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Am I the only one who thinks netbooks aren't comfy? And this is supposed to be the worst one out there. Its not that bad.

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>Not comfy

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I fucked up. There goes the thread.

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Man I want one. Where can I get one?

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I guess it could be if you had baby hands and love hitting function key combos for everything.

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If it weren't for shitty companies making bad quality hardware and pawning it off as decent when netbooks were in their most popular days maybe they'd still be a thing

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OP here.
I got my asus eee pc701 a long time ago back when netbooks were a meme. These days, a good netbook can be bought at a very affordable price and good specs. I wouldn't recommend the one I have. Its a little bit outdated and only has a 4gb ssd. You can run a light linux distro on it though.

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They were never meant to be good and were only a stopgap in the months before tablets were viable. I don't hate them as a concept, but have no need for it with a full sized laptop. Sort of like I have no need for a tablet with a full sized laptop and a phone.

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Personally. I like netbooks for the kawaii factor. :^)
A tablet these days is more practical. But i like having a keyboard (despite it being small).

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In conclusion - Netbooks are the comfiest thing in the universe (fuck tablets desu).

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I love how I can just easily use my netbook on my bed. Sometimes I take mine to class. I get a few laughs from classmates here and there but I don't mind. Then again, they are all CS majors with Alienware laptops. :^)

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Can you recommend any netbooks?

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I have 0 issue with netbooks, assuming that you're a smart person and have *some* sort of linux distro and not the default winblows. don't get me wrong, i love windows. mostly cause its my personal SteamOS :^)

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If you are going to get any netbook, don't go for an old one like OP's. There are a few modern netbooks out there (most of them are chromebooks). Pick one that you like the most. Also look for reviews too. I don't think there really is some sort of buyers guide to netbooks. They were never really popular desu senpai. If you get an old asus eee pc model though, you can always boot some lightweight Linux distro. Just don't expect it to be bleeding edge.

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no bully please

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Windows is a general no go for any netbook in my Opinion. They shine the best with Linux on them. Preferably none that is customized to run off the limitations.

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Netbooks are really comfy, the smaller ones aren't too good for my eyes but the 12 inch screen is the sweet spot.

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OP here.
I made a little mistake with my spelling. I actually love my netbook despite being very dated.

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Who needs processing power anyways!

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I love netbooks and portables

I don't do hardware intensive computing on my portable devices when I can compile remotely so if it loads webpages fine on gnu/linux it's great for me. With the right portables and netbooks you can get fantastic battery life too

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I'm one of those CS majors...

Be a jelly

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>pen spinning
>pocket monsters

This is an 18+ website.

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Nice setup, I really wish they still made that formfactor. I heard there was some chinese group that sells modern motherboards that can fit x60/x61s, they also sell 4:3 IPS displays.

Also what anime are you watching anon?

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I'm 25

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I find them comfy, but that's because I'm a super manlet.

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yeah I bet it makes a great picture viewer

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Used to have the 700, so I have a soft spot for it.
But even I thought the keyboard was little cramped.

Still got my Dell Mini9, but as much as I love it, want to get rid of it while it's still worth something. Maybe replace it with one of those $100 Windows tablets.

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You're like a revolver ocelot but with pens. You're pretty gud.

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Cool shit. That anon is jeally as fuck.

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i got a 701 when they first released in 2007, but i sold it a bit later

this was a bit before i got into linux though, i regret selling it now

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You must give amazing handjobs

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I wish I could buy a decently powerful netbook. 10.1" screen 8gb ram 2500 gb ssd and i5 proc. That would be the dream. Light portable useful. Tablets are consumption items mostly useless for practical usage.

I'm stuck with a shitty heavy and huge x220 tablet thinkpad. Its powerful enough but too big and heavy and its noticeable as any thing when going cycling theres a big brick(x220) in my backpack.

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Your legs are cuter than the fags in /bst/.

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I find netbooks pretty comfy

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Very cool trick. I like it!

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Why are you wearing your jizzrag?

