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Post your first PC's specs.

>Intel 80486DX2
>500 MB HDD
>No CD-ROM drive (shit sucks)
>pirated Windows 95


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Pentium 3 1-1.3GHz (can't remember how much exactly it was a later model)
128MB of RAM
Windows ME

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>some pentium 4
>256MB RAM
>windows xp
Man, those were some dark times. The thing died a year later lol. Didn't get another pc for another 2-3 years.

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>Something AMD chip
>1.7 GHz
>2 Gigs of ram
>Windows 7
>300GB HDD

It was a laptop, still have it

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First given to me was a Quadra 605.
68040 @ 25MHz
4MB on board + 8MB added later
512k Video Ram upgraded to 1MB
80MB Hard drive
I was also given an external SCSI 2 x CDROM
MacOS 8 was already on there
I got a 28.8 Supra Modem for surfing the interwebs.
It wasn't fast enough to decode MPEG1, but someone made a cool program to transcode to Quicktime Cinepak.

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My sister had a Dell before this that I probably used more than her though. It had:

400MHz Celeron
128MB of RAM

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>evga gtx 970 super super memeclocked
>16gb gskill ram
>cheapo gigabyte mobo with shit chipset that can't overclock
i am not a smart man

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what are you, 12?!

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>pentium (either 133mhz or 166mhz)
>32 mb ram
>2 GB hd
>newfangled 'windows 95 os' that everyone was raving about

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powerpc cell be
512mb ram
10gb hdd
yellowdog linux 6.2

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GTX 750
1TB Mechanical Storage (2x 500GB)
240 Intel 740 SSD
Asus Sabertooth Z97 Mark 2

I upgraded to a 960 and got 8 more gigs of RAM along with another 750 GB HDD

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god apple really fucked up their headstart in the pc race, didn't they?
couldn't the original mac run up to system 7 or even macos 8?
just sad that a decade later their latest os was running on the original mac, i mean they should've had something dramatically better by that point

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>HP Pavilion 502
>1.3Ghz PIII
>128MB RAM
>Windows XP

Added a DVD burner and maxed out the RAM to 512MB before retiring it, still have it though.
>pic related

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some intel pentium

windows 95

too young to remember anything, it was a family computer that kept crashing.

Then Windows 98, then 2000, then XP, then ... yeah pretty much all the Windows.

My first PC just for me had a whopping 8 fucking gigs of ram, and we got it when Circuit City was closing down whenever that was. Quad core CPU, Nvidia 8800 geforce or some shit.

Played Fallout 3 and learned to code on that thing.

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Intel 80386 DX
Sound Blaster (the first one)
MS-DOS 5 + Windows for Workgroups 3.11
1x CD-ROMs were for rich folk, I was all 3.5" floppies
2 button serial mouse
2400 bps modem

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>WongCan Xpert CPU
>Digital Interactive Video Interface Card (think it was a 120) with a 4 mb add on card
>No name ram
>Wongcan 650 Socket 90 Motherboard
>80 MB HDD
>System V Unix
It failed within like 90 days, it was a piece of shit

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Pentium II
I think 128MB RAM

I barely remember

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First pc I don't remember because I was too young.
My dad said it was an 80386.
My family has a pc shop so I've been pretty well off.
My first build that I put together myself was a c2q 8400 and a g41 chipset that wouldn't let me oc by more than 100mhz. Fucking bullshit.
Also, 8800 ultra, 4gb ram, shitty shaw trifan 860w psu piece of shit because it was cheap.

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I remember it costs $100 for a CD-ROM drive when we both our PC for $250.

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I remember it costs $100 for a CD-ROM drive when we bought our PC for $250.

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That was too rich for my blood after the rest of the computer and that sweet 2400 baud dream machine I had to have

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1st gen Mac Mini, the 1.42GHz version.

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TI TMS9900 @ 3.0 MHz
256 bytes (not kB) RAM
16kB graphics

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Hoping to upgrade to an FX-8320 sometime in the next few months. The 4200's doing a damn good job for a $60 chip, but it's definitely older

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i don't remember, man

i'm here for the choaoa

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XT Clone.
640Kb RAM.
Twin 5 1/4
Mono amber screen.

