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ITT: Post your new year resolution

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Fuck a swift just copped the dell equivalent

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1080p; lowest acceptable imo. Discuss.

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No native resolution CRT master race.

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hopefully 2k by the end of 2016..

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>pls no bully

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1050p is pretty okay I guess

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Current: 1366 x 768
New Years: 2560 x 1600

Desktop Resolution is 5440x1080

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Daily reminder they have triad amounts or stripe amounts determined by their pitch.

I'm CRT master race but they have "Native" resolutions.

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1920x1080 is extremely common, right?

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Why does Asus quality control suck so much ass?

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I wanna discuss dem titties. Damn.

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2560x1440, 60fps

If i get this new job i'm getting a 144hz IPS 1440p monitor

If not, i'll get a laptop and travel through Asia for a while, just to escape the life i hate

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bought two dell ultrasharp 24inc 1080p monitors, happy with my purchase, they look great

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59 Hz

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If you're broke, or just like 1050p, I have no issue with you. I have a Dell 2005fpw and it works great with pretty color.

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I just bought that monitor yhe PG279Q its fuckin amazing

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putting together my new build

i5 4690k + r9 390

to play everything at 1080p 60fps

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Are you using a console?

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still way better than the scalers lcd use

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Been using a dell u2711 since 2010
Really want 3440x1440 with gsync though -_-

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>not buying a 980ti

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Sure, they scale a lot better because of the way they work. Absolutely. But they have a limited top resolution.

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1920x1200 + 1366x768

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>16:10 mustard race

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acer xb270hu

>2560 x 1440 144 Hz
>IPS panel
>4 ms

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>acer xb270hu
Looks so ugly tho.

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buying a tv for my dad.
should i get an lg or panasonic for a confirmed lg ips
or play the samsung panel lottery and most probably get the beijing optoelectonics va panel?

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At least if it arrives after new years.

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1440p, 4k whenever new gpu's drop

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800 x 600

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1366x768 right now, mid 2016 I'll be 2560x1440 27 inch ips 165 hz gooeyness

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This, I have [email protected] for day to day use and [email protected] for counter strike.

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1080 x 1200 on a chink phone

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>tfw wanting this monitor in Australia

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Anything 16:10

Golden ratio is better

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only use 4:3 Easier to get headshots in shooters that way

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1920x1080 24" IPS, that's jist about the sweet spot for dpi.

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Why mention IPS?

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it isnt standard yet.

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Because I used a TN prior.

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current: 900p
new years: 1440p

i am ready

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2560x1440, though I got it last year. Won't be going any higher than this though.

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I don't mind when you man children make a post that has an anime picture, or a reaction post.

But when you spergs shit up normal threads with this crap, then I'm sorry, but it isn't on.

Go back to your anime boards if you want to post this content, or get back in the >>>/trash/

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Why does the screen technology matter when the thread is about resolution and dpi?

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Hey, I made that picture~

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I saved most of these from your posting anyway

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Post more to trigger this guy

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Second, shit's pretty sweet.

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beat me to that one

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s2716dg? is it good?

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It's a good one

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awoo is kind of lewd

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I'm sorry =(

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Alright you can continue with you awoo post now

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Finally got one for Christmas.

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Last one I got :o

<3 cuteposter

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mods, ban this cancerous thread

not related at all with technology

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that thing looks like a beast for programming, pretty shit for everything else though

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It's also perfect for looking at globes

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Ima get off now, merry christmas lol

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merry christmas :3

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Current: 1050p+1080p
New Years: 1080p+1080p

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7680x1440, same as last year :(

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I want that for Photoshop 2bh. Seems comfy af.

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When you order 3, you get the pictured qt for free

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I always thought aus would get tech for cheap since they're closer to the countries that produce it

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>1440 vertical

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Literally the only reason to get a 1:1 monitor as a consumer is this. Getting a triple screen set-up and making sure they're all flush to one another in a gentle curve.
But even then, most people don't need two screens, let alone three.

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Holy shit

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Please don't use that word

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1440p 144hz

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>only 1440 vertical

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but everyone knows what I mean when I say consumer. Citizen sounds wrong in the context and individual can have the wrong implication. When we use the term consumer in this context, we are typically referring to a home user as opposed to an enterprise user.

