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To help nomies or newbies out to what CPU are good or bad I guess...
Or just to show what CPU you have , in reality i don't care just be nice and have fun !!!

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kill yourself.

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what the fuck is this thread lmao

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fX-8350 OP. I'm not embarrassed of my shit because I don't have anything owned by slimy jews.

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That CPU is a potential housefire

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I recently got a new r9 380, and now I'd like to upgrade my old Nehalem i5 750 and a shit intel motherboard.

What I would love to know is, if I mostly just play video games, is it worth getting something like i5 4690k, or will 4460 and such be enough?

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An 840K will be enough for vidya.

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Bite your tongue of and force feed it to the next person you see.

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I will find you. You have 24 hours. :)

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get the 4690k. 4460 is fine for now but with the 4690k you got some extra power and better future proofing. highly worth it.

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Actually it runs cooler than comparable Intel CPU.

My AMD 8320 4.5 Ghz CPU limits itself to 50-60C if I remember right.

My 3770K can hit up to 90+C on OC.

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fx 8350, i've got mine oc'd to 4.7ghz stable and on 24/7

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>My 3770K can hit up to 90+C on OC.
are you crazy nigga

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I'm gonna need my PC for rendering and currently have an FX 6300, problem is my motherboard only supports AMD. Should I just get a better AMD CPU, or go Intel + new motherboard?

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just get an 8350 and overclock it.

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Just get a better CPU. A 9590 + water cooler is almost twice as powerful as the 6300. You could also try your luck with an 8350/8320 and try to OC it to 4.7 GHZ with a water cooler.

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Will stick with AMD for now then, thanks.

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is the 8350 worth the extra bucks than a 8320?
Here the difference is 40eu and I'm on a tight budget.

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What do you render with? Is 6300 slow?

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I just got a 5930k the other day for $400, was I ripped off?

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On intel burn test/prime95 stress test.

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No - they are the same chip at different clocks. Just overclock the 8320 to 8350 speeds and its identical. Bonus option: If the price is good the 8320e is the king of AMD cpus really.

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What psu do you have

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Super Flower 750w leadex gold. Top quality unit because 1) thats a lot of juice to suck when stressed and 2) wanted a psu that will last forever.

If power draw is curbed for arctic islands i'm severely tempted to go for a crossfire system.

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Damn I have a similar configuration except fx-8350, but a b600 cm PSU. Haven't done one overclocking at all

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Well 750w is overkill - if I can source a cheap 290x I will go for crossifre right now but I have custom cooling on my existing gpu that eats up a lot of space in my case.

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i5 750 is Lynnfield
4690k is a no-brainer if you overclock. If you don't, don't.
860k is the same fucking speed as Lynnfield quads
Yes, AMD is THAT far behind.

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Get old dual LGA 1366 workstation and two hex-core Xeons.

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my desu, the 8320E its the best amd cpu, you can convert it even to a 9590.

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4690k performs great in vidya. can confirm

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>tfw your i7 6700k crashes when triying to 5ghz
I'll try again manually or cry because I lost the silicon lotery

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In general the 8320e and 8370e are the cream of the fx line - the low base clocks are just a ruse to catch plebs.

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the 9950 or w/e its called is the housefire, that cpu in OPs pic is actually good.

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The 8320 is bottom-bin. You can verify on HWBot.org if you want. It's still a fine CPU, but higher-end SKUs will overclock better, especially the 8370e and the 9xxx series.

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Not especially - all of the 8 core fx chips are primarily thermally limited rather than limited by silicon lottery. hell the overclocking differences between the 8320e and 8370e are only really relevant when hitting over 5ghz.

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I don't think 90+°C are actually THAT high under load.
My old PCs GPU went up to 120+°C and my old CPU when close to 100°C.
CPU was Core2Quad Q8300 and GPU was 8800GTX btw.

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Current intel chips start throttling at around 90c. FX AMD chips are good for about 70c before throttling.

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I'm a proud owner of an AMD cpu. The reason is not that it's good, it runs cool or anything. I just don't want intel running this business. As soon as a better alternative shows up, I'll ditch AMD too.

Additionally it was cheap and runs decent. Actually I don't think 90% of casual users would notice the difference from an intel cpu.

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