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Old thread
Official Thread #0xx : The "it's 2016 soon" Edition

This thread is to consolidate graphics card discussion and display technologies to reduce unnecessary thread clutter on /g/. Let's also keep the shilling to a minimum.

Direct any and all questions regarding Graphics Cards and Display Adapters here first, including purchase and sale questions:
Use >>>/g/gcg/

For non-related questions, link to find the stupid questions thread:
Support questions should be directed to >>>/wsr/, as per /g/'s sticky. Or just fucking Google it instead of shitposting.

If you find any news, post it below!

Budget crown:
>>>>AMD Radeon R9 380

Performance crown:
>>>>Nvidia GeForce GTX 980Ti

/gcg/ crowns take into account regular retail price and single chip only.

Buyer Guides:

Logical Increments happily accepts suggestions, comments, and criticisms.


Post your Display related gift acquisitions below!


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Whats aux voltage and is it worth tweaking?

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Reminder the 390 is best value as of 30/12/2016

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Got 980Ti, wish I had gotten Fury X in retrospect. I think I will sell this now and just wait for Pascal or AI GPUs.

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should i get a 390 or is the 390x more worth while

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If i get a monitor with Freesync support will it work with my 970?

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Vote, you motherfuckers.

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That is automatically dictated by the pace of discussion if they die they die if they live they live, it's like this is your first time on imageboard..?

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If you have cash to sling and don't wanna overclock, get a 980.
Otherwise, get the 390.

It will work as a regular monitor fine, but it won't support the Free-sync capability.

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Thanks, will i still be able to get 144hz out of it? Will i need to use displayport for that?

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hz of monitor has nothing to do with free or g sync so yes..

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Eat shit Advance Micro Dicks.

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390 if you going to oc. At 1100 core and 1500 mem, it is already on par with 390x.

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awww, I love this pic :3 it's so fucking cute ^^

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Thank you for linking to my site.

First person to post their Steam URL as a reply to this post gets gifted Skyrim.

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>implying ANYONE wants Skyrim
lol http://steamcommunity.com/id/hsarntenrhsgabdgaf/home

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Whoa its falcoln

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Now THIS is shilling

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You do not like games? It is what graphics cards are usually bought for.

First person to post their Steam URL as a reply to this post gets gifted Bioshock Infinite

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No bro, you're rewarding people for posting a link to your site.

Totally against 4chan rules

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How else does one say thank you? Also, I am not rewarding OP, the games are for whoever posts. It is purely luck.

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Fury X, because 4k starts with a 4, it has 4gb of vram. Makes sense, right? Amd. More $, less GB.

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R9 390 with a 1440p/144hz, am I retarded ? I mean I know I won't be able to go beyond 60 fps in modern games, but I like older games/indie games too, and paying 150 euros more for something that I won't regret if I want to upgrade later is a smart move right ? I have the dosh but I refuse to pay more than 400 € for a GPU.

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Have fun!

I am out.

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Buy gsync for ulmb

It's literally cheating.

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>built a decent high-mid end machine
>don't play many games and the ones I do are not resource intensive
Suggest games to play lads. Also, can GTA V now be reliably pirated? I kept reading that people had issues with not being able to progress in the game beyond certain points.

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It's a good move to get a nice monitor that'll last you but that 390 just won't have enough power in it if you want to run things in the Ultra category.

>> No.52135869


I'm ok with that actually, I can remove some stuff like grass density or antishadowhaircomplexivness and stuff.


f...freesync is ok to right ?

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freesync is freesync, a single feature

gsync is a brand... a bundle of features

There's a single strobing amd monitor but it's shit and expensive as fuck for what it offers

>> No.52135905

Then if you don't mind go for it. and FreeSync is fine. I never have mine on anyways. It's only good to use it with screen tearing. When you don't get it, then there's no need.

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No one uses that shit not even pros.

>> No.52135914


Yeah that's why I asked, I can have a nice freesync IPS for the price of a gsync TN.

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doesnt 144hz already eliminate screen tearing?

>> No.52135933


Thanks, I know I sound like I was going to buy it anyway, but I was just checking if I was not making a huge mistake wihout knowing it.

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Well if your rig can do +100fps and you have 144hz monitor - I myself haven't seen any screen tearing but when it dips to below 90 fps I see it maybe once or twice in a long gaymen session.

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Nah, it doesn't. For example, I got two Fury X's and when I run Skyrim or GTA in some areas I get weird shit happen when it hits 200+ fps so I turn on FreeSync.

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With god awful motion blur.

I'd take a tn gsync over a shit ass ghosting ips any day. Freesync also induces a shit ton of input lag.

I guess I assumed wrong that you play comp games.

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>'competitive game'
haha how's that wallhack and aimbot treating you in your professional games

fucking joke of a comp. game

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name a good competitive game

>> No.52136052

Jesus Christ.

>> No.52136068

Depending of the patch DOTA2.
Brood war.
Quake 2 and 3.
Old UTs.

>> No.52136078

>I got killed
>they're cheating

typical shitter

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>GOtards this stupid.
Shame that Foolz gave up or I would fetch a ton of competitive tier-1 players aimbotting in professional tournament game.

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point is it can give even the average casual gamer an advantage over their old monitor when playing online games

What's the point of upgrading if it doesn't improve your performance?

>> No.52136199

>people with more money for hardware have an advantage

how can any pc game be considered competitive?

>> No.52136224

They have aimbots for UT, you know.

>> No.52136238

>>how can any pc game be considered competitive?
Because in tournament scenario your computers are the same, brought by tournament organizers.

