivers
Use 3rd party tool to clean up drivers and left over files
Install win10 drivers
Get 10-15 fps increase on all games from win7
Just werkz

I dunno senpai. I think you fucked up or might be tech retarded

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>mom's pc

Any issues with her and Windows (viruses/adware/etc) ? I've been maintaining Linux distros for my family for years and 0 calls about viruses or slowdowns. I just ssh once in few months to check stuff and that's it.

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>buddy calls
>he upgraded to W10
>nothing works, no driver support for printer etc.
>look at his PC and decide he's a smart guy, despite that W10 crap
>I set up Kubuntu for him
>explain him easily how everything works, where he finds help online etc
>together, we install Wine for his Office needs
>he struggles but get it to run with my help
>no problems since then
>he always tells other people how he uses Linux now and how much better it is than Windows

And that's my W10 experience so far.

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I saw the tattoo and knew it would be bad news somewhere.

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>need more storage space
>buy new ssd
>install windows 10 on it while im at it
>windows 7 key doesn't work
>call microsoft support
>swedish support center closed
>redirected to indian one
>they don't understand my problem
>wait til next day, call swedish support
>windows 7 needs to have been installed on the drive for "a few days", then you can upgrade to windows 10 and it will detect the old windows 7 installation and activate the new windows 10 installation
>is that the only option?
>you can always buy a new copy of windows 10 in the Windows(TM) Store(R) for 1199 SEK xD9gag
>no thanks
>still have the "activate windows" watermark on the screen

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And this is why you don't buy software, kids.

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Girls name is Emily Sears.

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What's the meaning of this tat?

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>updated to 10 pro a month or so after release
>configured my privacy settings on install
>never had a problem with the updater randomly shutting me off
Havent had any problems so far

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Installed windows 10 the day it was released to be free upgrade, have not had a problem, its ran fine, in fact some programs seem to run better now.

Did you want this to be a horror story?

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we should make the windows version of " mooom cancel my meeting, xorg broke my xorg conf again"

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>Try to install W10 from the update
>something went wrong
>go into some folder in C:/Windows and delete sone crap
>repeat 3x
>get it installed finally
>update vidya drivers
>bluescreens 3x in an hour playing civ5, KF2, and on YouTube
>Crashes on twitch
>Just start watching it in my MacBook instead

It gained a little stability later, but I really have little confidence in W10 to not blue screen. Also, my Start Menu keeps going fully blank (can't see anything on it, but also can't recreate it) so maybe I'll just have to go back to W7 if I want a stable experience. Maybe after another year they'll get their shit together or make W10.1

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>getting malware
>doesn't realize malwarebytes is literally the savior of windows
Tbh if you can't get rid of malware quit looking at russian granny trannies

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I don't get it, are you all secretly retards? You mod your linux to shit and rice everything but when it comes to identifying hardware or kernel related issues you are all too stupid? And this isn't about you op, it's about people posting in this thread about BSODs or problems with updates. I begin to wonder whether anyone here even knows their CPU's architecture. They should just rename this board /rice/ or /gnu+linux/ because as far as I can see all of you lack the capacity to operate your hardware under the operating system it was designed to run on. Here I am overclocking every piece of hardware I have, working with custom signed drivers, and developing blue pill software without issue, but you idiots can't even update without breaking your pc? Fuck off.

>> No.53413234

>Every night, like clockwork, Windows informs me that it was unable to install updates
>For some reason, clicking on the button that is supposed to give me a list of available wi-fi networks shows nothing, and I have to go into network settings to connect to anything wireless

Some experiences so far.

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Blaming the os for the manufacturer making a shit computer kek

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>he didn't disable automatic updates in 2001

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>Emily Sears tweets about men pics being posted
>says they are being objectified
>k that is a valid argument
>post pics of herself showing off her body just like the male models are
>it's ok...?
I fucking hate people that have double standards. Shitty feminist bullshit.

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> upgrade to W10
> fiddle with settings, fix an issue i had with start menu (googled it in few minutes)
> few months later
> need to do some work on windows 7 computer in school
> oh god start menu search returns nothing useful
> when i dock a window left, why is there no option for me to choose a window to dock right
> Super+Tab does not work
> why does everything look so 2007
> file explorer is shit
> how I didn't off myself when i was using win 7 as main OS?

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The worse thing is when it breaks something.

