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>I don’t know how to make a screenshot, because I normally use my computer in text-mode. I have X and GNOME installed, but I use them only occasionally.
Based Stallman.

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Pretty cool read, thanks for that OP

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>Shortcut to aol.exe

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These are pretty nifty.

honestly, in 2002, there were places where the local ISPs closed up shop but you still couldn't get broadband (I was in that situation back then)
that being said, the fact that the icon is named "shortcut to aol.exe" raises some questions

fucking kek

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Seeing all these shitty desktops it becomes pretty clear why all the freetard software is so shitty and buggy.

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Even back in 2002 we had weebs posting their animu desktops, huh?

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>Even back in 2002

Are you some underage shit who thinks history started in 2010 or something?

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I'm not underage, but I'm not really old enough to remember the internet of the 00's either.

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