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Family was late to the home desktop game

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i7 4790k
2x GTX 780
8GB ram

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for the love of god do not buy more into AMD it sucks just switch to intel while you can

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A 386 of some sort. It had a 40MB MFM drive that would develop bad sectors over a month or two. A reformat would restore the drive to 100% health (no bulltshit). This lead to reinstalling DOS and windows and later linux dozens and dozens of times. I even had a sweeet isa 2400 baud modem.

Later a i486/33 OC to 40MHz with a cirrus logic AGP graphics board.

from that to a dual processor PPro with 128MB ram. Adaptec + seagate drives.

from that to dual proc K7 with 2GB ram

from that to HP Z400 workstation ~3.2GHz with 6GB ram

Lots of trash machines in between (even a nexgen), but these have been my workstations. Always Linux only on the workstation with a shared samba drive to a random windows machine, that mostly sits off.

Great nostalgia thread op.

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For the love of God don't be a shill who believes everything he/she/it reads online and is a sheep for the winning brands

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Ps3 lel

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Came late to the PC game after many years of using Atari ST's and a couple of Amiga's.

>Intel 486SX25
>210 MB HD
>CDROM w/CDROM interface on the SB16 clone soundcard
>Windows for Work Groups 3.11

not long after I upgraded to a dx2/66, 8MB of RAM, and a 420 MB hard drive.

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some shitty laptop that could barely run counter-strike 1.6
shit sucked

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My first mac was pic related.

Quadra 840AV, got it a bit after my Packard Bell 486 (>>52114981). I had that thing until I finally sold in in 2003. Had it upgraded to OS 8.1 and 128MB of RAM. Taking apart that great looking case was a bitch and a half and I cut my hand every single time I had to do it.

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>Intel Celeron 550MHz
>Windows Me

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> i5 4690k
> gigabyte g97x gaming 3 mobo
> 2x4 gb ddr3
> gtx 560 ti
> 1 tb $50 hdd
> $50 disc drive
> $50ish mid atx case
> windows 8.1, 10 probably soon

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finally someone knows what it is
sucks that sony and geo scam ruined everything

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Forgot the specs but I still have this

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Nope, without upgrading at least the RAM, the latest version it could run was System 3.2 (AKA System Software 1.1 or Finder version 5.3, they didn't unify the version numbers until 6)

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Pentium P54C @75mhz
Asus motherboard
4MB ram
4x cd rom
56k modem
1GB harddrive (I'm pretty sure it isn't even an ide)

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I thought the PS3 had 256mb of RAM

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wow a nexgen? what was it like?????

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Pentium 133mhz
1.6gb hard drive
16 megabytes of ram IIRC
pirated windows 95
Optical Drive read only of course
Some sony 15inch monitor (14.x viewable)

I used that machine for ages, I remember when divx and realmedia files were on the scene, my cpu was marginally too slow the RM files , I had to OC it to get it to play back.

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Pentium 266 then overclocked to 400 the same day I bought it.

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>great looking case
autist detected

it's clear that's a design that was released during jobs' departure, boring ass beige looking box hit with the ugly stick

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was something like that, except I had a 2GB HDD and a CD drive
can't remember how fast it was, but I do remember playing the shareware version of Duke 3D on it

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Some ancient Schneider 286 no hdd, floppy drive, 14" EGA monitor, keyboard and mouse - bought from school, was forgotten in some storage room.

No idea of other specs, booted MS-DOS, learned QBasic. The journey towards /g/ had began.

