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>be me
>be autistic
>only use paysafecards to buy gaems
>call myself spongebob squarepants because you don't need real name verification when you're not paying with CC
literally could't give less of a fuck

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>paypal funded with CC
Amex has my back, IDGAF

Paypal is notoriously bad, why would anyone link their bank account with paypal ?
If I had no CC, I just just buy instore cards for Steam or whatever instead.

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The best way to do this is to go out and buy a giftcard with cash and have an email with a fake name.

GOG is better.

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Is this happening only to people who logged in recently? I haven't used my Steam account in a couple of months now.

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Sad but true. See Windows 10 botnet happening. Nobody cares.

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Wait, so steam was randomly letting you login to other people's accounts to buy games with their money?


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>PC "master race"

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That doesn't matter since consoles now have steam integrated into the console OS and you can't play some games with multiplayer or get your achievements without it.

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you cannot delete or deactivate your steam account.

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the ride never ends.


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That's against EU law

Hope gaben gets hit fat ass in prison

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You can if you request Steam support to do it.

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Just write "as long as they are games still work", it looks like you tried to write "their" and failed if you write "they're"

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And here I am downloading video games from kat.cr and playing them without any problems what so ever.

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Having to jump through hoops to deactivate your personal info should be illegal.

Glad I dropped this garbage awhile back.

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Shit, I wish I knew that when I changed my password and email with throwaway email.

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It happens for me, get those confused often. My apologies, senpai.

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I really hope some slavic teenagers high on dope
will grab all the money from the fat Steam(TM) users.

Steam(TM) and its customers deserve every possible
bad accident to their 'gaming' "Social" '"Life'"

Steal all the money you can, they deserve it all.

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I bet the story is:

>French kid mad he has 500 fucking steam games and only plays one
>He's poor but he keeps getting all these fucking cards he sells to get shitty games for like 20 cents
>Now he wants to sell them
>Tells poor dad
>Dad gets mad, his friends have equally poor kids all over the place
>They get so mad they want to sue valve
>Valve's like yeah no fuck you too
>Time to start the French Steam Revolution (2015-2019)

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I'm so glad I never fell for the PC gaming meme.
All I play are old console games and I never have to deal with shit like day one patches, and season passes and on-disc DLC.

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But anon, don't you want to be with the cool kids and play Halo or Battlefield or Call of Booty with us?


Yeah well, you're a weirdo that probably uses GNU/Linux and is a pedophile too!

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Older PC gaming was great before it started to rely on services like steam and got infested with DRM and shit.

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I had my fun with multiplayer shooter games, but that was literally 10 years ago.
I'd much rather play RPGs and rhythm games these days.
All competitive shooter games have not improved since Call of Duty 4, released in 2007.

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Lol nice.

So how is Paypal even a security risk in this scenario? Don't you guys all have to also log into Paypal to make a purchase?

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Enjoy your shitty life, you son of a jewish bitch

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who cares they are all goyims tomorrow, they will all forget.

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better hide that reference number bro!

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Windows 10 did the same with privacy and nobody cares.

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>two console ports and an Origin exclusive

PC gaming is pretty nice but I do not understand why people love Steam so much except for the dirt cheap games. The worst part is that all the other publishers now try to get onto the digital storefront bandwagon and push shit like Origin and Uplay on you. In the worst case scenario you'll have to log into 3 different things just to play your fucking game.

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Its not illegal so fuck you.

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Where are all the nothing to hide fags now!?

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gaben is on suicide watch, hes going to lose shekels.

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Oy Vey, sure it's the same for every single browers in the world.

This explains how shitty are the STEAM(TM) Customers.

Hope you will find nothing in your accounts, bitches.


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He has nothing to worry about as long as reddit keeps begging for more of his cock.

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Right, as long as they're consenting. Consensual pedophilia with proper education isn't harmful to minors.

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Of course. Anonymous telemetry means nothing to people. You cannot identify anybody with that.

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Is a varnish or other similar caching issue. Haven't logged into Steam for a good few days so my shit should be fine.

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You do not understand. Please leave this thread.

