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>tfw amd gpu

dont even need to turn the heater on during the winter

nvidia fags will never experience this

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They already have in part generations

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tfw nvidia pleb

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>tfw amd gpu

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>tfw bought an nvidia GPU

I always wanted to replace my card every two months because no driver support! It's the way it's meant to be played ™®©

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>Forgetting fermifires

I'm old.

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>tfw nvidia GPU
Don't even need to turn my heater on in the winter

Because nvidia cards don't use that much less than AMD cards. The difference is exaggerated- these are HIGH END CARDS so they guzzle power.
Except in a few cases, like AMD's stupid cards

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feels good to be able to afford heat this time of year, anon-kun.

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no, your card just becomes obsolete 2 years after release.

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Guys help, i have:
AMD fx-8320
Asus m5a99x evo r2.0
I installed an artic alpine 64 plus but I think that is not enough, when I play dota, after like 10 Min my pc shuts down. Temperature is too high. Do i have to buy a new cooler?
I got a cooler master force 500 case midi. What do i need? Help pls

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i don't even play in the summer with my amd

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better thanit being obsolete on the day of purchase, family

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What's the best R9 390 if I don't want it to run loud, and also want to overclock in the future?

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I'm going to enjoy my Phenom whilst I still have it
running furmark makes my room pretty warm

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tfw summer

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Your GPU must have caused global warming because it's 12 C here and the apartment is comfy enough with Nvidia.

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Is this actually true?

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Yes, pls tell me

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Maybe your mobo isn't controlling fans correctly

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is there any easy program i can run in the background to get my gpu going?

my house is cold and i don't feel like playing a game

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Jokes on you. I'm running 2 570s.

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toms hardware told me the 980ti was amazing fast

but when it came in the mail it only stood to be 5fps faster on average than my old radeon 290X

i payed $800 for my 5fps so i'm going to shill nvidia harder than anyone else

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Mine bitcoin

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How can i know?

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Monitor your temps and run a stress test, find out what's overheating and work from there

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Cpu temperatures are very high, when I manage to turn my pc on after it shuts down, temperature is 70 degrees

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Intel Hd Graphics always wins bby

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that is all

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If you shut your computer down then fire it back up again, of course the temperatures are going to be just as high. The CPU cooler needs power to operate; if power isn't supplied by the PSU because you shut your computer off, it won't cool jack. Same with a motor vehicle; it takes a long time for a big metal object to cool after the power has been removed from the cooling system.

Perhaps refrain from running the benchmark, let your computer cool until temps fall to their idle rate, then run the benchmark again. Might be your fan, might be thermal paste application. Can you actually see your CPU cooler working?

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>nvidia cards don't use that much less
The tdp of the gtx 970 is 145w
The tdp of two gtx 970s is 290w
The tdp of the r9 390 is 275w
Wew lad

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>retard who doesn't know that TDP doesn't mean power usage

Ironically enough, you actually made a point because TDP is THERMAL design power, aka how much heat the card dissipates, NOT the energy used. You're still retarded though.

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Yes it works

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I save a fortune on my heating bill - the more I vidya the warmer I get.

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Wow. You are really stupid. Ever heard of physics? Where should the power than go?

All the energy your card consumes dissipate in heat.

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>there is absolutely no connection between the amount of energy used by the card and the amount of energy it dissipates in the form of heat
>the fact that the 390 card wastes produces 275W worth of heat doesn't necessarily mean it's less efficient, and needs more power for the same performance
Wew lad

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op here, exact same situation, except im not lucky enough to have an AMD FX oc'd, im stuck with an i5 4xxx. damn thing is too efficient

>heat is at 68 outside of my room
>my room is 72 degrees, feels warmer than that

just another reason PC>console

just closed a game so its still pretty toasty, gpu was at 60 while playing

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>Meanwhile, at AMD........

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I have no idea of how that word got in there
Brought to you by Xperia keyboard™

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m8 I think that electric heaters cost more than gas

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>broken sensors

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I still have an ASUS HD 6850
default clocks were 790cpu and 4000mem,

had to overclock to 900cpc and 4400mem, slight voltage increase, in order to play fallout 4.

Temperature is like 60c. Fan is like "meh"


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I keep a Fermi in the second PCI-e slot especially for this.

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The CPU measurement on the motherboard is done by a diode under the CPU.
Somehow that diode is measuring temperatures higher than the diodes in your CPU.

You've got a problem mate.

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Trash CPU that brings the VRMs to their knees with that insane power draw

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>You've got a problem mate.

Thermonuclear vrms is what.

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>meanwhile Nano, Fury and Fury X are more evergy efficient than Maxwell v2
>meanwhile 3xx series of slightly tweaked rebrands is still enough to compete with "like oh so efficient" nvidia junk

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10 years ago Intel were the absolute god emperors of housefires

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>tfw florida
>need air conditioning on during winter

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Technically speaking at stock clocks the 300/fury cards outperform Nvidia at every level when playing at 4k. You HAVE to overclock a 980ti to match a fury x for example.

The titan x stands alone as there is no AMD equivalent really.

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>recycling nvidia fermi memes
enyvdicucks are this desperate

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