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>16 MB RAM
>540 MB hard disk
>mutilated GoldStar CD-ROM
>fuck knows what else

it started life as a 486DX/4 and then my dad board swapped it or something, I rediscovered it when I was 13 and rebuilt it with a 486DX/2-66 industrial SBC and backplane, messing with that shit got me pretty big into retrocomputing

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jobs was long gone by the time quadras were in production, which is okay, the original macintoshes looked like bland shit anyway

snow white forever

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A piece of shit pentium 3 dell. This was in 05, I was too poor for a PC until then. Born in 89

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800 MHz AMD Sempron
2 Gb RAM
Nvidia 9400Gt
40Gb HDD
pirated copy of xp

got it for free after building it in engineering class freshman year of high school

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imac 400mhz
OS 9, 64mb RAM
I was 12

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>Intel Celeron 1 GHz
>GeForce2 MX 400
>128MB RAM
>Windows ME

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8gb ram
640gb hdd

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ipad pro
idk specs, why should i?

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This was the first one that was 100% mine. Family had a couple before it though. First machine I ever used Linux on in 1994. Had to buy an external CD ROM drive to boot from CD because internal couldn't be detected by Linux after boot.

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We had an Amiga 500 and my dad had a Pentium 100MHz at his company, but the first computer I bought for myself with my money in 1998:
- AMD K6 233MHz on an Abit mobo
- 64 MB ram
- 6 GB Seagate hard drive
- Matrox Mystique PCI
- Sound Blaster PnP ISA
- 17" CRT (i forget the brand)

I bought it without an OS, ran pirated NT 4.0 workstation. To this day I have never bought a single copy of Windows (apart from license stickers left on second-hand company PCs)

The Mystique card was still in use two-three years ago in my SFF desktop so I could have dual monitors. It was a bit slow and had no 3D acceleration of any kind but oh man the picture quality was impeccable.

I still have the CRT mainboard in my spare components pile, but other than that I don't think there's anything left of that computer. The mobo/processor/memory combo was recycled maybe five years ago and the rest have been given away/recycled.

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First pc? As in.. Family computer? First own computer? First homebuild computer?

Family computer:
Pentium 3
256 mb ram
Windows 95

First own computer:
Lenovo n200 laptop
Dual-core 1,86 ghz intel
2gb ram
380 gb hdd
Vista home

First build pc:
Dual-core 2,4 ghz intel
2-4 gb ram
500 gb hdd
Win 7

It looked like shit now that I think about it, when I bought the bulldozer case I thought that shit was cool, but it gave me little space to work with.
With all the bells and whisles it could have, nowadays I would rather go for a minimalistic design that is effective.

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hp pavilion
pentium mmx 133mhz
32mb ram
2gb hdd
windows 95

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HP Vectra 486N with Windows 3.1

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The original IBM XT

Intel 8088 4.77MHz
640 KB RAM
5,25" Floppy drive
Hercules monochrome graphics card
Green/black monitor with radiation shield (pretty scary looking at that from today tbqh)
DOS 3.1

My dad gave it to me when I was 6 to play around with it.
Gave me a super thick BASIC handbook aswell and so I learned that shit when I was really young. Thanks dad.

The thing weighed a fucking ton, btw.

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NVIDIA FX 5200 (256 MB)
512 DDR

This was @ 2004. Pretty decent for the time senpai.

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Why would you buy such an overkill CPU but such a cheapo GPU?

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386 VGA
40mb HDD
PC Symphony adlib (I added it later)
running dos

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it was some fujitsu workstation from my uncle
pentium-MMX 133mhz
512mb of ram
1.3gb HDD
CD drive
floppy drive
some BNC card
no USB just serial
DIN instead of PS/2

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>Core 2 Duo E4400
>512MB DDR2
>160GB HDD
>DVD-ROM drive
>no gpu
>kurumin linux

Obviously these are the specifications of the PC when leaving the shop.

After I did upgrade some things.

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Post more cute Asian girls.

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Pentium 90MHz
800MB Conner HDD
24x CD-ROM
Windows 98

>> No.52118367

>pentium iv
>256MB ram
>windows xp
>random shit tier gpu

>> No.52118384

486 Dx2 22mhz with 33mhz boost button
250 Meg HD
1200 modem
Win 3.1
Upgraded to 95 when it came out

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>> No.52118553

Intel e2180
Intel g33/g31
1gb ram
100gb hdd

>> No.52118571

Intel 80286 @ 10 MHz
512 KB RAM
PC DOS 4.01 (in ROM)


>> No.52118883

Pentium 4 @ 2.1GHz
40Gb HDD
256Mb RAM
32Mb Onboard Graphics

>> No.52119252

>Pentium 133
>512MB of RAM
holy shit. That would have been over $10k worth of RAM in the mid-90s. Which in todays money is probably $20k.

