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These are the values to which people in the Go community (“Gophers”) should aspire.

Avoid destructive behavior:
Derailing: stay on topic; if you want to talk about something else, start a new conversation.
Unconstructive criticism: don't merely decry the current state of affairs; offer—or at least solicit—suggestions as to how things may be improved.
Snarking (pithy, unproductive, sniping comments)
Discussing potentially offensive or sensitive issues; this all too often leads to unnecessary conflict.
Microaggressions: brief and commonplace verbal, behavioral and environmental indignities that communicate hostile, derogatory or negative slights and insults to a person or group.

These actions are explicitly forbidden in Go spaces:

Insulting, demeaning, hateful, or threatening remarks.
Discrimination based on age, disability, gender, nationality, race, religion, sexuality, or similar personal characteristic.
Bullying or systematic harassment.
Unwelcome sexual advances.
Incitement to any of these.

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Nobody cares. Kill yourself.

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List programming languages and their communities that are not overrun by SJWs, go!

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women are second class citizens in india

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>Discussing potentially offensive or sensitive issues; this all too often leads to unnecessary conflict.
You mean like the ToS?

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>waah, not being able to bully people is bullying me!

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i support golang/rust code of conduct

im happy they took the time to improve golang's CoC to cover microaggressions, etc.

looks like a safe place to contribute to one day

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my sides

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>Discussing potentially offensive or sensitive issues; this all too often leads to unnecessary conflict.
does this include bringing up arguments about .bro

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Was happy to see that was fixed.

If that got through, I am not sure I would have contributed to whatever project that was for.

I'm learning Ruby. My bf is kinda of a big deal in the rails community

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You know I was always too scared to contribute to the language, because I heard language communities were so swamped with bullying and racism and microaggressions. Now that codes of conduct have been set in place, I can finally feel the safety I require to contribute my quality work.

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Whatever happened to TODOGroup?

I thought we were going to see Code of Conduct enforced on all GH, Bitbucket, Dropbox, etc.

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Everything I enjoy dies.

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>Read the rules!

is this like a come-back of the early 2000s style forums 10page rule stickies, but instead with cocs

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Comfort through coercion. Fan-fucking-tastic.

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pure hate keeps programming communities going

that's why women have tupperware parties while their husbands are raging on email lists over why their patch was declined

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Bully driven development

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some people like to be productive

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wew it's about time

I'm glad they finally implemented an ethics policy, it's been sorely needed for some time now.

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>can't criticize because having different opinion or valid argument against you is bullying

>can't speak freely because some word might in some context be offensive to somebody so using some word even if in right context might just get you banned and publicly ridiculed

>can't decline bad changes because it would offend the one who made them so in the everything will decline to shit really quick

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pretty much exactly junior high.

guys tend to argue loudly with eachother openly while girls tend to backstab and make alliances and talk behind eachothers backs.

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>code of conduct
it's a programming language, not a social media site

it's almost like woman only know how to use a social media site, and not a programming language


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I bet your a little cutie with a tight butthole and a tiny duck.

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which are the serious languages that real men use

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not serious languages

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xD :P

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I got this email from a recruiter in Spain

>We have analyzed your open source contributions on Github and have concluded that your experience could be a good fit for the position as Go Engineer at Cabify.

I have never written a single line of Go code, just contributed some translations. Am I a developer yet?

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What's the point of this thread?

The Go community will continue as normal by the way.

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>enjoying the most backwards language created in the last 30 years
You deserved it this time.

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Go is a faggot language nobody uses anyway so who gives a fuck?

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They are per capita the most valuable to know

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coc tbqh fAm

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No they aren't.

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CoCs are like telling men "don't rape". You don't need to codify not being a cunt.

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He retracted that ill-informed bollocks in the next post. This shows the folly of having a strong (read: clickbaity) opinion of something you have very little knowledge or experience of.

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I hate all this shit. It's indicative of the generation that created it; apparently basic social skills need to be explicitly codified now, and nice warm hugs are given to anybody who gets offended.

I sometimes wonder if every generation hates the generations that follow it, in a broad "kids these days" kind of way. I sure as hell do.

