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What are you using /g/?

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How so you live anon?

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>He thinks the term 768p exists

How so you live Anon?

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Still haven't moved to the new build. I'll get around to it eventually.

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just for light shitposting on /g/

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Waiting on my 2nd Sapphire 390 to get here

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Why all the random monitors?

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General purpose 4chan shitposting/porn/school/anime machine. Built if for $140 and spare parts.

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eve online+not being able to afford 3 2k monitors

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How'd I do /g/?

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>Slow as shit high latency ddr3 with an APU.
>Dedicated gpu with said APU
>32gb ssd
>10gb ram

Terrible if that build is recent and was built all at once.

Decent if you added part by part over time. Not going to knock someone strapped for cash like that.

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what the fuck is 2k?

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1600 mhz is good enough for an APU. Not sure about the latency though

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how do the non TI 980's perform? I see them for cheap now. Are they a match for an r9 390? Every time I go to look for 980 non Ti benches, they're barely mentioned while the reviewer keeps jerking themselves off about the MSI ULTRA LIGHTNING STORM LED GAMER SUPER MEGA CLOCKED edition 980 ti.

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That's not 2k you ignoramus.

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Best one so far, why no GPU though? A 750ti or 270x would be godlike for them 10 bit Annie Mays.

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except it's not. Granted this is the new kavari stuff compared to your older APU, but for using APU iGPU to its fullest extent, 2400mhz is king. More if you can overclock the 2400mhz to 2666 or 2800mhz.

1600mhz is fine if using dedicated gpu like you're doing but abysmal for igpu.

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Eh, I'm only driving a single 1440p monitor and haswell intel HD does more than a good enough job for basic use. No gaming on this machine and 1080p bluray movies/ movie streaming works without a hitch. Wanted this build to be a mix of cheap, efficient, and low wattage. I never turn this machine off other than hibernate when I'm at work.

If I get more than this single 32" 1440p monitor I may get like a GT720 to handle a 55" 1080 TV or something.

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well enough for 1080P, maxed out everything so far (Witcher 3, Fallout 4, GTAV)

i think a 1440 monitor is wasted under 30" with my eyesight so I saw no reason to upgrade to the Tis

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makes sense and I totally agree with you about under 30" for 1440p. I have a 32" 1440p myself and love it. Cost me fucking $600, but love it none the less.

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nice z800

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>16nm GPU soon

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>r9 m275 is at 551C
jesus fuck anon what are you doing

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>inb4 someone comments on the fb-dimms

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Are people here actually running windows outside of a virtual environment or is it just an elaborate meme?

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i guess AMD finally topped fermi with the make-your-own-sun series

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Muh SB

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90% of them, in fact. so a few billion.

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Truly old school style capturing

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lel m8 that is 2k.

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That's not 2k, that's 1440p. 2160p is 4K, but 2k is just 1080p, it's just a marketing term to make you think you're getting something in-between 4k and 1080p.

It's just 1080p.

(1980x1080) x 2 == 3820x2160
2k x 2 == 4k.

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More like 2.666k.

The K counting method is retarded anyways, screen sizes don't go like that.

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He has AMD it's a wonder he knows how to install speccy! He probably doesn't know the other ways!

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Giving my system info to the NSA

No, thanks anon.

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I need to upgrade a few things.

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just moved this build to a new case

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I just cannot squeeze 4.8ghz out of the cpu - it won't stay stable under stress testing no matter the voltage I pump through it.

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4.5ghz 1.265v CPU.

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Underrated post

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Will probably make some changes early next year. Would like to pull out the two hard drives and put them in some sort of dedicated backup machine, then get 6*240/256GB SSDs and a 120GB M.2 drive.

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r8 pls

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Pls no h8

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You best be clocking that athlon to just short of meltdown.

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Speccy doesn't do AMD temps properly, it's idling at 28C

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Its not the temps - its the fact you have a athlon paired with a hawaii gpu.

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They're dumb enough to buy AMD, what did you expect

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Got my new computer today. I wish I had more budget for a good graphics card, but MSI 770 should be coming within the week.

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Waiting on Something worth upgrading to.
7970 still running strong.

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