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This thread was created to prevent anons from spamming new threads, for technology questions they have.
If you are that person, post your simple/small/stupid questions here

Don't bump. This is a slow board, and will continue to be. Wait for an answer or google it.

If you see other anons posting questions outside this thread, ignore or redirect them here
Use >>>/g/sqt as a link to find the sqt thread

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Antergos or ubuntu?
Is 50gb enough for dualboot if i will be doing shell scripts and such?
Not auite myy first linux exoerience but im tired of live images and want a proper experience.

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I need to transfer over 400gb from one computer to another and I have no pendrives or external drives available to me. What's the best method? I was thinking of uploading all of it to fileserve or creating a torrent then downloading it back

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Lenovo 100s or ASUS X205TA?
Cant i just reinstall windows 8.1 on both?

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Absolutely shamelesss repost.

Why do all my case fans spin up like it's a blaring 150C when loading a >2MB image?
Not even a webm or a gif, just a picture, and it doesn't even have to be some 10kx10k bullshit.

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Why is Richard face the sticky of the board and not Linus?

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Old ass sticky back when /g/ still un-ironically pretended he was good.

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Recommendation for good screen capture software (Win 7)? Trying to capture videos from a training site that I pay a monthly subscription for.

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because linus was an opensuse fangay

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If you have a NVIDIA card, it comes with "GeForce Experience" software. The ShadowPlay feature can be used to record your games/desktop. It's what I use.

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Because the mod is a social butterfly and understands /g/'s board culture. lmao

Shit is a parody it isn't meant to be made into a sticky ffs.

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Should I register on Amazon to vote on reviews? Consider I don't buy books in this shop.

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Because cancerous freetards ruin everything. Fuck linux, piece of shit that doesn't work.

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Much appreciated. Hope there's not some screen capture protection b/s.

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dumping some images I made for /sqt/

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My Turtle Beach X12s aren't playing on Windows 10 (yeah i know, botnet etc). They are plugged in properly and I can hear a fuzzy noise through the headset, but the actual music is coming out the PC.

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File: 1.09 MB, 1000x667, I'd just like to interject for a moment. What you're referring to filename, is infact, GNU filename, or as I've recently taken to calling it, GNU plus filename..png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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Can anyone recommend me a good Android stick or box under $100. I'll just use it to watch flash videos on the Internet from streaming sites. Ethernet port would be a huge plus.

Someone linked one from gearbest for $35 but I forgot to save the link.

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Nobody here likes stallman or uses linux newfag, it was a meme this whole time.

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you're a meme

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network share or ftp thru lan

why would you want windows 8.
also check their website for drivers.

have you changed fan control?
updated drivers?
loading with what, browser or windows image viewer?

please dont.

installed audio drivers?

Raspberry Pi or similar

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Both can run 8.1, but they are only being sold with windows 10 now.

Because botnet.

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[Turtle Beach X12s]
All drivers up to date unless I'm missing some.

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again, why would you install windows 8 on them

did you go to the mobo manuf. website and download the latest audio drivers?

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I don't even know which drivers to look at.
But how do you control 3-pin fans?
Don't trust windows to validate current updates on drivers. It's useless most of the time.

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I should add, my system doesn't seem to detect any hardware when I plug it in.

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I hope you're not implying Windows 8 and 8.1 are the same thing.
8.1 is genuinely MS's best OS to date.

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>did you go to the mobo manuf. website and download the latest audio drivers?

Will do now.

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>again, why would you install windows 8 on them
Because i would like to avoid windows 10, thats why.
Im doing a clean install to remove the bloatware they have.

They only have 32GB memory, i have to get rid of useless stuff.

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How can I re-enable my unsigned addons in firefox 44?

I've already set xpinstall.signatures.required to false, but they still are not working.

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Download and run 3DP to get your audio drivers.

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Should I use Kodak Easyshare software?

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>Antergos or ubuntu?
Ubuntu, hopefully using MATE or GNOME3

>Is 50gb enough for dualboot if i will be doing shell scripts and such?
50gb for loonix partitions? yes

>Not auite myy first linux exoerience but im tired of live images and want a proper experience.
good for you

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How do I find the frequency of a each phrase in a file using bash?

I've got a file that has the format date (tab here) phrase
and i would like to find out the percentages of each phrase

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wow look, it's 2004 again and digital camera software is relevant

come on dude. No. Just. No.

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Is it stupid to feel like shit about selling my old computer?

It hasn't been used in about 2 years now and I think I could probably get about £300 to £400 for it, but it has a lot of sentimental value to me. It was the first gaming computer I owned, the first computer I built and also was with me for most of my adolescence. I feel like I want to keep it forever, but I also know I'll probably turn it on again.

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No, you got attached to it.

If it works and you like it wh sell it other than you need the money for something?

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Turn it into an HTPC or a server or something.

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I'd like the money from it to offset the cost of my new rig, but I just can't bring myself to sell it.

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all the drivers. mobo chipset, gpu and bios.
the mobo controls the fans connected to it. if the fans are connected to the psu you need a fan controller.

>This web page at has been reported to contain unwanted software and has been blocked based on your security preferences.
why would someone report such a useful tool

again, why would you install win8 when win7 exists?

if you dont use it, sell it before the value sinks even more. or find a use for it.

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The CD of this software is from 2009, not 2004!

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>you need a fan controller.
Gross, any way to manage it with software?

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Are there any other good phones with x86 processors beside the zenfone 2. I like how energy efficient x86 is even on phones.

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does your computer see the camera's memory as a portable drive when you connect it? then you dont need some bloat software.

if the fan gets power from the power supply (not connected to the motherboard), then you cant control it with software because there is no data connection between the mobo and the psu.

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Because there is nothing wrong with 8.1.

