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This is easily one of the most brilliant marketing moves by Apple.

- Sent from my Nexus 5

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Niggers comprise a small percentage of the population and are the only animals that actually give a shit about this.

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Boy am I glad I'm not a shitty teenager and my friends don't care about pointless shit like this.

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I don't get it.

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drake the type of nigga who unironically uses iPhone

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What is it about black people memeculture that normies love so much? No wonder black males are taking all the white bitches these days, it's all social media's fault. I wonder who's behind social medial...

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Someone explain i don't use a iPhone

Whats a green message?

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>i don't use a iPhone
What does that mean? I don't speak broke, my nigga

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Message from something that isn't iMessage - something that isn't an iPhone/iPad

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>tfw dont even own a phone
neetlyfe master race

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The jews?

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It's funny because these people always have old model iPhones on carriers like boost Mobile

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Broke-ass chinchilla looking'ass nigga
fuck wrong with you?
"jibun woo" faggot anime-watching looking'ass nigga
fuck wrong with you?

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green is SMS which costs money to use, so bitches complaining are hypocrites

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I don't know how anyone could be bothered to have friends that actually care.. In the USA, most people that have iPhones are broke, by the way. It's called payment plans...

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It isn't like this actually is a big problem either. Likely none of us would be messaging someone who thinks like those in this image to start with and very likely wouldn't be texting anyone anyways

The people in these threads take this too literally, this is basically a joke outside of 4chan

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>jibun wo
Go back to /v/ and stop pretending to be a nigger.
Why would you out yourself so easily?

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I still don't really understand. Are they for or against sms? Also why?

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>Your phone
>Somehow determines your wealth
News flash dumb fucks. 90% of these people are on phone plans
>ATT Next,etc

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Huh, who is this qt?

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Suburban white kids which make up most of 4chan wanna be tough like black kids (why do you think everyone here spams the same babboon lingo?) while hating blacks to the point of extreme racism in a perfect example of cognitive dissonance.
tlld;r - pol's retarded and so are you if you're gonna cry DA JOOS

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who is this cum plum

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>Being cucked
>The current year

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What the fuck are they talking about?

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check out this cuck lmao

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Probably one of their crack dealer buddies who didn't sell enough that week to afford a jew phone.

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>math is hard

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datass hnnnngggg pls more

ebin XD

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There comes a point in the life of every intelligent, free-thinking individual when they must accept that the vast majority of people on the planet are not worth their time.

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>"Are you African American"
LOL, I remember when this took place. I never watched any of the interviews. Fucking cringe worthy.

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Black people use android phones more than white people. There's a website that shows this out there.

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You. I like you.

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Dindu nuffin

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But, like, this whole green text thing is silly. Even ignoring BBM, there are dozens of free messengers with more features than iMessages or whatever the fuck that shit is called. I don't know anyone who doesn't use whatsapp, kik, or something like that rather than that thing.

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>buys overpriced piece of shit phone
>can't afford to send a text message


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last one sempai

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I'm not even aware of plans today that don't already offer unlimited texting. It's all about data now.

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>prison planet host
>tinfoil hatter

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Who is she? hnnngh muh dick

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Clearly you never watched Watsons videos.

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was a random dump a while ago

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shiiieettt Dontrell Boogieman Davis

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Australia carriers usually only offers unlimited on $40 plans, or higher.
I'm paying 60 a month though on my g3 that I got outright because I'm not a poorfag. You get much better service that way.

Also, if texts are unlimited why are they obsessed with green bubbles?
Just doesn't make sense to me.

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his twitter revealed enough
no way I'd watch anything related to infowars or the nutjob Alex Jones

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Well, think about the kind of person who would drop more money on a phone with inferior specs just to have the status of owning one. They derive self-worth from having more expensive products than other people, regardless of the quality. Ironically enough, spending more money on lesser hardware is a testament to their place in the world as a tool and those who do research and learn before they spend money have an easier time identifying such tools.

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It shows you don't have an iPhone and therefore that you're a broke ass nigga

>> No.52202547

>Also, if texts are unlimited why are they obsessed with green bubbles?
because niggers (the kind of subhuman that is obsessed with this green bubble shit) only care about how wealthy they appear to everyone else.
iPhones are associated with wealth, so if you don't have an iPhone, despite flagship Android phones often being more expensive than iPhones, you are poor.
Niggers would literally take an iPhone 4 over an LG G3 just for green bubbles.

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Greens can't take part in group messaging, so if you want to organize something in a group and one of your contacts is a green then you have to talk to him separately and relay conversation.

Which is retarded, just get a cross platform messenger you cunts. Signal is basically everything iMessage offers across platforms and soon into the desktop space.

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Unfortunately those people are a very large group.
I don't care if someone wants to use an iPhone, that's their own decision.
But to throw that in my face? Fuck them. That's why I hate jogging
IPhone users, not because of their purchase decision but their childish immature need to throw it in my face that owning a phone with a fruit logo makes them better than me.

