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Do hoverboards have any use at all?

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They can put Mike Tyson on his back.

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They're just toys. Probably pretty fun here and there. The amount of attention their getting is absurd. I see wall-e becoming true by removing the overall need to move all together.

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Yeah, to look like a pretentious faggot.

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somehow I exclusively see brown children ride around on them.

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I have never seen a person use them
and since my university and city both outlawed them, I doubt I ever will

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maximum kek

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they work great as a selector while on a killing spree

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I fucken feel you anon. I consider myself a patient man, but when people call them hove boards it triggers me.

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do a search for hoverboard and see what comes up

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>I see wall-e becoming true
nah, the good ones can only hold 120kg

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belongs in

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Next up is actual hover boards and then hover chairs. Just wait. It's gaining traction

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Saving energy after long painful hours in the gym while your glycogen recovers and you need to get to work without losing gains.

There I said it...

Also Lazy Shopping and fast food without having to turn on your car...
Just hop aboard the swegway express!

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Not if it really hovers anon.

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they're great to be moving so you don't get vape in your fedora

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Hoverboard is one of the many brand names that those things are sold under. From my understanding, a bunch of factories create that shit, so there is no one source, and many resellers give them there own name.

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>Dat lower lip

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Arent they cheap chinese copies of the segway? I wouldnt trust anything chinese with so many batteries in it, its a fire hazard waiting to kill you.

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It's the most common name. It's stupid, but it seems to be what we've decided on as a society.

It's better than "swagway" i guess.

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It'll take off eventually.

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That's not a hoverboard.

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>mobility scooter
yeah, like anybody wants to be associated with that crowd

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I say we call it the auto-tard

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Department of Imports pls go

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Beautiful anon. Well done.

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Just watch, new slick packaging will make it socially acceptable, and within 5 years after that point all popular big booty girls will go to the club in hover chairs, weighing 200lbs plus shifting back and forth to the music in the club.

In order to get with one though you still need to be over 6ft and be fit.

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they might make cheap camera dollys/sliders

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>Back to the future showed a hoverboard in the year 2015
>some company makes this thing and calls it a hoverboard to cash in on the hype

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they're going to define the mid 2000s, you know like rubix cube big.

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>wanting to get with one
not me, bruh

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The mid 2000's are already over.

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It infuriates me that these are called "hoverboards"

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>Also Lazy Shopping and fast food without having to turn on your car...
>Just hop aboard the swegway express!
Are bikes illegal where you live?

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>segways are already dead but segways for blacks will become HUGE

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Because people can actually afford them

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They're great fire starters in emergency situations.

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They don't float, anon.

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Same purpose as longboards, just getting around town. for me its about 3x faster than walking.

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shocking right?

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Self balancing scooter I can understand, but not a fucking hoverboard.

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Was this the reason behind that chile earthquake?

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I call them swegways.

Not exactly segways but more swag.

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they're great faggot detectors

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Pro tip:

Never buy the one in that pic.
Look at the wheels. That exact same model gets sold under many names but its all the same and its a fire hazard.

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Maybe you haven't seen the videos of them engulfed in flames...

I'm too much of a lazy bastard to link them, sorry.

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What retard came up with the idea to call them hoverboards?
They don't fucking hover. What the fuck.

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>literally every state wants to ban these now
imagine if the bicycle was invented today, it would be banned for causing tons of injuries

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My nephew got one for Christmas and I got to ride around on it.

Not going to lie, they are pretty fun to cruise around on.

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Listen, I'm all for the persecution of fucking thieves, but if you let a nigga, hov-a-round into your fucking store, AND steel something, and hov-a-round out with said merchandise.

You deserve to be fucking robed. Holy shit.

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No, they deserved to be clothed in a robe.

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Watch someone try to master a curb on this without looking like a loser.

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That's a fucking scooter.

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Banned everywhere.

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It's more like because they spontaneously catch on fire frequently.

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Most likely warehouse workers. Imagine walking around 11 miles a day to and from scanning shit and putting it in different places.

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Why don't we just call it a segseg?
They're segments of a segway

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just call it mini segway, you ass

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It's great for memes about legday for faggots who only do legs once a week

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>doesn't hover
>isn't board

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Thats a nice floor O.o

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>They see me rollin'
>They hatin'

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Decent use here

But what about shit like workplace hazard with people falling off and battery life?

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First time I saw one of these was at an exotic car dealership in Toronto. A couple of new money teenagers from China literally rolled in and bought the Lamborghini that was parked outside

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a single factory makes all of them (or at least did) and then sold them wholesale for like $150. then a bunch of chinese companies bought them and slapped their branding on it. the battery issues are from the absolute cheapest ones having shitty batteries

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That's not a hoverboard it's on wheels

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Atoms don't touch each other.
Your ass is hovering over that chair.

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Jokes on you faggot I'm hovering above my bed

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this so much. i don't know why but black people LOVE hoverboards and thats a fucking FACT. at both universities i've been to since the craze struck its seriously 99% black dudes riding these stupid fucking things

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it is a very nice house

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Back to reddit, faggot.

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Best webm I have seen in a year.

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>Implying anyone over 120kg is not an obeast deserving death.

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Why note call it a SkateWay?
It looks like a skateboard and acts like a Segway.

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Why do people use these things?
They don't exactly go fast.
They don't look cool.
You need to worry about it being stolen if left unattended.
If you're in a place that doesn't allow that kind of shit you have to carry it, and shit doesn't look light.
Is walking really that hard?

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"not going to lie" is the new phrase. Please self castrate you unimaginative follow-nigger.

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Why is op image a Segway?

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Whoever it was is rolling in piles of money right now.

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Fucking lel

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Not going to lie, that was pretty rude.

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some lazy thug nigger at my school uses it to get around. fucking annoying cause he expects everyone to get out of the way.

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Lmao wow you did thing he said not good

Lmao ddue do you have a twitter

Lmao are you taking this show on the orad? do you do standup? Lmao bro ure really funny. Ure a comedian bro Lmao

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Comebacks such as yours are generally perceived to be worse than your 'victim' by everyone else. I know you like getting things off your chest, but perhaps withhold your post next time.

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ddn't read lol :P

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Pic unrelated?

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swagway isn't an already used name of something it's not.

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