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>tfw too intelligent to program

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Smart people aren't lazy, let me just get that out of the way right now.

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sounds like you never met a smart person before

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A smart person would realize that being lazy is dumb, anon.

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I am smart and lazy, your argument is invalid

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Smart people know when and where to be lazy.
eg. a sysadmin who has automated away all of their responsibilities yet pretends to be busy so he'll keep getting paid to slack off.

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If you ever talk about how smart you are then chances are you're not that smart. Average at best if not retarded

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You're also 14, so his argument still stands.

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intelligence and enthusiasm are separate. someone can be intelligent (easily learn concepts) yet have little enthusiasm to do anything with it.

of course, "smart" is subjective

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no self-control is a sign of low intelligence
that's why most fat people are idiots

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This. Einstein and Hawking didn't go around yelling "Look how smart I am!"
People who claim they're smart today are just children that are told they're geniuses for understanding basic math. The average child in most Asian nations is smarter than anyone who claims to be smart.

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that's not necessarily true. for example, depression can seriously impede enthusiasm and motivation, and to argue that someone intelligent cannot be depressed is ignorant.

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Nikola Tesla was depressed for 90% of his life and still productive. You're just lazy.

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he was also insane

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tesla was not a human

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And? I don't see how this invalidates my point.

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No you aren't you dumb feel poster.

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and now hes dead, wasnt so smart after all.

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Currently sitting at my desk getting paid to shitpost on 4chan

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If you are smart, you can be lazy in a smart way. Exerting way less effort for the same quality of work would be considered lazy by many. Such a ehen I applied for scholarships my senior year, instead of writing a brand new essay for every single one, I just wrote three broad stroke papers with fill in the blank spots and sent these filled out ones to hundreds of organizations for mad dosh.

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and so was one of the physicists who was initially doing research on the nucleus. him and his team would likely have discovered nuclear fusion but their research was mostly halted due to his depression.

sorry anon but you're ignorant, not every human is the same. how is dismissing someone as lazy even supposed to counter my point that people who are situationally lazy can be intelligent?

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>gabe newell

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>Given a work assignment that was supposed to be completed in 4 hours
>Know a few shortcuts and finish it in half an hour
>Spend the rest of my time getting paid to shitpost on 4chan

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>le unzip le .xlsx file
i remember you

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Kek depression is a lie, you're forcing yourself to be unhappy

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>not becoming a god-tier scammer
>not becoming NEET after scamming millions of dollar
>not living the dreams with moniez of those who think are smart

whats your excuse kuck?

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>the average child in Asian nations is better at mathematical operations and thus smarter than u

sorry but intelligence isn't measured by your ability to achieve memorization after hundreds of hours of practice compared to someone with only a fraction of that practice.

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I remember that guy too but I'm not him. I'm an engineet with a boss who never did any grunt work and as such doesn't know any of the nifty shit AutoCAD can do.

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Hey friend, you appear to be lost. You see, this is 4chan. Typically we prefer discussion to have the semblance of intelligence here. That means capitalization, punctuation, and grammar are the minimum that's required to post here. If you don't like that, why don't you fuck off to wherever you came from.

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I'm browsing 4chan 24/7

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A smart person would realize that working is dumb and kills people.

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>correct grammar is typical
>intelligent discourse is typical
o i am lauffin

keep on insulting the frame instead of the painting faggot, your addition to the discussion was dumb and irrelevant and you have nothing to say to disprove that.

now go back to reddit you grammar nazi retard.

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I'm not even the anon you replied to, I just noticed some kid fresh off of Gaia or whatever the newest trash-tier game is and figured I'd point out how stupid he looks.

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hey buddy i know being a grammar nazi is still cool and all on reddit but keep that shit away from here where the big boys are having a conversation.

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This is like saying you are too smart to shit in the poo

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I'm the smartest person on this board and I can program.

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Where did Reddit get brought into it? Look around, anon. /b/ is there only board that tolerates the way you type.

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People still believe in the Reddit boogieman? This is even worse than /a/ believing that IRC is causing all their problems.

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>sorry but intelligence isn't measured by your ability to achieve memorization after hundreds of hours of practice compared to someone with only a fraction of that practice.

this is typically said by people who are not intelligent nor do they have the ability to memorise anything

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And call it a job

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don't say that you are lazy
the truth is you're just crazy

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B-but, my himouto is lazy yet so smart in class..

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I'm gonna help you m8..

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Hamsters follow different rules.

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>Tek Syndicate Wendell
>Gabe Newell
>Kim Dotcom
And so on.

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>I think I'm smart because my mom says so, I'm also lazy, your argument is definitely valid

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>being obviously stupid

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>I'm so smart I could figure it out if I wanted to but I won't because I am lazy. I think I could so I don't have to prove it.
Nice way to rationalize it for yourself, you giant delusional pussy.

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oh you posted an image

I'm convinced now

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He was like a 15 year veteran at Microsoft. He actually developed and tested big time commercial software.

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You guys don't understand. I did an online IQ test. I was somewhere in the 95th percentile. So obviously I'm especially gifted. If only I wasn't that lazy I could probably do great things.

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So what's the purpose of your high intelligence if you do nothing? Richard stallman is a genius, but why a kuck person like Tim cook had more money than him?

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yeah, sure ;)

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I would tell you, but I'm too lazy for that as well. This intelligence really is a burden.

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Hiroyuki is pretty fucking smart and by all accounts he's the laziest shitbag in the world.

