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ITT: Annoying things tech-illiterate people do

>Call earphones headphones

Pic related: earphones. They go in your fucking ear.

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They're IEM's you fucking failed normie leave.

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Those headphones look nice desu senpai

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>go on /g/ pretending to be a tech-savvy person
>start thread with normie levels of tech-degeneracy
>think you are among likeminded individuals
I bet you use a Mac, own at least one dragon dildo, shave your legs and have ordered knee-socks in the past 3 months.

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aliexpress has amazing deals on HEADPHONES in the ear

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None actually, feels good man. Also fuck knee-high socks, those things are uncomfortable

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>using such a shit tier scamming weeb website

I honestly thought better of you.

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No they plug into your head.

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jesus dude, nobody gives a shit.

they are all headphones to me. why? because i just dont care enough

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Ali express is fine. Are you new or something?

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>pic related: earphones
>posts a picture of iem's

gtfo newfag

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I have those IEMs !

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Pronounce gif with a hard g.

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What are they called? Are they good?

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>tfw in my language there is just one word for both kinds, so this doesn't affect my autism

Feels good.

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So what, headphones go in your head?

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>actually calling it jif
Consider suicide

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>any phone other than an iPhone
>is that a Samsung?

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>muh yiff
Furfag detected.

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They sound great for being $65.

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who even cares tho

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Android ≠ samshit
iOS = iphone

When will normies understand :(?

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Butthurt weeb detected

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Older bro asks me to play vidya with him
>gives me our external ip
>"internal ip we're on the same router"
why does my windows pc have a MAC address?!
"4gigs on my laptop and it's so slow :((("
Only thing I find annoying other than just shit tier laughs are when people ask "yea I have an i3 processor, should I get a I7 or an amd?" And then try to top off their brilliance with "yea even though amd heats up alot more than intel, I'll survive" ignoring bottleneck and mobo compatibility until someone mentions it.

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I've got a buddy that's into audio (does DJing, has a £6k speaker setup) and he calls in ears/earphones headphones. He tells me one day he wants to get some new headphones so I chuck him a bunch of recommendations, he tells me he doesn't really like the ones that go over the ear and wants some in ear ones instead. Comes back to me a while later saying he's got some new headphones, I call him out saying I thought he didn't like them and then he sends me a photo of some £200 Sennheiser in ears.

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I know the difference, I just call them headphones anyway

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Sometimes my barber calls my moto g an iphone.

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