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Daily reminder that this is the harm that you bring when you block ads.

That said. If you block ads, you have ten seconds to post why you do.

Excuses like these will only get you nowhere, especially if you're on a stable connection ;

- Adware/Malware/Spyware. Sure, the exception's there if you're dumb/stupid to enough to infect yourself somehow.
- "I don't like ads"
- Page load times.
- "YouTube ads" are basically useless excuses now. You're either smart or dumb enough to not download YouTube videos and watch them in your preferred qualities and resolutions in your preferred media player(s) and likely dumb enough to not have autoplay disabled somehow. YouTube Red is basically YouTube ad-free, you've no excuse to even use your ad blocker here anymore.

What's your excuse this time, /g/?

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i like clean internet

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There are some ads that are using infected javascript. All you have to do is to see one and your whole browser can be hijacked.

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I don't like ads, increased page load times, and YouTube ads.

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The is no such thing as ad blocking. The web is a pull medium. I don't block ads, I merely decline to request them.

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Low data cap on my internet connection. It actually does save hundreds of megabytes per month.

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I have a whitelist for sites I like

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OP is doing a great job advertising ad-blocking software.

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having that pleb bait flashing on my screen is disgusting desu

also, sploits

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Because of this: http://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2015/11/beware-of-ads-that-use-inaudible-sound-to-link-your-phone-tv-tablet-and-pc/

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I don't like wasting time looking at ads. I'd rather pay to use a website than have it optimised to try and sell me shit

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This is the most neckbeard thing imaginable, but it is technically correct.

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>That said. If you block ads, you have ten seconds to post why you do.

I don't want malicious or otherwise incompetent advertising networks executing malicious code on my machine, or otherwise farming my personal data on a massive scale to build profiles on me and my browsing habits to "serve better ads", all to support advertising companies who constantly reduce the amount of ad-revenue that goes to content and content creators who are relying on a shitty business practice that is inherently anti-consumer

>Excuses like these will only get you nowhere, especially if you're on a stable connection ;
>- Adware/Malware/Spyware. Sure, the exception's there if you're dumb/stupid to enough to infect yourself somehow.

hijacked or otherwise malicious ad delivery networks are literally where the bulk of zero-day exploits originate, or are you too young to remember the days of flash and java ads and popups?

>- Page load times.

something that internet connection speed isn't going to affect if the website or content hides data behind a javascript wall until ads load, many, MANY websites do this

>- "YouTube ads" are basically useless excuses now. You're either smart or dumb enough to not download YouTube videos and watch them in your preferred qualities and resolutions in your preferred media player(s)

>my preferred method of browsing the web doesn't display ads or give ad-revenue to content creators, but your preferred method is what's wrong! I'm special!

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I don't mind ads like the banners on 4chan because they don't effect my browsing experience. I do block the ads on youtube because I don't want to watch an ad before a video or being interrupted by an ad while I'm watching a video. If youtube had banners on the side, I wouldn't care, but their ads are bothersome. Ads that inconvenience you should be blocked.

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Putting a page up on the web is publishing it to the world. It's like handing out a free newspaper to people at the train station. Anyone who asks for it gets a copy.

If I take a copy, read the articles, and then toss the ads in the trash without reading them, you don't really have any right to complain that I didn't read your newspaper the way you wanted me to.

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I'm helping the guy in the pic lose weight

>No ads, less income, less food

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I make it a habit to expressly NOT buy a product that I see an advertisement for. I do not support advertising, it does not work for me, therefore I am allowed to opt out. if I need a product and see an ad, I will buy the competitor's item due to the convenience they offer me by not shoving their shit in my face and assuming I am a brainless normie consumer.

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I don't give a fuck. If somebody stops creating content because not enough shekels from ads, then I will just consume someone else's content.

Content creators need to get this through their head. It's 2015 and there is enormous excess of entertainment content. I literally don't even have time to watch/play/listen/read all the games, TV series, youtubers, streams, music and books that interest me.

You have no leverage.

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The internet is a pull, not a push medium. I simply decline the request to load ads.

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I stopped blocking ads for 5 years now. I really have helped make the web a better place!

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Heil Hitler, that's why! Also shilling this hard!

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Have you seen the fucking web without adblockers? People got too greedy.

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>- "YouTube ads" are basically useless excuses now. You're either smart or dumb enough to not download YouTube videos and watch them in your preferred qualities and resolutions in your preferred media player(s) and likely dumb enough to not have autoplay disabled somehow. YouTube Red is basically YouTube ad-free, you've no excuse to even use your ad blocker here anymore.

So, using an alternative ad-free method (youtube-dl) is fine.. but an adblocker nope.

How fucking stupid are you?

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If you rely on ads you need to get a real job.

No but really- ads support data collection companies. You think facebook collects people's data for the jimmies? No, it's sold because of advertisers.
Advertisers are WHY your personal data has value, and your personal data is stolen from you.
I'm stealing content? No, you're stealing my personal data.

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Hearing reasons before doesn't make them any less valid, spergbot

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Adverts have become a security risk, It's like opt-in malware at this point.

I'd like to see something like flattr more widely adopted so I can support sites that deserve it instead of rolling the malware dice by connecting to countless unvetted ad distribution networks and the latest criminal groups that they claim have hijacked them.

I feel like content producers use ad blocking to excuse falling short of their predicted growth.
Remember fast-forward-ing through adverts on vhs tapes? For as long as there has been intangible media people have been trying to avoid the unwanted crap it comes bundled with. It's just a trade off for having close to no distribution costs.

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Page bloat, having to load all the javascript and styling and shit really bogs down pages, even on modern processors.

Malware ads is kind of a huge thing too, you simply can't escape them unless you're using adblocking software.