>This web page at has been reported to contain unwanted software and has been blocked based on your security preferences.
What are you using that it got blocked?

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>why would someone report such a useful tool
Browse the site without an adblocker like the average idiot would and you'll see.

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Bong here, how the hell do I ship a computer that I'm selling on Ebay? I have no box for it.

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>Because there is nothing wrong with 8.1.
except the god-awful fucking tablet design.

>What are you using that it got blocked?

>Browse the site without an adblocker
nope, i'll just ignore the warning and go to the page with my adblocker on, thank you very much.


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bong here, how the hell do I ship a computer I'm selling on ebay? I have no box for it.

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>You don't have permission to access /3dp/temp/3DP_Chip_v1602.exe on this server.


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Different anons anon, or you forgot to quote the second guy.

No, they dont deserve the ad revenue at all.
What the other anon was implying is that that is the reason why, most people would visit the site with ublock origin or something and have no problem.

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You get a box for it.
Problem solved.

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I don't plug the camera on the PC, because this requires, or at least required on Windows XP, the EasyShare software. So I remove the SD card, insert in an adaptor, and plugs in the USB port.

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How old are we talking? I decomissioned the first PC I bought with my own money a couple years ago (Q6600-based). It served me 6-7 years before I upgraded, and would still be fine for basic web browsing, office docs, etc.

I've had my gaming PC hooked up to my living room TV for so long that I finally broke down a couple weeks ago and got the old one out of storage to go at my desk. It's still fine for most things I do, although I forgot how much mechanical HDD's suck.

If you're desperate for money, though, just get rid of it. It's only a computer, not a family photo album or heirloom.

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>god-awful fucking tablet design.
Disable start-screen and you're done.
Every OS has its share of shit that needs turned off.

>> No.53271449

go to a pc store and ask if they have a spare chassi cardboard box with some of that hard protection foam.

i turned off adblock and could download it. fuck that site.

that works. why are you asking questions then?

>> No.53271450

Could always take it to the UPS store and have them box it for you, but they'll charge you a bit.

>> No.53271451

I can download it with ublock origin just fine.

Change your shitty adblocker.

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Here's an approximate part list:
Core I5 760
Zotac GTX 460 1gb
4gb ddr3 memory
Some Asus Sabertooth board with that socket
Antec 900 case

Think it's about 6 years old.

>> No.53271472

Just add another 4GB stick and a recent videocard and its good to go again.

>> No.53271483

3DP(net, I presume?) tells me I'm up to date other than my ethernet. Any other suggestions?

>i turned off adblock and could download it. fuck that site.
It was pretty unwarranted

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3DP Chip is for your Drivers.

3DPN is only for ethernet and wireless drivers, really useful when you are doing a clean windows install.

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Because I need to know what to do with my CD!

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I have a WD external drive. Whenever I plug it in Widows does not assign it a letter. I can go into disk management and assign the drive a letter and then access the drive. The problem is when I safely remove the drive, and then plug it back in later, the drive is not assigned a letter again, and the letter I assigned the drive the last time is now unavailable because it is still linked up to the same drive from the last time I assigned a letter to it. How can I clean up these phantom drive assignments that show up in windows explorer, but don't show up in disk management anymore?

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Why is digital camera software irrelevant nowadays?

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throw it away.... they have that shit on their website anyway

because you dont need it

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I got one of these as a gift and figured I'd used it for massive games that I can't really fit on my SSD (but don't want to put on my super slow HDD either) but a friend said that the constant reading and writing from gaming w ill pretty much kill the flash drive in a few months, which I'd hate to do because it seems nice

Is this true? Does the fact that the game is mostly online (star citizen) change anything?

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Your call, man. That's still probably a capable machine for a lot of stuff. Like I said, I'd personally just offload it to help pay on something else, but that's because I'm frugal and have a lot of bills.

Are you studying/working in IT/CS? Could always use it as a test box for some cool projects to bolster your skills if you really don't want to sell it.

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>>i turned off adblock and could download it. fuck that site.
>It was pretty unwarranted

>i turned off adblock and could download it. fuck that site.

Did you guys clicked the obvious fake download link right?

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Downloaded the latest audio drivers, according to that. Still no sound through the headphones, and I'm not even sure the system is acknowledging their existence.

>Did you guys clicked the obvious fake download link right?
You mean there aren't hot singles awaiting me in my area?

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Then its just windows 10 being windows 10.

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Nope. The Wikipedia link is gave in my question shows this software was discontinued.
And, by the way, Kodak is kill.

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This is kind of true. A single bit in solid state storage will fail after being overwritten about a million times. The NAND architecture is actually designed to accommodate this failure. As the bits begin to fail, the size of drive will shrink. This process is extremely slow though. You'll be fine.

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Yeah I'm fairly sure it's worked on this machine before as well.. Although drunken blurs tend to blur into one, shockingly.

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Excuse me /g/ I need a help if you have a spare moment.
My CPU is running significantly worse after the computer has been on for more than an hour or so. Temperatures don't go over 40 degrees Celsius. What could be causing this?

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Yes. Pendrives don't spray the write/read operations through all the memory.

>> No.53271674

Your CPU is having performance issues or your computer is having performance issues?

Be more specific.

>> No.53271707

The CPU load as displayed by my task manager increases while the actual workload (nothing but the OS and task manager for the purposes of my test) remains static.

>> No.53271719

Using basic hid drivers

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Hey senpai

I have a Galaxy S5 I plan on unlocking and flashing CM13 to. Do I need to unlock the sim on the stock rom before flashing?

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Are Data entry jobs hard?

I'm seeing a lot of Data entry related gigs around my area and they ask for things like entering statement information into excel

Can a monkey do this? I have a friend who needs work and hes too retarded to do most desk work

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>Are Data entry jobs hard?
Not at all.
>I'm seeing a lot of Data entry related gigs around my area and they ask for things like entering statement information into excel
It's literally just entering statement information into Excel.
>Can a monkey do this?
>I have a friend who needs work and hes too retarded to do most desk work

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Honestly, I can't think of anything easier.
And they can't even notice the occasional mistake.

