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Reminder to to delete your files if you're listening to FLACs on $100 headphones off your motherboard

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Or, you know, just keep using them and you'll still have the damn things when you can afford to upgrade your sound system.

Dumbest suggestion ever.

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I don't have a piece of shit motherboard.

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i listen to opus on my $10,000 STAX system because i'm not stupid enough to think FLAC is audibly different

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So placebo general?
>muh dac
>muh mids
>muh soundstage

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>Daily reminder that if you're using any headphones that aren't Beats or B&W P5s in public, to listen to music played from any device that is not a phone or an iPad you deserve to be culturally enriched by a rabid pack of niggers or shunned from society for being a hapless virgin man babby

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Why should I convert the FLACs to a lossy format and listen to that if I'm keeping them for archival purposes anyway? Retard.

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>I'm only entitled to use FLAC if I buy into placebo

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>he archives commercial Americlap "music".

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Mmmmmm yes consume up your hard drive space!

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Post more of this.

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>worrying about hard drive space

Better use that saved money from your "archived" (aka pirated) music to buy proper hard drives m8.

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>grasping for straws this fucking hard

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>things audiophiles don't want to admit
FLAC is also susceptible to the rotational velocidensity of hard drives, and the photonic loss of SSDs, making them a waste of space for storage and conversion purposes if they aren't converted in their first year of life, since they lose quality making them into MP3s after 5 years of storage.

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but isn't the ipad + beats more likely to get you culturally enriched?

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Joke's on you, my hard drives have perpendicular storage, removing the effects of the rotational velocidensity while also providing more storage space.


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bitches don't know diagnal storage lets you fit twice as much in half the space

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Enjoy your squashed dynamic range.

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and mostly all the video

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>first video
> 3:30
>rings to control turbulence of the disk as it spins

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Clearly not unless you're some beta manlet cunt who lives in a shithole. Look at this fine example of a gentleman. Picture was taken right now. Do any of the niggers in the frame look like they want to culturally enrich him?

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I only see one in frame and he is clearly hiding his face from the camera so is likely up to no good

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/g/entleman and nigger got off at different stops. Clearly no diversification happening tonight.

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but i'm listening on $1000 headphones off my $1000 DAC

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here's a good one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o73a9sizC_Y

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>when you see it
There's actually 2.

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You don't need more than $100 to buy quality headphones. Music Producers sure don't use more than that. Most people I know in the production industry use MDR-7506 so why should one waste gajillion dollars on headphones?

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>headphones directly out of a DAC
nigga you retarded as hell

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>24/192 flac with $100+ DAC and $100+ headphones is the only and proper way to do it.

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I've never seen any of this before
What in the fuck Japan

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[email protected] = FLAC/WAVE
[email protected] = FLAC/WAVE
[email protected] = [email protected] = [email protected]

and I'm very conservative

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[email protected]*

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Why? Can you elaborate?

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Wow, you might have to pay the 3 cents per gigabyte to get a new drive! Good thing you've helped them save money!

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Who here is a DSP EE?

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>mfw audiophiles are only lying to themselves.
>mfw I can hear the difference between FLAC and 320 with my Sennheiser HD25s connected to a soundblaster.

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try with opus

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no i listen to mp3s on $100 headphones off my motherboard

what now

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Post STAX setup with timestamp if you want anyone to believe you

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