I'm still happy with my nexus 5. I have heard lots of people aren't happy with their iPhone 5s anymore.

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What is even the benefit of keeping that shit on. If I'm texting someone it's because I don't have internet or I'd be messaging them with another app.

I turned that shit off as soon as I got my free iphone because I heard apple can fuck up contacts if you leave it on and change your number to android (iphones will keep trying to imessage you even though your android phone doesn't get them).

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see >>52202276

>> No.52202899

> green text
> wont even respond

Good, weed out the stupid bitches and niggers right off the bat.

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I don't get it. IPhones cost the same as most flagship Android phones.

>> No.52202956

S6 Edge costs more than an iPhone 6s plus, doesn't it?

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>paying to receive text messages

United States of Americuck

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Surely you meant to type send right?

>> No.52203379


I think you're all missing the point.
iMessage is encrypted, SMS is not.
Even the 'niggers' know that.

You can go to jail in USA for simply having a personal use amont of drugs of your person, cops will even plant it on your person to arrest you.

I don't think this actual stupidity for once, they're actually going about protecting themselves and making killer memes at the same time.

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Seriously this. Is there any other country in the world right now that still uses SMS as a main texting platform?

>> No.52203386

>Signal is basically everything iMessage offers across platforms and soon into the desktop space.
I would use Signal if there were a desktop client that wasn't Javascript-laden chromium webapp shit. One of the big appeals of iMessage is that you can switch over to your computer with a real keyboard for lengthy conversations and catch/deal with messages without pulling out your phone.

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Only a small number of Android users buy flagships.

>> No.52203424

Australia but we've never had to pay to receive SMS.

>> No.52203472

God I want to repaint the walls in that house.

That shade of blue is disgusting me. The furniture is annoying as well.

>> No.52203538


Nope, murica pays to send AND receive texts.

>> No.52203554

Fuck and I thought we were jewed hard here having to pay to send (if you don't have a plan with texts).

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They pay to receive text messages?
No wonder shit like whatsapp and facebook messenger is so popular

>> No.52204556

Wait... They don't use instant messaging apps in USA other than Imessage?

No whatsapp/telegram/line?

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Apparently not.
Those apps don't give blue bubbles

>> No.52204675


Which is why I have texts blocked on my lines. Fuck em.

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What backwards carrier do you have?

>> No.52204728

Nobody under 35 uses SMS anymore. That's why it's actually a really stupid marketing gimmick.

>> No.52204742

>millennial thinks he's smart
>yet uses a portable government and corporate surveillance, monitoring and tracking device

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Well when the alternative is pic related, is there really a choice?

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holy shit, i haven't seen here in ages. and i've never seen these pictures before

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So you never text or receive text messages?
Do they charge you for picking up the phone too?

>> No.52204953

>Do they charge you for picking up the phone too?
That's called getting a phone on contract

Which of course is easily escaped if you're smart and pay for an unlocked phone outright in a lump sum

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I had to google this because

> this is what I think of when I read "green text"

stupid iDiots.

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> "I don't speak broke, nigga!"

> using iPhone 4

> with a cracked screen

> on pre-paid wireless

>> No.52205035

I don't think any plans come without unlimited texting in 2015

>> No.52205084

>with 14 more monthly payments left on its payment plan

>> No.52205120

Group SMS works fine already

>> No.52205171

I remember this
When I was like 12 and it was back when plans didn't have sms, some kids who had an sms plan from school would text me
My parents would get mad at me running up their bill and beat the shit out of me
But at that point you had to call up Cingular and get them to manually block numbers for a monthly fee

Shit was bullshit

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>friend calls you
>you answer the phone
>you both get charged for it

America, the land of the free.

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I have 7 macbook pros on top of my computer chassis. Not sure what to do with the,

>> No.52205214

What? I have unlimited texts, never paid per text.

>> No.52205231

Let government dictate how phone companies work, they said. They'll make sure those companies go to undeserved areas and keep prices low, they said...

>> No.52205272

Dumb drakeposter

>> No.52205328

>this guy probably bought a neuroscience book off Amazon just for this girl to pose with

>> No.52205357

When I used to have friends we just used whatsapp

>> No.52206068

Seriously this is the most hilarious thing about the green messages.

People who talk about this are literally broadcasting how poor they are that they can't even afford txts.

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I'm Australian and I get unlimited sms and calls. Based Optus.
How poor do you have to be in America to not afford texting after buying an iPhone.
Can they afford to eat, or did they sell a kidney just for the latest iDevice?

>> No.52206312

only americans are that shallow anon.

But I agree with you, it's a great marketing move (that is, if it was actually started by apple)

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>Can they afford to eat

I think you already know the answer to that question.

>> No.52206360

I don't think it was started by Apple. I think it was started by twitter niggers and then apple made sure that it didn't die out.

>> No.52206376


I'm on T-Mobile prepaid. $50/mo for a bunch of data and more voice and text than I'll ever use. I don't even know if I have a text limit.

