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Why haven't you went full AMD yet?

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Soon Stalker, waiting for zen

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this thread is bad and you should feel bad for creating it
please delete

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Intel Jew detected

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It is owned by a women, how can I trust it?

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I'm currently team AMD right now. Zen better fucking deliver though, else I'm gonna switch over to intel.

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Fuck off shill

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Got fx-6300 and r9 270 in early 2014. Though gpu died, so I replaced it with 960. Gonna buy the most high end zen cpu and arctic islands gpu when it comes out

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Never owned a non ATI card in my life. CPU is a different story; had a pentium 2, an Athlon 3000+ and a C2D e8400.

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My gaymen fattop is full AMD, it has the shittiest CPU but it's OK for light gaymez.

Cpu is A10 5450 and GPU is r9 m290x 2gb
Not bad for 730€ last year imo
It's still pretty fucking big, but no housefires or cooking laps.

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because i made few years ago a mistake by buying jewvidia gpu and i havent had any reason to change it, my cpu is amd though. if i need to change this gpu it will be amd for sure then

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I have.
I'll wait for Zen to come out before I consider upgrading, hopefully AMD has something that can compete with Intel.

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Garbage GNU+Linux support on the APU/GPU side.

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In contrast my laptop is full intel/nvidia dell xpsm1530, the whole thing is a housefire.

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because their latest CPUs suck ass, and their cards have horrible perf/watt.

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>with cpu's
Keksimus maximus, prepare to be disappointed. At best they'll get to Haswell level of performance.

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Because I'm not a retard.

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I have a GX660R that I bought about 5 years ago, if not more. Exact same chassis as that.

I remember looking into getting one of these only to be severely disappointed at the CPU bottleneck. It barely performed any better than the one I have.

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Surely you jest?

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If they get Haswell performance, it would be pretty fucking nice. I mean, Sandy Bridge is still sufficient nowadays.

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oh wow anon-kun, you so silly. Thank you for the high res pic though, the A-10 Warthog is one of my favorite aircraft.

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That's good enough for me. I just want i7-5960x performance on the cheap. I could build two fx-8350 builds but both cpus under heavy load would eat over 400 watts.

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same here. knowing amd, they would probably sell their eight core zen chip for like 400 bucks

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fx-6300 user here. Just waiting for zen to btfo intel. Probably gonna buy a quad core zen though, I just want better vydia gaem performance.

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Awful ipc

Awful drivers

Awful user base

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I'm hoping for a 8 core sandy bridge at a decent price out of Zen.
That's my hopeful expectations.
Realistically, I'm not sure what exactly to expect, but I definitely think it will be on the disappointing side.
Like if it performs well it'll be priced way too high or something.

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For now.

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B-but I have anon

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I'm not poor.

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May I add that I love my AMD™ powered Convector Heater?

I also spend so much energy that this year I could get a nice prize with points gained from my Electricity provider.
Th-thank you AMD.

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I have

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Man, eat a dick. The money we save in heating negates the fact that intel uses less watts.

Too bad zen is going to be power efficient as fuck.

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Phenom II quadcore user here. Holding out for Zen. Going 8+ core if possible.

Fuck Intels monopolies

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are you Overclocked? I have the 8350 oc to 4.7 and I saw just a few increase of fps. Handbrake became a few mins faster, which is really why I went for the 8350.

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They haven't made anything worthwhile since the FX-8350, which was released in 2012. Today you can get an i5 at the same price with the same overall performance, double the single thread performance, half the power usage, and half the heat production compared to that chip.

The Zen-based chips really need to compete with Skylake or the entire x86 industry is dead. We can't trust Intel to continue on fairly, they're going to give 2% performance gains for double the price from now on. In 5 years, someone will make an ARM chip that will be a suitable desktop chip and that will be the end of it.

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Because I min-max. I have a Fury X, but I also have an i7 4790k.

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I am... built my own and it's somewhat old by todays standards but still does more than everyone I need and shits on my intel laptop with shitty intel hd graphics

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Because there is no good AMD system that can run Total war Attila and Rome 2.

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same here, rocking x4 965 since 2010. last october upgraded gpu from 5870 to r9 380. this gramps still chewing any games i throw at it flat 60 fps @ 1080p.

zen better be good or else! most likely going for the highest end of zen because the money i held for an upgrade since 2010 already so much i can buy a small car with it

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i dont mind x86 getting replaced by ARM, however if it did replace x86 as mainstream desktop cpu, ARM consortium must be able to emulate x86 at least on a conroe level of performace

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I've "upgrated" from a 965BE to a FX-8320. Worst deal ever. Would be better off with a 1100T.

