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Anyone here using a hackintosh?, should I install OSX on my main PC?

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Better install Debian on your main PC with testing, testing updates, proposed updates. With GNU and Linux you can do anything OS X can and you don't have to buy specific hardware for it.

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I have hackintosh as my main boot on my pc. A bit of a pain as sometimes it just decides to fuck up my dock and I need to delete the config from library. But if it wasn't for that and shit gaymen drivers from nvidea I would recommend it to everyone

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Linux has no quality desktop environment

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Don't use a desktop environment then, pleb

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>With GNU and Linux you can do anything OS X can
So, I can rely on my CS5 stuff running on Linux?
Good news.

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Yep, that's the Linux Way.
If it's not available on Linux you can get along without it.
Do you never wonder why your free OS commands less that 2% of the desktops of the world?
Market penetration: you can probably get along without that as well.

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Yes for both questions.

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