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OSX desktop thread
ib4 can't program

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How do you get the terminalls borderless?

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ITerm2 nightly

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How do you eat shit out of your hands?

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That's pretty neat

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Do you prefer creamy, chunky, or soupy?

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Apple's terminal emulators are nothing if not bloated and inefficient - like pretty much every native OS X program. Remember to buy a new mac every year and keep your software fast!

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Slow? You mean it can't display 100 million lines of text in one second?
That's so slow! How can I read my kernel compilation error messages now?

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It's a TERMINAL EMULATOR not a TEXT VIEWER, so it's also used to display legacy terminal applications (usually written for some superset of a DEC VT100) that need to at least partially redraw a GUI that's built out of text many times. Printing speed is important when using those. Nothing like a laggy vim to ruin your day. Are you using it over ssh? Nope, it's a native OS X terminal!

Even bloated monstrosities like xterm and urxvt manage to perform better. It says something about OS X and its developers.

Regardless of terminal, you make >dev/null 2> errors.txt instead of being a retard

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time cat rfc3261.txt

real 0m0.028s
user 0m0.001s
sys 0m0.006s

Seems pretty fast to me, not like it would really affect me though

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>not using geektool
i shiggy didgeridoo

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Is iterm worth the effort?

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A confirmed meme
Use rxvt

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Why is Apple retarded?

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there was literally no effort, also it works nice with tmux, the reason i've switched.

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Not him, but what's wrong with it?

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what colorscheme is this on the left?

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Diarrhea brown.

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why arent you watching the stream in mpv

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The bundle system is a bretty good idea anon, don't know what you guys are going on about :3

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post wallpaper feget

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Sent from my iPhone.

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windows me pls go

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Step up sempai

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Hackintosh macfag reporting in
How did I live without OS X and mission control?

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>Huge dock using a good portion of the screen
>Using detached toolbars because muh edgy artist
>Pic related

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how are you enjoying the refugees kek

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Our neighbours are refugees from syria and they always bring us fried spicy chicken
Could be worse.
Any good things an ex-winblows user should know about OS X? Shortcuts n apps n shit?
Why does garageband cost money now? Not that I need it but it used to be free, no?

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>Any good things an ex-winblows user should know about OS X? Shortcuts n apps n shit?

Not particularly. Only that there's no good word processor. I dual boot purely for Office 2015, or use LaTeX / Meme Docs if possible.

Safari is the best browser in terms of resource usage.

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but I pirated word 2016. what's wrong with it?
besides battery life is there a reason to use safari over chrome? Just can't stand that they got rid of favicons

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Read El Capitan: The Missing Manual, has a lot of lesser known tips and should bring you up to speed.

My favorite part of OS X is the keybindings, I rarely use the trackpad or the mouse unless manipulating images. Cocoa Text System is modifiable via a simple text file and I have set global Emacs bindings. OS X was created with emacs in mind so things like yanking are supported in all text fields.

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>word 2016
it was buggy as shit on el capitain, i don't know if they've fixed it or not

As such I haven't actually tried out the new one. Past experience doesn't give Microsoft a good rep at developing OS X software. I think office has more SLOCs than OS X at some point...

I've always just switched to Windows to use Office since it's not too much of a hassle. I only use it for Endnote and editing .docx's that work gives me.

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>trying this hard to look like linux

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>trying this hard to look like linux
but it's better than your broken meme desktop OS

>we don't want to look like linux

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>iTerm2 instead of Terminal.app
>Not using Preview.app with superior scaling
>Using ncmpcpp unironically instead of iTunes
>Borderless windows without a TWM

Nigger what are you doing?

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how do i move borderless windows around?

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>can't type "inb4" properly
>better type "ib4"
I have never been so angry.
>gathering the foam that is formed in my mouth into a bucket

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Grab them by the top like you're going to resize them, then just move them.

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I am the 1%.

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>4156 unread

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Fucking hell. Mizuryu Kei's girls will never not give me a chubby

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>Borderless windows without a TWM

B-but its bspwm using xquartz, anon

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Where do i start /g/?

what programs etc are good?