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>I don't like ads
Why the hell is this not a valid reason? I don't want every link I click on and every page object I interact with to pop up like thirty annoying fucking boxes that all play their own sound and require you to doubly confirm you want it to close with an annoying "are you sure you want to navigate away from this page?" Yes motherfucker I'm sure!. Fuck ads I'm not buying your cheap Chinese crap and I'm sure as shit not investing in your ponzi scheme

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The advertising industry is a cover for the spying and datamining industry.

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>want to watch boogie2988
>open a video of him expecting him
>"no don't look at him, he's so fat!"
>"have a nissan ad instead. doesn't it look so pretty and nice! :^)"

is that what you're trying to say with that image OP?

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>That said. If you block ads, you have ten seconds to post why you do.
Because I choose not to view ads.

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Daily reminder that propagation of malware through advertising is much more harmful than boogie288 losing 2c from your view

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I don't block ads, rather, I decline to request them.

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yeah no fuck off

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The day I give my money to Google please shoot me until it's too late.

I just don't want Google or Microsoft to get money, in fact I want them to die, is that so hard to understand?

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Daily reminder that most malware in 2015 is distributed though adds.

Daily reminder that Snowden tells the world to block ads everywhere you can

Daily reminder that websites that block adblock are literal 0/10 shit you shouldn't visit anyways

Daily reminder not to listen to capitalist shills on /g/ promoting their cancerous, brainwashing media ads as something "good".

Daily reminder that only being influenced by media ads as little as possible keeps you sane.

Daily reminder that only a fraction of most worthwhile youtubers and websites money comes from blockable ads.

Daily reminder that it is okay to disable adblock on sites you want to support, which doesn't mean you should disable it everywhere because of things already mentioned

Daily reminder that no script is the #1 must have addon and it also blocks adds, even with adblock disabled.

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I feel the same way. Users are merely reacting to how intrusive and annoying online advertising has become. Youtube used to be ok until Google went full jew mode on it.

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i thought the ads on youtube were bad... i was shocked when i was using an android app and the entire screen turned into an ad.

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Do people actually, genuinely, legitimately, unironically download youtube videos to watch later on, or on another device/player?

Literally one of the most autistic things I have ever heard.

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If I dont want want to see your ads then I am not going to see them, I shouldnt be forced to sit through a fucking 1:30 unskippable ad to watch a video or have to get fucking kicked off the browser to the app store, and thats just on mobile, then on PC you have malvertisements, all the datamining shit, cookies, fucking full page sound ads, the slowdowns, ads without x's, it's a bad idea to not block ads these days becausse ads are bullshit

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Top b8 bro

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Cause its not my problem if jewtube doesn't make enough money to keep itself online

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>That said. If you block ads, you have ten seconds to post why you do.
It's my fucking computer and I'll choose what HTTP requests I send, thank you very much.

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The web is a pull medium, I pull what I like, not what big brother likes.

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Because I can.

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I don't give a shit
I don't like ads

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There are some 1-2 hour long YouTube videos of conference presentations. You're damn right I'll download those to watch later.

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It's dumb if you watch dumb content. I downloaded an entire MIT class because I knew I was heading somewhere where there's no stable connection.

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>you have ten seconds to post why you do.

Because I want content providers to lose all ad revenue so they'll end up on the street feeding on trash.

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I will always block ads fuck them.

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>The great video game crash of 2016 and the great youtube crash of 2017 FUCKING WHEN

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>Downloading videos
Jesus Christ, you're fucked in the head. No one has storage for that, nor will the rip be proper. Fat sacks of shit, as represented, do not deserve the money they make, especially when in recent times they lower their standards and become monsters. Example being boogie monetizing "hateful" comments. You can't sink any lower.

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>Adware/Malware/Spyware. Sure, the exception's there if you're dumb/stupid to enough to infect yourself somehow.
>trying to visit site, but it then redirects you to some shithole bcus "muh advertisements!!"
>shithole is then downloaded and starts running harmful code simply via visiting a page

not only that but you have no control over the content of these ads, and neither does the site you're visiting.

that could mean CP, which in turn could put you in a hell of a lot of legal trouble

>Page load times.
you value your life that little you're willing to waste what would amount to as hours and even days on these atrocious brain rotting, psyche damaging advertisements?

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Dont lots of ads pay per click anyway

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>actual tech thread
>50 replies in six hours
>adblock thread
>50 replies in one hours
Never change, /g/.

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I've always blocked ads. My reason is I'm old enough to remember the web before ads. Things worked fine. Good content cost money. A lot of which I paid for.

What has the glory of internet advertising brought us honestly? Clickbait websites, crappy articles by college kids on their macs passed off as 'journalism', gaymur streams and thousands of people being 'hey look at me' trendy morons on youtube.

I'll continue to enjoy content for free. The tears and guilt trips are just an added bonus. I have no shame.

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nothing but marketeurs and shillfags.
also the odd retard who wants to shitpost and pretend /g if there personal tech board.

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This literally happened to me this week
>move from 8.1 to windows 10
>fresh install
>decide to try chrome
>no ad blocker
>first 15 of browsing the net in my usual sites get malware installed unoticeably through pop up adds
>chrome now forces ad-homepages and fills the screen with porn site ads
>literally my first 30 min experience with windows 10

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Adds annoy me. Like, seriously. I just want to stream some shit and i get two pop-ups just by clicking on the damn page.

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When there were little ads pictures or banners as the only ads, I never blocked them. Hell, I even clicked some of them.

However, advertisers got greedy. They decided that they were OWED my attention. So they started using pop ups, flashy gifs, autoplaying sounds and videos, ads that take up 60% of the page and so on.

At that point, I started blocking ads. They only have themselves to blame.

Youtube red isn't worth the cost. It is no Netflix.

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Your framing of justifications as excuses is not acceptable and thus your conclusions are null and void.

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What I really find vengeful in this whole debate is how the ad websites dare to change the whole discussion to a moral dilemma, like we as people don't deserve to be in control of what we want to see, how they dare to suggest we're merely sheep that serve no purpose but to gob these ads down "because it's always been this way". Fuckers.

