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Speccy thread:richfag edition

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it's okay to be jelly (x

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Install ublock origin you asshole

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Keep wasting your money richfag. I'm perfectly fine with my 383

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This is my really expensive tablet. It almost cost 50€

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Also has some very interesting BIOS options. I wonder what would happen if I changed this setting.

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Does this count as richfag?

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>shitty monitors
>OS probably installed on HDD even though you have an SSD

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Which one should I upgrade to
FX-8320 or FX-8350?

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8320, 8350 is just an overclocked 8320 and therefore a waste of money when you can just set the multiplier / volts up in the bios manually for the same / better performance

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My daily for the last 6 years.

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thanks, thats kind of what i thought too
all I want is decent frames in csgo, so 8320 should suffice

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OS is on my SSD. Monitors are shitty because they were free so I didn't bother spending more dosh on newer ones.

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no, this does though

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i5 4690k OC @ 4.4GHz

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I'm the richest fag on this board

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That would probably run better with Vista or 7

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>consumer laptop

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Thanks bro

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how well would Fallout run?

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You can't beat me faggots

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Bonus option if the price is right: 8320e due to the lower voltage it needs - simply clock it up as high as you can cool it.

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Wow, that is bad.
Enjoy your heat and deteriorating hardware

On my 8350, I hit over 5ghz under 1.4v a while back
And 5.5ghz on 1.55v a while back

Don't advocate these kind of unsafe overclocks to people. 1.4v is high, and 1.43 even higher. Not that short runs will do anything, but for 1.43v I would expect 5.0ghz easily.

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>gayming laptop
Fucking reatrd

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I use it for digital media and Adobe Suite, 3dsmax, Rhino, etc. I'm an architect student.

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>richfag edition
>posts an average pc

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Torrent it and try it out faggot
It's unoptimized shit so it'll run just not amazing.

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>someone who actually invested in his studies by getting a decent laptop
You dun good bro. Most people skimp on computer-related stuff.

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We use the same theme anon

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>780 Ti
Are you me? Also, nice stock cooler senpai

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How's the battery life?

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it doesn't actually

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What voltage did you set to get to 4.4

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I'm rich af desu

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>980 Ti
For what pvrpose

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144hz monitor

also why the hell not?

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can't beat my i9

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id like to see how that does after an hour of prime95

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Some of these make me not feel bad about my build which is over 2 years old now.

Been thinking about a fresh build though but just doesn't seem like hardware has really made big enough jumps that much of my stuff is too outdated.
Might just get new monitors, and a new 2-3TB HDD.

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Some of these make me not feel bad about my build which is over 2 years old now.

Been thinking about a fresh build though but just doesn't seem like hardware has really made big enough jumps that much of my stuff is too outdated.
Might just get new monitors, and a new 2-3TB HDD.

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stock cooler on which?

It doesn't show but the cpu is at 4.7 ghz

Stock cooler on the GPU though.

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yeah i'm a super rich fag.

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Am I Cool enough?

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>46 at idle
nigguh you best be alt tabbed out of a game or have like 3 monitors

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Man, if you guys are so rich, where are your raid 0 setups?

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I live in the carribean, so it's kind of hot, like always.

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>not having a separate storage server.

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real richfag here xD

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damn dude that sucks. you ever try setting custom fan curves using msi afterburner?

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a big upgrade from an amd fx 4xxx line. well satisfied with the performance.

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wel memd

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I could try. But it sure would make it a bit louder and since the case is right beside me. 46c is that hot for idle, anyway?

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>. you ever try setting custom fan curves using msi afterburner?
im gaming :P

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What the fuck is that thing

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How's that 7970 performance treating you?

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honestly it is a bit high. what are your temps under load? thats what really matters the most

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>tfw poor but still have a decent computer

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What thing?

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it doesn't go beyond 70c at 100% usage

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Are my temps ok?

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Im gaming!

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you wot

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what are they like under load?

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thats not too bad. Even with a slight fan curve you could bring that down a bit

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I'll see what I can do I. Thanks anon.

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Yes im playing gta 5 right now (ultra settings)

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I don't know why Speccy always reports my CPU temps as wrong as they are.

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There is a reason why older benchmarks match yours and newer ones have them closer to my chart. These days a 780 (non ti) is often competing against a 7970.

Even in this pic a 280x isn't the mile behind a 780ti it should be.

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Good job posting a nvidia title that LITERALLY renders an extremely tessellated INVISIBLE OCEAN under the player model to abuse the fact the nvidia penalty is 10~20% of the average fps, vs 30~40% (amd's).

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dual cpu reporting in

>> No.51882707

when you alt tab out your temps are going to drop to normal idle temps so thats not accurate

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The tessellated ocean is crysis 2, not 3.

>> No.51882749

more like latino edition

>> No.51882754


Speccy will report sub ambient temps for FX chips because speccy cannot into AMD's sensor (which I believe is the same on their newer chips as well).

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How much does such a setup cost today? The CPUs are 6 years old now so they should not be that expensive.

