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Anyone post this yet?
>C++ dev who has been with Mozilla since the beginning
>leaves due to all the backstabbing hipster brainlets who only know Node.js
>vents on hacker news
>gets told he should have learned Node.js instead of "useless old C++"

Remember to never use this shit browser or anything produce by mozilla

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Thanks OP. Back to chrome it is!

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>going back to the botnet
No, switching to IceCat or even Pale Moon would be a better decision.

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What a bunch of fucking faggots.

Really wish there were more projects without all the politics.

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Or chrome, seems pretty solid. A lot of support for websites all over the Internet with no hassles and workarounds needed.

The botnet has already won. I'm not going to degrade my experience and frustrate my literal every day life to protect muh freedoms when they've been gone a long time and these silly freedom movements are getting literally nowhere.

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Try qupzilla next time, kids.

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What's so great about qupzilla?

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welcome to open sores, where phallic emoticons get you banned from github and Furfox values hipster node.js developers more than the original core, c++ devs

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i'm not that guy

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prove me wrong, nigger

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Open Source/Free Software is being taken over slowly by SJWs, but you cannot blame Open Source/Free Software itself for it. Blame the faggots who keep enabling SJWs and letting them in.

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It's not bait if it's true.

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Again, it's bait because he's blaming open source because of faggots who are ruining it.

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>>I want to just program without all the backstabbing and treachery.
>I mean, for someone who just wants to program you're creating an awful lot of drama.

Complain about drama -> get blamed for creating drama. u wot

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if SJW form a crucial part of the community then for all intents and purposes the community are SJW

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How's midori for a browser option? I'm kinda new to all this myself

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hipsters are retarded, just ignore them. No wonder they have to use kiddie languages like Node.js, because actual languages that require some sort of logical part of the brain are just impossible for them to handle.

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I'm using Vivaldi, it's already almost better than Firefox.

The only thing missing is, when opening a lot a tobs, and closing them it should move to the next tab instead of the previous open tab and being able to open bookmars from the bookmark toolbar in a new tab with mouse 3 or right click, as of right now if you click on the bookmark it will open in the current tab, also being able to switch tabs into new windows just by draggin and being able to merge them back, you can switch tabs to a new window by right clicking on it but it will reload and is not the same as firefox where you could just drag them out of the window.

This is getting a lot of development so I'm confident those issues will be fixed in less than two months.

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>If there is an oboxious minority, then all of them are the same
Better stop using anything that uses or relies on Open Source with that attitude. Chrome gets its source code from chromium. But you still have great options that are proprietary only, like IE :^)

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then open source is already dead

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> Prefers getting tracked by the big bad NSA
> Not using Midori

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they got a guy banned from github...

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Who are you midoritexting?

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>Throwing of C++ devs for Javascript monkeys

Hardly surprised. It's just D3D vs OpenGL all over again.

Chrome will break ahead eventually while Firefox is still trying to do pointless node.js stuff

Here's the thing, node.js is high level as fuck. Once firefox start running into serious problems when they're trying to catch up with some new Chrome feature, they're going to just hire all the C++ devs back again

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And it was bullshit whoever decided to fire him did so, I agree.

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as I said, welcome to open sores, enjoy your stay

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but C++ is gonna be extinct outside greybeard circles

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We need to tell SJWs to fuck off and let them know they're not welcome. That's the problem, not open source.

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Original comment has been flagged and removed now.

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As expected of salty Node.js hipsters. Silencing anyone that opposes them. What a joke of a community.

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Why must SJWs ruin everything that's great in the world? It doesn't matter if it's vidya/anime/programming/technology/whatever, they gotta get involved and ruin it.

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More like "As expected by the Hackernews SJW's" seeing how the place is damn well infested with them and they pretty much run the place. Remember how they went out of their way to censor the warning about SJW's trying to entrap Linus?

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I hough Microsoft is still working on this thing

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>have firefox
>it's a botnet
>get palemoon and noscript
>it's slow as shit
>get opera
>it's a botnet
>get vivaldi
>apparently that's a botnet too
>get ghostery
>apparently that's a botnet too

at what point do we give in?

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>tfw no webM support on safari
>tfw forced to use homofox

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>Any year after 2008

Get with the times grandpa.