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then keep it??!?!?!?! why are you even asking?! fucking retard.

are you retarded? i could NOT download with adblock on.
i COULD download with it off.


install drivers/firmware/software

>> No.53271766

I think the issue is my headphones aren't being picked up.

I'm hearing the fuzzy noise through them so I think the connection isn't an issue, but Windows 10 is fucking with me.

Any ideas?

>> No.53271769

>are you retarded? i could NOT download with adblock on.
>i COULD download with it off.
Get ublock origin nerd.

>> No.53271776

Is 4chan loading slow for everybody else?

>> No.53271785

Dukes. Thanks anon.

>> No.53271786

Nah. If you can type and get along with the other workers, you can do data entry. Word per minute speed is probably the most deciding factor in employment.

>> No.53271791

Images, yes.
Everything else, just fine.

>> No.53271796

have you tried front and back ports?

>> No.53271848


Thanks for the quick answers anons.

It really is for my friend though. I do game dev. Hes a degenerate and I need something simple for him to do.

>> No.53271890

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the most effective.

So I just tested it in the rear ports and the line in + out cables work, but the USB doesn't work (port confirmed working) so i get no audio out.
I'm starting to feel it's software, but I'm not so sure.

>> No.53271901

But why should I keep it, if it's useless?

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How can I found out what CPU coolers won't block any RAM slots on my mobo? Alternatively, anybody know some good ones that definitely won't?

>> No.53271942

Search your cooler+Mobo on internet.

Which motherboard you got?

>> No.53271962

Are there any still active archive sites that archive /lit/? Fucking desustorage hosts like 20 boards, including fucking /trash/ and /mlp/ but can't be bothered to archive /lit/? The only other archive sites I know atm are Rebekkahblack and fgts.jp

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Does the store byte (sb) instruction in 32 bit MIPS write only a byte, or does it write a zero extended word?

>> No.53271970

Damn, they really don't have measurements or specs somewhere?
Gigabyte Z170XP SLI.

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Rukia a shit

>> No.53272018

this is why you dont buy ram with heatsinks that sticks up above the PCB. then you would not have to worry about this.

>> No.53272028

Yes, but you have to take stuff in consideration.
Case size, how big the HSF is, etc.

Which CPU you got and what you are going to do with it?
No OC, light or heavy OC?

>> No.53272050

>I do X. Hes a degenerate and I need something simple for him to do.
I had a friend like this once. Able-bodied, could easily handle desktop support b/s and had a great personality. Would always complain about being broke, I'd always let him know when something came up where I worked, but he had never-ending excuses why he couldn't work for the five years or so we were friends. Tried every basement dweller get rich quick scheme imaginable, from online poker to flipping dogecoin, without success. Last I saw, he posted a video crying because he had finally made enough money after a year from streaming donations to buy a new monitor.

Good luck with your friend. Hope he's different than mine.

>> No.53272067

Yeah I know, but it was $40 off.

Fractal Design Define R5, so space there is alright. 6600K, probably a pretty heavy OC, depends whether I win the silicon lottery or not.

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check cpu cooler reviews

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Noctua NH-U12S. It werks.

>> No.53272092

Get a NH-U12S or U14S.

>> No.53272109

Alrighty. Thanks guys.

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why cant mpv take a screenshot of the video with post-shaders and other settings applied?

in fact, why cant any player ever made do this? i dont tink mpc-hc nor potplayer have the option

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Is it worth falling for the Arch Linux meme on my desktop? Seems like a fun way to get better at Linux, I have been using mint + cinnamon on my laptop for a while, not afraid of terminal and apt-get commands etc.

Debian stable is probably what Im gonna use for my server, but seems boring as a desktop.

>> No.53272207

If you do want to learn a bit more about linux, yes.

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Arch is what you make it.
use openbox/fluxbox and build from there

>> No.53272242

install gentoo
Posted from my gentoo machine

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Is there anyway to make Firefox(bottom) more like Chrome(top)? I don't like that with Firefox I can't just drag my mouse to the top of the screen to select a tab.

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why i can't run any program as admin in win 8.1? (not even cmd)

it just shows a blank screen and keeps on like that until i esc or ctrl+alt+del'd it

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Differences between mpc-hc and be?

>> No.53272465

warosu is dead though

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Reposting this cause new thread.

I'm looking to make a black and white build, and I need a PSU.
Can anyone recommend one that comes with individually sleeved white cables ?
Do these even exist, or are the only options to either sleeve them myself or get an aftermarket set of presleeved cables for just about the same price as the PSU itself ?

>> No.53272538

>including fucking /trash/ and /mlp/
Before moe died, Desustorage only archived /mlp/. That's why the admin is such a faggot.

>> No.53272573

Enable borders in your de/em

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File: 417 KB, 940x573, razer-manticor-940x573.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can anyone recommend a good medium-sized aluminum mousepad? The Razer Manticor seems alright, but I have a slight aversion to anything Razer.

>> No.53272600

How exactly would I do that? I literally switched three days ago, so I'm still unfamiliar with a lot of Linux things.

>> No.53272622

What de/wm are you using?
Most of them have a mouse menu option or a keybind to toggle boards

>> No.53272625

Razer actually makes good products, but they're way overpriced. Get it if it's on sale.

>> No.53272634

i've never seen any psu with custom sleeved PSU; I dont know if NZXT's PSU comes with white cables.