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theres another desktop thread with three terminal windows, a two pastel color scheme and an anime background topped off with some tripcode cancer just around the corner for both of you. no worries.

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I don't want to see adds, I skip em when I DVR shows as well. Internet needs to figure out a better way to make money then to play the same add to me 20 times a day they way TV does.

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I block ads due to their length and how much they occupy on the page.. I don't mind small little banners on top, side or bottom of the page. But when the ad block half if not all of the content I'm trying to look at then it's an issue.

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>this is the harm
What is the harm? If it's a fat ass youtuber yelling at me, I block them the same way my computer blocks ads - I just don't decide to look for them and watch them.

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>the exception's there if you're dumb/stupid to enough to infect yourself somehow.
but what about drive by downloads anon?
when a website has non intrusive ads i.e 4chan I don't block them but when they slow me down from doing what I wanted to do I block them

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I whitelist sites that don't have any of the following
>NSFW ads (they've gotten me in awkward situations before and they're usually kinda shifty)
>ads in the middle of the content (sides don't matter)
>animated ads
>audio ads
>pop up ads

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The French social-liberal assholes are spreading anti-adblock propaganda in corporates' offices and administrations now...

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I don't want to support a site simply by visiting it. Just because I walk into a book store doesn't mean I enjoyed being there and want to buy a book. Although, given the choice to donate to sites instead to keep them alive I would almost never donate.

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>hurr these valid reasons aren't valid

>muh youtube content creators


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>Adware/Malware/Spyware. Sure, the exception's there if you're dumb/stupid to enough to infect yourself somehow.

are we going to simply ignore the 10s of thousnads of malicous ads that were found on THE TOP FUCKING 2 MOST USED AD PROVIDERS? 2 fucking months ago?

i think fucking not

you literally do not need to click or accept anything with these viruses, they just execute.

I'm blocking ads for life

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Host of reasons: really
>When you're being tracked as heavily across the internet as you are these days, I'd like it to be less "in your face" than when I saw and SSD on sale, checked for reviews on Google and ended up being displayed ads for the exact same model for the next 4 months
>They waste my battery pretty considerably when I'm on the go due to ads being built in Flash even when there's no reason for it
>For the same reason they're massive security threat and there's a reason why one of the most common attack vectors for malware these days is trough infected Flash ads
>They waste bandwidth
>Removing them allows most websites to be loaded much faster

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ads are forced sales, and especially support things you won't support. or worse, google ads goes against usually your site's views or promotes other products or content.

also it doesn't change anything, if you don't block the ads, it's not like you're going to click on them.

Every PC i build comes with Firefox as default browser, with ABP installed by default. this really is a plus in matter of security. in my town, everyone use it, and spread the word, along with the fact I'm the only one who build/sell PCs with Mint preinstalled, old people and offices love them because it's great and cheaper than chinese crap.

There's just a macfag leftard who's some pseudopolitician but that's about it.

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4chan has malware and redirect ads now. You should turn on your ad blocker here.

>> No.51665973

I support the creators through patron/YouTube

Also I have YouTube red

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advertisments are by definition an attempt to manipulate you
distributing advertisments is more ethically reprehensible than blocking them

>> No.51665992

I don't need a premium porn account or a 4-year 0% interest loan for a used porsche.
Get these filth off my internet fa/m

>> No.51666009

You should. But if you ignore this warning, leave this thread.

not much, actually. it barely pays for your domain name every year.
Also adblock or not, the ad counter is counted the same, since adblock hides the ads, and if they're not using an heavy script that confirms if the ad has been downloaded there is no loss, there cannot be a real statistics of loss created by adblock, and there should not be.

just block ads, stop being a homosexual kind dude, stop listening to the jew.

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I'm pushing for a paywall internet model.

>> No.51666045

I just block ads on sites that shove my throat with them. Subtle ads like 4chan ones are fine, I don't enable uBlock Origins on them. Fuck off OP

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Unrequested online ads get blocked because they:

- are in the form of popups
- have sound
- use flashy animation
- use distracting colours
- contain questionable content
- take up bandwidth
- take up too much space on a page

Fix your advertising style, or get blocked. Very simple.

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Oh shit WHAT. Fuck this site HeroGookie had one job.

>> No.51666077

I don't like ads.
I believe I have the right to edit content on my computer however I like. Free as in freedom. You wouldn't tell some one that if they cut out the newspaper ads before they read it they're doing something wrong would you?

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> you have ten seconds to post why you do.
i dont want to see ads on my browser

>> No.51666089

>paying 10$ a month for shitty videos


>> No.51666091

I don't have to waste time on ads when I check weather for a day.

>> No.51666115

>You're either smart or dumb enough to not download YouTube videos and watch them in your preferred qualities and resolutions
That counts as ad blocking.

>> No.51666121

this is genuinely scary, is there anything I CAN trust in this world?

>> No.51666140

My 'excuse' is that I don't like being tracked by third parties, nor do I like increased page load times (200ms to 500ms is still an increase).
It's not like I will ever be manipulated by an ad, so I'm just saving the ad companies some money.

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>> No.51666170

no. and that's kind of the point of trust.
anything can fuck you over and you have to trust that it wont.

>> No.51666180

I am appalled at how bad it has become, my son was watching some ballistic squid bullshit on his phone and there was literally an ad every 5 minutes. 1 add per video or GTFO!

How to block adds in android YT app?

>> No.51666186

>It's not like I will ever be manipulated by an ad, so I'm just saving the ad companies some money.
This is where you are wrong. You will never consciously be affected by an advertisement is all you can say.
Advertisers have gotten VERY good at targeting non-conscious parts of the brain.

To not be affected you would have to make a conscious effort to not buy anything from any company you've ever seen that's advertised anything.