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Just use wget

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>get palemoon and noscript
>it's slow as shit
What? It's either as fast or faster than cuckfox. I bet you use bloated adds such as abp like a retard.

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We really have no choice but edge now.

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RMS is truly a man ahead of his time.

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How can any browser be "slow" without javascript?

You fags are seriously arguing loading static pages in 0.1s vs 0.01s?

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palemoon is still on FF 24 base

it is slow as shit

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>download image from https URL
>wget segfaults

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1000 pages would make a difference, who wants to spend so much time waiting?

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I used ublock. I don't think I had too much in the way of bloat on there, it just cannot handle having more than 5 tabs open as well as say, vivaldi.

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Works for me.™

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I just unplugged my network cable and the address bar auto-complete still functions, and functions at a speed and efficiency identical to a connected network.

So while your post may not be entirely fabricated, it probably is.

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Is Ice weasel just Firefox but without copyrighted stuff?

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>FF 24 base
>it is slow as shit
It is on 24 base because that's the last build of FF that didn't suck. FF didn't use to be slow as shit, so I don't know where this 24 base = slow idea comes from. SJW fuckery bloating FF with useless botnets is what made this browser slow as shit.
Literally the only downfall of using outdated base is security, but that is pretty much solved by using noscript+ublock combo.

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>actually falling for this bait

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That's literally what it is.

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rms uses the web like normal people now

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it's back
MozillaEx 2 hours ago | parent

I worked closely with Mozilla during the first few years of Firefox.

It's only the same in name and logo these days.

The hard truth is internal and external politics in the organization were so toxic senior-level programmers who were more risk averse were pushed out.

Imagine taking C++ pros who advised in the creation of W3C/IEEE/etc drafts, and tossing them out in favor of node.js programmers.

The gray hairs were betrayed in favor of node hipsters. Whatever happened to respecting those who made you.

This hits hard. The truth is Mozilla's days of glory are numbered.

Over the coming years the decline will come to eventually wrestle Firefox out of Mozilla's hands and into a normal open source project.

Was all this office backstabbing worth it?

This is what happens when you lose the hacker ethic. It's disappointing.


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so it still has botnet?

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>first response
>"firefox is more relevant now than it was before"
Holy fuck, these people are completely delusional

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>sjw cuck node cuck sjw botnet

love this place

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>thinking this is always accurate
>what is useragent spoofing
>what are a shit ton of firefox forks
Chrome is shit, fuck off.

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I use firefox you jackass, but pretending like its install base hasn't plummeted is insane. Normies aren't useragent spoofing.

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Don't like it? Go back to reddit then.

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>thinking this is always accurate
no need to be, firefox is way behind chrome and/or ie in every statistic out there.

>what is useragent spoofing

nobody* does that.

>what are a shit ton of firefox forks

nobody* uses them

* in comparison to the billions of web-users

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Calling NodeJS guys automatically hipsters sheds some light into this guys world view.

>> No.52001490

>implying 99% of webdevs are flaming hipster millennial faggots

Back to tumblr with you

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Comparing the release dates, Firefox usage peaked with 3.x in 2010, then steadily declined ever since.

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>if its not what i like its from reddit


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>he doesn't use links or w3m
Smdh tbqhwy familia

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Been on gnuzilla to get Icecat, it seems that windows builds have been dropped...

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Because men in those communities are thirsty and willing to do the bidding of SJWs in hope of a sexual reward. SJWs aren't really attacking specific groups, they're just trying out their crap everywhere and then jump on whatever group they find enablers in. They tried a while back to attack metal but gave up quickly when they discovered there were no metalheads willing to be their white knights and the female metalheads didn't want a bunch of tumblristas telling them what to do. SJWs are lazy. They didn't want to put in the effort of doing all the fighting themselves so they moved on to other groups. Without beta white knight enablers, they would have zero power anywhere.

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>Using turbohipster-chromium-based Vivaldi because it supports a viewing style that no longer works on FF
>Firefox relegated to being a script/style sandbox and a third-screen twitch-viewing bitch

As soon as they fuck up their extension support, I'll probably drop it entirely.

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chromium is good right? D:

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Those fucking comments. Do people like that actually passing me in the streets? Fucking disgusting. SJWs are enigma to me , muslim radicals have more logic.