For some reason every 3 months, windows 10 started not turning off, giving update errors and fucking up drivers.

The worse thing is that Windows broke my dual boot multiple times and even simply corrupted its partition once.

Needless to say that I tried three times and after the third one I moved completely to Linux.

Six months using it as my main OS and no problems at all. I even play native gaymens on it.

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Only thing that really rubbed my nuts was the work I had to do to edit the GUI and get unsigned drivers installed.

At least it has been easier to play dx 7 or older games on it, or get them to work.

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>not using Everything to search for files

>> No.53413444

Might have something to do with broken Nvidia drivers getting singed by WHQL, that is if you use Nvidia

>how I didn't off myself when i was using win 7 as main OS?
Still not late, you can do it now.

>> No.53413540

Worked fine with linux maybe you should go shill microcuck somewhere else :^)

>> No.53413541

>Still not late, you can do it now.
Still not experiencing death? Why wait, upgrade today!

>> No.53413544

>not killing yourself

>> No.53413571

>windows update prompts me to upgrade to windows 10
>click cancel
>proceed to install gnu+linux instead

>> No.53413790

MS put a shitload of work into making the transition as flawless as possible in order to get people off of 7, which seems to have paid off.

they actually put effort in the back end this time around and pay their devs properly, it's good software.....which is weird coming from MS

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>he fell for the windows 10 meme

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keep up the good work Pajeet , I can see a promotion coming your way

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>Installed W10 on laptop during beta
>issues get slowly resolved as release approaches
>launch day
>install W10 on desktop after no problems on laptop
>month later system can't boot
>dead hard drive that held system files (but not boot disk)
>can't recover W7 /10 upgrade keys
>have to fresh install, get new key from MS
>sunshine and rainbows
the only issue I has with my laptop after launch was superfetch being an ass
disabled it

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Enterprise isos are hard to come by

>> No.53414060

surprised they aren't everywhere online already

>> No.53414062

>unstable as hell insider builds that don't function properly.
>A resource hungry Chrome browser just makes things worse. No reason a browser should ever complete use multiple cores to display one page.

>> No.53414067

Just an info, how you did with the license? As far as i know, you lose your activation if you change hardware.
What is that I don't know?

>> No.53414114

>overclocking every piece of hardware
>blue pill software
>operating system it was designed to run on

The bait is strong in this one

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>be OP
>delay and all updates on OS
>eventually 3 months worth of updates pile up
>due to retards like OP, Microsoft has taken the liberty to force updates
>the force update is triggered after enough time has passed since the last update
>a normally 20 second installation every week or two takes 5 mins
>cry that Microsoft has ruined his life by forcefully securing his system

Pic related, it's you.

>> No.53414141

>forcefully securing his private data

>> No.53414146


You called in late to work because fucking windows was updating? How old are you?

>> No.53414185

AB starts RTSS, I'm pretty sure. Also, RTSS works fine on my W10 install.

>> No.53414197

> buy laptop with win10
> make Linux USB stick with other computer
> boot new laptop off USB stick
> delete windows partitions and install Linux
> never actually touch windows 10


>> No.53414262

Your W7 install was probably seriously fucked up. I've seen no real increase in any game.

>> No.53414269

Why would society celebrate inferior minds senpai

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>> No.53414337

Yes your i7 intelshit was designed to run on windows.

Yes I OCd my RAM, GPU, and CPU

Yes I'm working to create virtualization frames.

>ur opinion is different
>hurr durr bait

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>install arks lunix on dual xeon e5 workstation with 128 gb ram
>slow as fuck, have to disable tons of stallman fatty pics and porn, still slow pile of shit
>switch to 10 Pro
>smooth as fuck, no stallman porn, that glorious font rendering

>> No.53414351

>Why is windows better than linux?
>"Cause it works out of the box"
>Mine didn't work out of the box and I had some issues with drivers

If I'm gonna go through the effort of having to customize drivers and shit to get my "out of the box" computer to work then I might as well just use gnu/linux. At least then Daddy Gates won't be looking over my shoulder.

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It's pretty well know that many games perform better than 7 in Windows 10 and even 8. I laugh at my friend who has a high end PC but still uses windows 7. He says he doesn't mind getting 10% to 20% less fps.