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>reads your emails
>can't identify you

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>he doesn't encrypt

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You decrypt them to read them. I mean, sure, you could calculate RSA in paper, but do winfags actually do that?

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That account has nothing to do with valve you faggot.

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>reads emails if you use outlook and the built-in email 'app' for shit like calendar

its the same as my phone giving me information about my flights because i sent the itinerary to my gmail account

next you will say it sends all of your keystrokes back every 15 minutes

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Holy shit, luckily I didn't have any payment info saved to my account. I might have to go and check my bank account just in case though

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>stop being so paranoid! use windows and DRM services! they take your money so of course you can trust them!

I really hope everyone who trusted this company gets fucked.

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>Linking your credit card info to any web service
Makes me laugh

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this senpai
The only sites I keep my CC saved on are Amazon and Ebay/Paypal
For everything else I always uncheck the 'save this card' box

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I agree, as soon as consoles started requiring a internet connection, I stopped purchasing them.

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Do you actually need an internet connection to play PS4 games tho?

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1 hoop, anon. It's so Boris Sadevij from Russia can't deactivate your account in one click.

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The entire time Steam had an option to not save your details.

I've memorized my credit card number, saving it isn't a convenience anymore and I don't have to trust a gorillion sites on the internet to store it securely.

It's a 16 fucking digit number. Just memorize it.

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why would anyone trust their payment info to steam when they literally sell fucking cash cards everywhere?

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>console cu ck trying to justify his garbage

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Protip: cuck isn't filtered any more.

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How would doing any of that put you at risk? lolwtf

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>linking CC/paypal to your account
>not just taking the 5 minutes to reenter the details when you need to buy a game

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You won't be authorized to buy off the marketplace, putting you at risk of not coping that sweet ass hat for TF2 or AWP skin for CS:GO.

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PC gaming is only getting bigger. We're starting to see AAA console games showing up consistently on PC now. Stuff like Tales of, Final Fantasy, etc. PC is increasingly being treated as a first class citizen. Plus, Steam is heavily pushing their "Steamplay" thing where it works on Windows, Linux, and Mac. Half my library runs on Linux apparently. They've been quietly expanding the Linux selection and before I knew it, there's quite a large number of titles.

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Laughed externally.

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Yep, people just don't fucking care that their being spied on and that the internet is becoming more and more restricted and closed

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>he still thinks that after the blunder of the century - OpenSSL - that just because something is open source mean it's always secure

Why do you retards always think in absolute?

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>Linking CC/Paypal
>Not just buy steam gift card instead

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This, you can just walk into the store and buy steam cards with cash, people using prepaid credit cards or other shenanigans are going out of their way to make more work for themselves.

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>walk into the store
>not just buy them from some 3rd world country dealer instead

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>have credit card
>dont even have to leave your seat to add money or buy games

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Enjoy ur botnet

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so I'm a guy who had his pay pal and CC linked what can i do to protect myself. and what are some good practices going from now that i should adopt? no trolling plz

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Call your CC company, tell them you think your card might be compromised, they'll freeze the account and promptly send you a new card with new card number within a few days.
They don't play around with this shit because CC fraud costs them money too.

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Haha, did retards ACTUALLY trust that two-bit company to store their credit card information?

Fucking lol.

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cool thanks. where passwords breached is my email out there will I be spamed with spam?

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>We're starting to see AAA console games showing up consistently on PC now.

Yeah more JRPG weeb shit, just what we need.

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>JRPG weeb shit
you faggots can enjoy your compile heart kusoge trash, you're never getting the good stuff

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The only stuff worth playing now.

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PCucks on suicide watch

>> No.52060797

i'm so sick of western AAA garbage
the only games worth playing as of late are weeb games with small budgets

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>valve fucks up tf2 even more
>valve fucks up their security
If steam just died one day, there would be mass hysteria

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Death of Steam is one of the signs of the Apocalypse.

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Steam are kikes. Remember if you ever are going to buy more than one game. Buy them seperately. Otherwise if you want a refund, they put all the games together and if one has 2hours playtime, no refund for any of them.