>> No.51666192

Normie advertisements trigger me

1.) I become utterly repulsed and sickened by popular American movies and music
2.) Fast-food is poisonous to your health and being tempted to eat it is a crime
3.) Advertisements about hospitals and illnesses trigger my hypochondria and get me worried about my health
4.) Car ads and most ads for products in general just don't apply to me.

I don't watch TV because it's impossible to completely avoid ads and 4chan is the only website where I've disable adblock. This is my #1 website and anime ads don't bother me.

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>> No.51666228

When I load an HTML page, it's loaded in my browser's memory and I have the right to do whatever the fuck I want with it.

You may as well be saying I'm a parasite for going to the toilet/kitchen during commercial breaks.

>> No.51666257

AdAway appears to block them for me and I think there's an xposed module for it. You do need root, however.

>> No.51666260

I don't block ads, I block shit
>some js
>everything that play sound
>websites overlays "plz sign in" or "look at this awsome car"
>youtube ads. Especially these one.

>> No.51666269

Ads on the Internet ? Seriously I just found out that YouTube has ads a few months ago when I bought a new phone and decided to use it without setting up my normal software and I've been using YouTube pretty much daily for 12 years

>> No.51666285

probably 2016 and 2017

>> No.51666302

OK cheers, I never put Xposed on his phone, will get onto it.

>> No.51666305

AdBlocks are not enough, senpais.
You have to make sure you ask for normie faggot friends which brands make the most ads to boycott the brands and diss them on friendly convos.

>> No.51666318

>the great youtube crash of 2017 FUCKING WHEN

Isn't going to happen anytime soon. Even if Youtube stopped paying the Let's Players entirely, the Let's Players would keep doing it because of Patreon and kids these days really do prefer watching people play video games instead of playing them themselves.

>> No.51666365

>Sure, the exception's there if you're dumb/stupid to enough to infect yourself

thats not how drive-bys work

also fuck you OP. if serious.

>> No.51666366

I don't want to give shekels to the kikes.

>> No.51666376

I go to the internet to watch things when I want wherever I want. I don't mind banner ads as long as they don't make sound, but if there's an ad on a video I want to watch I'd rather just skip it or block it all together because I didn't click on the video to watch an ad, I clicked on it to watch the video.

What's next having to look at a billboard while I'm driving down the high way for at least 10 seconds nonstop or pay a monthly fee to have the privilege of not having to look at them?

>> No.51666379

Websites which got shitloads of ads and are even slow without any ads on it deserve to be blocked.
Fucking greedy autistic jews trying to earn money by slowing the fuck out of a website and then putting 500x500 fucking ads everywhere.

I don't give a fuck if they can't earn any money trough ads, but atleast make it in a way thats acceptable

>> No.51666399

All of those are totally valid reasons.

Nonetheless, another one: they are garish and nearly every site looks and performs better without them, especially on mobile.

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File: 173 KB, 1010x810, 1447943304797.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

When did adblocking become mainstream?

Why did it happen?

>> No.51666401

>I don't like ads
Why isn't that a valid argument.
I should be able to have the choice to see them or not.
It isn't much like advertising but rather being intrusive a lot of times.

>> No.51666433

sorry for the normie question, but how block the suggested posts of facebook?
there is a adblock filter but it doesnt do shit,
using ublock

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File: 31 KB, 408x408, 1448933650402.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ads fill your hard drive with junk that you can not see, turning your computer slow and with time unusable, web pages do not control the ads they display and sometimes those ads are invasive and malicious, ads can turn web pages heavy on the computer resources forcing your ram and cpu to reach 100% making it heat up, using an ad blocker makes browsing the internet a much more pleasant and safe experience.

So fuck you and your ads, you fat piece of shit.

>> No.51666495

Even though you are a fucking disgusting tripfag I must agree with you.

>> No.51666532

Because ads got more and more intrusive and annoying. At some point, ads on regular sites became such cancer that someone had to do something about it.

If someone is to blame, its the ad companies. They started it. And now they are crying because everyone is blocking them.

>> No.51666534

I don't care about some fucker who just bought a Lamborghini.

>> No.51666581

Only literal fedora tippers use ad blocking software.

>> No.51666604


Why would anyone need an excuse? Ad blocking is literally not illegal.

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>you have ten seconds to post why you do.
No I have as long as I fucking like.

I choose to go to web sites and if I don't want to send for ads to be shown I fucking wont do. I'll block all network requests and send them to null.

If you want me to view ads you need to put up an EULA, privacy policy and other methods to declare you take full responsibility for malware adverts so I can have someone remove the malware caused by your site paid for by you for damaging my computer just like you would pay if you drove by and scraped the shit out of my car.

You should also pay-wall to protect your stuff. If what you produce is as good as you believe it is (you must believe it's good to con people in to spam to earn you petty cash) than you shall have no problem with that unless you know you only output spam and shit not worth anyones money.

If you don't have pay walls or proper EULA for adverts shown on your site you are nothing but scum, you're o the same level as petty thieves and should be forced to pay back every visitor to your site the amount they earned you through non-consensual scams.

>> No.51666900

>keep ads
>get image of a car logo
>remove ads
>faced with disgustingly obese screaming retard

>> No.51666924

And even if it were. illegal =/= immoral

>> No.51666960


No social contract or function of society is reliant on morality. If you want to philosophize about it on your own discretion, go ahead, but for all real intents and purposes morality does not exist.

>> No.51666976

What is moral about ads? I'm not giving revenue to someone for visiting their page; they earn my money when I buy their product.

Clickbait is unethical.

>> No.51667000

Don't try to talk big words with a small mind anon.

>> No.51667012

I use adblock because you're a faggot.

>> No.51667019


>> No.51667038

By viewing their video you bought their product. Those few seconds of your time is the payment.

If you avoid the payment you don't have the right to consume the product.

