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Hey /g/ents. Which text editor do you use?

I'm currently using pic related, but I'm looking to switch to something FOSS. Reason being, I use BSD in a lot of environments, and even when Linux emulation is available, Sublime is sometimes buggy with it.

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this desu senpai

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emacs, vim.

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> Vim
shit UI

> emacs
Bloated piece of shit

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>shit UI
it's your setup lol

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No, it's UI is arcane by design.

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>Bloated piece of shit
>uses Sublime

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It may be bloated, but it's not a piece of shit.

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you can fix vim's ui easily

set guioptions+=c
set guioptions+=R
set guioptions-=m
set guioptions-=r
set guioptions-=b
set guioptions-=T
set guioptions-=R
set guioptions-=L
set guioptions-=e

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The fact that I can't even come up with a vague guess as to what those might do, shows how awful its UI is.

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>what's documentation

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Libreoffice desu senpai

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why do people insist on using single letter flags for things that does not make sense?
These are written to a config file anyway, why not use the long version so it is readable?

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According to this logic everything that you don't understand is awful.

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I think sublime has the best addons you could have.

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the best one

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xfce4-terminal + vim with mouse=a for when i get lazy

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>using gvim

commit seppaku

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There aren't any good 256 color themes for console bim.

I need my editor to look good.

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kill yourself

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Not yet.

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Notepad++. Sublime is slow as fuck

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Atom by GitHub™

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Atom 1.1 just came out and it is not that bad.

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Because the thing you really want in a text editor is for it to be unable to keep up with your typing because it's written in AIDS.

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Use linux then.

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>not using Vim
when will you fagits learn?

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i dont believe you

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habeeb it

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reminder that many vim users are ricer non-programmers who simply copy someone else's configuration to spew rainbow vomit for desktop threads.

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sure, i'll give you that
but it is the best text editor out there

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Qualify your claim.

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for one, I do all my text editing on it.
if I need to change multiple files at once, I can.
with ycm, programming on it is way less stressful.
the way vim uses modes (normal, insert, view etc) is very well thought.
you get to help children in Uganda.

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>for one, I do all my text editing on it.
Truly this makes it the best editor out there.
>if I need to change multiple files at once, I can.
What a unique feature. Can you even view the same buffer at different positions in multiple windows yet?
>the way vim uses modes (normal, insert, view etc) is very well thought.
No it isn't, and modes are not fit for non-line editors. Moded visual editors are clunky, they are not a good idea at all.

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I just changed from Sublime to Atom because I could no longer stand the "PLEASE BUY ME!" pop up every five seconds.

No regrets. Atom is incredibly similar and is actually under active development, unlike Sublime, which has basically been consigned to the graveyard at this point.

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thought theres not as much development on sublime as I would like, its far from graveyard


Build 3095
Release Date: 10 July 2015

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Have you ever tried Googling it?

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Here you go faggot.

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anyone use spacemacs? just started taking a look today, but I cant make the line numbers show up. it says I must edit dotspacemacs/config, but that function doesnt exist in the default .spacemacs. when I add it (with the line that makes the linenumbers show up), it doesnt work ;_;

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>Release Date: 10 July 2015
As I said, it's dead
I'm not a pirate
That looks absolutely disgusting, that logo looks like somebody threw up on the screen

At least the guys at GitHub appreciate good design

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Is there any way i can set up my sublime text to open my php files in a browser when i build? They need to be in my php directory

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Use the web server built into PHP.

Open terminal, navigate to the root of your project, and type this:

php -S localhost:8000

Then navigate to localhost:8000 in your browser. Congratulations.

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how is neovim coming along? is it ready for prime time yet?

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I use np++
or vim on servers
Or sublime sometimes

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sam for trivial edits, acme for programming.

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