Of course GOtards could still inject aimbots through USB peripherals like mouse so now you have to bring your peripherals in advance to the tournament so they can empty and check them.

You can't even bring your autoexec config in USB anymore in DOTA 2 tournaments because of GOtards, you have to write it down for the organizers and they input it to your profile.

>> No.52136247

At events all players are given identicle hardware.

Its no different on consols with modded controllers and the like.

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Someone help me with >>52136137

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>first one to bring up csgo
>calls csgo players retards
>goes on a rant about csgo

lol what's this guy's problem

I'm guessing he got obliterated so hard he uninstalled the game

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Well I'm glad my "I'll buy an IPS over a TN " generated a retarded discussion.

Competitive videogames, what is next, book reading matches ?

>> No.52136657


I thougth freesync actually reduced the imput lag.

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I'm trying to decide between these 3 cards:

- XFX R9 380 DD XXX OC 4GB

- Gigabyte R9 380 4GB G1 gaming

- Sapphire NITRO R9 380 4G D5 with backplate

I should note that the XFX one is 10€ cheaper than the Gigabyte and Sapphire versions.

Any advice on what the differences are? Thanks anons

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>> No.52136981


It isn't really worth messing with for hawaii based cards due to how hawaii has a golden ratio for its memory and core overclocks. For example at a given voltage you might be unstable at 1100mhz core/1250 memory but stable at 1175 core.

>> No.52137018

With prices that close, look at the warranties.
If in doubt, flip a coin between gigabyte and sapphire

>> No.52137026

what is a good suit for my FX-6300?

I have currently HD 6870 but 1 GB ist just not enough for modern console ports

>> No.52137036

Can anyone suggest a good graphics card for under £100/$150?
Got an MSI HD 7850 1GB at the moment but it gets fucked in the ass by Fallout 4.

>> No.52137038


Is the cpu overclocked or not? Regardless assuming 1080p you'll want to be looking at 960/380 tier cards.

>> No.52137062

Care to explain?

Yeah, that seems like the best option for me. I guess I'm leaning towards Gigabyte.

>> No.52137077

What's the best GPU I can get for ~$200?

GTX 960?
Radeon R9 370?

>> No.52137081

A used tahiti card is probably your best bet.

>> No.52137086


Since when does a 370 cost as much as a 960?

>> No.52137087

is not overclocked yet but will do it near future

>> No.52137128

Is Kepler still relevant for 1080p?

>> No.52137169


$200 for 370
$235 for a 960 but it's sold out

>> No.52137311

Which is a good poorfag card? 950 or 370?

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>bought AMD
>Shit drivers don't have vital functions like adaptative vsync
>have to open multiple crap like D3Doverrider and RTSS and manually add every game or else play with awful frame latency

Just fuck my shit up

>> No.52138104

advanced micro devices, not so advanced...

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>> No.52139438

i'm thinking about whether to get a gtx 960 4gb or a r9 380x.

My 7870 broke, and I'm pretty envious of nvidia drivers and shadowplay and the low power usage, but on the other hand, I play a game which has mantle, and the 380x performance seems better.

>> No.52139490

also, I'm keeping an eye out for a good price on a used 7970. But a 380x is only $170 on jet, so the 7970 is really gonna have to be under $120 and a gigabyte windforce for me to consider it.

>> No.52139535

7970 came out 4 years ago dude, for $550
You're looking to buy a card with similar performance and power consumption for $200 a day away from 2016

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>> No.52139640

That would be me.

you're welcome, faggot.

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>On FedEx vehicle for delivery

>> No.52139841

I have a 980 right now, and a $500 gc to microcenter.

Worth selling the 980 and getting a 980 ti?

>> No.52139911

Don't fall for the AMD meme, it's shit

>> No.52139980

Gm200 is the only nvidia gpu in a very very long time that can matches two previous flagships. It's a very special gpu.

>> No.52140130


980 Ti is god tier card. It won't even be unseated as world's best till 2017 when the full die GP100 cards release and it will be able to play everything released for the next 6-7 years

>> No.52140169


ty senpai

Of course microcenter is being faggots, and the card I want - the eVGA 980 Ti Hybrid - is out of stock. Waiting game begins...

>> No.52140195

Ask them when shipments typically come in.

>> No.52140238


I already know this answer - every weekday with largest on monday.

>> No.52140241

>bought new graphics card
>started playing on PC
>every fucking game I download has some kind of terrible Framerate or vsync issue that I have to fix before I can play
>AMD has no support for anything, have to use third party applications

Jesus christ. Might as well pirate everything.

>> No.52140364

Stuff that never happened: the post.

>> No.52140462

It's true though, sadly. Dark Souls has awful tearing with FPS unlocked, had to use D3DOverrider. The Witcher 3 has terribad frame time issues, had to use Riva tuner statistics whatever to fix that.

Apparently, NVIDIA has these things built in their drivers.

>> No.52140549

I'll actually agree with you on Dark Souls. It's the one game that I play on my 144 Hz monitor that I can visibly detect screen tearing on with DSfix enabled and FPS unlocked.

Other than that one game though, which isn't even designed to run over what, 30 fps, I have a hard time ever observing actual screen tearing taking place. I'm wondering if Vsync/Freesync is just a meme.

>> No.52140580

Maybe you're just not a picky faggot.

Any minimal amount of tearing/jitering will drive me mad.

>> No.52140649

So Crimson is absolutely terrible, which version of CCC should I rollback to?

>> No.52140686

Don't know what to tell you but I'm on AMD and didn't have any of those issues and I'm sensitive to it. I've had to use RadeonPro to fix tearing but for obscure indi shit

>> No.52140703

Sell your card and get a fucking GTX you whiny cunt.

