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>using mysql

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>not using mysq

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>not using memesql

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what are you using, postgresql?

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>not using mariadb

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MySQL is neat. It's good enough for Facebook.

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MYSQL doesn't even support INTERSECT

top kek

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PL/SQL master race reporting in

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You can rewrite it as an INNER JOIN

turbo pleb

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google is killing relational db

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well if you're coding in PHP, might as well go full retard and store your data in mySQL

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What's the best book on databases?

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For my database course we're using one called: "Fundamentals of Database Systems", does a pretty good jon at explaining the SQL syntax as well as Relational Algebra, Database design guidelines and normal forms.

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>using entity framework

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PHP + MYSQL for life

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Is there any language worse than PHP? Let's be honest now /g/

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Meme languages like Haskell and Lisp

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Fuck off desu

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I bet you have friends too you faggot

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It's free, what do you want, customer service?

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MySQL is not a database. It kinda sorta resembles a database if you squint your eyes or if you're a beginner and don't know what a real database looks like, but it's not a database. It's really a data corruption engine which happens to use tables and columns as a way for arranging your corrupted data.


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PHP is quite weird but it's definitely not the worst. You just have to jump through a lot more hoops to get shit done.

Don't worry. PHP 7 will fix everything.
[spoilers don't work on /g/]lol nope[/spoilers don't work on /g/]

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perl is based, tho. Perl 6 is coming soon :^)

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