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>first netbooks start out tiny and cute
>they get bigger
i dont get it

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They are a bit outdated at this point. You can do some really basic stuff on it though like media, simple web browsing, documentation, and shitposting.

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Wait a minute..... StreetGuru?

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Ah yes, because my semen happens to smear just like paint

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>x220 is too big
u wot m8?

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Whatever gave you that idea anon?

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I want the new Macbooks form factor, battery life and pixel density, 4:3 aspect ratio, with IBM Thinkpad Keys and an i5 processor with a discreet GPU. What are the chances of someone making that?

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that's the entire point of netbooks though

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I am not sure if an X230 counts as a netbook, but I guess at the sub-13" category it is a pretty small laptop, and very fast and nice for what it is.

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Yep. Tablets before they started becoming popular for mental reasons. They still do a bit more than tablets in my opinion. I don't like touch screens all that much.

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The walls, and the stacks of stuff, the picture quality. Sorry if I am wrong, it just looks very familiar.

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12" 4:3 laptops are comfiest to me, 10" is as small as I can comfortably use the keyboard, 7" is just novelty

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Nice desk area, anon!

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>7" is just novelty
Someone just needs to design a keyboard that works well at that form factor something like a 20%

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no exactly what you are looking for, but the X201 may work.

>the new Macbooks form factor
much thicker, but same screen size
>battery life and pixel density
You can get the same battery life with a 9cell, but the pixel density will not be as good.
Eh, 16:10 is pretty close, closer than modern stylings.
>IBM ThinkPad Keys
>descreet GPU
some models have this strange dedicated GPU, but most shipped with intel iGPUs.

You may as well give it a shot, you can find them for under $100 in the US. Other than that, I am not sure.

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Thank you! It is pretty comfy!

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that is some gorgeous lightning

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I have two Toshiba NB505s in my basement. They seem to be pretty good PCs, the battery life is pretty awesome, but the intel Atom in them is pretty darn slow. I am not really sure what to do with them.

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This is kinda what it would look like but picture a more modern typesetted IBM Thinkpad keyboard instead of the chiclet keyboard.

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I am (for all intensive purposes) a netbook

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"for all intents and purposes"

you utterly fucking moronic american

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I have a Lenovo S10-3 that was comfy albeit slow in its day. It can't do anything anymore with a single core Atom though. Thinking about getting a Thinkpad x101e to replace it, those look like dank little portables

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Eh, I am not a huge fan of the idea. One of the reasons why I don't like the new MacBook a lot is because it is so thin. I like thicker laptops.

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I hole-hardedly agree, but allow me to play doubles advocate here for a moment. For all intensive purposes I think you are wrong. In an age where false morals are a diamond dozen, true virtues are a blessing in the skies. We often put our false morality on a petal stool like a bunch of pre-Madonnas, but you all seem to be taking something very valuable for granite. So I ask of you to mustard up all the strength you can because it is a doggy dog world out there. Although there is some merit to what you are saying it seems like you have a huge ship on your shoulder. In your argument you seem to throw everything in but the kids Nsync, and even though you are having a feel day with this I am here to bring you back into reality. I have a sick sense when it comes to these types of things. It is almost spooky, because I cannot turn a blonde eye to these glaring flaws in your rhetoric. I have zero taller ants when it comes to people spouting out hate in the name of moral righteousness. You just need to remember what comes around is all around, and when supply and command fails you will be the first to go. Make my words, when you get down to brass stacks it doesn't take rocket appliances to get two birds stoned at once. It's clear who makes the pants in this relationship, and sometimes you just have to swallow your prize and accept the facts. You might have to come to this conclusion through denial and error but I swear on my mother's mating name that when you put the petal to the medal you will pass with flying carpets like it’s a peach of cake.

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new pasta?

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Old pasta

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>getting rid of the glorious trackpad

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I got this the other day for 170 AUD after my asus 1001ha finally bit the dust since being tortured for half a decade.
In the process of making it super comfy to take over. The bay trail T processor is quite a refreshing update in speed.

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nothing beats a good chromebook

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Have you installed Chrubuntu or any other OS as a dual boot?