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File: 2.43 MB, 2432x4320, photo_1456016288712.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm wondering when I should upgrade to Windows ten and when to upgrade my GPU. All my friends are no fucking help and Im seeing if any of you have any advice. Running 8.1 and using a EVGA Nvidia GTX 750 ti. Photo related

>> No.53272643

X-Trac is a solid company.

>> No.53272660

Cinnamon. I'm probably just stupid, but I can't see it anywhere.

>> No.53272689

Apparently you can go to settings
themes, other settings and it is should list it under appearance
I dont use cinnamon i cant confirm

>> No.53272701

they are very rare and expensive, mostly limited edition aswell. better off just buying sleeved cables from a website, just make sure they're compatible with the PSU you buy (connector and amps).

i cant remember the name of the site where most pro modders get their cables from. check some modder videos or forums they are likely to be sponsored by them and will shotout the name or link in description.

only their mice are shit.

there's no reason to upgrade unless you want DX12

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please help..

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fuck off

>> No.53272784

is there a way to view the individual animations in an .swf file? if so, how do?

(trying to fap without playing the game)

>> No.53272793

I'm looking to get my pc water cooled. What is a good kit to pick up that isn't an AIO and offers good expansion options for future additions?

>> No.53272802

That didn't accomplish what I wanted, but the addon "Hide Caption Titlebar Plus" did. Thanks, though.

>> No.53272810

Have you tried restarting the computer? If so, try restarting it again. Seriously, sometimes you need to restart Windows a couple times before it wants to work properly.

>> No.53272832

Is this a decent price for someone who doesn't want to build a PC and doesn't plan on upgrading?
I made a similar build in PCPartPicker and it was only a little bit cheaper.

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File: 1.93 MB, 3840x2160, WP_20160301_21_55_34_Raw.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Darn. I already know where to get replacement cables for a Corsair PSU, but like I said, it is damn near as expensive as the PSU itself: http://www.coolerkit.dk/shop/cablemod-c-series-axi-4647p.html

I guess another solution could be to just get white extension cables like pic related for all the (currently 3) things that go in front of the motherboard, and then just hiding everything else behind the motherboard tray.

>> No.53272859

How can I make it up to my friend after I accidentally forgot to feed his dog for him when he was on vacation and it died?

I feel really bad about it and he won't talk to me.

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>> No.53272871

Buy him a ThinkPad.

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File: 218 KB, 1280x884, 2016-03-02 06_44_19-Greenshot.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Looks pretty alive to me?

>> No.53272883

Offer to fuck him.

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>> No.53272922

Just buy him a new dog to replace the one you ruined

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literally unforgivable, I'm sorry.

>> No.53272944

You can kill yourself.

>> No.53272956
File: 988 KB, 500x260, RmxFFlg.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i dont think he thinks of you as a friend any more. i wouldn't.

>> No.53272981

Pls help.

>> No.53272993

Hey it's not like I did it intentionally. I just totally spaced it, it was a complete accident.

>> No.53272995
File: 128 KB, 1296x756, 300.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

alright gang I want to upgrade my card

right now I'm using a gtx 600 something

I have a $300 budget (bang bang), what should I get?

games? I play that (bf3)
Photoshop? err dayy
video editing (camtasia) I watch that.

pls help

>> No.53272998

yes, it works after 2 restarts, but i don't wanna forced to restart everytime i run into this problem

i owned this computer for like 1 year and it never happened before. i want to know what's causing this and if it's possible to fix it..

oh and i installed malwarebytes to fight off some pesky adware yesterday if that might give any clue

>> No.53273013

GTX 970 is the best card in that price range.

>> No.53273014

Noticed after upgrading to Windows 10 that now it sometimes will hang when I try to shutdown/restart and I'll have to hold the power for it to start off. The fuck?

>> No.53273016

Build the same PC for $360.

R9 390.

Instead save and get a better one.
But if you really want one now get a R9 390.

>> No.53273017

If I build a computer with 4 hard drives with a different operating system on each disk (Solaris, FreeBSD, Linux, Windows) how many graphics cards will the computer need?

>> No.53273020

>Hey it's not like I did it intentionally.

Yes, it is. If you really cared for retaining the integrity of your friend's dog you'd have had reminders plastered all over your everything the moment your friend's dog became your responsibility, as you should be aware by now of how your memory is, provided that you aren't eight years old or something.

>> No.53273034

Yeah well it's real easy to criticize me in hindsight but it's not like I thought it would turn out this way at the time.

>> No.53273056


a better one?

What budget are we talking and what's the name?

I want one that I won't have to upgrade for 1.2 years

>> No.53273057
File: 878 KB, 304x168, 1443801694862.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How do i get my Rpi to resolve a .com domain?
Im using namecheap and I should have it set up properly with a static IP. I can get it to resolve locally buy not anywhere else on the internet?

>> No.53273061

You're unredeemable.
I would never talk to you no matter how many years i knew you. You killed the only thing that was 100% loyal,which you werent

>> No.53273074

>hey, I'm (presumably) a functioning adult with a memory I cannot have 100% faith in
>my friend has entrusted me with the responsibility of caring for his dog
>I know! how about I NOT ensure that I do not forget this responsibility! I'll get my friend's dog fucking die then hope he'll be ok with it because I just did not care enough
>I am smart
>s m r t

>> No.53273083


R9 390X or GTX 980.
or 980Ti.
With those you wont need to upgrade in at least 3 years.

>> No.53273118
File: 83 KB, 766x540, Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 9.56.37 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have a server on DigitalOcean. I only really installed Elixir on it, otherwise it should be a vanilla Ubuntu install. Why is there any usage on it. I haven't set up any server stuff on it yet.

>> No.53273119
File: 218 KB, 1312x978, 1455869840362.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>spaced out
>long enough for dog to die
Nah man you dont "space out" that long.Maybe a few hours but that about it. Either you drugged up or you're just a retard
Kill your self

>> No.53273122
File: 47 KB, 710x550, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Don't think so, Tim.