>> No.53414374

>install win10 on my shit laptop
>out of curiosity attempt a clean install
>froze a 25%
>no backup no rollback no OS
>good times win10/10

>> No.53414395

not really


>> No.53414396

>no backup no rollback no OS
you brought this on yourself
that said I've heard quite a few installs freezing at 25%

>> No.53414433

>custom drivers
Are you fucking serious? Did I tell you to write your own drivers? Holy fuck please at least google what a driver signature is. This has nothing to do with "customizing drivers," which are proprietary by the way and can't be modified.
I never implied windows is better than linux for working out of the box, it's better because it isn't a minimalist piece of shit.
>muh paranoia
I don't give a FUCK

>> No.53414471

This guy is a fucking mouthbreather, you should be getting >60 FPS with those specs regardless of OS.

>> No.53414521

GTA V has some PC destroying settings that make it unplayable even with the best avaliable hardware.

>> No.53414529

Yea I know just surprised win10 would even let you clean install post upgrade without a bootable disc/usb, just the upgrade files and I was curious

>> No.53414547

hes literally just saying that hes not having problems on a kernel level while working with things that tend to have HUGE problems on the kernel level so he can't understand how you are having issues.

idk what custom drivers are kek. are they like regular drivers?

>> No.53414657

Yeah, not clicking that

>> No.53414688

what do you want senpai
x86 or amd64

>> No.53414729

I actually installed W10 from a virtually mounted ISO on W8.1. They let you do it from almost any method, no matter how dangerous.
and yet you still can't convert multiple PCs using imaging software.

>> No.53414910

>running win10 pro on a desktop
>never had a problem with computer shutting down spontaneously because of updates
>after one of the threshold updates had to repatch the hosts file and some services
>windows explorer with the ribbon and the extra retarded folders is shit you need to fix it before using it
>never had problem before, during or after updates besides that one time.

I really don't know what's wrong with so many people and the random shutdowns, since 8.1 explorer has been shit with the stupid ribbon, at least copying files works better.

Somebody showed me a laptop running Win10 and he couldn't get rid of the get office app that was spamming him constantly with ads about getting office 2016, he trying to install a pirated copy of office 2010 might have to do something with it because I never run into that.

>> No.53414995

>my videocard isn't working
>my poker client isn't running fluidly anymore
>everything is slow

>> No.53415017

just fuck my shit up

>> No.53415032

So where's the benchmarks with games that aren't unoptimized console port shit?

>> No.53415040

>I really don't know what's wrong with so many people and the random shutdowns
Windows 10 schedules updates for 3-4AM local time, or on system shutdown.
Guess what time most of /g/ is awake?

>> No.53415075

It's just a bare directory listing.

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GTA V is well optimized. The settings I'm talking about are under a special graphics menu that literally say they will wreck fps. Shit like rendering shadows from objects across the map, so a tall building's shadow will stretch for miles during a sunset/sunrise. This is future proofing the game since people tend to play GTA for years after.

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File: 1.35 MB, 640x336, Garbage Day.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>ugly, tastless tattoos/10

>> No.53415174


Meant to quote you.

>> No.53415185

say no mo'
magnet:?xt=urn:btih:d74477907d3f05860e48a4e01d8ae184eddfa574&tr=http%3A%2F%2Fexplodie.org%3A6969%2Fannounce // x64
magnet:?xt=urn:btih:eddfaefc38ed2f748075fd363e275224f166873b&tr=http%3A%2F%2Fexplodie.org%3A6969%2Fannounce // x86

>> No.53415757

>upgrade from 8.1
>disable cortana
>can't tell difference anymore other than smaller icons and shitter looking text in some interface elements

Such indifference requires no face

>> No.53415788

*smacks lips*
I'm gonna celebrate that ass

No but seriously, if every woman was hot I wouldn't mind them being in charge.

