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Hi guys, I have a problem with my GNU/Linux install. I'm running Xubuntu with XFCE on a computer with a Radeon HD7770, and I had some framerate issues using open-source driver, so I installed the fglrx driver from wily-proposed.
Now everything runs great, except for one thing. Whenever I make it sleep or lock the screen, trying to log back in makes the screen black or displaying some artifacts. When I do Alt+F2, log in and type 'startx', it doesn't work either. It runs perfectly fine after starting, but locking the screen screws it up.
Any ideas, my friends? Pic unrelated.

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Turn off your trip.

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Whoops, I forgot I left my home board. Thanks for reminding me, friend.
I think I also should add that I'm using 15.10 which had issues with fglrx, but I installed a patched version from wily-proposed which forces it to use an older version of gcc, so I think it's not a compability issue.

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