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>you finally get wifi working on Linux

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>using linux

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what is this 2005? Wi-fi takes all but a few seconds to set up

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It's gotten a lot better. I remember the early 00s when it was absolute shit. A lot of devices required the use of ndiswrapper which barely worked and connections dropped more often than a /g/ user's invitation to a college party.

Wifi and audio were two reasons I never took anyone seriously who suggested that Linux was ready for the desktop in the late 90s or early 00s. Those people were fucking nuts. I loved Linux and still do, but god damn it used to be really painful to get it running on a lot of machines and have everything working well.

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still shilling your meme OS...

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I'd just like to interject for a moment. What you're referring to as Linux is in fact GNU/Linux, or as I've recently taken to calling it, GNU plus Linux.

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I know that feel

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My worst experience was with a Broadcom wifi chip, because it required proprietary firmware that debian didn't ship with.

The installer actually told me the required files and where to get them, so I just downloaded them onto a flash drive from a different computer, plugged it in to my laptop DURING the installation, and it installed perfectly fine, and the entire process took less than 5 minutes.

Wifi on Linux is generally superb.

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>install Debian
>wifi doesn't work out of the box
>can't seem to do anything to get it to detect any access points
>install Crunchbang++
>works just fine even during the installation

Though Crunchbang++ is based on Jessie. I'm not sure which version of Debian I had burned on my CD.

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On mint, I've got working drivers from github but it still fucks up when seeing a new wifi for the first time and I have to connect manually.

Could be worse but it ain't smooth.

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> i installed linux on one computer 2 months ago
> Wifi on Linux is generally superb

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Although I remember having trouble with this in the past, in the past few years, never had any WiFi issues. Shit just werks for me.

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>you restart and it stops working again

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>i don't know that feel

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Just use a kernel that is not a piece of shit. Basically use a Linux flavor that's not a piece of shit. I have never felt the feel you describe because things just work, better than in Windows.

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>execute wifi-menu

Boy, that was hard

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>Post-apocalyptic Stallmanu
>Yes I know that laptop isn't "free"

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>linux wifi hard for /g/
Why do I even come here anymore

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>when you install Linux and not only does the wifi work out of the box, it works better than it ever did in Windows
Thanks iwlwifi. Windows kept randomly dropping out and requiring the adapter to be switched off and on. Linux jest werk.

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>Install linux
>fugg around and set things up
>Use Windows for awhile because bored with lienucks
>Go back to my install and just poke around
>Before I do any updates
>Shit is completely all fucked up and all my settings and changes are gone, looks like a hurricane came through my configs

Literally nothing changed.

Linux is the worst kind of fucking memeOS

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>Doesn't know how to save settings correctly
>Blames others for his own stupidity
>Probably should go to a different /b/oard


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Try setting up a connection without NM or similar. It's horrifying. Some drivers basically don't allow you to iwconfig them manually anymore because they co-evolved with tools that do all the steps with precise timing and order.

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Yeah, you made the common mistake of installing Linux, but not forcing yourself to use it for a couple of weeks. If want to learn Linux, but you leave Windows around and don't have any self-control, you'll just go back to Windows, because you'll get lazy, you'll want to do something you don't know how to do in Linux and familiarity will win out over the desire to learn new things.

Given no information, it's impossible to tell what you did, but it was probably something retarded. Config files don't just delete themselves senpai.

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>boot Linux live CD
>configure shit
>get bored, reboot to Windows
>find live CD a few months later
>reboot to it
>what the fuck everything's gone
>call Linux a joke because you're stupid

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heRE, i gotCHA coverED

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Really, it seems like you're too retarded to use Linux. It's not that hard to make sure things are not fucked up and fix them when they kinda do.Stay with Windows, autistfag.

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This post sounds like it should be directed to >>51518210 and I thought the same thing.

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Yeah I don't really know how I quoted OP, but it was meant for that post

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>tfw wifi works out of the box even on arch

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>torturing yourself
>walking through hot coals to launch a single notepad program

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wifi is only a problem in those annoyingly strict distros which arbitrarily make it a pain in the ass to install proprietary software. wifi in arch linux jest works, same in ubuntu and other non-'free' operating systems. but opensuse, debian, and anything even close to being considered fsf approved will give you headaches like no other because all the hoops they make you jump through just to do extremely basic things.

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Actually Arch has very new packages and kernel and it's more likely that some driver that wasn't working before has later been fixed. I mean compared to a distro that's still using some old kernel.

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>mfw using Ubuntu and all I have to do is select the network and enter the password
Seriously you Archfags make it so hard on yourself.

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>get Wi-Fi working in OpenBSD

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WiFi works in linux now? 2016 Year of the Linux confirmed!

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>what is wifi-menu
pacman -S dialog wpa_supplicant
netctl enable wifi-profile

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Fresh install ready. Click Wifi Icon, connect to my network, write password.


Old bait 0/10

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>being a Windows end-user
>installing Ubuntu
>everything works
>I like it

I must be really, really lucky, family.

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>finally works
>signal shitty compared to when in windows and drops out every few hours
>when booting in to linux have to use my notebook with eth cable at desk to avoid annoying shit


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>broadcom chip
Just the thought of it still makes my blood boil

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Isn't cb death

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