>> No.53273139

If only you could check some sort of storage material that could record the state of something when its happening

>> No.53273140

self monitoring software from the server company?

>> No.53273144
File: 964 KB, 397x658, Just die.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.53273155

Remove Windows 10.
get a 1x8 GB ram stick.
ASUS DVD/CD writer is $12.
You can get a cheaper case saving around $15-$20.
Get a seagate HDD (you want something cheap dont you?).

>> No.53273171

passmark is shit. look at real gaming benchmarks you dipshit.

>> No.53273182

I was thinking it maybe is just OS logging. There's some usage, but it's small, maybe I'm just worrying.

>> No.53273184

best portable music player with support for 200gb micro sd cards?

i was looking at the fiio x1, but i'm not sure if it supports more than 128gb

>> No.53273231

If its just disk read/writes its more than likely just the OS doing some background processes. what does the network traffic look like?

also, pls help

>> No.53273250
File: 50 KB, 696x591, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Went as cheap as PCPartPicker would let me while still being compatible and only saved 43$ despite not even having an OS.

>> No.53273262

Actually I forgot the HDD.

>> No.53273274

remove the fucking optical drive and wifi and keyboard.

>> No.53273288

Well I need all of those so no.
>hurr durr no you don't
You don't know my life.

>> No.53273291

It's all zero, so you're probably right. I was just curious.

>> No.53273300

We are just trying to create the same prebuilt for cheaper.

>> No.53273310

wifi is shit.
you can get keyboard for free from a million places
and who the fuck uses discs these days?

>> No.53273323

It might be that you're using local IP and not the Internet IP. Also, sometimes when you use your Internet IP it resolves to your router.
That or you just changed your DNS records and they need to propagate.

>> No.53273365

>wifi is shit
Doesn't change the fact that I need it.
>you can get keyboard for free from a million places
Or I could just buy a new one for 10$ which is practically nothing and not have to worry about it being a complete piece of shit.
>who the fuck uses discs these days
I use them occasionally. Again, not all that expensive so dropping it is irrelevant.
My point is that I don't want to build a PC let alone go through the hassle of pirating Windows just to save some money.
When I asked whether it was a decent price I was mostly referring to things like bloatware which I know nothing about.

>> No.53273367

What can I use to convert Flac to MP3

Foobars converter ruins my tagging and flacsquisher isn't working.

>> No.53273389

Can't you just rename it to .mp3? Your player should be able to handle it

>> No.53273429

There's literally no reason to buy a keyboard unless it's mechanical. All shitty keyboards are basically identical, unless you're looking for media buttons.

>> No.53273431

Decided to go Team Red and bought a Fury X for my new build, finally got it after two months and now that I've put it in my pc, it makes a loud whirring noise whenever I use anything GPU intensive.

I wouldn't mind a loud whirring noise if it didn't progressively get louder as more things need to render and the PC reboots. Simply launching a benchmark leads to the PC rebooting.

Any recommendation on a course of action or how to troubleshoot?

>> No.53273453
File: 1.06 MB, 300x206, piratekek.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you dont need it. you can always run a cable.

all the cheap keyboards are the same shit, new as old.

but you're willing to go through the hassle of getting the absolute budget-tier shit to save a few bucks but not pirate windows?

top fucking kek

>> No.53273456

Where would I even get one?
A junkyard?
Who the fuck just gives away keyboards?
Also a new keyboard guarantees there won't be things like broken or sticky keys.

>> No.53273469

I never planned on buying budget tier shit.
I was just trying to prove the point that even if I went down to the bottom of the barrel the price wouldn't be that much cheaper than just buying prebuilt.

>> No.53273485


yes, recycling center. or craigslist/second hand shops or yard sale for like $1-2 bux.

you can feel if it's sticky before buying and they should work if you get it from a second hand shop as they test stuff (usually).

i see

>> No.53273517

Assumed PSU but don't understand why the whirring would be coming from the GPU.

>> No.53273544

is there a way to stop the botnet and spy shit in windows 10?

pls I really wanna play gears of war

>> No.53273560

i meant what PSU do you have? it could be bad and make the GPU do weird shit.

nope. security firms have confirmed there is still traffic that you cant turn off no matter what.

>> No.53273576

It's like gears of war never came out

>> No.53273595

Oh, exact copypaste from the site which I ordered it from: EVGA SuperNOVA 750w B2 80+ BRONZE SEMI-MODULAR.

>> No.53273615

I go to interview at google's head quarters soon. I'll be in California for 2 nights. Where should I eat?

>> No.53273623

hm that should not be an issue.

all cables done right?
updated drivers?
does the GPU overheat?
you had no issues with your old GPU?

sounds like you might have to RMA...

some burger place you dont have near you, or one of those authentic tacorias

>> No.53273659
File: 29 KB, 720x404, 1373121574595.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Should I fill up all the output ports on my graphics cards and have 7 monitors?

>> No.53273661

Any decent enough windows tablets that aren't surface yet?

>> No.53273666


>> No.53273677

>inbe you're hard capped at 4 per card

>> No.53273693

only nvidia are that jewish

>> No.53273701

does windows 8.1 have botnet like windows 10?

>> No.53273704

Once a system is compromised, it is never safe again. Reformat your hard drive and start from scratch.

>> No.53273712

yep, even 7 does,., but you can remove those updates.

>> No.53273713


>> No.53273715

Hey /g/
I was thinking, is it possible to see what traffic lights are currently on in the US like how cameras are? I figured there should be a way to watch them turn red green and yellow right? Not like hacking them or anything.

Also is this consider something like "Obstruction of traffic"?

>> No.53273740

low-tier cards makes sense if they cant run that many displays because they lack the power.

nvidia on the other hand cant even do it on most of their mid-tier cards.