>> No.51667049

You deserve these dubs. that shit made me kek

>> No.51667092

This and

>> No.51667192
File: 610 KB, 1280x1707, 1449027352000.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ha, you really did use it

>> No.51667194


That's a cute meme, but on the contrary morality is not a word that should be thrown around as if it bears any relevancy in practical applications, because it doesn't. Arguing about morality when it's both entirely subjective and does not determine anything is for fedora-tippers.

>> No.51667215
File: 123 KB, 1600x900, 1447973629804.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.51667224

As a developer who works in the web advertising field, i absolutely agree with you.

>> No.51667226

I don't have to justify or explain my adblock usage to anyone.

>> No.51667227

>disgusting tripfag

He's the only guy who has actually contributed to the board.

>> No.51667231

Because the consumer should have the right to choose the content they get to see, and advertisements have no right to interfere with contact, usually, if I like a site, I'll turn it off.

>> No.51667255

I don't like ads interrupting me, if I wanted to purchase products I will visit amazon.

>> No.51667265

You're an ad!

Is part two out, though?

>> No.51667278

The way ads work is unfair, google makes money for wasting my time, the content provider makes money for wasting my time.

Why don't advertisers give me a cut of that money for wasting my time?

>> No.51667289

Websites that are free to access don't have the right to make money off me.

>> No.51667290

Because I don't like ads and don't want to see them.
You mad they decreased your youtube check bro?

>> No.51667296

So they actually hate users?

Are all of our countries really this deep in the corporate pockets?

Will we ever refresh the tree of liberty with the blood of tyrants?

Find out next time on Yes, Yes, No!

>> No.51667306

Because fuck you, that's why.

>> No.51667315

I only block ads because I know somewhere, someone like you will be angry.

>> No.51667318

>Are all of our countries really this deep in the corporate pockets?

Corporatocracy soon.

>> No.51667324

ad block does not block ads, it simply doesn't ask for ads

>> No.51667373

>That said. If you block ads, you have ten seconds to post why you do.
how do you know how long it takes people to respond to this?

>> No.51667393
File: 6 KB, 250x164, 46624738.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw millennials don't remember the Internet before pervasive mass advertising
>mfw they think it would be worse
Fuck you. And fuck buzzfeed, gawker, facebook and all the other clickbaiting data mining garbage.

>> No.51667412
File: 3.05 MB, 1920x1080, BEAUTY.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You're a little late.

We've been subjugated by corporations for a while now. I'm honestly hoping the world unravels and we experience a near extinction event. Humans are pathetic and too corruptible.

>> No.51667418

Extremely underrated post.

>> No.51667424

This is kind of how the world is turning into:
A society where corporations makes the rules, and have so much influence on the State, both becomes one. One corporation manages to buy all the others because fuck yeah Capitalism. And in the end you have nothing but communism.

Most of the products you consume everyday are manufactured by a few different groups, re-branded to fit an illusion of choice.
A few banks rules the world economy on their own.
The WTO (World Trade Organization) set since decades ago made the idea of capitalism, as entrepreneurship, everyone working how they want - completely eradicated. This is the strongest and most absurd form of communist regime.

>> No.51667454

because why the fuck should i wait an extra 30 seconds of a dumb fuck ad that autoplays when i'm trying to show someone something

>> No.51667458

Is it still the case with Chrome that it doesn't really block ads but merely loads them and autohides them?
Cause last time I checked only firefox was able to do that but that's been a couple of years ago.
Anyone can comment?

>> No.51667510
File: 48 KB, 409x750, 12115946_10153674166916489_7788387556911683492_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Related, what adblocker / ad-blocking method is the best on a desktop and/or mobile?

I'm using abp because I have for years but I feel like it lets a good amount through.

>> No.51667538



>> No.51667553

pls respond.
Wanna know if I should go back to Safari although no favicons and https everywhere sucks ass

>> No.51667561

Bernie Sanders for president senpai

>> No.51667565

adblock edge works well, too.

but before ABP i used to keep a huge list of blocked ad-spewing sites and format them on the /etc/hosts file, pointing to localhost.
it's still the best method but only a true /g/entoomen use it.

they don't even call people users, but consumers. here in EU we're the kekest.

...joys of liberalism!

>> No.51667602

>What's your excuse this time, /g/?
I don't like seeing shit
And that's not an excuse, that's a reason.

>> No.51667632

MS DOS computer without internet connection

>> No.51667653

So many reasons but one that really comes down to it: Flash.
Web devs are such shit nowadays and use Flash for everything, making their website terribly optimized. Flash ads are even worse. Many times have I experienced flash-based ads bring very formidable computers to their knees.

>> No.51667655

This and I'm not even american. It's amazing how even poor low-class people vote for millionaires who've been part of the 1% for generations.

>> No.51667664

Well yeah I did that too and only moved to adblockers because it became enormously tedious. Abp just automated the whole process.
I'd be pretty interested in a semi-automated process like a really simple extension that I click a button (or keyboard shortcut) and then I can select elements on a page and it will automatically add their domains to my hosts file. Opera had a feature very much like this (bless her soul) but many other factors drove me away from it.

Vivaldi usable when?

>> No.51667745

i do not feel like i owe anything to web hosts, if they want to make money they should put their content behind a paywall. of that doesnt work then their content was never worth it in the first place.

>> No.51667768

The problem is that many americans are far too stubborn to change their opinions. Poor people think rich people are smart, and so they listen to what they say and believe them, without realizing that they're being disingenuous. Holding public office is not inherently an incredibly lucrative position, which is why we should be wary of rich politicians.

>> No.51667804


I don't like ads.

Got a problem with that, nigger?

>> No.51667806

It's not like that really happened a few weeks ago all over the net baka senpai

>"I don't like ads"
which is totally true

>Page load times
with 110kbs download I want you to wait any longer. I am happy that 360p videos work just good enough.

>YouTube Red is basically YouTube ad-free, you've no excuse to even use your ad blocker here anymore
My excuse is that Red costs money for videos I would not be able to see otherwise. I am not interested in the videos and not going to pay for being adfree if I am already adfree .

