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So I lifted the earth from the power plug of these speakers. How much of a risk am I at of electrocution?

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>fucking around with electronics

If YOU don't know yourself, then you probably shouldn't be doing it.

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Not unless something unexpected happens.
Plus, these usually use isolated power supplies.
So, No.
Not unless you mess with the circuits inside or splash water on them.

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I had a buzzing problem with any speakers that didn't have an earth in my house, funny it can occur the other way round too

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why not buy a better pair of monitor speakers tho?

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i wish i knew how the concept of earthing works but i'm literally retarded and every time i try and google it i can never make sense of it

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you're fucked mate.

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No ground:
>Electricity looks for path to ground -> body is touching ground -> body gets electricity
>Electricity looks for path to ground -> ground wire takes electricity away -> body gets small shock and system shuts down

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that shitty frequency response kek
just get different monitors lad

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Just switch that little red switch that shows 115 over to 240 and you'll be fine OP.

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I got 2 JBL LSR305s for 220 yesterday and I come from shitty logitech speakers, good deal?

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It depends on whether it's electrically connected to something else that is grounded...

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