>> No.53273756

Friend has a mysterious issue. Windows 10 sees his 8 GB (2 x 4 GB same Corsair gamer shit), but half of that is Hardware Reserved. We've reseated everything and made sure that Max memory is unchecked. What's the issue here?

>> No.53273767

What can program can i use to remove exif data?

>> No.53273771

integrated graphics?

>> No.53273784

Rollover Ethernet cable.
Linux > Windows 8.1
You may be able to control 3 pin fans through lowering the voltage but I have not done this myself. The ones that are easy to control are the 4pin ones.
I think you have to use the alpha version, called 'Nightly'. Then change a thing or two in about:config .
Something something 'wc', which is short for Word Count.
It's your call. Personally I would recognize that I am letting my emotions get the best of me. However you could definitely find another use for it. HDD is prob still good,might be able to reuse the RAM? Give the box to a friend or family member where you can visit it. Or sell it and make an even more beefy build.
x86 phones I do not know. But if battery life is what you desire why not just get something with a massive battery, or a 2nd battery like I did.
GET INSURANCE AND TRACKING THAT SHIT!! I used to be a contractor for USPS and see PCs get rekt. Also just go to like a grocery store and ask if they have any spare cardboard boxes. Then spend $5 on packing peanuts.
Test on another PC, to see if it is drive or your PC.
How remove drive letter: Disk Management, right-click drive letter to remove, assign drive letter, remove, yes.
To make auto give letter try: cmd.exe, diskpart, automount enable .
I believe it is mainly the writes to the drive that are harmful.
Thinking malware, or some program with a delayed start scan with an AV, and check your task scheduler. Also check taskmgr to see what e ecutable is causing it, then research it.
Type fast + not a jackwagon = hired. Easyjob.
It is fine.
>>"when upgrade to Win10?"
Literally never.
>>"When upgrade GPU?"
When you want your games to run faster. Make sure if you do that your PSU can handle the Watts and the Amps.

>> No.53273785

AMD FX and an R9 390

>> No.53273791


>> No.53273795

windows will do it, just go to properties > details > remove properties and personal information

>> No.53273804

Just search on reputation me site for water Cooling kit, and check reviews + make sure it'll fit your stuff.
You're literally not even friends anymore, question is irrelevant. Drink bleech.
R9 390, no doubt.
>>"...upgrade to Windows 10"
You will need one GPU. A graphics card has a GPU on it. So only 1 graphics card.
That doesn't change it to an mp3, that literally just renames it.
If it shuts off I would check PSU like other guy said.
You can't, shit is a fucking Chinese hornet's nest, stay clear.
"windows... Decent"
Not as bad, like other said, they can be removed/uninstalled. Try linux.

>> No.53273810
File: 2 KB, 385x56, ss+(2016-03-02+at+12.12.22).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey /g/

If I upgrade my pirated but seemingly correctly activated copy of Windows 8.1 to Windows 10, is there a chance I'll get caught as a non-legitimate user and screw myself over in the process?

>> No.53273826

This was asked last night; no anon, you're safe. Don't over think it. You can be as low as XP and it could be a pirated copy and no one would know the difference because you're going to a newer version that is free. Also, don't waste your time. There are so many back doors from the NSA watching people on Windows 10, do you want to be watched too? I would hope not. Stay on 8 and down. It's your best option.

>> No.53273835

You will not get caught, but why go to 10 in first place?? No benefits + ton of spying.

>> No.53273871


I have to say, I found myself with some spare time this evening and started researching about these privacy/botnet stuff on Win10, found a bunch of alarming stuff from 2015. Then later I read a few updates on certain articles that showed the evidence people like CheesusCrust provided was kind of flawed and inconclusive, etc. Then I found this article which kind of made me curious to see if it was really that bad or if it was mostly sensationalism.


I'd love to hear other opinions on it though

>> No.53273881

What's the best image viewer for Arch?

>> No.53273892

It's better to be safe than sorry than not ya know? 8 already was a hell in a hand basket. Almost every other version of windows is shit and in this case, sure, I bet they fixed a LOT of shit in 10 but considered the NSA can tap into your PC, no thank you.

>> No.53273917

10 is an objectively better OS than 8./8.1.

>> No.53273937
File: 92 KB, 649x631, movie-hacking-leet-terminal.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Looking for a website... it was an archive of all plaintext documents, mostly from 80s/90s usenet posts and shit like that. Mostly tech related stuff.

The website looked like a 15 yo script kiddie wrote it (green on black monospace text) but a lot of the docs on there were interesting and insightful. (see pic for example of this silly aesthetic)

I remember one doc from the mid 90s in particular - talked about how harmful it was that websites were requiring users to use their real names.

>> No.53273946
File: 9 KB, 371x410, 1428776720072.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is Linux Mint w/Cinammon a good distro for a 2011 Thinkpad T420?

Or should I go with something lighter?

I'm a relatively new Linux user. Not completely new but not a wizard either

>> No.53273948
File: 12 KB, 553x270, bought.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


alright you win

I hope this $350 isn't a meme

>> No.53273958

My dick is objectively in your ass.
Bold to make such a strong statement with no references or sources or even points of debate.

>> No.53273962
File: 16 KB, 400x400, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

as an american is this the best outlet I can install for my tech rooms?

20amp GFCI tamper proof grounded outlet

>> No.53273963

I might just upgrade to windows 10 and play it safe and get a think pad with linux.

You think that'd be a good idea?

or what about partitioning linux ?

>> No.53273972

Mint is shit. Install Manjaro KDE. Works well on my X201t.

>> No.53273975

Why do you think Mint is shit?

>> No.53274015

you're probably thinking of http://textfiles.com

>> No.53274031

Make sure to partition it with a separate partition for /home , so if you are not satisfied, you do not have to loose your personal files. Also a more lightweight desktop environment may increase battery life.
>>"better play it safe"
>>Sticks only one hand into the bear trap.