>> No.52140755

basically this

>> No.52140788

Is that so? What's this ratio supposed to be?

>> No.52140828

Looking at getting an R9 390, it's been a long while since I've gotten a new graphics card though. Who are the current "reputable" brands I should be looking at? Good coolers etc.

>> No.52140849

EVGA, MSI, Galax, all good.

Stay away from PNY, ASUS ... etc

also, instead of a 390 rebrand of a rebrand, get a GTX. Or get nothing and wait a few months for pascal.

>> No.52140909

Thanks a lot!

The comparable GTX is the 970 right? I'll give it a look! And I'll look up what's happening with pascal, thanks for the heads up on that too!

>> No.52140942

Yeah the 970 ...You can find them for ridiculous cheap if you bargain hunt.

On the 4th, Nvidia is supposed to make some huge ananouncement, so I am guessing pascal's launch date will be hinted or out right stated in there as well.

>> No.52140984


>> No.52141003

Good now go back to reddit.

>> No.52141007

I just got a Sapphire and really like it. It's fucking huge though, the cooler extends past the PCB a bit. Only two slots though thankfully.

>> No.52141039
File: 510 KB, 1092x714, 1450692089gP7yOsAJLZ_4_3_l.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>thread starts suggesting people buy the inherently flawed 970.

NYET comrade - it loses to a 390 in most games these days.


Please note my picture is cherry picked because I picked 1) gamesworks game 2) max godrays so clearly I want AMD to lose.

>> No.52141051

>380 arrives with one broken fan
>told to send the entire card in for rma and pay for shipping

Thanks powercolor
Guess I'll try slapping a random 75mm on there

>> No.52141142

AMD suffers from flickering textures in fallout 4. The game is outright unplayable in some areas.

And obviously it's missing some extra gamework features that only works on nvidia.

>> No.52141181
File: 51 KB, 1063x679, speccy yo v3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>AMD suffers from flickering textures in fallout 4. The game is outright unplayable in some areas.

My 290x disagrees.

>And obviously it's missing some extra gamework features that only works on nvidia.

Such as? I'll wait.

>> No.52141184

And to add insult to injury, you need an invoice to even get an RMA number, ridiculous. And I need to RMA with no invoice due to the shop I bought it from closing down.

So in a related question, while I wait for Pascal, what should I get to temporary replace my 290x, I will be buying used.

>> No.52141200

>AMD suffers from flickering textures in fallout 4
On what cards?
Doesn't happen on 7000 series.
Also fallout textures are awful. Just fucking awful. We're talking 2048x2048 behemoths and they look like fucking ass.

>> No.52141203

>>And obviously it's missing some extra gamework features that only works on nvidia.

Is hurting performance for no real gain a feature? If so that.

>> No.52141216


Yeah but thats hardly the same as flatout missing features other anon claimed.

>> No.52141239

Just Google game name amd flickering fag

Gameworks features are physx and some smoke glitter shit that uses physx such as sand storms etc

>> No.52141251


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>He bought a 960

>> No.52141265

got Nitro 380, compared to 750Ti, oh GOD (FPS)

>> No.52141275

err 390

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File: 119 KB, 1654x658, Nvidia fanboys are retarded, more at 11.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>Just Google game name amd flickering fag

So thats no saucd for yoru claim? Right.

>Gameworks features are physx and some smoke glitter shit that uses physx such as sand storms etc

Toplel dipshittery.

>> No.52141341

And now look whether it's running on the CPU or the GPU :^)

>> No.52141384


1) That wasn't the claim and 2) Not all physx runs on a gpu - project cars for example runs it all on the cpu.

Physx is still a primarily cpu based technology (remember Nvidia bought it from Aegia).

>> No.52141385

Okay,fuckers hear this out.
I wanna upgrade my PC.
I5 650 3.2ghz CPU
I use amazon uk and i have around 245 pounds there atm.
I will have to buy a new source too,this one is like 5-6 years old.
And maybe in a few months i'll get a new monitor(1080p most likely if i dont get a very good deal on a 1440p card) and waiting for CPU for Zen i think.
What GPU should i buy? i still use this one but underclocked and only browser and smal online games (HD 7770).
on amazon uk ,i rarely see any good deals on ATI while nvidia gets 38% deals all the time.

>> No.52141405

also,my source price doesnt necessary need to be in those 245 pounds and i am going to spend like 50-60 pounds for a source.

>> No.52141428

What's a source? Power supply?

>> No.52141432
File: 172 KB, 763x528, precision.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

and ive been playing games that would run on most toasters
last one was Ziggurat

>> No.52141443

this is how we call it here.

>> No.52141454


The 380x is the grand champion of 1080p right now but a cheap 290 would wipe the floor with it.

>> No.52141514

the 380x costs like 20 pounds more than 380 but both of them have no offers,except shitty 5-10%.
The 390x is like 60 pounds more than 390 and same ,shitty deals.
960 2gb is 156 pounds and i found 960 4gb at 155 pounds but i dont trust the manufacturer.
Should i wait for 380/390 to go on 25% + sale like the nvidia 960/970?

>> No.52141591

390X isn't worth the price difference over the 390. I'm not sure about the 380X though.

>> No.52141599


The 390x is two whole tiers above a 380x, let alone a 380. There is a reason why I said cheap 290 - a second hand 290 has no competition.

>> No.52141648

380 is like 180-200 pounds atm depending on manufacturer and 380x is 205-220 or so,if 380x goes on 25% sale it will still cost as much as msi gtx 960 2gb with 38% offer and like 10% less than gtx 960 4gb.
but i see no offers on ati,wheeras gtx has 25% on both 960 and 970.