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what in the everloving fuck is an hiroyuki

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He's this new tripfag everyone's talking about. Also a rabbit shota.

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There are a lot of very complicated problems out there for you to try solve. If you think you're too smart for programming, go make a new jpg compression algorithm that's even faster than the one used on the iphone, it was quite a breakthrough and you'll make millions by beating it.
If you're going to draw so much attention to yourself then at least use the trip. You bring shame to those who don't attentionwhore. You are the reason tripfriends get hate.

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You know what sucks? Getting told you're really smart all the fucking time by everybody even though you can barely function as an adult

This either means they're wrong and you're not smart, or they're right but you're wasting potential. Feels fucking bad man

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ain't that the the truth

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Have you not been on 4chan in the past two months?

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Spend that money on anything nice like a car or a boat you'll get caught

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fat shit with a camera and a 3d printer?
>>Gabe Newell
>>Kim Dotcom

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You've only got half the tools anon. Being smart doesn't mean you have understanding, neither does knowledge. You need hard work and elbow grease to actually achieve something.

Without those things, you're just your average idiot with bigger words and less social skills.

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I have seen that bunny before around here. Where does it come from?!

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Look, just use the damn trip so I can filter you.

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I am pretty smart but I lack the enthusiasm to actually do things. However it doesn't stop me from trying new things.

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I honestly can't tell if you're serious or not.

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>tfw EE
>dumbass CS tries to communicate with me

I wonder where these dumbass CS babbies get off thinking they can even stand near an EE tbqh.

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A smart person who never has his intellect challenged will inevitably become lazy.

Given the assembly line school system many governments have, it is extremely likely that a smart person will be held back in an extreme way by his lessers because the classroom only goes as fast as the dumbest student.

Unless the smart person has another motivator of some sort such as being poor, wanting to escape from abuse, emotional trauma that drives them to be better, they will become lazy because over 20 years of school has taught them that they don't need to exert themselves to succeed.

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is that what you tell yourself, senpai?

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>You need hard work and elbow grease to actually achieve something

Hence wasted potential. If you're not intelligent then you're just not intelligent, but if you're a shit worker you can improve your work habits.

>Unless the smart person has another motivator of some sort such as being poor, wanting to escape from abuse, emotional trauma that drives them to be better, they will become lazy because over 20 years of school has taught them that they don't need to exert themselves to succeed.

Sucks that my parents are supportive and rich, I've never had to do anything but coast

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Everyone in this thread is stupid except me.

This thread now belongs to me. All of you need to leave.

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>A smart person would realize that being lazy is dumb, anon.
Realization and actualization are two different things anon.
A person who is smart can also be lazy. This is an example that defines the difference between intelligence and wisdom as two separate entities.

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>tfw so intelligent that the continuous burden of cognizance weights on me so heavily that I just get stuck with a never-ending thirst for escapism which come in the flavor of soulless video games

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Smart people aren't pedo scum.

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Mohammed was a pedophile.

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>values can be derived from facts
>logic implies morality

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>morals and intelligence are absolutely mutually inclusive
I guess that means Nazi Germans were the most morally correct nation on planet Earth considering the intelligence it took to create such advances in science, technology, architecture, and the setting of the foundations for modern propaganda, that left a situation where 7 million Germans died by the end of the war in comparison to over 34 million of everyone else.

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Look at these buttmad pedos. You've outed yourselves, please lie down with your hands behind your backs and wait to be picked up.

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"I could be successful if I tried" is a pathetic rationalization people who aren't successful tell themselves so they can sleep at night.

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Have a loli for your effort.

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Hiro-tan is 4chan's new owner.

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>The truth and validity of your argument is contingent upon my opinion of you as a person.

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Why is her vulva on her abdomen? I'm all for puffy vulva but not tumors with panties over them.

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>I am a virgin who understands nothing about human anatomy


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Why would I care about 3DPD anatomy? I just want non-deformed loli.

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>human anatomy

Holy shit dude, it's a drawing. Take a step back and think about your weeaboo bullshit and how retarded you are.

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>why would I care about anatomy, I just want it to look anatomically correct

>this drawing of a human is categorically removed from the rules of human anatomy, but categorically inclusive of the term "human"

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That poor lizards expression...

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I don't care about anatomical correctness. I care about how cute the loli is. What, are you one of those idiots who can't tell the difference between a drawing and a human being?

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>tfw too dumb to program

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He's uncertain about it. It's warm, and he likes that, but many other things are happening that make no sense to him.

>cuteness has nothing to do with anatomy

wew lad

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What, are you implying that loli proportions follow actual women? With eyes that take up 50% of the area of their face?

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>this architectural schematic of a house isn't an illustrative representation of a house because of a small deviation

>> No.51410526

>this architectural schematic of a house isn't an accurate representation of the house because the kitchen is 20x larger than it actually would be

>> No.51410611

>I don't know what the word illustrative means so I'll just omit it from my thinking.

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Smart people can be lazy, but there certainly are a lot of dumb people yelling "I am lazy, so I must be smart! Bill Gates said so!"

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You seem like the kind of person who believes that lolicon should be illegal because of it hurting the imaginary children.

>> No.51410739

>This. Einstein and Hawking didn't go around yelling "Look how smart I am!"
"Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former." - Einstein

"Smart people are in fact huge dicks." - anon

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>tfw too lazy to program

>> No.51410791


I haven't seen or read any scientific articles providing statistical evidence of lolicon having either a positive or a negative correlation with pedophilia. Then again, I haven't really researched it that much either, so who knows.

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