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Launched a program last week I wrote in autoit, but had errors after launch I tested through but realized my registration code was fucked and had to revamp it because the free one I found online online wouldn't do, and 5 people bought by the third day and I had customers up my ass. It's finals week as well. I stayed up 2 days, still couldn't fix the issue, studied 3 hours, took an exam, then passed out for 10 hours. Stated up for 30 hours again. Tried to find solutions on Upwork, but this first guy thinks giving me "pointers" without me paying him will suffice when I just want him to do my fucking work for me. But another few people are on the job. I found a person on freelancer after the kids initial guy could only give me pointers, and I had no time for that, but this guy from Bangladesh made me pay him 50 percent before showing me code. I'm pretty sure I got scanned $150 from him but I've accepted that. I implemented a good registration code from the first guy that wouldn't do his work, so I finally got my product out 4 days late, and I lost my momentum, but at least it's out. I have it priced above what I was originally aiming for, so I'm going to have a Christmas sale in a few days to boost sales now that my product name and price is in people's minds. I'm selling this on a forum.

Any tips or advice? I have a guy converting it to c#, and I'm going to add a lot of features to it to make an amazing product, and it's subscription based of course. I want to sell as much as possible to get money to pay for coders and, well, Im in the negative.

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