I agree that consumer can carry the wrong connotation.

What would you suggest as an alternative for this context?

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Don't talk to feeetards. Consumer is the official terminology used by companies.

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Computer user
or just user

>> No.52047599

I was merely humoring him since I've seen him around on this board and I'll never dismiss on opportunity to improve my lexicon.

I agree that consumer has a negative connotation but in this context it is correct so I was merely curious if there were any adequate alternatives.

Too generic. Too long.

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User = 4 characters

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>Too generic.

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Actually got that screen last year as a gift. Was gonna buy it myself and ended up getting it as a present, definitely worth the price. Only downside is ebin gaymer branding

>> No.52047751

no you didn't

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Might get a 4K screen for the new GPUs next year if they come down in price.

>> No.52047871

is it good?

>> No.52047885

Search more, lurk more, git gud.

>> No.52048023

My Dad works at Nintendo and got it for me early

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3840x2160 + 2560x1440 + 1200x1920

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1920x1200 + 1920x1200 + 1920x1080

>> No.52048124

2560x1440 25"

>> No.52048129

2560x1440 60Hz + 1920x1080 120Hz

>> No.52048173

3840*2160 @ 60Hz.
And the SLI to use it.
More money than sense reporting in, now I'm looking for a 144 Hz screen.

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No bully

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Monitor: 1920x1080 + 1280x720
Phones: 2560x1440 (x3)
Tablet/laptop: 2736x1824
Watch: 320x280

>> No.52048395

Nice meme!

>> No.52048685

Oh didn't realize. I've got the PG278Q, still happy with it. I'm guessing this one has IPS?

>> No.52049693

1920×1080 60hz

Hopefully upgrading to 1440p later in the year.

>> No.52049773

1920x1080 forever and always

>> No.52050932

It's the same as last years: 1280x1024, times two

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I'm thinking of copping this one. Anyone who got it and can tell me how it performs?

BenQ XL2411Z by the way

>> No.52051355

its still 1080p but at 144hz now, finally can run Games at actual 120fps with vsync.

>> No.52051458

it's in the mail

>> No.52051628

Good question. Got one of their routers, dropped all clients every couple minutes. Got a replacement and it's pretty much perfect.

>> No.52051663

Definition is not resolution you fucking retards

>> No.52051857

Bought one a few weeks ago, so far it's pretty sweet.
Nothing bad so far.

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good ol 2560x1440

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>Windows 10
>Watching Hentai
>Almost 2016

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yo i'm sorry about the windows brah, i need to get muh gnus on this machine but i ain't even watching hentai you dumb ass nigga except for that one tab, but that's besides the point nigga errything else is just moeshit cuz that's the realest shit nigga

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1920x1080 144hz

>> No.52052121

>1280x1024 on desktop
>1600x900 on main laptop
>1280x800 on ultraportable

maybe I'll pick up a nice 1600x1200 monitor some day

>> No.52052175



I'll probably stick to this resolution until something in the 4k 120Hz adaptive sync range becomes reality.

I might buy a 1080p monitor just for gaming, though.

>> No.52052197 [DELETED] 

What a sexist :^)

>> No.52052199


Saved that image. Top quality.

>> No.52052272

>caring about resolution when 80% of your computer time is spent looking at text

literally why

>> No.52052379

3440x1440, if the monitor ever turns up.

>> No.52052536

Because text looks better and is easier on the eyes on high ppi displays

>> No.52052555

Same exact build.

Bretty good so far no complaints.

>> No.52052575

text and information processing on a flat panel at 1024x768 or lower is suffering

>> No.52052819

Just got myself a 24" 1200p monitor, girlfriend!

>> No.52052861

>using the smiley with a carat nose

>> No.52053026

Absolute dog shit.

>> No.52053088

God tier resolution, coming through.
Also have a 900p drawing monitor

>> No.52053337

So TN for the same price of a IPS Swift? You sure got them good.

>> No.52053585

I bought a cheap ultrawide monitor not long ago so 2560x1080

Both happy and sad. Happy because the monitor I replaced was 1680x1050 and TN. Sad because I went from 120hz back to 60. And because I needed a new PC and I am poor

>> No.52054116

1920 x 1080 at 24 in
1920 x 1080 at 40 in
Same as last year

>> No.52055078

This, god tier.

