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>Linux has no hardware acceleration
>50% CPU usage when moving windows, windows still tear
>80% CPU usage just to watch 720p video
>watching 1080p videos is impossible
>50% CPU usage when rendering a static webpage
>Not one Linux application uses hardware acceleration so they all run like ass anyways

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That's cuz Linux is trash

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thats a good meme desu senpai

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>non freetard logic
>go to mcdonalds
>order apple pie
>pay for it
>enjoy delicious mcdonalds apple pie

>Gnu/Linux or Linux 'free' software logic
>Pick up apple seed from rotten discarded apple
>wait 10 years after watering/fertilizing/pruning for apples to grow
>Peel apples and scavenge flour and sugar to make pie crust
>complete everything after 10 years of slaving away
>doesn't taste as good as McDonalds.

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>desu senpai
Shut the fuck up

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dumb frogposter

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>no hardware acceleration
ebic menes :DDDD

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>mfw I watched 1080p video in with from cli in frame buffer once for shits and giggles and it worked fine at only 60% cpu.
even if OP weren't full of shit, it would just mean his machine is a potato.

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>Linux has no hardware acceleration
Stopped reading there.

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That's what you get for running it on a 386. Try running it on something post-Y2K.

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>Linux has no hardware acceleration
>what is VDPAU, VAAPI, or whatever the fucking acronyms are
Kill yourself.

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>install debian
>no support to increase/decrease the amount of lines when using mouse wheel

shit, how do I reinstall windows?

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>Linux has no hardware acceleration

is this the birth of an ebin new memay?

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>install windows
>no network drivers

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>then asks you if you would like to search the internet for an appropriate driver.

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stop using cheap fake chinese network adapters

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>Ganooo is better for low spec machines
>Runs better than winblows 7 starter on shit tier netbooks.
>better comit sudoku

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you need to upgrade ur linux to ganoo slash linus aspa via gen2 installer

call back if not fixed

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It's not like apple pie is proprietary.
Apple pie is pretty open source if you ask me.
>food analogy

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>Windows 7 idling with nothing but default background processes running
>CPU temps rise to boiling
>GNU/Linucks, playing 1080p video
>CPU temps stay a constant 10 degrees above ambient

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>Lying on the internet

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>Linux doesn't run on hardware

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We hate gaymers.

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>Watch a 1080p YT video on Macbook Pro
>Heats up to oven levels
>Fans going nuts
>Battery dies in 2.5 hours

Fuck - I'm gonna need Windows on this shit right?

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>need Windows
Yes, jump out off the first one you see.

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Literally every laptop I have ever installed windows on required me to download drivers on a separate computer in order to get the internet working.

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windows 7? from 10 years ago?

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>windows still tear
This is still a thing, I can watch movies fine, no problems with cpu but when I install latest distro and still get window tearing is just fucking pathetic

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Hello newfag that doesn't know about word filters

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Never happened to me since I bought my first laptop in 2006. Partially true for XP, it had no WLAN driver OOTB, but LAN worked. That's what I get for using chink Acer shit, I guess? Funnily, back then Linux distros had better hardware support for laptops, at least for me. I just couldn't make everything work right after 2011 so I just have up. The UI looked better as well.

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Try man synclient

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>Linux has no hardware acceleration
We just spreading outright lies now?

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word filters don't mean shit fucktard
it's not like you don't know about them
stop using the fucking filtered words

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How about you go fuck your senpai with my desu

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Quit using KDE

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Windows still tearing is just one of the reasons i dont want to use Clinux

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So enlighten me on this, does Linux not have the ability to use it or what's the deal? Excuse my ignorance

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Isn't Wayland supposed to fix the tearing?

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underrated post

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ah, I see the /v/eddit idiots are now simply spouting blatant lies

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> Wrong
> The software is willing, but the hardware is weak
> See above
> See above
> See above
> User error

Sounds like you need to put away your shit computer, because you're too stupid to own it.

I have no issues doing any of the above in Linux, and I'm a Windows fag.

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OP is full of crap. Linux has hardware acceleration. If you have hardware, it will use it to accelerate. You almost can't screw it up. Even if you don't install the proprietary drivers from nvidia or AMD, then open source ones that come out of the box on most distros *do* work well enough for desktop web browsing/movie watching usage, but not for gaymes.

tl;dr pic related

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>only 60

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Not OP

There is no hardware acceleration in Linux for the IBM Thinkpad T60p. The driver is non-existent.

I've searched high and low and the only solutions I've ever seen offered were to use the "generic driver" that can't drive a 360p YouTube video or downgrade to distros from 2009 because apparently there might have been a working driver then but it's broken now.

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Try the open source Radeon driver, retard.

It should actually be better than the legacy windows driver at this point.

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That's what you get for using it on the desktop with it's currently trash GPU support.

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The Windows 7 driver is just a rebadged Vista driver and it works fine.

The open source driver lets you run your desktop at 1680x1050 resolution and 32 bit color but other than that there's zero hardware acceleration.

The FireGL v5250 was never a mainstream card and ATI dropped support for it when they were still ATI.

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McDonalds applie pie is proprietary

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>install windows without internet
>video drivers are working
>just jump right in and install applications
>my computer now is productive/gaming device

>install *insert generic gnu/linux distro*
>login screen is 800x600
>lagging 15fps
>cant even open external drive because no driver

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>1680x1050 resolution and 32 bit color
How so? Open source radeon r300g supports it out of the box. You won't be able to run Ubuntu desktop effects properly without hardware accelerated OpenGL.

>that can't drive a 360p YouTube video
HTML5 or flash? Firefox was shit with HTML5 video until OMTC introduced relatively recently.

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>my computer now is gaming device
What about Directx, C++ Memeworks, and stuff?

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and when's wayland getting a release 1

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Fucking bait posters!!

MPV playback of [email protected] video with VAAPI hardware decoding: average CPU usage 24%, perfectly smooth playback.

Same video without hardware decoding: average CPU usage 106%, drops half the frames.

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