>> No.53415798

amd64 pls

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File: 2 KB, 213x32, WiFi.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you mean piece of shit 10

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File: 80 KB, 914x593, picking files.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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File: 68 KB, 974x710, packageManager.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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>TWO control panels

>> No.53415862

My friend's bios got fucked when Windows 7 forcibly updated to Windows 10, had to get the bios chip replaced

>> No.53415880

Seems legit desu

>> No.53415886
File: 65 KB, 329x517, Intelligent Color Selection.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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File: 1.70 MB, 807x6544, Muh_why_Linux_suckzzzDDD.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Chose color automatically to match background

And lastly

>> No.53415932

Fix your fucking router
DSC files are info files you dumbass
Who would have thought installing something requires administrator privileges? And the fact that some shit package manager you downloaded doesn't work isn't the fault of windows

>> No.53415952

This girl has more than likely been BLACKED

>> No.53415972

>Fix your fucking router
>>Dual boot Arch
No problems there
>DSC files are info files you dumbass
No you fucktard, they are the name of the pictures
You are right. There is NO working package manager in winshit

>> No.53416032

> like using Outlook
> decide to give "Mail" app a try after fresh win10 install
> add email account
> instantly crashes
> reopen, "no email account added, pleas configure one"
> add same e-mail account
> "This account has already been added

Well fuck you too M$hit
Yeah, tried some powershell scripts to reset it, but it still gives me the same retarded bug.

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File: 501 KB, 1121x1123, 1436832458994.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>have separate display scaling for tv and monitor
>if I don't turn the pc on with both displays active, switching to the other display will completely fuck up scaling
>have to restart pc to fix it
>taskbar toolbars keep disappearing and reappearing
>windows update keeps on overwriting the bluetooth drivers I made because theirs doesn't work
>even with windows 10 pro copy that I got from my university, I still can't postpone updates very long
>broke mozzarella flamefox config, can't get rid of title bar
>attempting to rice a white on black dark and edgy theme onto 10 breaks after every other update
>still doesn't remember which audio output I set as default, will use outputs like hdmi that aren't even connected
>their shitty bootloader that automatically comes on when you have multiple versions of windows on your machine broke my 7 and 8 installs on other drives; they're unbootable now
>homegroup is horribly broken and beyond repair

>> No.53416281
File: 204 KB, 900x1200, 1430790722995.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>typing remove programs into start and hitting enter brings up 'apps and features', the shitty metro interface control panel
>selecting the search box and typing the name of the program I want to uninstall searches through control panel settings instead
>when restarting, it hangs on shutdown for 5 minutes, have to manually restart pc every time
>windows still refuses to cache
>file explorer still crashes daily
>must reinstall windows every 6 months to keep it performing 'well'
Every aspect of the OS is horribly broken. Don't get me started on how there's 8 different design languages.

I'm hooked on the display scaling though. Can't go back to 7 where its basically non existent. I'll be biting the bullet and jumping to linux the next time I snap at this OS. All the games I play are finally linux compatible so there's no point in staying on windows anymore

>> No.53418190

take a second and configure your wifi
>inb4 i shouldnt have to
You run arch shut the fuck up
This is like naming your pictures .vpk and then asking why windows recognizes them as info files
Run as administrator or diapled user privs altogether? This is the same in linux: sudo.
I'd rather have two than 0 :^)
>muh ocd

Just uninstall, literally no one cares what OS you have on your PC in the same way no one cares if you suck dick on the side.

>> No.53419189


>> No.53419216

> microprossessor

>> No.53419260

I haven't seen this in so long

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This guy gets it.

>> No.53419355

>install windows 10
>fix some weird driver issues
>no problems since August
>even part of the dev preview program for a few months

>> No.53419394
File: 2.00 MB, 360x414, 1455420296887.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Install Windows 10
>Works just the same as Windows 8.1 without the constant botnet
>Go back to 8.1

>> No.53419549

isn't that from one of the betas, anyway?

>> No.53419602


>more than likely

the chances are 100%

>> No.53419680

That is, yes. It still has both a Settings pane and a Control Panel, but they've been moving more and more of the functionality from Control Panel into Settings. They don't really overlap a whole lot anymore. Control Panel is mostly functions that still only exist in Control Panel that haven't been ported over to Settings yet.

>> No.53419685

>pirate windows 10
>get notification to restart to complete update
>after restart hit win key and type gpedit.msc
>disable auto update
>no more problems

>> No.53419709

My houseplants dropped their leaves and my cow stopped giving milk.

>> No.53420227

>spend hours adjusting the botnet, removing the blot, yidda yadda
any useful guides on how to do this?

>> No.53420726
File: 53 KB, 652x720, _3914809103557053653_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>>>53409120 (You)
>AB starts RTSS, I'm pretty sure. Also, RTSS works fine on my W10 install.

Well yeah thats the issue.
i 100% wiped Afterburner andbanybtraces of RTSs (including registry).
Clean install of RTSS, still fucked.
just to resolve this, i might just redo my windows install. luckily anything important is on my storage drives instead of the SSD.