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The World's Most Advanced Operating System

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i woke up today wishing i was someone else

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Tear Grants is my waifu

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rei is best waifu

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pic related is almost everything you will need

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You're wrong mine is the best

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> mine is best
> is not rei
1/10 you tried

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Building a cheap computer, i5 4460

Should I use hackintosh and which one

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Actually, Rei is not human being. You like non-human, don't you?

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she's totally human though, she just doesn't have real parents, and she's kinda anti-social and shit but that can be fixed with love.

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Let's make a compromise. Rei is 2nd best waifu.

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Time to El Capitan anon.

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That's not even OS X.

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no, 2nd is pic related

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Well... Time to El Capitan anyways.

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asuka a shit

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Fair enough
Too bad my processor doesn't support it well

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just sell this piece of shit for some pennies and get a macbook, even an used one is valid.

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This is going to shock you, but cat is a shitty measure of performance, especially when you use plain ASCII

What about built-in box drawing characters, if any? Cursor movements? Colors and other escapes? You know, the "terminal emulation" bit.

And performance aside, what about compliance? It is an emulator, after all. To date, xterm is the most complete.

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The world's most advanced operating system is still using the world's least advanced file system and one of the world's least advanced kernels

OS X is the world's most gimmicky UI. you can't even middle click because a three-finger tap is reserved for a gimmicky dictionary lookup.

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OP, 96% disk space free or 4%?

>> No.51619628

96% disk space used on gay porn and $10 apps that add features windows comes with as standard

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>you can't even middle click
what is the two finger click?

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Right click.

At apple, two nerds were discussing UI design.

"I never use middle click, or even the mouse, I just use vim all day" said the first nerd, who was fired from tesla a year before for being too autistic to live
"Neither do I. I like to use combinations of different keys, like I do in emacs" said the second nerd, while running M-x search-for-pictures-of-penises

And then, a third nerd chimed in
"What's a mouse? never heard of it!"

And so apple's designers got the idea to replace a standard feature of mice that's been around longer than half apple's employees have been alive with a shitty dictionary.

Later, a sane person tried a mac in an apple store and decided that it was designed for retards, by morons. Don't expect much from an OS that packs shitware like the BSD command line tools.

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oh sorry my mistake, for that I use BetterTouchTool (open-source) so I can do virtually anything with the awesome trackpad, basically I use a four finger tap to "middle click", and a four finger click to shift + "middle click", there's even more I can do, Five finger tap to change tabs to the right, shift + five finger tap to change tabs to the left and five finger click to minimize anything that's under the cursor.

Try doing that with Windows or Linux m8! Pro tip: you can't.

btw this software is open source.

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Why not just buy a computer with a middle click button instead of wasting your time on ricer gimmicks?

OS X is like every other BSD-family OS. only free if you are worthless. Windows on the desktop, linux on the server. Accept no alternatives.

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I'm a Debian guy personally, but I have no bad feelings towards OSX.

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>Why not just buy a computer with a middle click button instead?
You can just disable the dictionary function for three fingers and enable your "middle click" gimmick if you want it so badly.

Also your shitty trackpad.

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>xterm is the best terminal emulator

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If you have trouble right clicking on a Mac you shouldn't be anywhere near a computer. You can either right click with two fingers or hold down control and click.

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>Windows on the desktop
Are you talking about the botnet OS with forced updates that can't even have tabs on explorer?

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post wallpapers plox

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What part about osx desktop thread was confusing?

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how do you borderless windows on OS X?

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>os x

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not even memeing

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those scrots arent os x anon

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Did you really read the screenfetch?

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Where do I find terminal fonts? And how do I change them?

Also is there a way to stick videos with Photostickies?

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This probably belongs in /sqt/ or /flt/ but how do you get it to have the music player and (up?)time on there?

>inb4 kill yourself autistic Jew nigger

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>trying this hard to look like linux
OS X has had an X server built into it since the first release
GNU/Linux uses an xserver as its primary display service. This does not mean that the xserver belongs to it. What a stupid thing to say. You can install an x server on any operating system to get that look.

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>I've eaten shit from my hands since the first release of OSX

That's nothing to brag about

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