>> No.52141742
File: 298 KB, 1240x1240, 1448065890112.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I pulled the trigger on a fury x. I'm an crazy enough to be curious about it.

>> No.52141758

y u keep posting your poverty rig?

>> No.52141799

Convince me to buy a 380x over a 380.

>> No.52141911

my macbook pro has nvidia intel 6100 graphics but i can't find drivers at nvidia's website. are the drivers updated when apple releases updates for os x or should i find the drivers somewhere? i've installed steam and want to play some super meat boy but i want the latest driver for optimal performance.

>> No.52141948

Do it faggot

>> No.52142046

Should i get a 280x that's in good shape according to the seller but no info on warranty mentioned for 200€ or a factory refurb 960 with 1 year of warranty for 190€? The 280x is most likely more futureproof but that ain't worth shit if the card breaks in 2 months...

>> No.52142091

I'd never buy used. Trust no one.

>> No.52142133

Imo there's nothing wrong with buying used if there's still some warranty left or am i missing something?

>> No.52142256

1080p 144hz or 1440p 60hz?

>> No.52142288

What if the previous owner was some disgusting NEET who masturbated and then went on to build his PC. You never know.

>> No.52142293

Do you play any competitive games?

>> No.52142310

You'll be playing badly optimized games from devs who focus on developing for consoles or bad console ports, so 144Hz is useless.

>> No.52142346

Nigga i did the same thing except being a NEET. And besides if the memes are true the 280x's heat output has sanitized the card a thousand times over.

>> No.52142349


It just werks™

>> No.52142383

See, I'd never buy your smegma covered cards.

>> No.52142409

I never said i use semen as hand lotion and even if i did i'd then probably own a thinkpad.

>> No.52142693

1440p. I think 1440p is the sweet spot currently. 27" is as big as I want to go for a PC monitor and it's a little too big for 1080p and 4k is just too damn much now.

>> No.52142989

What's my next move guys?

I have a 5820k that I have running at stock currently which let's me play BF4 pretty well on low settings at 1080p while streaming with my R9 380 4 GB. I play on low settings mainly for competitive reasons but I wouldn't mind being able to dial up the graphics settings a little bit more while also constantly maintaining 144 fps, which right now I am unable to do as my FPS usually fluctuates between 100-144 where I have it capped.

Should I overclock the 5820k to see if I'm CPU bound first? Or just take the plunge and crossfire a second 380?

The reason I haven't OC'd the CPU yet is because I think I have a questionable motherboard series from Gigabyte. I had to RMA the first one and it took a month to get the refurbished mobo back to me, so I'm being overly cautious with it but it seems kind of crazy to be spending money on 28 nm GPUs these days when we know huge advances are right around the corner with the upcoming die shrinks.

>> No.52143214

I'm building a rig with an fx 8320 and an r9 380

Am I making a mistake?

>> No.52143256

Poorfag here.

I'm trying to go as low as I can with my build. Is the 380x worth the extra 60 over the 380?

>> No.52143295



>> No.52143367

Get a intel CPU, the cheapest Haswell i5 you can find is already miles better than a 8320

>> No.52143373

Hey guys, has there been any word as to when Pascal is coming out? I skimmed the thread and couldn't find anything. Sorry if this has been asked a million times before.

>> No.52143577

Hi gcg

Looking at GTX 950 but it only has 1 DVI port and 3 displayports and both of my monitors are DVI/VGA/HDMI only.

Is this a suitable cable for connecting one?


>> No.52143580

i5 3750k, OC with a 980ti, rubberbanding, how much ?

>> No.52143666

No official release date so it's all speculation at this point. Best estimates are Q2-Q4 2016 but I answer that by saying "no shit."


>> No.52144000
File: 92 KB, 523x440, 1446930114072.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


You positive about that?

>> No.52144559

If anyone's interested you can get an i5-4690 for $173 on Jet

>> No.52146284

>garbage bin fx quad core chips that are about as good as 6 year old mainstream cpu's still dont go under 60 fps

i'm beginning to think cpu doesn't even matter for video games. might as well pick up a core 2 quad for 15$ on ebay.

>> No.52146292

How do I install drivers for a nivida card on linux ? Terminal command?

>> No.52147585

So after I rolled back from Crimson back to CCC all the issues I was whining about with vsync and framerates are gone.

Fucking hell.

>> No.52149589

anyone have a 380 here?
would like to know how much it can oc

>> No.52149767

380 a shit

>> No.52149787

core 2 quad does well with games.

>> No.52150162

The 380x is overpriced

>> No.52150412

not much they come pretty much maxed, get yourself a 380x right now a few specials on newegg 189$ they are better than a 230$ gtx 960

>> No.52150497

380 value >>>>>>>>> 380x value

>> No.52150528

960 are ~199$ now

>> No.52150536

what the hell u talking about a 380x has more performance than a 380 and is right now cheaper than most 380's....

>> No.52150664

>now cheaper than most 380's



>> No.52150993

60-65 C in games for a 390 is pretty decent right? No need to go out of my way for more cooling?

>> No.52151494

Is AMD Crimson good now?

>> No.52151509

Do you use modified fan settings? My 290 on default always runs at 70-80C

>> No.52152331

Here's a dumbass graphics card question: let's say I've got an ultra budget build and I'm gonna hybrid crossfire an a10-7700k with a 240 or 250 (shits and giggles). The question is what motherboard supports such autistic things? Or would every fm2/socket board work?

>> No.52152362


Boards that support crossfire say right on the front of the box if they do.....