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Post vietnamese hoes webms OP!

>> No.52121566

>Intel core i3
>4 gigs ram
>500 gig hard drive
>windows 7

I'm such a 90s kid lol (born in 1999)

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Compaq Portable II

Announced: February 1986
Price: US$3499 - $4999
Weight: 26 pounds
CPU: Intel 80286 @ 6 or 8MHz
RAM: 256K - 640K
Storage: One 360K 5.25-inch disk drive
10Meg or 20Meg hard drive
Display: internal 9-inch monitor
monochrome, 80 X 25 text
Ports: 1 parallel, 1 serial, 1 CGA.
OS: MS-DOS 3.2

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Yes I played games on it. I

>> No.52121641

I don't even remember but it was some Packard Bell 486. It did have a CD-ROM drive though, I remember playing that shitty FMV racing game Mega Race.

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File: 22 KB, 226x233, compaq-pair.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It folded up with a handle, 26 pounds lel

>> No.52121684

It needs it's own suitcase. Fuck that handle. I bet it snaps right off.

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amd 286 20 mhz
640 kb ram
20 mb hd
no cdrom
pirated dos 4.01


>> No.52121772

Pentium 3
256MB of RAM
1600 MHz processor
a big ass 17" screen
floppy disk reader

>> No.52121838

First comp was: @$pire one by assus. Like 4 gigs of ram, and a 250 g hdd. It was the shit test netboom around.

First build: fx-8320 @ 3.2, 970ms gigabyte mobo, 16 gigs of 1600mhz, a 2 tb drive, and 2 gtx 760s. I even got back plates for the gpus. My 1080p machine

>> No.52122149

I have no idea of what was it since it ran Dos and I was 6.

Still, I remember fondly my
Pentium 133mhz
Voodoo 2000
8GB of harddrive.

>> No.52124019

>Intel Celeron 1.7 GHz (Willamette)
>512 MB DDR1/2 (not sure)
>GeForce 4 MX440 (tfw no shaders)
>80 GB HDD
>CD-RW Drive
>Motherfucking Windows ME

It boggles my mind just how shit it was.

>> No.52124484

1.88 ghz cpu
512 mb ram

>> No.52124545

how the hell do you pirate shits back then, gramps?

>> No.52124580

It would have been ddr and celeries got shit done back then.

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File: 56 KB, 703x544, IBM PS1 2011.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

IBM PS/1 286 Model 2011. I still own it.

I remember upgrading it to 1MB of RAM. I also remember installing Windows 3.1...and failing miserably at first but eventually managed it.

>> No.52124620


You'll never know degenerate shitboi

>> No.52124630

We copied that floppy.

>> No.52124677

My first internet machine was something like
A pentium 4
256MB of RAM
DVD ROM drive
Pirated Win98

Used my dad's older PCs, but I really didn't know anything past running vidya.

>> No.52124716

amstrad pc-1512 dd

cpu - intel 8086 @ 8mhz
512 KB memory
2 x 5 1/4 floppy drives
no hard drive

gooooood times

>> No.52124847

If we're talking "IBM 100% compatibles" then it'd be a 286 with 4 or 8MB of RAM, I think. Later a 486DX with 32MB, and then a Pentium Pro 200 with 128MB EDO and a Matrox Mystique/Orchid 3DFX. Quake'd the fuck out of that computer. My dad worked in IT and somehow managed to get all this stuff from his job for free.

First I bought new with my own money was an Athlon, the first 1.4gHz chip they made, with a Geforce 2 MX400. It ran hot as a fucking furnace and I never managed to get it completely stable, even after getting a serious cooler for the CPU and a decent power supply.