>> No.52055160

2560x1440 is the minimum you should have. If you're under this, then you might be a poorfag.

Honestly though, you should be looking to move on to 4k.

>> No.52055198


well fuck it because my computer is able to run games at 1080p ultra 30fps

any higher and my shitbox would explode.

but hey i built this thing 4 years ago and it still works

>> No.52055221

2560x1440 @ 144Hz IPS freesync.

>> No.52056896

>tfw I'll never have 3 40 inch 4k monitors

>> No.52057679

how is it?

I currently have 3 1440p monitors but want to get a 144hz one, and thats the only one I could hope to justify purchasing (the asus IPS 144hz is $1200)

any dead pixels? discolouration? black light bleed?

>> No.52057727

>using the smiley with a carat nose

>> No.52057779

Retro PC:
800x600 max

>> No.52057822

i got this on last year black friday for 250 (canada) , it works fine and the colors are really good when calibrated, i got it beside a 21:9 AOC ips panel and the only difference is the contrasts/colors are a bit better on the ips

>> No.52057877

1080p until I can get 4k adaptive-vsync/freesync in a 24 in. size at a decent price and quality

>> No.52057974

2x1080p @ 144Hz and 240fakeHz
1x2560x1080 @ 60Hz

>> No.52059549

5760x3600 aka 3 x 1920x1200

>> No.52059623

Same. Looking for 1440p and not trash

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File: 402 KB, 1500x1570, ROG-SWIFT-PG278Q_LEFT.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

x2 1440p ROG Swift

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>> No.52060517

1920 x 1080 @144Hz

>> No.52060643

I backpacked in some parts of southeast asia via land and water. Greatest memories 2bh. Lots of unesco heritage sites too. backpacking/10 would do it again.

>> No.52060714

1920x1080 TN 60hz and was already refurbished 5 years ago when I got it
>parents dont want me spending more time on my computer so wouldn't get me a new monitor even though it was only $200
>I'm not even a fucking weirdo neet, I'm a college senior about to graduate and move out
God I fucking hate normie attitudes towards technology

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6 1920x1080 monitors in a 3x2 grid.

Effectively 5760x2160 for a fraction of the price of what a 4K/5K would actually cost.

Not to mention it's doesn't suffer from shitty dpi scaling.

>but mah bezels

barely an issue when you buy monitors withs lim bezels.

>> No.52060860

80FPS Ultra GTA 5 4K gaming. Spent 2k so far, only 4k to go lmao...

>> No.52060924

>[email protected]
this would be my dream
>there are no 1080p monitors above 60hz that aren't TN pieces of fucking shit

>> No.52060938

It's 21:9 worth it?

>> No.52060967

>falling for the ultrawide meme

>> No.52060978 [DELETED] 

2560 x 1440

60 Hz. I actually got this monitor back in 2012 when 1440p was uncommon and just started to come out widely on the market. I am considering getting a high refresh rate monitor with G-Sync at some point. I want to get a better TV first though.

>> No.52060982

2560 x 1440

60 Hz though. I actually got this monitor back in 2012 when 1440p was uncommon and just started to come out widely on the market. I am considering getting a high refresh rate monitor with G-Sync at some point. I want to get a better TV first though.

>> No.52061576

[email protected] now, [email protected] plus Adaptive-sync as soon as the monitors hit the streets sometime in Q4.

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File: 359 KB, 1920x1080, stonyshores-wallpaper-16-9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Current: 1920*[email protected]
It's an old entry-mid tier BenQ 24"

I'm very, very tempted to grab a QNIX QX2710 (2560x1440). Are these shitty meme monitors or are they actually the holy grail of cheap panels?

>> No.52062404

No point playing at 1080p.

>> No.52062444

16:10 masterrace

>> No.52062445


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File: 14 KB, 480x480, 1450449544015.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I get the benefits of 16:10 glory as well as widescreen at the same time. The only thing imperfect about this setup is that they're not 144Hz Freesync, but I can't be bothered to sacrifice my 16:10 and wallet for those features given that VR will eventually be better anyway for gaming, while 3x16:10 will always be fantastic for daily usage/productivity.

>> No.52062560

Define "productivity"

>> No.52062598


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