>> No.51667968
File: 41 KB, 600x579, fuck of hippies.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There are plently of reasons why but I don't care to explain.

TLDR: I don't like being taken for a ride. Government is already doing that, most companys and so called "friends". Last thing I need in my life are fucking ads of junk I don't fucking want. I'm not the welfare queen either, you get none of my money, fuck off.


>> No.51667990

>Adware/Malware/Spyware. Sure, the exception's there if you're dumb/stupid to enough to infect yourself somehow.

Loading a banner on a website can be enough to get infected, I am curious how you think you would avoid this.

>> No.51668014

Well fucking maybe if the ads did not annoy the fuck out of me so much, I would be fine with them.

Like when ads start covering the whole page, playing god damn sounds in the background, and lagging the fuck out of my browser, I start to get a little pissed off.

So maybe if the ads changed I would be more fine with them, and I would even go so far as to remove adblock.

But that does not look like it will be happening anytime soon so fuck you.

>> No.51668046
File: 33 KB, 251x242, 1354518615382.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't like ads, why should I look at something that I don't like, especially when all it takes is a few clicks of a mouse to get rid of them?

>> No.51668059
File: 71 KB, 600x656, 1449091636775.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>>work in a computer store
>>regularly see people with 6 figure salaries be 'stupid enough' to 'infect themselves'

mfw this could be your doctor, lawyer, or mother

>> No.51668133

Underrated: the post

>> No.51668185

if they don't want us to block ads they have to stop using vulnerable methods of delivering them such as flash.

would it bother anyone if ads were pure html5 added to the bottom of articles? advertisers need to give up making flashy banner ads in order to deliver them, because it's been long abused on the internet. fake download buttons, malware distribution, and seizure-inducing animations to attract attention, we clearly don't have to be forced to look at this crap. the internet isn't like periodicals and television, so advertisers better get wise or leave it alone.

<hr><div><svg version="1.1" xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2000/svg">
<circle cx="80" cy="80" r="50" fill="red"/>
<text x="44" y="74" font-family="Comic Sans" font-size="16" fill="white">35% off!1</text>
<div style="float:right">Remember to Drink Your Ovaltine</div>

>> No.51668189

I don't know and I don't care.

>> No.51668260

None of those excuses are invalid.
Especially the first.
Sites get compromised and play bad ads all the time.
Ads are still the single most common infection vector, you'd have to be an idiot not to block that.

Furthermore, I don't like being tracked, I have no obligation to load your shitty ads, corporations do not need our help, and advertising itself is not morally justifiable, http://www.abc.net.au/religion/articles/2015/07/14/4273200.htm.


>> No.51668331
File: 157 KB, 1135x409, Clipboard02.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

As a content creator, I hold no objection to people blocking advertisements. It is their prerogative to decide if and how they support the media they consume.

>> No.51668713

I only block ads on wikia desu. Fuck that site.

>> No.51669124

Every tech company that relies on ads for revenue actually blocks ads in their own in-office network.

All workers at these companies use adblock at a rate of 100%.

This is an underrated post. Once this goes mainstream, once all the boomers die, media companies will be forced to come up with a new business model instead of relying on antiquated monopolies (movie theaters, cable tv packages, etc.)

>> No.51669150
File: 12 KB, 349x349, dolphin eating an oreo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>This is the harm you bring when you block ads
>Car ad becomes angry fat man ranting about "DIABLO T'CHREE and ERROR SCHIRTY-SCHEVEN!"
So nothing happens?

>> No.51669166

>Do people actually, genuinely, legitimately, unironically download youtube videos to watch later on, or on another device/player?
Later on? Sure, especially once I noticed that 30% of my favorites list isn't there anymore, either because of takedowns or because the uploader removed the video.

>Ads are still the single most common infection vector, you'd have to be an idiot not to block that.
I've been hit with two infections, ever. One was from malicious JPEG attacking the default image viewer back in pre-SP1 XP days, and the other was from a tainted ad back in 2006, before I had an adblocker

>> No.51669292

Use umatrix or ublock.Ublock origin automates blocking as well as block selected contents

>> No.51669324



>> No.51669397


>> No.51669415

I know a faggot in my college who thinks he is funny and always keeps saying #YOLO. Are you that same faggot?

>> No.51669448





>> No.51669461
File: 103 KB, 500x625, toppest of the sneks.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>a business model focused around exploiting the customer isn't sustainable
who would've though

>> No.51669471

So are you a curry nigger?

>> No.51669511

Because I like the fact that somewhere in the world, there will always be some autistic faggot who gets really angry at my choices, even though they do not effect him in any way.

>> No.51669516

blocking ads is like stealing a car because a road was built with your tax money

>> No.51669545

i don't give a fuck about what they're trying to sell me

>> No.51669551
File: 260 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20151203-150657.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The fuck is with this irony

>> No.51669563

Feels DESIGNATED, man.

>> No.51669598

>spend years making the most obnoxious, overt and irritating advertisements that anybody could possibly fathom
>cry when people find a way to circumvent them

Fuck marketers, fuck their parents and fuck their children.

>> No.51669619

Vivaldi? dunno, but looking like the turn Mozilla is still taking, soon i hope.

all of these are just giving you more tracking software. just throw that abomination away and acquire a computer.

took me 5 minutes to install firefox + ABP on my blackberry, don't get shit from your appstore.

>> No.51669705
File: 9 KB, 308x275, ss+(2015-09-13+at+07.10.39).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

fuck ads

>> No.51669759

I block advertising because it's not the content I came for. I block advertising because I don't want to be a monetized commodity that gets traded between websites. I block advertising because I object to having my online activities profiled by big companies.

>> No.51670061


>> No.51670088

i use my phone as my router and only have 100gb of surf, dont want to waste it on 720p retard ads before i watch my 240p youtube's

>> No.51670189

let me just go ahead and waste my bandwidth on ads. while i'm at it i'll start using google chrome and shopping on amazon and making a facebook profile.