>> No.52152530

Crossfire... Or hybrid crossfire? As in with the onboard apu...or is it all the same

>> No.52154219
File: 21 KB, 414x300, pressshot.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey /gcg/ I Just recently got a EVGA 970 SC, and i have been having this issue, to were the fans will not automatically adjust speeds depending on the temps, and it only does it after i launch precision X, but if i close it, the fans stop adjusting speeds letting the temps rise to 70 and 80 c. Is there something wrong or do i have to have precision x open in order to get my graphics card to automatically adjust the fan speed?

>> No.52154340

They made this model for hit the 80c I dunno why evga did that...

>> No.52154366

Obviously because firehouse.

Precision X fan curve software conflicting with something else. That's the price you pay for Nvidia m8.

>> No.52154385

thats nice, im the type of person that gets worried when the cpu temp gets over 40.

>> No.52154391

So, I just built a new computer.

MSI z170a
i7 6700k
gtx 770
16 GB of RAM
And Windows 10 fully updated.

However, whenever I try and install any of the graphics drivers for the GTX 770, after the windows logo while booting, I receive a black screen. After about 30 seconds, I can actually enter in my password and continue on to the default desktop, which is totally unresponsive as well. Again though, I can work in the background, albeit I can't see shit. I've been deleting the drivers and reinstalling them time and time again, but apparently none of the Nvidia drivers work, even after updating Windows entirely. It was working for about 2 minutes before I foolishly decided to turn off my computer to fuck around with my hard drives. What do I do?

>> No.52154475
File: 97 KB, 811x680, 1426101266746.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fucking dilhole useless amd prick

>> No.52154538
File: 19 KB, 593x212, 1450692089gP7yOsAJLZ_10_2.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Muh maxwell

>> No.52154559
File: 46 KB, 1074x737, screenshot.2015-12-31 03.53.39.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

One on the right is current, thinking of getting the one on the left for more Displayports and a bit more power. Yeah or nah? Or should I get a different one entirely? Like I said Im just looking for something thats a little more stronger and at least 2 DP ports

>> No.52155123

Why would you spend that much money on something that's barely even better? Can you really not even last a few months for the new cards?

>> No.52155474

What's the release date for the new cards in 2016?

>> No.52155578

I mostly play games like WoW or Path of Exile and maybe som Counter Strike. What card should I get? My 6870 is dying

>> No.52155600

>AMD processor
>Nvidia graphics

best of both worlds.

>> No.52155955
File: 15 KB, 600x600, 1448336124933.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Weak CPU and GPU drivers with less overhead

>> No.52156055

That's hilariously ironic because of the 390/390x. You Nvidiots are always saying "You'll never use more than 4GB" but when an AMD card has less vram you use that as grounds for shitting on it.

>> No.52156113
File: 49 KB, 1205x706, screenshot.2015-12-31 07.50.30.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah I guess you're right. How bout one of these 3 then? Seems like I'll be able to make at least $150 back if I sell my current card on ebay afterwards. Or are you saying that in a few months 980Tis and whatnot are going to be cheaper?

>> No.52156116


Go back a few years and its "stoopid AMD putting 3gb on the 7970 - you'll never need more than 2gb at 1080p!". Now look at where the 680/770 are.

Speaking of the GOAT 7970 - that card is now four years old and still rocking in the latest and greatest.

>> No.52156156



Also: I think (but am not certain) gigabyte voltage locks their 390's which is an isntant nyet from me because i'm an overclocker.

>> No.52156174


Do want to start a house fire?

>> No.52156224

No just the default ones

>> No.52156238

> gigabyte voltage locks their 390's
Yeah I think I saw that when I was looking at reviews.
At the bottom it says they recommend a 750W power supply though? Really? Mine is only 620W. According to the actual specs and whatnot I should probably be fine

>> No.52156423


They say 750w to cover themselves when some retard bolts a high end gpu into a 30 shekel "750w" unit they got from a shanghai street vendor.

A top-tier 500w unit and stock clocked intel cpu could power a 390 but realistically you'd want 600w+ because they aren't many 500w units that are good enough to do that (they exist though). Its partly why /g/ praises EVGA's power supplies - most of their lineup are rebranded SuperFlower units and you will sturggle to find better units than what SuperFlower make.

>> No.52156477

I see... This should be fine then? The 620W version, https://pcpartpicker.com/part/seasonic-power-supply-m12ii620bronze

>> No.52156532


That looks be be a fair quality unit so I don't forsee any problems.

>> No.52156546

when is next gen
i want pascal

>> No.52156968

cheap CPU which won't bottleneck the gpu for your gaymen rig
and a good GPU from nvidia

if you get an intel cpu you better have a good reason for it other than you have too much money or are a biased piece of shit

>> No.52157084
File: 148 KB, 1400x940, april-002_0359.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Local store is selling Sapphire Fury X for $920 Cdn after tax, about $70 off. Today is the last day of the sale. Grab it or sit tight? Am considering waiting partly to see if they later release the card without the cooler noise problem. I'm also wondering if they'll put out an 8gb hbm within a year. I don't want to drop a grand only to wind up wanting to spend even more less than year later. Thoughts?

And yes, I know our prices are shit. Thank you.

>> No.52157548

>buying a prototype card that obviously failed in its mission

wait for HBM2 faglord.

>> No.52157666

jesus these reviews
> Simple web browsing causes my GPU to reach 45degrees C with fans spinning at a constant 38%(noise sweet spot for me) capacity with ASUS GPUTweak.

>> No.52157974

Asus coolers are garbage for their AMD lineup, as they're basically just repurposed Nvidia coolers

>> No.52158253

Is it worth fucking around with voltage to try to overclock a Sapphire R9 390 or are they pretty much topped out already?