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>buying more than 1 game at once
sorry anon, i'm not a degenerate loser with all the free time in the world to spend on games

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>only things linked to my PayPal are
>a card I don't use
>a card I load only when I intend to buy something
>a frozen bank account

Feels pretty meh

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He said data, not money. And it seems that Paypal has plenty of data on you.

That you're fucking poor for one.

>> No.52062109

I always have to retype my PayPal details every time I fucking order something so meh

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Who said I was poor? I just don't keep my money in the bank.

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I guess people are okay with some chink stealling their info as long as they have access to their rocket league

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>I just don't keep my money in the bank.
Which is another way to say poor.

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>hurr durr everything's fine we promise! it's just cached pages you can't do anything on behalf of other users!

Meanwhile, russian and chinese bots harvested YOUR personal info:
-First and Last name
-Email address
-Home address
-Phone number
-Last 4 digits of Credit Card

If you're lucky nothing will happen. Otherwise in some days, weeks or months you'll wonder why somehow, for example, your amazon account was hacked. It's because anyone can pretend to be you if they have access to these 5 informations.
>hey amazon I lost my email password pls gib my account back :((
>Hello customer! Please provide proof that you really are Mr Doe.
>hehe sure here's the email I forgot the password for, here's my full name, here's my address...
>Great! You'll be contacted shortly with a way to recover your account

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Last time I had money in the bank they fucked me, I told them to fuck off and had my account frozen

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>bought GTA V retail during black friday

I won

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Too bad they'll need to type in the full credit card number to buy anything.

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good thing none of that shit is in my profile because i'm not a retard

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>being so poor you cannot maintain a minimum balance of $1500 or more

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Did you even read the post?
Again taking Amazon as example, they store your credit card info all the time if you choose so. When they recover your account, they'll have everything at hand.

So you can't buy anything on Steam.

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>living with your parents and watching chinktoons
I hope you have a plan b

>> No.52062358

look man i know it sucks being poor but not everyone is a loser like you

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> calculating rsa in paper

Nobody with a mind that beautiful would be running anything but Gentoo or Arch Linux, all completely locked down and impervious to even the most determined of snoops.

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Yes. Part of le anti-piracy war. They'll verify that you in fact wasted your money on a shitty unusable adware-loaded piece of unmoddable closed-source shit.

God forbid anyone deny the big gaming companies their shekels. That would be morally wrong!

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Can someone explain to me what happened?

>> No.52062435

So what you're saying if I buy a game and pop it into my console it will refuse to play unless I'm signed in to PSN or whatever?

>> No.52062440

> stop being so paranoid

I fucking hate this. My sister actually asked me if I had psychosis when I explained mass surveillance to her.

Why do normies not give a shit about what the people running their lives are doing? Why are they content to just be completely dependent on the matrix and never ever try to be free?

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They should word filter "test" just to duck with these posts. Nothing personal, I just think it'd be funny.

Trap desu senpai.

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They look exactly like the people who are next in line to get their throats cut by ISIS but they don't struggle or resist.

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>my sister asked if i was mentally ill
>uses the word normies unironically
you know why that word even exists?
Because you can't say "normalfag" on reddit.
And then mentally ill people on /r9k/ took it to describe anyone who isn't mentally ill and socially dysfunctional like them.

So yes, you probably do have psychosis, but not for the reasons you described.
And yes, she might very well be content with how the powers that be run her life, but not for the same reasons you described.

>> No.52062467

Welcome to the wasteland of the normal.

You'll find no independence here.

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>Wait, so steam was randomly letting you login to other people's accounts to buy games with their money?
No it was just displaying some random information. Couldn't buy anything or play some other person's games. Just look at their stats and shit.

>> No.52062502

Most likely.

>> No.52062509

Normies use the word normies too now. It's not some epic secret autistic maymay

>> No.52062517

you don't even know, do you?
you just talk shit about things you have nothing about

>> No.52062530

> normalfag accuses me of being mentally ill when I try to explain a horrible thing happening worldwide that needs to be stopped
> you debate internet semantics with me

thanks for the tip, pal. I didn't realize I was incorrect to try and convince my loved ones to protect themselves from mass surveillance.