>> No.51670273

What alloy is named "Libya" and why should I armor my cars with it?

>> No.51672562

Audio ads should be fucking illegal, jesus christ.

>> No.51672930

> capitalism
> ads
Ads are a business model that no longer works, people should adjust by inventing new models or die alongside it.

I bet you think piracy is against capitalism.
Think about it for a second.
Here's a hint: it isn't.

>> No.51673044

Apple fag?

>> No.51673131

the internet is fucking unusable without extensions you cück, I used it recently and was astounded that it ever became popular in the first place with people who don't block everything.

>> No.51673299

I block ads because I do not wish to see ads, and I am under no legal or moral compulsion to do so.

>Excuses like these will only get you nowhere
These aren't excuses, these are reasons. One has no need to excuse themselves for adblocking.

>Your spiel on youtube ads
I like to use the same program to search for youtube videos as I do to watch them, and I really don't need a dedicated program for youtube shit. The browser works just fine. As for Youtube Red... I can either block ads and watch videos for free, or I can use Youtube Red and pay money. Either way, I get the same shit, but the latter requires me to pay money.

What rationally thinking person would not choose to block ads in this situation?

>But the website makes less money
Their problem, not mine.

>But if everyone does it, we're all fucked
Good thing normies still watch ads, yeah?

>> No.51673327

Chrome's API was expanded to allow proper ad blocking years ago.


>> No.51673372

YouTube Red have to login and I don't want to login.
Ads sucks and I don't want to see them. That's why.

>> No.51674803

I meant to say "consumerism" dunno why my brain fucked up that bad.

>> No.51674835

How the fuck is this thread still alive? Fuck you, /g/. Calm down with the shitposting.

>> No.51674849
File: 67 KB, 720x960, 1allahuakhbar.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> Youtube Red
>"Sorry. This feature is currently not available in your country"

>> No.51674884

I live in Auskek so shitty net. The adds want to load in like 1080p which takes forever to buffer. So fuck em.

>> No.51674933
File: 91 KB, 1280x720, Smug as fuck - Flamberge.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw I block every single ad out there except 4chan's
>mfw every time a youtuber whines about adblock
>mfw I will never pay for youtube
>mfw I'd rather support ShindoL through patreon than any fucking "content creator" out there

>> No.51674991

Are you a retard? You're the one trying to access aid content and seeing ads that pay for it. If you consider your time more valuable then the content isn't worth it and there's no reason for you to be looking at it in the first place.

>> No.51675313

>No one has storage for that, nor will the rip be proper
when you stream something it gets stored on your drive temporarily anyway. you don't have to keep it afterwards you mong

>> No.51676269


>> No.51676328

>having a business model that runs entirely off of someone declining to watch a 15 second clip trying to sell them something they don't want

>> No.51676703


>> No.51676824

I used AdBlock indiscriminately on all websites until 2014.
Last year one of my long time (since the early 2000) favorite website had a long editorial explaining the financial situation they were in and asked for help to its viewers. After that I white-listed all the website that I care and visit daily.
Nowadays, Ads doesn't brings as much money as it did in the 2000s, the past few years I also saw a few old website I knew dying.

>> No.51678266

copypasta faggot.

>> No.51678279
File: 50 KB, 753x689, 1442458918607.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Google shoves le epic reaction videos, le epic Minecraft videos, and whatever I don't like in my face. So yea it's only fair I block ads.

>> No.51678535
File: 46 KB, 570x587, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

White listed for YouTube
Don't want to get redirected to malware through ads, hate when plugins install themselves

>> No.51678620

Ads often highjack clicks, they increase load times, and generally make me less efficient at browsing the internet. I often need to search to learn while working, and I will not subject myself to advertisements every time I do it.

>> No.51678636


>> No.51679108

Does anyone else remember a time when ads used to be entertaining?

>> No.51679151

hiro please

>> No.51679179

Somebody who can't afford to host site can just fuck off and stop hosting it. Google is anyway bathing in money.

>> No.51679199

Forgot to add I dont care about tiny ads like on 4chan you see on times those are ok barely noticable there is ad. But forced ones that take whole page and forced ones before video hell just burn.

>> No.51679263
File: 35 KB, 950x450, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

no :3

>> No.51679274

ads are a reason for shitposting clickbait journalists to create liquid shit content and get paid for it.

NO ads = less retarded hipsters on the web

>> No.51679300

I don't like ads.
Page load times.
Youtube ads.

>excuses like this will only get you nowhere
Alright. Come and disable my adblocker.

>> No.51679322

>Posts ad that won't get blocked.

>> No.51679586

The way pages jiggle while loading, I know is a fundamental flaw in html, but adverts make it a hundred times worse. If I start reading a paragraph of text, I don't expect it to violently shunt 80px downwards after 3 seconds. Frontend frameworks are bad enough without ads in on the act.

>> No.51679737

this and gg, wp

>> No.51679770

I wouldn't mind ads so much if they weren't constantly also spying on me.

Shit is ridiculous.
If your site is worth a fuck then ask for some donations.
If people like it enough they will give you money.
PBS has been doing it forever.

>> No.51679799

>There will be a day, when youtubers must include ads in their videos directly.

>> No.51679927

I have .0012 up/down

>> No.51680024


>> No.51680286

>muh superbowl
>anon did you see those superbowl ads? what about the one with the m&m and dorito

>> No.51680342

Because I hate ads with a passion.
Haven't rooted my phone yet, so I still get ads there, and now they're suddenly in fucking spanish.
I'm also cheap as hell, and will not be paying money to watch youtube.

>> No.51680361
File: 209 KB, 1436x674, image_0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I like to harm the economy also im bad evil satanic person.
Also i don't want to see any annoying ads of the last shit i don't want to buy
> pic unrelated

>> No.51680390

I pirate my movies, TV shows, books, food, video games, and music so why would I not wanna pirate the internet as well?