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i was using an ubuntu crouton for a while, but i didnt really use it for anything ChromeOS cant do

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>except just about everything.

Asus 1015pn owner here, love this thing.

>NVidia gt310m

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Essentially the same form factor and the weight, but minus the suck.

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That is clearly bokura no wargame, or part 3 of the digimon movie if you don't speek weeb. Anon there is a shotacon with taste in besto boi.

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>uses linux
>spins a pen
>has a thinkpad
>looks thin

Is probably a super cute asian femboi who I should pulverize with my genitalia.

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Tablets suck shit for the kind of tasks I'd want a netbook for though, they run a dumbed down phone OS that can't properly multitask and touch keyboards are a hand-cramping chore to type on for extended periods of time while taking up all of the screen real estate. Keyboard cases are usually shit quality, and require annoying as fuck separate charging cables and Bluetooth syncing. Not to mention tablets have zero expansion capability whatsoever outside of maybe an SD card slot.

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While I like a good netbook with a handhold when I'm going poo Indian style, I prefer the thinkpad giganticus with a full keyboard, a proper clitmouse and and thee hard drives full of bullshit and pornograghy. I'm thinking about really bugging it up and getting an eGPU and something to hook it to.

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and 5x the price minimum

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if you want new: ideapad 100s, hp stream, cloudbook can all be had for under $200 .
if you want old: search ebay for netbooks.

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There's nothing comfy about netbooks.

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>tablets are modern day netbooks

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Yes, shitty build quality and fuck awful tn comfy

Should i need to tell you about performance?

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I own a netbook and web browsing is painful

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>buy $100 chromebook
>remote desktop into server

all the power and mobility without any of the cost

>> No.51798204

I had a MSI Wind. It was a very cute little machine, not a speed demon, but enough for web browsing, document editing and C programming. Sadly the hinges were bad and they both broke. I'm thinking of buying a new one soon, maybe the HP stream.

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used to have a pc like this, was goat desu

>> No.51798985

can this be done on larger scales?
Maybe a giant super computer that everyone can "remote desktop" into using cheaper computers, and pay per hour or something

>> No.51799016

>intensive purposes

>> No.51799033

Yes, and they already existed. They were called mainframes.

>> No.51799051

is there a reason this isnt more widespread?
people who need to use computers for more hardware intensive purposes no longer need to buy a desktop capable of doing so, but only need to connect to these "mainframes"

>> No.51799068

I love how it slowly transformed into Ricky.

>> No.51799084

>uses intensive purposes correctly in a sentence

>> No.51799130

mainframes died because personal computing became a thing.

Not to mention old mainframes were little to be desired.

You can still see this in high performance computing with super computers where people remote in to make use of via timesharing.

I'm sure there's an untapped potential to capture cheap netbook users into a timesharing system. It's just a matter of convincing them it's worth it. You would no doubt have to pay monthly or pay by cpu time which can add up. Also latency can be really a bitch, and in general you're fucked when you're in an area with no connection.

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Behold the netbook king, the master of comfyness

>> No.51799170

i see.
thank lots for the information.

maybe this would be more practical when connection is everywhere and latency is no longer a problem.

>> No.51799194

>like a hot knife into your crotch

>> No.51799211

>Has to throttle so it doesn't cook the CPU

>> No.51799225

> implying there're netbooks that doesn't throttle

>> No.51799242

this makes me sound like a real whiny fag, but is it TOO thin?

the same way some phones have become too large for handheld use

i would be nervous to throw that in a backpack desu

>> No.51799247

The main issue is bringing down the cost of buying time on the server. If a average user can get away with a $500 laptop they will do that over $100 notebook + $xx monthly fee or some pay by cpu time

>> No.51799250

Most at least have a fan to move some air

>> No.51799256

moved up to an x230, but it's fun to have a little shitbox to fuck around in

>> No.51799263

Timesharing systems were literally how computing began, they just aren't prevalent as much as they used to be since most businesses can now get their accounting and document processing done just fine on local commodity hardware.

Mainframes never died. They just became more specialized for specific use cases, mostly in the financial and retail industries.