>> No.53420784
File: 88 KB, 1024x576, windows-10-menus_[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Haven't used Windows 10 since the Developer Preview releases, is this still a thing?

>> No.53420817

the lock screen is literally just nice pictures

>> No.53420852

it reactivates everything after a while
>thinking you can outsmart the botnet

>> No.53420875


>Executed with flamboyant manner.


>> No.53420913


>> No.53420925

and what's worst there really no hope of gettin a clean ui anytime soon.

>> No.53420956


>> No.53420980

>win10 already out
>tell relative about ridiculous eula
>few weeks go by
>calls me to ask me if he should upgrade to 10 from 7
>again explain my unchanged pov
>he gets irritated im not supporting him/it
>see him a week or two later
>he and his whole family have 10 now
some people literary want be butt fugged

>> No.53420987

>windows 10
>no way to assign keyboard shortcuts to volume controls without shit like autohotkey.

I've become too comfortable with linux in the last 6 or so years that windows is too painful to use. I'd rather deal with a vm/dedicated partition for particular tools than to use it daily.

>> No.53421003
File: 2.95 MB, 1920x1080, this-is-freedom-wallpaper.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why are you using proprietary software ? Do you enjoy being cucked ?

>> No.53421080

how does /g/ have more problems with windows than linux? maybe windows problems are posted more frequently because memux can blame the user on most of its mistakes and /g/ users try to do weird things in windows or are too autistic to does shit outside of a terminal window

>> No.53421140


>no Cortana

Why even live?

>> No.53421207

windows 7 4 lyfe

>> No.53421420


Your image has listed that since w10 is a rolling release, it's bad. There's little difference in w10 and OS x at this point. OS x just has big batch releases with a word attached to discern which one you have, it's still just OS x underneath. I'm just gonna call it bullshit written by a typical paranoid /g/tard and move on

>> No.53421455
File: 55 KB, 369x369, 1455945770269.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I used os x for a three years, decide to boot up gaymen pc and put win 10 on it. I couldnt get used to how shit it was compared to os x. Still would love to play pc games but fuck windows

>> No.53421511
File: 431 KB, 750x750, 1412018495880.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Haven't used Windows since 8 was released. It's been a fun time, and although I had some hiccups along the way, I learned a lot.

>> No.53421599

It means she only takes black dicks

>> No.53421800

>windows is shit because it's old code built on old code and countless unfixable bugs are starting to develop
>mac is shit because the user can't do anything, apple thinks that if the user is easily able to look at the computer's guts they'll think mac isn't fancy
>linux is shit because the user has to do everything, code monkeys think that the user doesn't mind having to mess around with their poorly written programming that requires you to hunt for all sorts of dependencies

It's entirely possible to write something amazing, like an OS which through a mixture of automated and crowdsourced processes as well as no risk of viruses can make itself compatible with almost all softwhere and hardware while running any poor-quality software much more efficiently.

Problem is that computer science these days is dominated by codemonkeys who settle into their windows/mac/linux camps and just churn out code which they expect everyone else to handle; no one seems to dedicate the time to think of how to make a system run well on a grander scale.

>> No.53421817
File: 240 KB, 444x604, 1439001787332.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>anon wants control over his own PC and decides he doesn't want MS updates
>Microshit want control of anon's PC and decides to force updates he doesn't want on him
>it's for your own good you stupid goy, you aren't allowed to control your own computer

>> No.53422012

>turn on laptop
>use it
>close it
>open it later
>black screen. no buttons work. power button unresponsive
>hard boot by holding power
>"slide to shut down" appears in front of the black
>slide it
>proceed to hard boot
Every fucking day.

>> No.53422267

what OS are you using ?
maybe it's a hardware issue.

>> No.53422408

Prolly a dumb question, but does LTSB still phone home all the time and all that NSA bullshit?

>> No.53422601

Windows 10, surface pro 3

>> No.53422686

Anti beacon for one.
http://www.tenforums.com/tutorials/3841-take-ownership-add-context-menu-windows-10-a.html (helpful to get rid of the folders faster)
Local Group Policy Editor/administrative templates ... can't find a better guide right now, so enjoy reading every setting.
Also obviously services and tasks.

As I said pretty tedious and time intensive but 7 had a lot similar shit and most people didn't even bother to bitch about it then.