>> No.51680409

Oy vey

>> No.51680454

I like to not waste time watching ads.

>> No.51680458

Sword Art Online: Progressive

>> No.51680580

Unsolicited advertising is illegal in my country.

>> No.51680593

>"I don't like ads"
>Page load times.
>I shouldn't have to pay extra for youtube to not flood my computer with shit

Hope this offers some insight Goldstein

>> No.51680595

I like to make faggots like you angry

>> No.51680625


Why is "I dont like ads" "bad" answer?

This is beyond my mind.

>> No.51680632

I listen to music on youtube very often on high volume with autoplay on and it's really fucking annoying when some random add starts blasting through my speakers on 80db for minutes.

>> No.51680681

Not actually technically true, by navigating to a website you are asking to pull all the content from said website, and then afterwards blocking the ads through the use of a front end extension such as ad block.

But I like the way you think.

>> No.51680707

ads are typically external to the page you're viewing, so the guy you're replying to is more correct than you

>> No.51680719

Because I can get away with it. The Internet doesn't have to copy other media.

>> No.51680722

There is no way you typed all that out in 10 seconds

>> No.51681036

I don't get it

> this is the harm that you bring when you block ads.
what is?
I can't see where you're displaying the harm

>If you block ads, you have ten seconds to post why you do.
>Excuses like these will only get you nowhere
>- "I don't like ads"
I do it because I don't like ads, that's an explanation not an excuse
you're asking why people block ads

>You're either smart or dumb enough to not download YouTube videos
>and likely dumb enough to not have autoplay disabled somehow
what are you saying?

and what are you even angry about?
hosters not making enough money due to people blocking ads?
adblockers in general?
what are you proposing as an alternative? look at all the ads? except for youtube ads?

what's your point?

>> No.51681309

>stupid enough to infect yourself.

Ages ago there was malware you could get from gamebanana and a few other sites by merely seeing thead. Can't remember the name tho.

>> No.51681805

>Excuses like these will only get you nowhere, especially if you're on a stable connection ;
>- Adware/Malware/Spyware.

I fail to see how having a stable connection negates the very real risk of malicious code in ads.

Let me ask you. If I'm served an ad with malicious code is the ad agency going to potentially cover the cost of my stolen identity?

Until they agree to do that, I refuse to use ads.

>> No.51681816

There was a bunch. JS/Prontexi was a pretty bad kit at one point.

Windows XP SP3 also shipped with a vulnerable version of Adobe Flash. Opened Internet explorer just after a clean install, it went to MSN.com...ad exploited that with no user intervention before I could go on Windows update. Had to reformat and reinstall.
>lol Windows XP didn't ship with flash idiot
>The Adobe Flash Player 6 was provided with Windows XP and contains multiple vulnerabilities that could allow remote code execution if a user views a specially crafted Web page. Adobe has addressed these vulnerabilities in newer versions of Adobe Flash Player. Microsoft recommends that users of Windows XP with Adobe Flash Player 6 installed update to the most current version of Flash Player available from Adobe.

>> No.51681838

Muh minimalism, there's enough clutter and too few good web designers as is.

>> No.51681875

You win an internet today

>> No.51681885

i remember googling worms in google pictures for school and i got invected
>t-thanks windows
Just deinstall windows everyone

>> No.51681932

To be honest, I use uBlock with the intention of blocking trackers mostly. I'm not against ads. As long as they don't make the experience worse (like happens on YouTube)., its ok to have a banner, really. TeamLiquid is an example of site with ads that don't make the site worse.

That being said, I'm 100% against building a profile about me, tracking the sites that I go and selling that information to ad companies. I'm against Google mining every bit of information it can about me.

You can have analytics that respect the user and the owner of the site (Piwik, for example, is completely open source, don't collect identifiable info and only the webmaster has access to the data), but unfortunately most websites don't use that.

>> No.51681954

Increased page load times because I have bad internet
>¢#£¢[email protected]

>> No.51681966

It is not the fault of the people that the old ways of doing things are outdated and unappealing. They should be smarter about it. Some companies are, such as GE creating an interesting story-based podcast or brands integrating their products into popular youtuber videos. People don't want direct shilling these days.

>> No.51681977

>- Adware/Malware/Spyware. Sure, the exception's there if you're dumb/stupid to enough to infect yourself somehow.

Confirmed for retard.

>> No.51682000

I'll stop blocking ads when ads stop fucking blinking, animating, flashing in the corner of my fucking eyes while I'm trying to read and pay attention to the actual content of the webpage. Which means never

>> No.51682005

It's my machine and I pay for internet. Thus I can do what I want on the web.

>> No.51682081

We already pay for our internet connection shithead, what we want to do with our time while on there is our own business, don't like it, too bad...so sad.

>> No.51682206
File: 16 KB, 252x317, 1447600266290.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ads are unrelated to the content of the fucking Website

>> No.51683775
File: 6 KB, 806x89, ad-blocking.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.51685133

Are you retarded
One payment involves the service provider while the other the content creator
CC's don't owe you anything just because you paid your ISP

>> No.51685205

Advertisements are nothing but psychotherapy on a mass scale.

>> No.51685392

what's your post post posting cancerous posts?

>> No.51685520

i kek'd

>> No.51685570

I already need to bend over in front of jewgle and let them fuck me so I can post on 4chan, no need to let them do the same on 90% of websites.

>> No.51685647

>yep, some advertiser may put malware java scripts.

>> No.51685691

I don't want to willingly subject myself to advertising even if it means taking away revenue from the people/websites I like.

>> No.51685734

>supporting websites through ads
I dont care about any site enough to support it like this.

>> No.51687559

this is pretty much 99% of the reason why I block ads

>> No.51687617

>What's your excuse this time, /g/?

I don't need excuses or whatever. Stay forever mad and drown in your tears, paid googleadservices faggot.

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