>> No.51799287

damn, that's a gorgeous device

>> No.51799299

I hate the shitty low res screens and horrible trackpads. I'd rather use a tablet.

>> No.51799301

I feel this way too, we reached the point of diminishing returns with thickness for real-world portability a couple years ago, shit like the new MB just look like lobotomized tablet wannabes with no ports or utility.

>> No.51799319

there's no reason to not consume all your media shit in atleast 1080p in almost 2016

>> No.51799395

macbooks and ultrabooks are garbage that are not comfy at all

that is a good enough reason for me

(also some of us use our portable computers for actual work rather than shit that would be better done with our media centers instead)

>> No.51799419


Do the newer macbook airs still have the taper? That kind of ruins it for me. I wish they'd just make a model that has the air motherboard in the 2012 MBP chassis and just stuff all that space with battery.

Also the nice thing about those old netbooks nowadays is how cheap they are, which means I'm not too worried about them getting stolen or stepped on in a backpack or something. My little Dell mini 910 goes lots of places with me in my backpack while my MBP basically just sits at home because it was expensive and I don't like risking it.

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macbooks are literally the best bang/buck and great resolutions at this point.

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my comfy station senpai

>> No.51799485

dumb frogposter

>> No.51799498

who gives a fuck? I buy technology to make my life easier and more enjoyable, not maximize my mindless consumption of cheap chinese shit

>> No.51799499

I like netbooks but they need ti be more powerful and better with temps

>> No.51799559

I fucking love netbooks. I jhave a 7 inch screen 701 eeepc I upgraded by soldering in a USB flash drive. I just need to either get a 10 inch screen 901, or get a new battery for this and I'll be happy as fuck

>> No.51799573

this was literally how computers were done 30+ years back, with mainframes, terminals, and time sharing

>> No.51799603

ohhh. what make/model is that?

>> No.51799617


Does that thing have a TV tuner?

I wish my computer did. Only thing I own that has one is my phone, abd it is kinda slow.

>> No.51799626


That is how my uni does it.

It is a slow, terrible mess.

>> No.51799639

i'm basically blind so netbooks are too small for me.

>> No.51799654

Netbooks are anything but comfy. Small, low res screen, slow storage, no processing power, no memory.
>but you can upgrade it
you can also just buy a better notebook
>but my browsing on a train
again, a lightweight notebook
>but my browsing in bed/bathroom
literally seek help

>> No.51799785

Guy with a thinkpad here, is the idea pad at all comparable? Using a T420 right now but I could always use more computers.

>> No.51799848

I want an old netbook but I want something better than 1024x600 and preferably better than 1366x768 but in a 10" or smaller formfactor.

Does something like this exist?

I already have a tablet but that can't run my preferred distro and neither can other tablets.

>> No.51800123

It doesn't have one. I miss having those though.

>> No.51800139

I've got a samsung netbook for my teaching job, but I'm upgrading to a Macbook Pro soon, the netbooks just don't cut it anymore, underpowered and can barely run Chrome.

>> No.51800672

A friend of mine was editing photos on some Acer netbook.
Absolute madman

>> No.51800759

i want a leemote like rms

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macbook 12" masterrace reporting in

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File: 3.68 MB, 4192x3104, P51211-104806.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


No homo

>> No.51800799



>> No.51800835

pls no bully

>> No.51800899


I am tempted to get a usb one from Yodobashi, but I hear Windows 10 has no TV Tuner support.

>> No.51801288

what tablet is that?

>> No.51801569

i have a 12 inch laptop

it's pretty comfy

wouldn't want anything larger

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File: 49 KB, 524x700, Comfy Cat _ 1Funny.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They're super comfy.

They're not for work, but for shitposting. I can see how the keyboard might be a problem if you have fat hands or are Giantor. Requesting picture of your giant hands next to a common item for reference.

>> No.51801719

Really? Mine did it really well. Linux workstations with my files available from anywhere. Could even interact with other logged in users over the network.

>> No.51802138

>ideapad 100s
this one looks good besides the 32GB eMMC. Are there going to be any problems with Linux on these?