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I wish chromium had full package install instead of being another freetard lego

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> Literally the only downfall of using outdated base is security
Pale Moon does regular security patches, Mozilla still maintains old code, Tor Project also does, plus all the stuff being fixed by PM devs themselves. They have also included other security measures that FF doesnt have, a new XSS filter, an anticanvas fingerprinting technique, among others

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>Loads of people come here from Reddit after seeing our memes posted on /r/4chan and other subreddits
>Always complaining about how they don't like 4chan hating SJW's, 4chan stuff in general and being cancerous newfags in general
>Somehow wrong to tell these cancerous fags to go back to reddit

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someone pls fork it already, I'm sick of this fucking shit

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I use Vivaldi.

Some UI things are annoying but thats it.

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>FF didn't use to be slow as shit
>Palememe is faster than FF

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fucking shill

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>sjw cuck node cuck sjw botnet

wew what place lad

>> No.52005377

>you need to shill the best product there is
>you need to shill toilet paper or soap or clean water etc
how retarded are you?
>omg he breathes through his nose what a fucking normie noooooo mom!!!
kill yourself

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go rad definition of millenialnyou moron

>> No.52005443

look at this shill

>> No.52005453

hand yourself underage imbecile

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This is the new face of technology /g/
Why can't we have nice things /g/?

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Dropped that shit after the forced UI change and the announced of some "social features"

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GNU Iceweasel (included in the FSF recommended distros like Parabola) has botnet and many of the Mozilla Memeprojects removed from it.

>> No.52005559

is this firefox "dev"? please say yes

>> No.52005573

because 4chan is only capable of thinking like this
>sjw cuck node cuck sjw botnet

You can't have much hope for people of this intellect.

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Should I try Vivaldi, or IceCat? Vivaldi looks nice but it is proprietary, correct?

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There is no longer a GNU Iceweasel. What was once GNU Iceweasel is now GNU Icecat. Right now, Debian controls the Iceweasel name for their Debian Iceweasel browser.

>> No.52005617

Does rendering engine does vivaldi use? Also is there adblock for it?

>> No.52005621

4chan confirmed for just one person
I don't hate nodejs, I just hate these SJW people that seems to be polluting the software industry

>> No.52005656

Don't like it? Nobody's stopping you from going back to reddit you know...

>> No.52005660

I always told myself I would stop using Firefox once I finished "reading" the dozens of open tabs and fuckloads of unsorted bookmarks of hentai on it.
But it doesn't gets small.
Instead it grows.

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You should hate node.js though. It's a fucking joke of a technology. These morons think they invented the event loop. Now instead of using a threading library, every application has to do their own thing with threading. You've pushed the complicated shit back up into the application instead of below it.

Good job node.js hipster faggots.

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There is a GNU Iceweasel.
Icecat isn't updated enough to be useful, so many distros use the 'new GNU Iceweasel' which is a fork of the Debian Iceweasel.

Actually, I've just realised they call it iceweasel-libre. Confusing, huh?

>> No.52006060

It's all right, but it's not quite the same, if you get what I mean.

>> No.52006106

It uses Blink, I think. It's basically Chrome with heavy theming. Also, proprietary software.

>> No.52006148

Remember when Firefox/Phoenix first started as a fork because feature creep was killing Netscape Navigator?

Why hasn't that happened again? Is Mozilla that far gone?

>> No.52006165

>"Hurr durr... I don't like this place"
>Someone points out that there's nothing stopping you from going back to where you came from
Just give up already... This is the culture on 4chan and if you don't like it, there's plenty of other sites you can frequent instead.

>> No.52006179

You can install ublock origin.

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Is Cyberfox a good refuge? Or does it still contain some botnet?

>> No.52006289

>le THIS IS 4CHAN meme
get out

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>Browsing the internet
>Not botnet
When will you learn

>> No.52007109

Where is the GNU project page?

>> No.52007709

Really, he's not still worried about being tracked?

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Qupzilla is awesome by virtue of being a barebones webkit browser with a decent QT interface. Typically more stable than Midori but Midori doesn't need all the QT libraries. Download it, try it, keep it if it works for you. I personally can't stand having a tab bar on the top of the screen so I don't use it.

You're thinking of Microsoft's Inori, who's an anime personification of their browser. Inori was scrapped for the whole Halo reference.

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