>> No.52158387

>Go back a few years and its "stoopid AMD putting 3gb on the 7970 - you'll never need more than 2gb at 1080p!". Now look at where the 680/770 are.

There are only a few games that need more than 2GB at 1080p. Like Shadow of Mordor and what else?

GTX680/770 still do fine at 1080p and at least they aren't housefires.

>> No.52158968

The 300 series borders on rebrand of 200 series. Has slight performance boost and better thermal performance. Also 8gb. If you find a deal on a 290(x) I wouldn't hesitate to get that. MSI is a decent brand. I have owned multiple xfx cards and have had great luck with them. Currently have can't x 390. Tempted to go fury(x) but will prob hold off till the next gen is released.

>> No.52159015

I got my Fury X for $700 CAD months ago; don't pay 920 for it.

>> No.52159036

Um, where? This may be cheaper to import to AUS than buy locally!

>> No.52159047


>> No.52159084

The 390 itself is a highly-overvolted and OC'd 290 as it is, so the gains from going even higher tend to be minimal, along with stressing the already-stressed VRM's out more than they need to be

>> No.52159095

It's always worth it. Free performance.

>> No.52159098

Those amd strix cards sorta suck at cooling too.

>> No.52159295


if i buy this can I fit it in a half height slot in a HTPC case?

>> No.52160284

kind of regretting getting a gtx 960 already. for 1280x1024 this is overkill. i should have got some 120$ pcie powered card keep the same power supply and spent the rest on upgrading my phenom 965 and mobo. oh well, i guess i won't be regretting it in a few years when it still chugs through shit effortlessly i guess...

>> No.52160370

Phenom II is still pretty decent, mate. What you really need is a better screen.

>> No.52160387

define better, wide screen is awkward with only one functional eyeball, and i don't have any visual gripes with the size or pixels.

>> No.52160450

i use 280x @ 1920x1200 and its gud for what i do. i play gta5 at high settings with all advanced settings off and i get 60+ no problem. some dips but i dont really care as i still play and dont really have an fps counter covering half of the screen. its comfy

>> No.52160451

>one functional eyeball

Fair enough in that case, I guess.

>> No.52160865

Any news on pascal? I want to play games the way they're meant to be played.

>> No.52160970

Q2 at the earliest, probably Q3 or later for the 980ti successor.

>> No.52161028
File: 25 KB, 421x402, 1383763818485.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How much did i get fucked in the sillicon lottery if my r9 270 doesn't run heaven unigine stable if I OC it more than 30mhz past stock ?

>> No.52161194

on a test like that with such hardware, at max settings you should expect dips to as low as like 6-8 fps and around an average of at least 30. If you're seeing a lot less than this yeah that would be weird.

>> No.52161222

Depends on how high it was factory OCd. Some of them are fairly close to the cap out of the box.

>> No.52161401

I mean it's not a fps issue it just crashes after a few mins

it was oc'd by 25 mhz out of the box but from what i saw on youtube it didn't make any performance improvements

>> No.52161616
File: 87 KB, 523x440, 2855070-8894295581-http-.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I am

>> No.52161652
File: 86 KB, 523x440, 0c49d826_http--www.gamegpu.ru-images-stories-Test_GPU-RPG-The_Witcher_3_Wild_Hunt_v.1.04-test-witcher3_proz.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.52161678
File: 90 KB, 1299x2173, CPU_01.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

absolutely positive

>> No.52161708
File: 89 KB, 523x440, http--www.gamegpu.ru-images-stories-Test_GPU-Action-Metal_Gear_Solid_V_Ground_Zeroes_-test-mgs_proz.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

another one

>> No.52161731
File: 89 KB, 502x432, 2854441-3186887672-http-.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.52161763
File: 88 KB, 523x440, http--www.gamegpu.ru-images-stories-Test_GPU-Action-ARK_Survival_Evolved-test-arc_1920_proz.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I could keep going but I think I proved my point already

>> No.52161882

could be your PSU or maybe underclock it?

>> No.52162184

no just the application crashes not the whole thing, i have a 750w psu

>> No.52162733

I am going from 560ti -> 380 in a few days, do I need to completely uninstall the 560ti drivers before I install the 380? I never installed them due to Win10 doing them for me, but I was under the impression I could do it all after I installed the other card.

>> No.52163016

i have a 500w evga 80+ certified psu. should i fall into the 970 meme? i highly doubt i can work with a 390 in this situation. im also poor and cant afford a new psu. should i just save up for a good psu and get a 390 or just get the 970?

>> No.52163036

you never installed your video drivers? nigga what the fuck? do you play video games? if you do, go get the latest drivers from nvidia right now you fucking retard.

>> No.52163193

>two different cooler
>need twice the power to barely do 80% of what nvidia cores does

>> No.52163480

soooo I'm planning on building a pc and my budget is around 1000$. I'm on a shitty laptop i5-3317U and a gt 640m 6gb of ram.
should I wait for pascal?

>> No.52163499

depends, if you wanna play current games get it while the winter sales are up, else wait for pascal sure.

There's basically always a new graphics arhitecture around the corner

>> No.52163512

Do you feel like waiting for around 6 months?

>> No.52163572

guy with the shitty laptop here
doesn't the new pascal architecture allow to sli with other nvidia cards?
gonna get a gtx 970 for sure so I want to make sure if I get a new card I could still use it, because here in norway is really really though to sell pc parts, because mostly nobody knows jack shit about pcs

>> No.52163607

Brand new Sapphire 390 averages around 40-45 fps in Witcher 3 with everything cranked up including hairworks, and 60 with hairworks/v-sync off plus foliage distance set to high instead of ultra. haven't fiddled with any overclocking, yet. Is this normal? I'm trying to get an idea of where this thing stands.