>> No.51802268

What is the definition of a netbook?

>> No.51802333


Tech department at my school is....lacking.

Our e-mail uses this shitty "active-mail" system. We are all assigned random letters and numbers for usernames, and teachers (who actually get named accounts) are all limited to 8 characters.

>> No.51802345

nothing specific, typically just a notebook that is "small", such as one with a <11" screen or so (some people count anything up to 13")

not neccesarily a PC (in the ibm-compatible sense), typically low end/cheap

>> No.51802603

>Windows 10 has no TV Tuner support
Microsoft dropped media center with windows 10. You can (I believe) still use third party software for this purpose though. There is a microsoft branded usb tv tuner for xbox one so I assume that everything still would work fine.

>> No.51802629

I believe it is essentially any laptop-like portable device that is designed around media consumption or web browsing, ie tablets*, umpcs, chromebooks, etc

It is common for netbooks to be entry level tier hardware though. I am disapointed because I want a decent computer but I don't want a 14" or 17" model to have to lug around or a hopelessly outdated 9" with an n270 and 1024x600 tn screen.

>> No.51802667

Tfw T-420 cant into netbook comfyness.

>> No.51802671


I tried but couldn't get any drivers for my tuner. Even the W7 ones wouldn't work. Couldn't find any good program either.

>> No.51802746

Sorry, I can't help out there. I still use W7 on my tv tuner pc SOLELY for media center.

If this thread is still up in three hours, I'll report back on my TV tuner with windows 10. I still have the windows 7 software and drivers and I can test it out. I have a feeling it's just a driver issue though.

>> No.51802809

They are comfy, aren't they? The keyboard dies take a little getting used to. The current netbooks (stream 11, x205ta, cloudbook) are really good. I got the Asus for $200 Canadian bones. Love it. My next will definitely be a ultrabook. Can't go back to a thicker laptop. Netbooks are awesome machines now for the price.

>> No.51802855

The current netbooks run celerons and atoms,whicd Intel doesn't provide drivers for to make use of Linux. I know, I tried. I have a x205ta, and wanted to dual boot.

Thankfully, with does is super good on it even wit 2gb of RAM. Gestures actually work (a problem with some distros I've tried on other machines) and battery life is insanely good.

>> No.51802872


Most likely what it is. It is a cheap Toshiba all in one.

Might switch back to 7, but the computer is never really used so I can't be fucked.

Tempted to get a TV tuner card, but I think I may as well just buy a NASNE so everything on my network can access the TV.

>> No.51802885


media center is the problem since it is no longer part of the core windows install. I have my windows 7 Pro PC still functioning as a DVR and refuse to upgrade

>> No.51802974

I used to have a tvtuner in my main pc. I always wanted to convert a spare pc into a nas/htpc/tvtuner box so I could record and stream tv to all of my devices. But then I stopped paying for cable and I haven't been happier. I still have all the hardware but with no cable, there's no point in even using it. I'm retiring the box as soon as I can replace it with a lower power equivalent and I still have the pci tv tuner in a drawer. I also have a usb tuner that I have absolutely no idea what I'll use for. I should probably sell it.

Exactly, it's a licensing thing. Vista and 7 (xp had it too but it was strangely implemented and mostly only oem) are the only ones to come with it on the disk. This is why (natively) 8, 8.1, and 10 can not play a dvd without third party software or the windows 8 only media center add on and why if you upgrade from 8.1 w/ media center or 7 you can download and app from the store, that is normally $10, for free that will play dvds.

I loved media centers ability to schedule recordings and share them over a network. It was also great because I would watch a new show live but on a delay. If a show started at 8, I would pause it until like 8:20 or so and then resume from there so I could fast forward through the commercials. It was a dvr but on crack.

But then I just started torrenting hdrips of the same things and cutting out the middleman. Better quality, commercials already cut, lower file size, didn't saturate my network if I decided to stream, etc.

>> No.51803012


No one uses cable here, all over the air. So a TV tuner would be free TV effectively.

And you think DVDs are bad on W10? Try a BD, pretty sure it is impossible.