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Gerrand and Cheney are gen X though.

This redditry is not going to change anything. The mailing list will still be full of firm objections and Rob's pithy remarks.

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what does rob pike have to say on CoC?

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why haven't SJWs gone after C, C++, assembly, or even Java yet? I'm surprised they remain not violated.

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Unwelcome sexual advances.

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but c++ is serious

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we need to find the mailing list and post Code of Conduct for these languages

frankly every programming language i care about CARES ABOUT TRANVESTITES MORE THAN ME!!!


> Discrimination based on age, disability, gender, nationality, race, religion, sexuality, or similar personal characteristic.




Fuck. And now you have to celebrate it and LOVE what she does. You must become ONE with it and ENJOY IT for ALL TIME.


no one cares!

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That "code of conduct" reads as though it was written by, or to create a neurosis.

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Java has gotten some of it. The thing with languages like >>51682321 is that they're not startup hip and hard to bullshit people that you can program with. SJWs hate anything to do with meritocracy because they can't bullshit their way into a job. Here's a hilarious (non-parody) article about exactly that: https://archive.is/XaASn

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it's over, I moved to swift anyway
reminder who was behind this

Andrew Gerrand

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lua is SJW friendly af

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Because C, ASM, and Java jobs are demanding and you can't make hip web apps with them.

SJWs don't care about diversity or inclusiveness in white-male-dominated industries if the labor is taxing. When have you ever heard activists calling for more black and female auto mechanics?

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What? One of the main points of that article is that the stereotype of systems programming languages like C being "manly" makes it more difficult for women to get into the field. It's literally the opposite of what you're arguing.

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? Java is all hip web apps

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Pike isn't allowed his own opinions, literally everything he and Thompson say has to go though HR; so we'll never truly know.

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Hello I am new
Why do I need to adhere to a long ass list of forum rules to write code?

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Because you didn't check your privilege cis scum.

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Because there is no official "C/C++/asm/java community", where would you even enact a code of conduct? comp.lang.c?

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It's amazing how many brogrammers don't even realize how massive Java is; you can communicate with 99% of the Go community though their official subreddit or github, unlike Java where there's tens of millions of programmers that literally never communicate online about programming.

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How is lua SJW friendly? The creators and maintainers of the language at PUC-Rio barely speak to the outside world and they keep the development of the language behind closed doors. There is no official community.

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Not overrun by SJWs:
Languages I use

Overrun by SJWs:
Languages you use

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I don't see any problem. They're setting rules for their own project. They are well within their rights to set rules on their own site.

And the rules are all pretty reasonable. They basically say "stay on topic and don't be a dick." There is nothing SJW about them.

Go is a shitty language anyway, so who cares if you can't shitpost on their subreddit?

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>final year at university
>No programming module
>But there is "professional issues in computing" module
>tfw I spend more time learning about how to be PC than I do writing code.
University was a mistake. Paid £8,000 a year to learn about computers, ended up in a social studies course...

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Things that throwaway accounts protect you against:
Ex-boyfriends / ex-girlfriends
NEW: Other programmers

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What uni? In my first year, I have ethics in computer science, but that's about legal issues like stealing code and releasing shitty code and crap like that, nothing pc yet

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Embrace the Go CoC.

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The D programming language

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The D Programming Language

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It has all that, plus how you shouldn't exclude the disabled and females (odd correlation, I know.) from your projects, either in development or when released to the public. Also if you make hardware, you can't have anything poisonous in it because Indians burn shit to get the copper/gold out of it.

The bit that winds me up the most about it is how the module preaches about not storing data against people's will or there will be legal action, meanwhile I keep questioning myself why it's okay for the government to do so...

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Those CoCs are a sad thing. Most of the shit in them is just normal behaviour.

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Well it seems ethically wrong as well, can you imagine if France posted a CoC to the French language? People would lose their shit being told "If you can be negative in anyway, you're not allowed to learn/speak our language or to our people."

Mental how far this is going,

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I'm so privileged I can even use the words "master" and "slave", and people don't care.