>> No.53274056

>bear trap

kek, alright.

Is there any chance microshit will remove the spyware shit?

>> No.53274063

>tfw told i will be let go after a month
>tfw feel like being rushed during work for this remaining time
Should i just leave now? I know i'm not going to find another job immediately.

>> No.53274081

How can I find a entry level position for software development that doesnt require a degree (Im 19 and Ive programmed for at least 3 years and I have code that I could show to them I guess). and that doesnt require formal work experience in the field? I live near a populated US city so that should be possible? The job listing I find on google all have crazy requirements.

>> No.53274123
File: 3.04 MB, 304x376, 1431533968671.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How often do you perform a nuke of your drives and get a fresh install of your OS on your computer?

Do you ever do this as a form of spring cleaning, or do you keep the same installation for years and years and just manually touch up here and there as time goes by?

Genuinely curious about this.

>> No.53274127

Just apply for them and link to your github

I know a guy who did just that and moved from tech job to tech job moving up the ladder based on experience

>> No.53274158

Am I getting DDoS'd or something my router has been resetting itself for the past 20 minutes

AT&T U-verse
St. Louis area

>> No.53274169

router or modem?
what model?
does it feel hot? is the power brick for it hot?

>> No.53274176
File: 2.99 MB, 177x340, 1426807905330.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What is the best way to create a backup of my Windows installation when I don't have the space on an external HDD to copy all of my personal files and programs over?

>> No.53274195

whats the gif from first

did she die?

>> No.53274196

It's bloated.

>> No.53274215

I don't know where the gif is from, but it's clearly a comedic gag.

>> No.53274222

How do I remove the spy crap in Windows 8.1?

>> No.53274230

Do you guys like Mr. Robot or do you consider it bad?

>> No.53274295

gpicview if you need an interface

>> No.53274298

Absolutely not. That is how they make money, have you thought about why Windows 10 is free? Pro tip, Microsoft is'nt being nice. They are a corporation. Connect the dots.
Last bits of money vs time you can devote to sear hing for new job.
With Linux I reinstall about every 4 to 5 months, and it's very easy. Spring cleaning yes, but mainlly keep up with new distros, keep on my toes.
Unplug router and modem, make some soup, do laundry, plug back in see if fixed.
Wat? Disk Cleanup, compress external drive, compress what you can on main drive. CCleaner. Spend $50 on 1TB HDD.
Thank us when it arrives.
Fuck.. It's the sticky for this board mate. Make a thread about it tomorrow when I'm on my desktop and I'll send you a script.

>> No.53274332

if you can't delete it, here.
this works wonders.

domoarigot mr roboto?

>> No.53274388

>Last bits of money vs time you can devote to sear hing for new job.
i just can't focus on my current job now
>tfw zoning out every few minutes thinking about my bleak near future
if i slip up at work they might just refuse to pay

>> No.53274575

What is the Unix Philosophy?

>> No.53274687

Buy cheap sell high!

>> No.53275100

Someone at my work spilled their sugary juice drink over a PC. I've let it dry out and now it won't POST. It powers on though.

It's 100% dead though right?

>> No.53275137
File: 33 KB, 600x553, 448.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Stupid tech question.

So I need some help pretty badly

I ran malwarebytes for the first time in a while, computer was running fine but I wanted to be safe.

143 potential threats popped up, I quarantined and deleted them, and since then the computer appears to be all fucked. Images not loading online, very awkward load times and packets seemingly just dropping.

I have no idea what the fuck happened when I removed those threats. Were the potential threats somehow warding each other off, and by removing some, I totally fucked myself?

>> No.53275223

No antivirus is 100% effective, once you get compromised the only reliable course of action is to start fresh. Back up any important files, reformat and reinstall.

>> No.53275293

Would posting a pastebin of the scan that did all of this help in figuring out if there's an option aside from reformat and re-install?

>> No.53275342

try 2 different scanners, but not at the same time. And don't start fresh. That's a waste of time, a trojan is a trojan, it's not like you can't get rid of it. you're fine

>> No.53275372

What's the relative risk of running XP in 2016 provided it's as up to date as it can be?

>> No.53275420

PicPick master race

>> No.53275427

literally nothing. No one cares. as long as you got a firewall and antivirus, you're chill. But honestly, if you can, just run W7U.

>> No.53275434


>> No.53275442

Well, naturally I've moved on. It was a question more for curiosity's sake than anything. I've read that literally any build of linux is a better option than XP at this point, but I take that with a grain of salt based on Gentoo anecdotes.

>> No.53275475

My personal opinion on any of that:
Linux is eh. It's not great but it's not bad either.
/g/ will tell you linux over windows because muh open source and non-freeware. Who fucking cares any more. It's not like you're getting in the code any ways so saying that means nothing. That's basically the only reason to use linux. I would say maybe if you have a netbook and wanna slap an OS on it, go with mint.

At that rate, get tablet or a thinkpad. Put W7 on the Pad. I'd rather work with something that doesn't need to be constantly updated VS something that's fine the way it is or gets them once a month at best.

>> No.53275479

anyone have a graph or list of app recs for a rooted android, or for ricing.

>> No.53275513

malwarebytes likes to falseflag innocent files as "potentially unwanted program" A LOT

you should check the result and remove only the ones marked as "threat". if you wiped them all indiscrimately then no wonder your computer is fucked

>> No.53275531

installing first linux distro tomorrow.

have a partition with all files worth saving and have an ISO on a usb flash. Don't know how to check MD5 to see if it is legitimate on windows 7. Advice? Also what should I know before going in. Is there a way I could fuck up and lose my other drive?