>> No.52124872

Pentium 3 550 MHz
128 MB RAM
ATI Rage 32 MB Graphics Card
Win 98

>> No.52125003

Amstrad pc1512 monochrome screen, no hard drive, 5"1/4 disks...

>> No.52125106

fucking pleb tier thread

TI99/4a wiht 1 tape drive and small tv. later upgraded to the expansion box with 2 5 1/4 " disk drives and voice senthisizer.

>> No.52125176

Did you ever try overclocking that P3? The Celerons at the time were ridiculous, you could get a 667 and most could get pretty close to a gHz.

>> No.52125433

That is beautiful.

>> No.52125592

>Leading Edge Model D
>fuck I dunno, didn't even have a hard drive or 3.5" floppy, predates the Commodore, couldn't do color-output for monitors

>> No.52125678

just build my first PC.

>Haswell Core i5
>16gb ram
>1 TB HDD + 256 GB SSD
>Windows 7, which is now win10

>> No.52125691

If we're talking really old computers then mine was BBC Micro model B. Played Elite and Chuckie Egg quite a bit.

>> No.52126045

I ended up replacing it with a P3 1.3 GHz after a year or so. Never tried oc...

>> No.52126210

They were nice chips, the P3 1.3s. Outperformed the early P4s in quite a few benchmarks. Can't remember ever overclocking one, though.

>> No.52126268

HP prebuilt
Intel celeron
Probs 256 mb ram
Windows Me(me)

>> No.52126315

the 486. I mean i've had an amiga and something else earlier but I was a bit too young to get hang of it, so the 486

>> No.52126323

Performa 630CD
>33MHz Motorola 68LC040
>250MB HDD
>Mac OS 8.1

>> No.52126344

That was in 2001. I'm 22, by the way.

>> No.52126351

Are you 6?

>> No.52126914

Thanks for the laugh.

>Windows ME
You have my sympathies. A friend tried really hard to convince me that WinME was great, but he was reinstalling the fucker at least once every few months.

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File: 269 KB, 693x548, Amstrad_Mega_PC_e[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Almost convinced my dad to buy one of these.

Kind of a hard sell, pretending it was for schoolwork.

>> No.52129341

?00 MB HD
No soundcard
Tseng ET4000 2MB GFX

>> No.52129941

Pentium 3 933Mhz
40GB Seagate HDD
Windows 98 SE

>> No.52129995

486/86 with 15" crt monitor. Dont remember much else. But I played Warcraft 1 on it !

>> No.52130255

>Pentium II 266MHz
>Floppy drive
>28Kbps WinModem

It ran Windows 95 and it was awesome

>> No.52130390

200 Mhz Pentium
2.1 GB Hard Drive
WIndows 95 (Version B - now with USB!)
8 MB Voodoo Video Card

The Sims ran on this PC.
It did take 15 minutes to load to the neighborhood screen.

>> No.52131917

>Intel Pentium M 1.5 GHz 32Bit single core
>ATI Mobility Radeon 9000 32Mb VRAM
>Pirated Windows XP, Ubuntu 8, Lubuntu, Linux Mint, Windows 7, SLAX, and many other OSes (Not installed all at the same time obviously

>> No.52131932

forgot to mention:

>> No.52131983

Same here

>> No.52132090


>AMD-K6 233MHz
>AT Super Socket 7 w/ 4MB VGA
>250 Watt Power Supply
>50x CD ROM Drive!
>3.5 Floppy Drive
>56K Modem
>545MB HardDrive
>Windows 95

>> No.52132155

Compaq Presario
Celeron 333mhz slot processor.
48mb RAM
4gb HDD
48x CD-ROM drive
3.5" FDD
56K Modem (running on ISA, so really it was 28K max throughput)
Onboard VGA graphics
Running the latest OS from Microsoft, Windows 98

had a 286 before that but I was too young to remember.