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Welp, I got really hyped on bulldozer. Not doing that again.

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8320 is better in literally every aspect compared to the 1100T, what are you smoking?

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I hope you're overclocking it, unless you got unlucky and got a shitty chip.

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I am. I picked up a 8350 for 100 last black Friday. I still haven't seen them break past 140 since then.

I also have a gigabyte HD 7870 that works gud enuf. I Would like to upgrade it though.

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There's more hope this time. Based Jim helped design Zen for 3 fucking years.

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Because NVIDIA's software is just used mostly in games and gets better FPS and outperforms AMD mostly every single time. AMD technology isn't used in games.

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Who says i havent? Fx 8320 + HD7870. Still chuggn along, due for a gpu upgrade soonish though.

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Shit CPUs and buggy, power-hungry GPUs.

All in all AMD is not a very good choice in either category at this time.

Intel are just milking the market at this point. No point releasing their more advanced tech when they can still walk all over AMD without even trying.

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And thats a problem? Not seeing huge gains past haslel from intel either

> Muh efficency
> muh 2W tdp

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I don't know... With a 1100T I could've keeped my old motherboard and saved some cash. The performance gain is not worth the upgrade IMO.

Running it a 4,2Ghz, Don't know if my chip is bad, my motherboard is trash (970A-UD3P) or I just can't into overclocking.

It's not a problem.

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970 chipset is garbage for FX 8 cores, it should really be on a 990fx chipset with a decent 6+ power phases for the CPU alone and a decent VRM cooling solution.

Have you tried fixing a small fan above the VRM heatsinks? I have the same struggles with mt 8320 on a asus m5a99fx (currently at 4.2 ghz and power saving features enabled. Uses 1.4 ghz on idle/ light use), the socket heats up MUCH faster than the chip itself (125W TDP will do that...)

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That's still FX-8350 speed, so bretty gud

The only thing I've found the 8350 to be worthless with is emulating newer games. It's a beast for encoding video, still good for modern PC games, more than fast enough for any casual desktop use. Its only problem is that it produces a shitload of heat.

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But I have.

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Welp, I brought this motherboard just because it has a 8+2 power phase design and I was on a budget.

Never tried that. I have noticed it get pretty hot. But... I kinda of need a silent build, so attaching a small fan is not viable for me.

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>implying that skymeme is better than haslel

Did you even look at benchmarks? All new i5s lose to their haswell equivalents because they're clocked way lower.

4460 (3.4ghz on all cores) vs i5-6400(3 GHz on all cores). Same for 4590 vs 6500 and 4690 vs 6600.

Only skylake k CPUs are worth considering or if you really need the features of the new chipsets

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>mattering jack shit when overclocking

That board has a decent 8+2 power phase design. It should be able to push that 8320 to at least 4.5GHz.

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because i did it 3 years ago.

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Welp, my system is all weird.

Brought four sticks of 4GB 1866Mhz HyperX RAM just to found out my CPU can't handle 4x1866Mhz sticks. So I run them all at 1600Mhz with smaller timings and stuff. Never stressed them to see if it's stable... So before even starting OCing my CPU I need to make sure my RAM is running ok. And I don't even know how to start OCing the IMC... Welp, just duck it.

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Because I like my PC to work

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>mfw my 6300 is at 4.4 in a shitty 3+1 asus mobo
>mfw it has been like this for years

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>> AMD and not ARM
Autismus Maximus VII

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>Smarter choice
If they lived up to their name their cpus would be as or more power efficient and as good performers as their rivals.

Therefore I should report them to trading standards for false advertising

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Because I'm not poor.

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I have the m5a99fx pro 2.0, pretty sure its 6+2 phases, but maybe youre talking about OPs board which i didnt bother looking up

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FX has a weak memory controller, make sure you lock the ram voltage in at 1.5 v or a bit higher

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Nobody puts their CPU on heavy load (on all cores) 24-7-365 so power consumption between intel and AMD is negligible. Especially between a haswell i3 and an X4 860K.

For the average consumer that doesn't play video games, AMD would be the smarter choice.

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I have, and I regret it every summer. 46ºc in Prime95 with a god damn Thermaltake NiC C4. I hate summer.