>> No.53275539

should i use gahnoo lunix

>> No.53275559

i'm sorry anon but chances are you already got some of your critical files deleted

i'm afraid your only options now are either system repair or complete reinstall

>> No.53275570

look dad look! I found so many weeds in the garden!

God damnit kid those are flowers. Fuck outta here.

>> No.53275579

bump. sleep soon thread will die. send help fast.

pls anon

>> No.53275702

How do i stop youtube from overloading my wifi network?

>> No.53275713

use a lower quality

>> No.53275735

doesn't work, as youtube tries to load further of video this way dropping my connection. I lose connection even at 148p

>> No.53275753
File: 144 KB, 900x900, 1451172579065.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I got PC parts from an insurance claim, but i'm a nervous idiot and forgot to claim an optical drive.

How much trouble would I get in for loading it with a pirated copy of Windows before selling it on Gumtree?

>> No.53275811

I'm guessing there's something else going on here

>> No.53275825
File: 55 KB, 401x551, cat_question2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

how I install new fonts for my linux? like dweep
arch user


>> No.53275892

use mpv/youtube-dl, set mpv to use a small cache size

>> No.53275905

how do those two sentences correlate?

the readme on that page says how to install it

>> No.53275969

why is insertion sort O(n^2)? the outer loop is n, but the inner loop 0 -> 1, 0->2, ..., 0->n

>> No.53275991
File: 38 KB, 256x256, 1318238255947.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My R9 290 decided to die before polaris/pascal release
What gpu would be best option for me to get while waiting for new gpu lineup?
I will probably sell it depending on how good the new gpus will be

>> No.53276218

How to find max value in an array in O(log(n))?

>> No.53276253

i can do you one better: O(1)
take an array that's sorted in ascending order and pick out the last element

>> No.53276265

It's unsorted.

>> No.53276273

Hint: consider two subproblems in every iteration.

>> No.53276276

you can't get the min or max of an array whose ordering you don't know in O(log(n)) time

you'd need to check all the values which is O(n)

>> No.53276278

Impossible. You need to read all the entries. So it's O (n) at least.

>> No.53276284

That's the naive algorithm ...

>> No.53276286

No. It's a proof.

>> No.53276296

Why don't you fuck off.

>> No.53276302

Is it always your reaction when you're wrong?

>> No.53276335

what's a better one?

>> No.53276353

dunno about O(log(n)) but theres O(sqrt(n)) I think

>> No.53276396

In the past anons were competent in /g/. Please go back to stackoverflow.

>> No.53276426
File: 19 KB, 217x320, j33vesu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

im gonna help a qt for her classwork

she needs to make a flag by only using assembly language

how do i start with this?

>> No.53276437


>> No.53276472

can I use anything to emulate an android smartphone in order to authenticate on Steam? I don't have or need a smartphone and that means shitty delays on trades and soon on market sales

>> No.53276473

dude t420's can handle whatever you want. Get openSUSE or Ubuntu MATE/GNOME3.

>> No.53276536

steam guard app is optional. Just use e-mail verification.

Consider Bluestacks.

>> No.53276546


that's all changed for trading and soon for market sales as well
email & sms verification will only be used to recover accounts
if you don't use their shitty guard app by the 9th you'll have to wait on both trades and market sales

trying bluestacks now someone else recommended it as well

>> No.53276606
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where do sites like alexa.com get these kinds of statistics from

>> No.53276626

whats the best way to learn assembly?

>> No.53276638


>> No.53277080

Is there an app for android that can connect my phone to my pc so I can send texts from pc via bluetooth? Every app Ive found is over the internet, I dont want my texts passing through another server

>> No.53277120

This thread reached bump limit.
We need a new /sqt/!

>> No.53277153

>he doesnt do surveys for free porn

>> No.53277167
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>> No.53277191

When you want to install a package, but you don't know exactly what it's called, what do you do? I feel I'm doing it all wrong when I have to open the browser to find out what a package's name is and then jump back to the terminal to install it.

>> No.53277211

apt-cache search ffmpeg

>> No.53277233

Will I be able to run PiPlay on a Raspberry Pi 1 model B successfully and use all of the emulators without any issues (including the PS1 one) or will that be too heavy on the poor thing?

>> No.53277234

I recently found out that I can only run a specific program in safe mode.

How would I best find out why that is?
Starting it up normally and shutting everything down and then trying?

>> No.53277244
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After upgrading to Windows 10 on my Desktop, I've noticed an extremely weird phenomena. I'm hoping someone can clarify.

I have a GTX 760 with 2GB of VRAM. I play games quite a bit, I have MSI Afterburner and RivaTuner working the way I like to show a toggleable on-screen display of temp and usage % info on my CPU, GPU, and how much RAM and VRAM are being used.

So I was extremely surprised now that I booted up XCOM 2 again to test out how it'd work under Win10, to discover that not only did it run way better, I noticed that my VRAM indicator (MEM1)...was way above my 2GB hardware limit? it's sitting at 3184 MB of usage right now.

How the fuck is this even possible?
RAM usage is the same as before, yet my VRAM is somehow showing a value that its hardware couldn't possibly deliver. But the game feels undeniably smoother.

What kind of black magic is this?

>> No.53277250


Just tried it and that's awesome. Thanks much.

>> No.53277260

*an extremely weird phenomenon, sorry

>> No.53277308
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if you use 2 cameras on a desktop or laptop,
what do you use them for?

>> No.53277339

have you tried this?


>> No.53277406

>Windows 10
That's the problem.

>> No.53277443

...the problem is that I'm seemingly getting more VRAM than my hardware should be capable of?

That doesn't seem like a problem, that seems like a blessing.

I just don't understand how the fuck it's happening

>> No.53277633

3d printers any good?

keep on seein somethin about a micro3d printer and temopted to get but not sure what id even print...

>> No.53277708


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