>> No.51882832

most expensive bit was the motherboard
cpu's are peanuts, those ones were either $40 each or $20 each

>> No.51882913

Had my Intel core 2 duo E7500 for 5 euros, so yeah its cheap

>> No.51882938

Yeah, but who wants a C2D these days

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These charts could also be different clocks. Not to mention the 380X is a SLIGHT bit better than the 7970, and it's price reflects that.

I'm not saying a 780 ti wasn't rediculously expensive when it came out, but used nowadays you can get them for a similar price as a 380X

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Step aside, plebeian.

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Poorfag build I put together out of mostly spare parts/free/on sale parts. Going to a friend of mine who got a used 280x to pop in it.

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I'm poor as fuck, /g/.

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How do you only h ave a 2GB 980 ti?

>> No.51883158


Thats missing the point - the 780ti should be competing against a 290x when it clearly isn't anymore. You shouldn't be able to get a 7970/280x even close to reference clocked 780ti performance as thats two whole tiers of performance above it. Remember: the 7970 existed to dethrone a 680.

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Not as rich as some of you. Still pick up $1500 Ultra Gaming Rigs on CL erryday.

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But how can that be, When the 780 ti was beating the 970 in benchmarks when the 970 was released, and every chart you've linked has it sitting above the 780 ti?

I bet it has something to do with the 3GB limitations when the 380x has 4GB

And if that's the case then 1080p benchmarks would reflect that, and 1440p benchmarks of newer games would obviously bring them closer.

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No 780ti, but the 280x is nibbling on a 970. Tahiti truly is GOAT.

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As long as you don't count my water cooling kit i'm middle class

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Do you think this has something to do with mantle? the 290x clearly competed with the 780 ti before, but not now. I guess AMD just nailed it with their software updates.

>> No.51883360


Given the game does not support mantle I do not believe that is a factor. I also severely doubt AMD nailed their driver updates to that degree so there is clearly something else going on.

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Oh well, honestly I'm still happy with mine. Tbh I was going to get a 290x 2 years ago but this was when they just came out and were on back order for months because of mining. 780 ti was in stock and it was a very generous gift.

I don't play many graphic intensive games anymore anyways, and if I was I'd save up and get a Titan X because triple monitor gaming

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i have one as well and for somereason it shows the same on speccy, but on everything else it shows the full amount

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fuck that shit, who cares what it's branded to do, the specs are fucking high. also not me you replied to.

this guy gets it

if I'm getting a laptop, I want it to last. the ROG badge does not negate specs.

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Do I count?

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>those displays
>almost 2016
Sure anon... You're rich...

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Do I count?

>> No.51883568

>ROG badge does not negate specs.
It does negate battery life
You know, the reason why I want a laptop is for mobile usage

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>that Intel SSD 750 1.2TB
How's it treating you friend. Thinking about getting one as well.

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yeeeeeeeeeah motherbitches come fuck with me!

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you could cut back on that voltage and save you some heat

>> No.51883741

Learn how to screenshot focused windows and maybe you will find a job.

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>his shitbox can even run Speccy at all
disqualified desu

>> No.51883787

Install win2k, then you can run the first release of speccy

>> No.51883808

hows the third world treating you, anon

>> No.51883828

At least get a Geforce 6

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no gpu I know this but here I am.

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>retarded scaling
What the fuck are you doing

>> No.51884350

im using a 42inch tv for monitor. whats wrong with explorer?

>> No.51884366

>whats wrong with explorer?
What the fuck are you doing on this website?

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enjoying your digits, help me out faggot. what do I DO??? you make me feel 2 inches tall

>> No.51884418

1. Lurk more
3. Read our wiki: https://wiki.installgentoo.com/index.php/Main_Page

>> No.51884463

fuck your Gentoo bullshit, and im trying to lurk here and ask a few questions but I get these responses. should I be using firefox instead?

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>> No.51884498

nt4 is too cozy
there's nothing like the feeling of accomplishment I get when you manage to install software without breaking the system

>> No.51884522

wew lad
As I said, lurk more before posting

>> No.51884527

Prime 95 celcius, kek

>> No.51884549

are you a digits wizard? im very new to internet shite, thanks for the help friend.

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Should I buy an i5 4590 with shit mobo or R9 380 4GB and PSU?

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File: 741 KB, 1440x900, speccy 4930K.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

more like speccy thread: animu edishon

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File: 70 KB, 675x529, spec.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

surprised how many people fell for the win10 meme

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File: 40 KB, 880x573, Untitled2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.51884805

Surprised how many people can live without virtual desktops with specs like this ;>

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File: 1.43 MB, 1920x1080, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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I'm surprised people can live without SPINNAN CUBEZ.

>> No.51884937

>windows 10 invented virtual desktops
You could get them since windows 95. With an MS tool.

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Yep, rich as a jew.

Good laptop though.

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funny you mention it, I have been looking at either a Geforce 6200 or trying to find an ATI Radeon HD2600 or better PCI card. The machine doesn't have an AGP slot on it which severely limits what I can get for it.

If I can find one, an HD2600 has GPU based H264 video acceleration so at the very least I can watch video without it being a slideshow.

>> No.51885251


pretty well. This is the machine I use 50% of the time for my consulting business. The other 50% of the time it's a WinXP VM on my laptop.

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