>> No.52163625

Also 1080p, probably should have mentioned that.

>> No.52163635

hairowkrs runs like shit in amd cards idk what ur problem is

>> No.52163645

SLi/Crossfire never works with cards from different generations. DX 12 spec allows for cards from different architectures to work together if the game is coded to take advantage from that, but you certainly shouldn't assume that that'll be widely taken advantage of.

>> No.52163662

There is no problem, just trying to get a feel for this thing, make sure it's running alright. From your response I'm guessing it is, so thanks.

>> No.52163692

you should probably check some benchmarks to be sure as well

>> No.52163715

I just need your recommendation, I'll still be using 1080p for at least 1-2 years max

>> No.52163795

Well, I would never recommend 970 because Nvidia flat-out lied about the specs and anyway, the 3.5 GB thing is something I wouldn't want to rely on in future games but overall, it depends on what you want and if you're willing to wait. When the next gen comes out, the performance per dollar will almost certainly go up significantly but like has been said before, Pascal will come out Q2 at the earliest, which almost certainly means about 6 months of waiting(unless it's delayed, which would mean even more waiting).

>> No.52164035

How much better are IPS monitors compared to TN?

Thinking about getting a Freesync one, but the IPS ones are fucking expensive as shit.

>> No.52164055

Should mention that I currently have a Korean 60hz 1440p IPS, but I could go down in resolution. Haven't used a TN monitor in years.

>> No.52164204
File: 54 KB, 877x265, amd.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>not playing any game at 1080p @ 60fps for 200 dollars.

nvidiafags on suicide watch.

>> No.52164220

AMD will be bankrupt by 2020.

Their finance reports don't deny it.

>> No.52164230

does that price include VAT ?

>> No.52164277

I bet Samsung buys them out.

>> No.52164519

>I'm agreeing with Jordan
>Falcon is a flagrant shill

/g/ is dead.

>> No.52164681

how long till Pascal

>> No.52164782

>that hunk of shit
>every game 1080p and 60fps


>> No.52164811

its benchmarking above the 960 and 380

>> No.52165522

Holy shit, found out I could overclock my monitor from 60hz to 96hz. What a huge difference it makes. Now I'm really interested in 144hz

>> No.52165632

Seriously nobody can answer this?

>> No.52165907

>Seriously nobody can answer this?
no one cares. buy memevidia

>> No.52165963

>killing your monitor for a few more hz


>> No.52166023

Look, if you're planning on buying an APU specifically just to crossfire it with a 240/250 you might as well buy a discrete graphics card in the first place and destroy it in terms of performance with the same or less amount of money (different CPU of course).

>> No.52166101



pentium g3258 and a 750 Ti is about same in price and better.

>> No.52166111

Quoted the wrong thing.

Redirect to->

>> No.52166270

Use the trick to limit the tesselation to x16 in the CCC

>> No.52166351

what trick? can it be applied to other games?

bumping for interest

>> No.52166518

What is the best AMD driver???

>> No.52166558


>> No.52166569

Got a new XFX R9 380. Shit's loud as fuck, I already regret.

>> No.52166611

Buying a 980 Ti tomorrow, should I get a Classified, G1 Gaming, or the MSI 4G? They're all within £30 of each others, so I'm not too bothered about cost, just the usual stuff like OCability, temps etc.

Hoping that this card should last until some 4K OLED panel makes me upgrade from 1440p.

>> No.52166621

6G*. Still thinking about my 970...

>> No.52166687

I've seen people have much better success at hitting 1400MHz with G1 Gaming and Waterforce card. Classified have a better warranty/support in the US, and MSI is just bollocks.
I've heard alright things about ASUS STRIX and Palit

>> No.52166739

Can't find any Palit cards and the ASUS is quite expensive (add another £40 on to the Classified). I always imagined that the Classified would overclock better than all the others since that's what it's sold on, but if that's not the case...

Do you think that you would be able to charge a bit more when selling the GPU on if it's a Classified? If not, I'll probably just get the G1 and spend the rest on a game or two.

>> No.52166745

Classy hands down. That or the msi, definitely the most popular card.

The gigabyte is unnecessary long and tons of report of coil whine.

Visit here and check the owner threads and decide for yourself http://www.overclock.net/f/69/nvidia

>> No.52166759

Thanks a lot, I'll look at those threads now.

>> No.52166773

How the hell do people use monitors larger than 27" or so? Like 32"? Isn't there a point when shit is just impractical to use?

>> No.52167284
File: 198 KB, 1131x1033, 980ti.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They are all good but few g1 has coil

>> No.52167436

Goddamnit I know exactly the reasons and pros and cons of this.

Jesus Christ... It's a cheapo build for a relative. Now very simple is crossfire a catch all for both dual gpu AND gpu/apu? Or is there any other terminology?

>> No.52167455


>> No.52167465

Nobody gives a shit. >>52166101
I already have a 750ti...on my own computer. This is not for me and I'm not going to waste this much cash on the person I'm making this for as I simply don't like them enough.

I looked up my info and I can get a slight boost on a cheap ass setup. I know what brands are available and I frankly don't give a shit. I am building a shit tier system. For a technological illiterate. I'm just trying to squeeze a little extra juice from it. That is all.

>> No.52167478

The person this is being built for is frankly NOT worth 30+ extra bucks.NO MATTER WHAT.