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Reading that gave me an erection. I might have to check D out sometime.

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They need to understand that you don't get anywhere with kindness.

Do you think Steve Jobs would've achieved anything if he was a nice dude?
You need to be an ass if you want to be heard.

>> No.51685975

Look at suckless

> C
> all whitemen
> bad ass mother fuckers do what they want

I'm not a personal fan of their C syle, but IMHO the work they do makes up for it

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I'll never understand why libtards browse /g/ and then bitch anytime somebody upsets their sensibilities.

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>Women and minorites are a problem

>> No.51686862

>Projecting this hard
Ah Shit, Hello /leftpol/.

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>Everyone that disagrees with me is libturd

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0/10 newfriend, 0/10.

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go back go reddit you liberal fucktard

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>Why do all women prefer BBC over my tiny dick

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Who are you quoting?

>> No.51687574

his own faggy self

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The language I'm currently developing ( http://neetco.de/languagedev/language )

>> No.51687643

neetcode is still alive?

>> No.51687705

Don't know, I uploaded it to neetcode because I didn't feel like looking through the thousand hosting options and didn't want to make yet another throwaway account on services that keep you online and tracked. For instance, I don't want to click a github link to a /g/ project on my main account, and I don't want to click a github link to a non-/g/ project on my /g/ account.

>> No.51687764

I hope he gets HTTPS soon and it gets used more. I remember back in June it was neetcode.xyz.

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More like CoCK??? Eh EH?

>> No.51688921

ok lets close this

/g/ is not a political board.

this is gamergater and frankly not productive.

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>/g/ - go emulation

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Perl, apparently. Despite having multiple trans individuals in control of very crucial and core parts of the project its managed to remain free of social justice.

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is there a reason to bring this up?

>> No.51690837

Anybody left using Perl has elevating themselves above petty human thoughts senpai.

>> No.51690889

I started using it in 2012 and am still stuck dealing with the same bullshit the rest of us/them/humans are.

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The SJW are obsessed with this boogeyman.

>> No.51691118

Why can't they just have one rule?

>Don't post anything that is off-topic.

There you go, nobody can discriminate against anyone because talking about how niggers are statistically more violent than white people has nothing to do with fucking programming AND it doesn't look like you're pandering to SJWs.

>> No.51691334

What exactly is so objectionable about that? It all boils down to "Don't be a douche".

It particularly doesn't contain that atrocious language about reverse racism and sexism, and white male privilege, and whatnot.

>> No.51692225

>What exactly is so objectionable about that? It all boils down to "Don't be a douche".


frankly, you guys are a bunch of hypocrites and cowards anyway

we are anonymous. we are a legion. but we *diverse* legion

anonymous supports code of conduct

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into the trash it goes.
this is the worst part about this, since everything can be a "microaggression".

>> No.51692300

once again

can you please take this outside /g/?

this isn't a soap box for your problems in the world

you sound like a gamergater bully fuckboy anyway

>> No.51692364

hey friends!!! I am definitely still alive and paying the bills every month. gonna get some SSL for you guys as a christmasu present

>> No.51692418

Leave this place, gamergator! This is a safe space, where strong independent women do not need to fear being triggered by their past rape experiences.

>> No.51692422

Is this better?
>Avoid destructive behavior:
>Derailing: stay on topic; if you want to talk about something else, start a new conversation.
>Unconstructive criticism: don't merely decry the current state of affairs; offer—or at least solicit—suggestions as to how things may be improved.
>Snarking (pithy, unproductive, sniping comments)
>Discussing religion or politics
>Being a dick for no reason
>These actions are explicitly forbidden in Go spaces:
>Insulting, demeaning, hateful, or threatening remarks.
>Discrimination based on age, disability, nationality, religion,
>Keep ERP in the dedicated IRC channel (#gofuckyourselves)
>Incitement to any of these.

>> No.51692440

also just added a Santa hat, it's cute

>> No.51692503

Unconstructive criticism is just buzzword for disagreement: "Do you know how to bake a pizza? no? Then how can you tell this pizza is bad?"
Same with snarking.