For the record, I'm not mentally ill, but is it really relevant to the argument whether I am or not?

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10-second Google reveals that I was incorrect and you can play some games without Internet.

That WILL change by the end of the decade (see Diablo III single player), but atm you don't need Internet just to use the console.

Good luck finding multiplayer games that don't require it, though.

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the nail that sticks out gets hammered down
stop making such a big deal about being spied on, everyone already thinks you're crazy
you need to give people a reason to care
the fact that you couldn't get through to your sister means you're probably not very good at expressing yourself and you're most likely socially dysfunctional and my entire diatribe about you being an autist is true and correct.

So yes, she is probably right in assuming you have a form of psychosis.

>> No.52062581

You do realise this is the exact opposite mentality that came out of Nazi Germany?
The whole persecution of jews "Don't make a fuss they'll throw you away too"

>> No.52062606

> loss of contact with reality

Everything I said was true and based in fact.

And for the record I couldn't get through to her because she's an SJW who thinks that solving racism and abolishing capitalism will make the government stop spying on us.

>> No.52062620

>Everything I said was true and based in fact.

you don't know that
and it all might very well be a narrative pushed by the media to instill fear into nerds and autists who cannot be scared by conventional, simplistic ways, like daily terror scares on CNN or security theater at airports.

>> No.52062659

>you don't know that
Except we do, snowden leaks.

>narrative pushed by the media
You have very little understanding of human affairs.
Why would the media push the narrative that all data is intercepted and stored by governments?
To make nerds scared of terrorists?
Your brain isn't actually making logical connections correctly, it's kind of weird.

>> No.52062690

>snowden leaks
let's see
enemy of the US, committed treason, now he's hiding in russia
why hasn't he been extradited?
why hasn't he been made an example of?
oh that's right, because he's a government plant to push an agenda
the agenda that the government cares about the intimate details of your life and will use them against you in the near future

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Hopefully this is the death of steam because dear god its an awful program. Valve rakes in so much money but canf be bothered to make a half decent program, fuck them. Steam is a slow pile of shit.

>> No.52062699

>someone gets my credit card number
>buys some shit with it
>bank automatically freezes my account, refunds my money, and mails me a new card
big fucking deal

>> No.52062724

You're delusional.

>> No.52062731

pretty sure you're the delusional one, friendo

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Feels good to use iDeal

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>If steam just died one day, there would be mass hysteria
what about half life 3?

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>stop making such a big deal about being spied on

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idgaf mainly because i dont 'link' or save things when it comes to payment information. on any online services. ever. even if you do and its worst case scenario russian botnet spending spree - one phone call and that can all be taken care of.

>> No.52063156

so what exactly happened? yesterday steam would log me into random accounts, but i couldn't change any settings or buy anything. that's all i know

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>just bought a game on steam

>> No.52063282

>implying i dont love both

i have yet to start the dusk series

>> No.52063320

a lot of people complain about dusk being objectively the worst of the PS3 atelier sagas because the difficulty is non-existent

>> No.52063330


I see daddy's money is still confirmed for not teaching humility. Stay humble kid, a fool and his money are soon parted. Although, judging by what a train wreck you already are I assume the inheritance is hanging by a thread. Merry Christmas.

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Where is all this coming from?
holy shit

>> No.52063373

I am willing to use steam after this. In fact just brought $400 bundles.

Something reported on /g/. Something I give less shit about their /g/ complaining.

>> No.52063386

I didn't read any of the thread, but from what I read elsewhere early into it, their varnish http cache was caching shit it shouldn't, thus everyone was seeing the cached data of the same users.

Probably what happened is that they had to fail over to a misconfigured caching cluster that was missing the filter list. It was caching everything when it shouldn't have. it was probably an automation failure where the caching servers just didn't have the full config.

>> No.52064010

>extradited from russia

There's a thing called 'closing the barn door after the horse has bolted' and 'the cat is out of the bag'.

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