>> No.52167487

>FX-9590 BTFO by a fucking SANDY BRIDGE I3
kek, AMDfags sure are a delusional bunch

>> No.52167492

>not going to waste this much cash
>a10 is 120
>250 is 70

>750 ti is 120
>g3258 is 50


>> No.52167640
File: 113 KB, 864x960, 1434523818623.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hi /gcg/

well i've got a bit of a predicament i'm a casual gamer usually csgo but i dabble in games every now and again.

Well i've come to an impass the latest games don't seem to run on my computer anymore... couldn't get fallout 4 or rainbow six siege to run on my comp even with the latest drivers

my computer specs are

>Motherboard - Gigabyte X58A-UDZ
>Processor - Intel Xeon W3540 @ 2.93GHz 2.70GHz
>Ram - 12 GB
>Graphics Card - AMD Radeon HD 7800 Series

Now my question is should i get a new graphics card or just buy a whole new rig?

>> No.52167652

No it doesn't have nvidia, 6100 is broadwell. Your macbook only has intel graphics. The only macbook with discrete graphics is the 15" one with intel iris pro which is like hd 5200 or something.

>> No.52167722

Not using a 250. Using a 240. Cost is less.

>> No.52167757

Furthermore I can get the apu mobo combo for about 120. So yeah...much cheaper.

Jesus tap dancing Christ I had one simple question... Is g always this autistic? It's a cheapo fun build and I had one damn question. Yes I already checked and site and the mobo manufacturers site.

>> No.52167950

I'm glad there's someone else out there like me.
I'm watercooling a stock 6600k with a Kraken x61, doesn't go above 36 degrees c even at max load, and keeps my autistic cpu temp gremlins quiet.

>> No.52167969

a good gpu should be fine.

290x if youre willing to go amd or preferably a 970.

you can always try a new processor later.

>> No.52167976

I will say one thing about skylake

they DO seem to run VERY cool

>> No.52167988

so with crimson out should i oc with afterburner still or use crimson

>> No.52168026

hmmm interesting

i've always been a radeon kiddie but i could make the jump to nvidia

do you recommend the gtx 970 4gb its a pretty expensive card - ausfag here

>> No.52168034

I threw cinebench at mine and it boosted up to 3.8.ghz at 36c and then just sat there, quite happily, with not a care in the world.

I've left it for hours at a time running [email protected], exact same results.

My only bugbear is that the i7 in my sisters laptop gets better benchmark scores. Although that same i7 also runs to 80c+ within seconds and thermal throttles. Still beats my processor, but christ I would not want a processor to be so hot.

>> No.52168080

>extra 30 bucks

>cheaper but same performance

Are you even trying?
What's your bloody price point so i can throw something together to shut you up.

>> No.52168132

By the way, the 970 is 3.5GB and doesn't have full DX12 support, so the 290X is preferred contrary to his shilling.

>> No.52168202

>jumps down throats with preferences in the same sentence he accuses shilling

>lies about 970s supporting dx12

the 3gb thing is true though but its a fastass card for the money. i dont know if all shit or just nvidia shit is expensive down under but if the prices scale i would go for the 970

>> No.52168265

there about the same price at 500 hundred

im watching reviews on both cards i like the sapphire tri-x r9 290x

but ile check out the 970 and then make a decision

>> No.52168336

Where the fuck is that picture from, please tell me it's a photoshop

>> No.52168353

Not a shoop, if I recall, he practically destroyed that marathon as well. Along with destroying his shorts.

>> No.52168357

GT 740, get the DDR5 model.


>> No.52169180

I did, I don't anymore I use the ones that come with windows because the latest Nvidia drivers always fuck up my performance.

>> No.52169294

>380x benchmarks above 380.

i cant even fathom why anyone had to point this out. like it dumbs your argument down in reality.

>> No.52169598

Your a goddamned moron.

>> No.52169623

Seriously I've decided talking to this board is a fucking waste of time...tech board my ass. Memorizing the nvidea product line doesn't amount to much guess my one simple question that nobody here was able to answer is best asked elsewhere. Hopefully someplace with basic fucking comprehension skills.

A simple question of terminology... All this bullshit...what a bunch of autistic morons. Well you guys go enjoy your 'tech' and talk about your wrist jewelry and meme cards...I'll go talk about builds elsewhere

>> No.52170327

the sqt is currently down, so i'll ask here.

i've never used hdmi before, coming from dvi and vga. can i use just any old cable or do i have to watch out for compatibility issues? my graphics card has an hdmi 2.0 port, but my monitor only support hdmi 1.4. is it backwards compatible?

>> No.52171030


Shit man 90hz vs 60hz hardly feels different. 144hz is legit in comparison. I feel like i can see somewhere around 240hz. If you can push the frames theres nothing to a new video card unless you have a 120hz+ monitor. its a revelation.

>> No.52171146


> my graphics card has an hdmi 2.0 port, but my monitor only support hdmi 1.4. is it backwards compatible?


>> No.52171161
File: 19 KB, 467x460, thumbs up smile.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

thank you!

>> No.52171169

Go duck urself!

>> No.52171592

What GSync monitor should I get for GTX970? 27" would be perfect.

>> No.52171801


eh no. get pascal and a 144hz moni\tor.

>> No.52171867

How about Dell S2716DG and upgrade to Pascal when it comes out.

>> No.52172178

i'm getting that monitor soon, it got great reviews, but it's still a tn panel. when it was released in october or so, it was 800 dollars, now it's like 500 - 600, so it's great value.

>> No.52172577
File: 137 KB, 500x629, 133479951787.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm so glad I bough 280x 1moth before 300 series came out.

>> No.52173232
File: 268 KB, 424x324, 1383630874482.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Should I get a R9 390? Every other fucking review I read mentions ridiculous temps + driver issues

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