Put your tinfoil hat aside for a second and think whether MS would risk falling out with their most important customers after the 8 disaster. Introducing the botnet on private plebs has no negative consequences to them, since consumers take everything. No company would tolerate the botnet undermining their security and privacy.

>> No.53422712

He is right tho. Everyone that complains about forced updates are the ones that never updates at all.

>> No.53423118

Windows is the most hacked, exploited operating system on the planet. Microsoft is trying to save face here, and this is a great step.

The only update I ever avoided on Windows 7 was an anti piracy update. But since I legally own Windows 10 that won't affect me.

>> No.53423151

they say no, network logging says yes.

>> No.53423246


>> No.53423257
File: 23 KB, 366x364, justzoom.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Pre installed
>Single Language
My native language but fuck this shit

>> No.53423266

>install free upgrade
>disable cortana, unique advertising ID, as much of the telemetry stuff as possible
>it's actually a pleasant experience overall and runs better than Windows 7

>> No.53423437

Sorry if this is retarded but is it free? How is it different than windows 10? Legitimately curious

>> No.53423487

Seems legit, just activate it with KMS. Welcome to the botnet brother!

>> No.53423551

Forgive me but this is new to me. Do you know any resources as to how I can learn more about this? What do I do with KMS to activate it?

>> No.53423578

install enterprise edition, go to group policy, change / disable everything you don't like

>> No.53423877
File: 10 KB, 184x184, 1453980915296.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.53424349

>Windows 10 Enterprise has literally no Metro apps or Cortana
HOLY SHIT I wish I had known about this before

>> No.53424552

Sorry if it's sounds super obvious but google "kms spico" or "kms activator" and the likes.

Basically it's:
>install windows
>install KMS/activate

It has couple Metro apps and Cortana too, nigga.

>> No.53424627

oh okay, I thought you meant another kms thing that is on Microsoft's site. Thanks mate

>> No.53424807

no worries, you can still off yourself right now

>> No.53424814

>Win 10
>Not even once.

>> No.53424835

My shitty Dell came with windows 10 preinstalled. Should I really ditch it and install some Linux distribution /g/? It works pretty well and I'm lazy.

>> No.53424898

For everyone ITT, you can easily upgrade to Enterprise with no reinstall. Jus download a good KMS Activator, select the option to generate a key (not activate the Windows)(there was an Office and Windows activator which did this), choose a Enterprise key, paste it in Settings/Activation/Change product key and that's all. Enjoy your full Windows .

>> No.53424902
File: 67 KB, 600x920, 1291418803450.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>all of these faggots complaining about W10 run around with Google or Apple phones with GPS and w-lan

/g/ used to be good once

>> No.53424988

Windows 10 is fine, Linux is if you want to invest time into setting up an OS.

>> No.53425017

>Install window 10
>cortana didn't work initially and then it did
>lol at logging on to play games
>No problems otherwise

I suspect my experience is probably pretty damn close to most peoples.

>> No.53425109

Google is bad so don't complain about W10 guys hurr

>> No.53425165

Bought a $1800 laptop, has win 10, put it in laptop case, windows decides to wake up my laptop IN THE BAG and sat idling in my backpack for 6 hours until my laptop killed itself. not even a warning

>> No.53425171

>Install W10 on a Surface 2 Pro
>Battery life halved compared to 8.1
>Wakes up constantly because unlike 8 1 it doesn't support the keyboard covers properly
>Sometimes its too hot to touch other times ice cool when doing the same thing
>CTD and random hangs wherever it feels like

Cool OS bro.

>> No.53425189

>install windows on my new pc
>playing vidya
>modding skyrim and shit, former console peasant
>mfw 100+ fps on bf4 due to 390x
>mfw uncountably high fps on csgo due to 390x
>no problems, no weird forced updates
>look at my fucking hard drive see if I care, I have games and some essays and shit
>literally no problem

Maybe I'm just a normie, but you faggots just have the worst possible luck with everything you touch.

