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This is getting pretty stupid, guys.

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glad I'm not the only one. at least use different images, guys.

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4chan needs mods that actually do their job

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When you fall for a meme you'll understand.

I myself fell for the 16GB RAM meme. I just open photoshop with 100 tabs just to justify it.

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im not stupid enough to fall for a meme though. i always know exactly what im doing. maybe you should get a brain, moran

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16GB RAM isnt necessary for regular tasks.

Only heavy work related use like a lot of CAD, or very high end gaming

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They edit one pixel so the image dupe filter doesn't catch them.

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Or if you need like 4 encrypted virtualboxes with seperate browsers/torrent clients all downloading the filthiest porn known to man. Not that I'd know or anything.

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>high end gaming
I keked

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>tfw sister is raping autistic dad in the next room

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You should join in.

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Have you seen recent threads? This entire board is fucking stupid.

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sounds kinda hot desu senpai

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Define "job"

Delete things that hurt your feelings? Delete things that you don't like?
Delete things according to a vague concept of centralized board culture developed over years adopted by many to please the majority?

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Delete things which are against the rules.


"No spamming or flooding of any kind. No intentionally evading spam or post filters."

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I fell for the 16GB 'meme'. Ended up legitimately using 15.9 at one stage. Glad I didn't go 8GB like some idiots do.

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Professional shitposter here. Drakeposting got boring and we couldn't come up with anything new.

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The current mod team hates this site and the users. There are no oldfag mods left, they've been replaced with redditors and SJWs

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>yo yo, mic check 1, 2!

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32 Gibbibit Master Race!

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Ever tried playing ArmA 3 at 4k with 7 of your friends while you are hosting the server?

You need 16 for that.

Are you me?

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This is hilarious

Janny is deleting posts like this >>53266982 but not threads like the ones in OP's picture.

It's like Poetry.

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They only care about banning furries. I don't think they can actually read.

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bumping for this

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You must be new here

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>different images, guys.

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delete threads that get spammed every second of every day

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I "fell for it" too. It was a £12 difference between 8GB and 16GB of the exact same RAM because of a sale, so I thought fuck it.

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Anyone who hasn't filtered all these garbage threads ages ago already needs to consider suicide.

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good call anon, I just realized I hadn't filtered these

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>Anyone who hasn't filtered all these garbage threads ages ago already needs to consider suicide.
>who hasn't filtered all these garbage threads
>filtered all these garbage threads
>these garbage threads
You know what to do anon....

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make me a mod, id be fucking ban "happy"

>break the rules
>get banned

sounds strange eh?

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can't exactly filter a thread about a series of spam threads which doesn't use the same text now can i?

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>tfw 10gb file cache

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>Still here
>Still posting in meme thread
>Still a faggot

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>high end gaming

It depends if you run from an SSD also. Games are starting to recommend 16 (Star Wars), but 8 with an SSD is plenty

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