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What does /g/ use a Raspberry Pi for?

I need suggestions for my own.

p.s. I'm not interested in building shitty robots.

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le epic torrentbox

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I use it for a [email protected] mailserver for me and my closests relatives with a web client.
It's more than enough honestly, works just fine.

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I was considering this, however I already have a Desktop Computer w/ Ethernet that seems to torrent pretty fast.

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Don't have many (computer literate) relatives desu.

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Play retro games on ur pie, has pretty much every single emulator. And u can use a controller

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>Don't have many (computer literate) relatives desu.
Since when you have to be computer literate to use a web client similar in functionality to gmail outlook and stuff?

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If you have to ask, it's already too late.

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Took a look at the RETROPIE, seems to be ok. However I already use VirtualBox to run old games in DOS.

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When I say computer literate, I mean most of my relatives might as well be Amish...

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Use GPIO to make a 16-bit parallel interface with an arduino then build a pinball machine around them.

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build UAV

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i set four up at work to boot into arch, start firefox fullscreen and refresh a webpage of live stats every 60 seconds. piece of piss to set up and they just werk.
also you might consider running cctv, kodi, and/or a dhcp/dns/vpn/mail server.

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UPS monitoring that turns my server back on after a power outage (using GPIO). Didn't have any way to make the UPS itself turn the server back on, since all I've got is consumer hardware.

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While this is a good idea, I don't feel as if I could make any use of this. I don't usually have any live stats to keep track of...

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>home server
>web server
>security server (connect a couple of camera's)
>supercomputer (buy 128 of those bitches and you have pretty decent calculation power)

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Did you buy this without having any ideas on how to use it?

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hence the other suggestions. don't you want to run your own mx? do you enjoy being anally pillaged by your current mail provider?

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The raspi will pay for itself in electricity savings if you suspend your desktop instead of leaving it on for other stuff

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>What to do with a Raspberry Pi?
Replace its thermal paste.

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I know how to use it, I just don't have a specific use for it yet.

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>But I already have a desktop for doing that!
What did you expect the Pi to be capable of exactly?

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Then why did you buy it?

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OP is undoubtedly a millennial

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I bought a pi zero and I plan to mount it to my monitor somehow. The monitor has a 4-port, powered USB hub to which I normally have my mouse plugged in (long story short, motherboard won't post with the mouse attached so I keep it on my monitor where I can easily detach at boot). If I move my keyboard there as well and get a micro USB to USB-B (or adapters) I can just use the zero as a desktop alternative for low-power stuff (such as document editing. I'm a college student, I do essays). I have a 32GB flash drive that I plan to connect to the hub as well, so with the 4th port being power to the pi I'm all set. Biggest issue is that the monitor takes DVI and VGA, and I'm already occupying the DVI so I'll need an HDMI to VGA adapter. To power on the pi all I'll need to do is plug it into the monitor, and then I'll need to swap over the hub to it. That's far more power efficient a device than my desktop, and I happen to like the planet.

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I use it as a mediabox for music only. Hi-fi DAC, Wi-Fi connection to nas with a huge library of FLAC. Controller via smartphone or PC. You can di it with a smart TV, but i don't want a TV in my home.

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Why not use a Xeon to make a pinball machine?

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Because it is the coolest PC you'll ever have. Shut up.

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>Raspy ---> coolest

You are a perv

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It's a small SBC that has support from devs and companies. What is your argument?
>really, post arguments, I'm up for a healthy debate on SBCs.

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A what? I'm just getting results for Intel's high-end CPU.

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I am running a webserver with node.js on mine.
It's the webinterface for my motocross laptiming system programmed with arduino and microcontrollers ins general.

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I use it as an Ansible runner host box, simple backups, jump host (not really, I just keep my keys here), password manager, testing nginx configs, etc. I also instruct it to scrape some articles and email me every day.

Pretty good. Anything a server does.

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Slow down and stay easy anon! Surely it's cool, i have used it a lot, also for professional purpose. It's just fun that mainstream loves powerful computer with lots of core, gpu and stuff, and you consider the coolest pc ever a tiny raspberry. :P

Pic related: Something considered a cool computer ( note the caviar green kek )

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I use mine for a mumble and znc server

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>mainstream loves powerful computer with lots of core

That's me. Anorexic and really slim girls (<45kg, >1,70m) girls are the ones that turn me on the most. I like whatever people dislike, dunno why.