>> No.53425203

>install windows 10
>some default programs change
>some annoying tracking/security features
>fix issues
>laptop and pc boot faster
>laptop no longer blue screens
>boot is much nicer looking
>general appearance is sleeker
>one time a program didn't run so I ran it in compatibility mode and it works fine

Don't see any problems with w10

>> No.53425249
File: 18 KB, 684x551, 1456318679939.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>take a second and configure your wifi
So much for muh ootb experience FUD you cucks throw around
>This is like naming your pictures .vpk a
Not that I expect intelligence from a winbabby but this is way too much. The file extensions were hidden by default you fucking fucktard, use all your 3 brain cells.
>Run as administrator or diapled user privs altogether?
Which did
>I'd rather have two than 0 :^)
>>>He thinks no other his babbycare OS provides a control panel :^^^)
>muh ocd
What, is damage control is the only answer left of you?
Kill self

>no one cares what OS you have on your PC
Maybe next time you read the fucking OP before coming to a thread. I know it's hard to read for an average winniger to actually read and stay on topic but please try, you computer illiterate walking pile of humanoid garbage.

>> No.53425266

This screen-shot is from a recent copy of windows 10 enterprise.

>> No.53425320

that hentai was cool

>> No.53425332

I think I know why anti-faggots are so rabid, it's because they're just fucking spazz asses. The same way they talk about external HDs breaking over nothing, I've literally thrown mine around and the only ones to break are some shitty seatgates I wasn't even using for years.

>> No.53425478
File: 1.21 MB, 480x360, 1457324856355.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

why is there so much W10 damage control and so many W10 apologists on /g/?

I mean, shit, I stopped browsing /g/ and /v/ regularly 2 years ago and now /v/ suddenly like Halo and Forza and now /g/ likes W10?

>> No.53425497
File: 14 KB, 295x295, 9c2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>having to use the fucking enterprise edition of a os just so it doesn't interrupt you

>> No.53425535

>good font rendering
pick 1

>> No.53425566

I never updated windows because literally every update required a reboot, which is just retarded

>> No.53425663

google has always been a botnet
microsoft only started when the currynigger got put in charge

>> No.53425673

/g/ is basically /v/ but with more anime nowadays

>> No.53425749

Well if you didn't cache all your anime to ram, the swap wouldn't be needed.

>font rendering....

>> No.53425751

t. pajeet

>> No.53425765

>previous versions of Winshit didn't have NSA backdoors

>> No.53425786

I'm not talking about the nsa
I'm talking about them collecting data on everything you do, previous versions didn't do that

>> No.53425865


>install free Dreamspark copy of windows 10 on a new machine
>disable all the botnet shit (except basic telemetry which is literally just anonymous info about crashes)
>it works just as well as 7

>dicking around on the internet on my windows 8 laptop
>dialog box pops up telling me it's going to restart and install windows 10 in an hour unless i tell it not to, in which case it will wait and do it in eight hours instead
how is this acceptable at all

>> No.53425871

So a agency that disregards law having access to your computer is alright but once MS collects data to improve their shit OS it's a big deal?

Besides, CEIP shit was included since XP and always needed registry tweaks to disable.

>> No.53425895

>second demand of 2

this is literally all up to the person the state nor society has any control over rather or not you celebrate you body

>> No.53425906

>So a agency that disregards law having access to your computer is alright
no it's not, but we know that the nsa has been doing that shit since its inception so we don't have to factor it in to anything
>but once MS collects data to improve their shit OS it's a big deal?
it would be acceptable if it was just to 'improve their os', but it goes way beyond that
google has been open about them doing that in the past, but microsoft hasn't done it before 10, at least not on this scale

>> No.53425972

> but it goes way beyond that
Personalized ads are optional, everything else is pretty much the same since XP times. MS is actually being more transparent these days, since a lot of the botnet stuff was registry only back in the day. Now even your grandma can shut down most of it.

It's great that even casuals think more about privacy now but it's barely changed with 10. User control on the other hand ... forced updates, all the preinstalled bloat, that's a much bigger deal.

>> No.53425982

I actually want to install updates for my system but goddamn they are so buggy to install.

>> No.53426004

>>ITT things that never happened

>> No.53426009

lol what does the t. stand for?
i have been a newfag for about 5 months and lurking isn't helping me understand

>> No.53426011

I bought it from windows store after install. Nothing worked properly so I got refund. It's still activated, even when I got my refund and after updates. They told me that it will deactivate itself after a while, but that was like over 6 months ago.

>> No.53426021

>MS is actually being more transparent these days, since a lot of the botnet stuff was registry only back in the day. Now even your grandma can shut down most of it.
10 cents, Pajeet. Nice work.

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