The only people who pay for SMS messages are people who are on REALLY old plans and have no idea they're getting ripped off, or pay-as-you-go type prepaid setups. They're equivalent to the olden days when you'd buy a calling card and have X long distance minutes. But instead of long distance, you're buying X amount of connectivity, where calls, data, and text messages each break down to some portion.

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They are typically niggers who bought an iPhone to display their "wealth" when they are actually poor as fuck.

They don't call it nigger rich for no reason.

>> No.52206436


i can't put my finger on it; but there is something harmonic about this photo

>> No.52206466

I have imessage disabled because i'm not a stupid cunt.
It's 2015, every phone plan or pre-paid on the planet includes free text but paid data. Only retards would use the data.

>> No.52206551

>They are typically niggers who bought an iPhone to display their "wealth" when they are actually poor as fuck.

Go to rural Virginia sometime and behold all the white trash with a $50k truck parked outside a $20k mobile home on a $5k plot of land.

>> No.52206791

Is that fucking you, richard?

>> No.52206819

there's so much in this picture that makes no sense
what kind of a washroom is that? public?
whys he holding a macbook over his head
wtf is that shirt
why is the toilet roll dispenser 10 feet high

>> No.52206843

White people can be niggers too.

>> No.52206964

drake's the type of guy to spend all his money, and then have to get a job at 32 when he's not culturally relevant

>> No.52206971

*tips fedora*

>> No.52207156

so he's every black rapper ever.

>> No.52207259

>why is the toilet roll dispenser 10 feet high
Pretty sure that's automatic air freshener. So yeah I guess it would be a public toilet.

The rest of your questions hold strong.

>> No.52208239

It's just apple being fashionable, those people have no idea what encryption is

>> No.52208240

Am I the only person in the world who has no monthly plan and just pays when he has to?
I mostly just use WiFi, I barely pay 20€ a year for my phone if that.

>> No.52208292

Nope. I'm in Australia and pay $1 a month just to keep it connected, I send a few texts a month but just use wifi for everything.

>> No.52208494

Yeah, because you don't need a phone, because you have no job, no family and no friends, which is fucking pathetic. You should off yourself, you disgusting NEET faggot.

>> No.52208520

I pay for a monthly plan bundled with my internet, it cost $20 per month and I use perhaps 10% of the value of it.

>> No.52208584

I don't think they know what is encription. They are only doing it to snob the fuck out of non-iphone users

>> No.52208632

>be britfag
>£17 a month
>200 minutes of which I use like 5
>until texts
>unlimited data
>4gb for tethering

Such is life for a sim only contract user

>> No.52208674

Not having Virgin Media's £10 a month deal.

>Unlimited Calling
>Unlimited Texts
>Unlimited Data

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File: 433 KB, 1600x2560, Screenshot_2016-01-03-11-09-15.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.52208704

Also forgot to mention:
>free data, texts and minutes in 3 countries I regularly go to

Feels good to be able to stream HD porn and films from my 8tb plex server abroad.

>> No.52208740

or he's just smart unlike you, which isn't hard to believe.

>> No.52208746

>smart for not doing human interaction
>smart for not having a job
>smart for not having friends

o-ok kid

>> No.52208798

This thread is stupid. Received messages always come in grey.

>> No.52208875

>type of phone determines your economic situation

This is what poor people think.

>> No.52208881

y so mad tho

>> No.52208953

For poorfags like Apple customers who have to shell out an entire month's paycheck from McDonald's for a phone, it does.

>> No.52208957

>you wish you were black
Really don't. Look at them.. Circlejerking, intolerant, hypocritical, self-centered retards. They spend so much time alienating the rest of the world from their exclusive little niggerclub, calling each other Nigga but making it a complete taboo for white people to do so. Labelling everything we do as racist, you can't even identify them or their mannerisms as being a "black" thing or you're called a racist..
They are identical to the dumb popular high school chicks in films, who are only popular because the beta bitches are scared to get bullied by her so they follow suit and idolise her. And the same thing happens when white people copy them and use all their memes and end up speaking like complete fools.

Blacks piss me off.

>> No.52208973

you know this is funny
because the color of the message is your SENT ones
so they can't send you green or blue ones, you just send green or blue depending on iMessage or sms

>> No.52208987

green = NSA
blue = End to End Encrypted messages

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File: 191 KB, 800x800, applelsecurity.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>blue = brain dead cuck
Fixed. :^)

>> No.52209010

just like your car, house, and jewelry?

>> No.52209020

why do I care what retarded jewood stars do with their weak passwords?

>> No.52209365

*tips Macbook*

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>nignogs and white trash can't afford text messages

>> No.52209907

Lying nigger

>> No.52210436

Irishfag here, fuck me I hate Three, however 20quid/m for unlimited everything except calls during weekdays and you get to keep the 20 credit

>> No.52210625

What problems have you got? I get slightly shitty signal sometimes but haven't really had any beef with them at all.

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