>> No.51692530

I thought unconstructive criticism means that you disagree but you didn't explain why or how to make it better.

e.g. "This pizza sucks" vs "This pizza needs more sauce"

>> No.51692612

end the thread

this is political and dry

stop bringing up dead topics

>> No.51692634

Which is why it's really just "Do you know how to bake a pizza? no? Then how can you tell this pizza is bad?"
As a user of go, you have so and so needs. If the needs are not met, in any other language, you'd just open an issue about it and let the devs (the pizzaioli) deal with it. They come up with questions to get the necessary details, or present you with the next iteration, and so on and so forth.
In goland, that's verboten. Clearly if you can't tell which line of code in the go source is causing the go language to be absolute dogshit, you're just a misogynist!
For example: "go's concurrency performance is shit compared to erlang" would fly in every other language's community. The developers would then look at what erlang is doing and see if they can improve their concurrency model in consequence. If they can't, they would explain why and that's that. In golang, you get banned from any further interaction with any go-related project for being offensive.

>> No.51692662

>the goyim know!

>> No.51692938

no one cares


>> No.51693252

it's not that important

it basically says treat people with respect

seems perfectly fine to me

lets get this criticism off the page. it's not constructive or technology related

>> No.51693273

No place for that kind of trolling here.
We're anonymous and we program. This is not a place to bring up totally fine ideas. Code of Conduct is 100% fine and inclusive.

>> No.51693451

These things always come down to some affluent, privileged white fuck trying to push their own interpretations and moralities on others.

Second rate postmodern white man's burden.

>> No.51693756


but also, let's stop the conversation

it's disrupting inclusivity


>> No.51693895

The fuck is a microaggression?

>> No.51693936

everything is to someone.

>> No.51694029

The article is wrong then. A woman wrote the first compiler, and there's a systems programming language (Ada) named after a woman.

>> No.51694052


>> No.51694140

If someone doesn't like what you say, it's a "microaggression" which is "just as bad as rape".

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File: 148 KB, 960x960, 12227068_10153333477123845_608054864057137054_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Discussing potentially offensive or sensitive issues; this all too often leads to unnecessary conflict.

Better not ask about generics then!

>> No.51694256

Lua, surprisingly.
The isolation of the developers has led to a completely politics-free environment.

>> No.51694659

>Don't you dare criticize SJeWery in technology, goyim!

>> No.51694699

This is eerie:


Second post:
On the new thread >>51694631

There is a bot... controlled by some power to suppress CoC criticism.


holy shit

we are being watched

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>> No.51694884

You'd like the D

>> No.51695171

Nobody cares. Kill yourself.

>> No.51695327

I had forgotten Trump had a cameo in that movie.

>> No.51695338

nice gangstalking


>> No.51695395


Does all this mean that software is becoming "Free as in beer"? Because it's certainly not the other one.

>> No.51695427

>muh safe space
this is retarded

>> No.51695446

Good old meme from GitHub's code of conduct:
>Harassment includes, but is not limited to:
>>>Physical contact and simulated physical contact (eg, textual descriptions like “hug” or “backrub”) without consent or after a request to stop

>> No.51695452

>I'll give you a vagina rub with my penis

>> No.51695482

>Don't "high five" me. I never consented to that.

>> No.51695505

wtf is this shit

>> No.51697316

I'm wondering this as well. Never heard that term before.

>> No.51697343

Thanks buddy. Any other plans you have for neetcode?

>> No.51697363


>> No.51698312

Why shouldn't destructors be allowed? I was under the impression they were a great way to deal with resources

>> No.51699145

not really. im thinking that as the service grows ill get good hardware and more storage. right now it's the minimum, just look at the invoices lmao

>> No.51700551

>Make WOC github account
>Make awful pull requests
>Claim micro aggressions when they don't get accepted

>> No.51700623

it's one of the better cocs

>> No.51700759

underrated post.
suckless is so fucking based.

>> No.51702839

What does everyone use for managing third-party dependencies?
gb is the only thing I've found that looks like it has potential, and it doesn't work on Windows.

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