>> No.52133423

in hindsight, you should be thankful you didn't tbqh

>> No.52133470

Pentium MMX 200
4MB S3 Virge DX+
Pirated Win98SE

>I miss late 90'

>> No.52133566

>Vía 686 ciryx or some shit like that
>32mb ram I guess
>windows 98 or 95 I think

I feel old

>> No.52133634

I remember when Cyrex was my favorite CPU maker because my shareware and open sourced.

Sad day when they went under

>> No.52133648

256k ram
Hercules mono graphics card
IBM monochrome greenscreen
2x 360k 5.14 floppy disk drives

But what really got me interested in computers was my
2meg ram
120meg HDD
512k trident video card
VGA monitor
Windows 3.1
And later a mono soundblaster
Ahhhh memories dune 2, wolfenstein 3d

>> No.52133747

>Made by Hyundai
>80286 @ 8 MHz, 12 MHz if you hit TURBO BUTTON
>20 MB Hard Drive
>5 1/4" Floppy Drive
>3 1/2" Floppy Drive
>14" VGA Monitor

All for the low, low price of $2200. Even in 1990 my parents got fucking ripped off. Should have gotten a 386 for that kind of cash.

>> No.52133824

First computer I ever owned I actually built earlier this yes, so the parts are fairly recent.

>Intel Pentium g3258
>MSI H81m-p33
>EVGA 750ti
>8gb RAM

>> No.52133921

intel core 2 quad core
hd radeon 4800
and 4gb of ram

this wasn't THAT long ago, only 2008-2009ish

>> No.52133947

copy a:\*.* b:\

copy a:\*.* c:\temp
copy c:\temp\*.* a:\

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File: 403 KB, 2000x1333, 06c3fd03016540f8be7434813c99f044.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

got it in year 2000 from uncle
Pentium III (dont remember speed)
Windows 95
128mb ram
600mb hdd + 100mb hdd(i think)
cd-rom drive

>> No.52134119

intel something 4 core 3.2ghz
6gb ram
500gb hdd
amd msi 5670

for a gpu that didnt need a power chord it was good enough to get 60fps in all my games in medium settings.

fallout 3 and world at war and mostly TF2

>> No.52134148
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HP Vectra VL5 Series 4

Intel Pentium 166 Mhz processor.
2 GB Hard Drive
16 MB Memory
1.44" Floppy Drive
2 ISA Slots
3 PCI Slots
Windows 98

>> No.52134457

>400MHz Pentium
>256MB RAM
>Trio S3 (it was too shit so I upgraded to >Geforce 2)
>CD reader
>Floppy drive

I had a commodor 64 when I was about 6 but that doesn't counts.

>> No.52134511

2.9 GHz Intel Core i5
8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660M 512 MB
Win 7

>> No.52134607

12 mghz clock
1 mb ram
10 mg hard drive
DOS 3.0
1 3x5 floppy
1 1x CD-rom
16 bit soundblaster audio card
256 VGA display

>> No.52135227

How am I even supposed to remember a PC from 21 years ago?

>> No.52135327

Your computer speaks to me. His name is Phil.

>> No.52135418

65C02 1.023 MHz
64kb of RAM with that sweet 1MB upgrade
16kb of ROM
A 5.25 inch floppy drive
A 3.5 Inch floppy drive
OS... what the hell is that... we running on firmware.
Oh and Dot Matrix printer. Because your printer needs to be louder than your single speaker.

Man I wanna go play some Larry Bird vs Scotty Peppin... or maybe some Number Munchers.

>> No.52135516

deskpro 486 i got out of the trash

>> No.52136799

AMD Athlon X2 450
4gb cheapo ram
Windows 7
500 gb HDD

Still have the parts. Not the OS though

>> No.52137675

Pentium 1 @ 75mhz later upgraded to 166mhz
8mb later upgraded to 32mb
1.2gb HDD
Did the job back in 96

>> No.52137895

While I actually do have an even older PC than this, this is the one I got when I'm at age where I could tell the PC brand.

AMD Duron 800 MHz
GeForce 2 MX
16 or 32 GB HDD
The Poor Windows ME

>> No.52138065

Intel Pentium II
32mb RAM
I think I had a TNT2 GFx card x)

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