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Raspberry Pi 1 B running as a retro games console.
Raspberry Pi 2 B running as a media centre.

If you're okay with netbook speeds, you could potentially use a Raspberry Pi 2 as a desktop machine.

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Are you me?

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Exactly. You _need_ 64 bits and at least 4GB of RAM to run a decent pinball, man.

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I currently have 8 of them wired up as a hadoop cluster. Works beautifully. I can see using them like this anywhere I might need a cluster of cheapass commodity machines.

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Probably not
Plot twist: it's actually a banana pro

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I didn't buy one because I Wasn't one of the mindless sheeple who fell for the shilling before it came out.

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In the middle of making a pwn-pad that isn't ugly and retarded as fuck, like the original.

Getting free TV with another one.

Have scrambled Internet traffic before it reaches my router and ISP.

You can do about anything. Use your imagination and ingenuity. You will be amazed at what you think up.

Imagine if MacGyver carries a RPi in the new series (if it gets made). Kek

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multimedia center

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Torrentbox and automate it to move downloaded content to 4TB nas so you'll never run out of space.

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Nice ratio, you even have a torrentbox

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My Raspberry Pi 2 acts as both an entropy source (bcm2708-rng, rngd, and some custom software) and an NTP stratum 1 server. It does pretty damn well at this light duty. There is a small atomic clock's PPS signal connected to the GPIO, although I needed to recompile ntpd to get PPS support back because for some reason they didn't compile it in.

For those who didn't happen to have a Symmetricom SA.45s board just lying around, if you can get a GPS signal and trust that it won't be fucked with, a GPS receiver hat would be a much simpler solution.

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Just tu know, why you don't use directly your nas to download from torrent instead?

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do u have a tutoriel 4 that
it sound very complicated

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Gonna turn my old gaming PC into a bulky-as-fuck HTPC (since no one makes socket 1156 mobos any more apparently), order a Raspberry Pi 2B+ and use it as a fileserver.

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why cant you make vms instead of pi's?

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I will repeat my question from another thread

I want to automatically open my home door if my dogs are nearby (proximity sensor I think?) but I thought I had to do heavy staff with arduino, is the raspberry able to do this kind of staff?(with the gpios i believe?)
Or at least I dont know, open my door from my smartphone?

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once you have to pay for utilites the raspberry pi torrent box is a godsend

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>not having an Eaton

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I'd like to make a handheld one in a DSI XL case to use as a kodi box at home, and an emulator when I'm out.

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I have a question guys:

My old monitor is dead. Now I wonder if I can use touchscreen of my VERY OLD, virtually useless android tablet. Are they compatible with each other?

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That sounds nifty. Does it actually fit inside the shell? What kind of battery are you using?

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>tfw 2TB HDD and 500GB mSATA SSD in x220t

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Not 100% sure yet but it should. I plan to depopulate the board as much as I can to get it thin, which might save a little power.

Not sure which battery I'm going to use since I need to test power draw when I get everything assembled

Anyone here know of a decent 4 inch touch screen that could be had for cheap?

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original ds (lite) screens are super cheap, but I'm not sure to how use them with anything

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Could just buy actual 3ds XL replacement screens, but it would take some hacking to get it to work.

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ok nevermind better get another one

ds touchscreen should be easy, but it's better suited for pen input

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Can I use a raspberry Pi as a cheap desktop solution?

Can the raspberry Pi 2b do the following?

>Browse the Internet (at least 5 tabs)
>Run old school runescape (java)
>play YouTube and pornhub videos
>play spotify
>use steam (have a few text adventure games)

That's all I want to do. Is the raspberry Pi 2b a solution?

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What would be best for me? A chrome book? Something under 100$?

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No, but you can probably plan a really cheap build for that.

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>not interested in building shitty robots.
Then don't build a shitty one.

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thinkpad x200, or even t61, even with 2GB RAM and a shitty HDD better then an RPi
install Gentoo

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How cheap are we talking?

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I don't see why it wouldn't

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Probably around 200-250$.
You could also browse the thinkpad laptops thread. A secondhand thinkpad will suit your needs just fine and is portable.

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Thanks brother.

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a waifu that masturbates you with just 3 servo motors

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Something like this perhaps?

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Just curious - why did you get a rasberi pai if you didn't have a plan for it?

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>Not 100% sure yet but it should. I plan to depopulate the board as much as I can
Without having read any of the reply chain, I thought you were plotting some way of making people leave /g/.
I was disappointed.

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