>> No.51803017

I wish the small form factor came back with killer specs. Those tiny VAIO laptops especially.

>> No.51803057

>all over the air
Yeah I could use it for that just fine but I don't have an antenna and I don't feel like purchasing one for something that I believe I would only use as a novelty.

And as far as BD goes, I'm actually in the process of working something out. I plan on just redboxing blurays or picking them up at my local used goods store and ripping them that way instead of torrenting. Same end result but I have more control over quality and codec. I'm still waiting for my enclosure so I can hook up my slim drive.

I recently had a UX280P and it was the coolest tiny vaio ever aside from the VGNPs. I do not regret selling it though.

>> No.51803084


How are you ripping the BDs? I got a couple I would love to do this too, but have no idea where to start.

>> No.51803086

I feel like the move away from small form factor PCs to tablets and convertible laptops had as much to do with proprietary control and the ability to lock down everything. I hate feeling like a ton foil hat guy but damn.

>> No.51803117


I don't think it was planned that way, but it seems that manufacturers sure took advantage of a lack of standardizarions for portable devices.

Electronics are also so cheap now, that there is no reason for companies to bother changing it either.

>> No.51803127

That tiny bezel makes my dick hard.

>> No.51803156

what is your lap?

>> No.51803188
File: 75 KB, 900x609, acer-r11.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ordered an acer R11 that was 299 yesterday along with 120gb ssd/8gb ram. It converts to a tablet/tent mode so gonna use it in bed/bathroom, super comfy.

>> No.51803461

how can I learn spinning pens?

>> No.51803951
File: 242 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot (140).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I couldn't find the software that it came with and I don't really feel like downloading anything since I won't be able to use it and I can't effectively test it anyway with no cable or antenna, but I plugged it in and windows found a driver for it right away with no issues. I think it's definitely a driver or hardware issue. It may even be a compatibility issue with windows but not strictly windows 10.

>> No.51804101

I just want someone to build a vgnp or vgnux with a modern atom soc while keeping nearly everything else the same

>> No.51804913

Guys with ThinkPads are my lovely madmans. Want to get one for traveling and etc.
My dell inspiron 15 is too big for that, but I live the design

>> No.51804939

japs must've been cringing at the sight of it

>> No.51804945



>> No.51804988

Hey, I like them too. I have one of the early eeePCs (eee 900) and even though it's so slow/underpowered, with a lightweight linux setup (I use debian + icewm) it's really quite nice to use.

The only things I don't like so much are that it gets really hot/warm, and typing can be tricky because of the small keyboard - though you get used to it if you do it a lot

>> No.51805240
File: 61 KB, 620x413, macbook-12.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The modern netbook

>> No.51805399


But can it runs Linux?

>> No.51805439
File: 1.31 MB, 1268x663, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> Eee 4G
> Especia

are you me? who's is this? the 4G is so comfy, I love you

>> No.51805504

>still cost too much used
>new baytrail tablets/netbook/convertibles have MUCH better performance than these early ones
I really wanted a netbook but then decided to get a small windows tablet. Recent netbooks have the same hardware anyway but usually have worse battery life, shittier screens and a keyboard permanently attached to them

>> No.51805557

At only4 times the price of a normal netbook

>> No.51805570

I heard this throttles like hell, especially with no cooling. Can anyone confirm?

>> No.51805743

what is that , its adorbs

>> No.51805950

is this your first day on /g/

>> No.51806063

the only thing that killed them is the modern web. every site is a fucking blob of javascript and anymations, and let's not speak about youtube

>> No.51806126
File: 48 KB, 536x370, fish brag.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Am I the only one who thinks netbooks aren't comfy?
It's not 2008 anymore anon. The recession is over and netbooks are dead.

>> No.51806681

>implying X-series are netbooks

>> No.51807365

yeah exactly. It really sucks. browsing most websites these days is a pain, even with a fast computer.

>> No.51807408

I really loved the netbook I had.

Could fit in a coats pocket and had a 12 hour battery.

Only things that sucked was display and crummy touchpad

>> No.51807453

adblockers and noscript are a god send

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