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Because I'm leaving x86, not embracing it.

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Coz I can aford Intel.

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I've been AMD since the K6-2 but I'm about ready to switch.

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good goy

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Have fun not being able to use x86 programs.

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Is there tangible difference between a A6-7400k and a pentium g3258? I know the pentium is better in general technically, but would a fairly clueless user like my dad be able to discern a difference just browsing, emailing, and watching youtube in linux? The AMD is a fair bit cheaper and if it can suffice him going forward, I'll probably buy that instead.

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You should wait for zen but if you need the PC built that bad right now then go with AMD. Pentium is actually dogshit since it only has two threads not just in video games but in many programs as well.

The A6 is also dogshit since it only gives you two threads to work with so I recommend getting an A8-7600 at least (~$80).

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Me too senpai. Can't wait to have ddr4 and all those whacky instruction sets that emulators have been using.

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Are you fucking retarded?

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So Gabe has found his people? Nice.

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Are you? Emulating x86 OSs on ARM turd is extremely painful.

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Do you really think that's the only other architecture?

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Who said I was using ARM?

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Zen when? Another 6 months? A year?

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End of 2016.
Sometime around September-October, though it may be a paper launch, or limited retail availability.

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I can't lie to myself. APUs are okay for media centers though.

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Running Prime95 Blend (custom with 14GB RAM) for some time now at 1600Mhz 1.55v 8-8-8-24 CR1.

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OP, Did that already. It burned itself up in all its glory. It now sits in a cool corner next to other dead systems. Intel I7 took its place and is running nicely. Of course, Linux is the OS that makes Intel look good.

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>please delete

k. Fuck

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Oh but I am.

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i want my experience in computing to be a good one.

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You cucks must have forgotten 2002 and 2003 when Intel could only achieve performance with 3 GHz chips that AMD was managing with 2.1 GHz chips. Also, if it wasn't for AMD releasing the first x86-based 64-bit processor, Intel wouldn't even be at where they are today. That was a huge fucking milestone right there, for you plebs that are actually old enough to remember that far back.

AMD wanted to try something new and go with a modulated architecture and exhausted all attempts in making it competitive. They fell short, and with Zen they are going back to a traditional multi-core structure like they ran back in the day.

Unfortunately, with their attempts at modulation, everyone has forgotten how fierce AMD was back in the late 90's and early 00's. Trust me, it will return. You idiots who have forgotten what AMD is capable of when they set their mind right is going to be disappointed next year when the first versions of the Zen CPU is released.

Intel has done all they know to do. They have been at a stalemate with their processors for the past 5 years now. All they can do is sit back and wait for other companies to do something new to give them ideas to evolve their technology. Intel never has been known for being revolutionary. They've always just sat back and when something good was introduced, they know how to take that and build upon it.

I predict by 2018 we will see a significant improvement in desktop CPU's, but that's not going to happen until AMD brings something new to the table to get Intel thinking.

You people think I'm bullshitting or probably think I'm some AMD fanboy. But I've used both AMD and Intel CPU's and I've been in this business since 1997. I've seen the rise and fall of both companies. They both have released masterpieces and garbage.

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Is it gonna be for FM2+ socket too???

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You arent using AMD hard drives and AMD branded motherboard pleb

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Nigga please, I even have amd ram.

Though I made this build when I was poor, its worked well enough for me to not care about upgrades for a while. Great value for the dollar.

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I've been running AMD CPUs since I first built my computer. I would like to go with their GPUs as well but their recent offerings I've tried have not worked right with my primary monitor.

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Very unlikely. Zen is planned to be released for the AM4 and FP4 socket for the most part.

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because amd cpu + nvidia gpu
they're forced to work together, mwahahaha

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This is a completely new arch. Nothing will be backwards compatible here. I very highly doubt forward compatibility either.


This is the first new socket for 2 years.
The newest they have is FM2+.

We've had AM3+ for 3 years now.
AM3 for 5 I do believe.

Anybody wanting to still be on those sockets have some issues far beyond that of ignorance.

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To late i went Intel if zen does come out and beats Intel then oh well about time they got better at CPU market anyways

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750k oc'd to 4 ghz and
waiting for Zen and Arctic Islands to rebuild

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here is a question from someone who may be stupid...

what is the fucking difference between one socked to another other than more ways to connect?

it seems intel does something unimaginably small and require a new one every fucking time.

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I probably would if zen wasn't delayed to next winter

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