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Is Stallman the ultimate neckbeard?

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anyone else think Stallman's full of shit? the nigga act like he don't know how to use a GUI but bitch ain't no porn in CLI smfh aint addin up

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he writes his own ASCII non-proprietary porn

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> fapping to your own creation
that goes against the laws of nature.

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possibly retarded

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>not being excited at the prospect of fapping to your 12 year old daughters moans as she first learns to masturbate.

Pretty vanilla, fam.

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nah, he aint neckbeard in the slightest

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He uses the default GNewSense desktop and had a few shortcuts on the desktop. I saw it once before but forget where.

In this video you can see his regular setup at 1:30. Bonus wedgie pull too. https://youtu.be/SNBMdDaYhZA#t=1m30s

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I can shave with this post.

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>not immediately running in there and fucking your daughter

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>Online porn in 2002
>Disk space in 2002
Not to mention the dude was like 50 years old at the time. He probably had a couple nudie mags at best.

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>not fucking your daughter before age 12
are there really people like this

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In 2002 I was still fapping to mags and VHS tapes and a few DVDs if I was lucky.
My internet in the boonies was shit, it actually made more sense to buy porn back then than wait for it to load.

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>tfw no kawaii daughter to incest with

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>at 1:30
>Video is 1:14 long.

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he prefers having sex with parrots and prose instead

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you mean 1:14:28

you didn't even manage to autist correctly 1/10

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1 minute 30 seconds in. I'm not certain but I think I formatted the link in such a way the video will start there.

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>wasting cpu cycles on gooeyes

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>autist with the bowler hat and vest
not surprising at all for a stallman lecture, but still funny to see

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>ain't no porn in CLI
>doesn't read erotic stories
honestly, some of the best porn i have is in text format

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>Is Stallman the ultimate neckbeard?
I would nominate him as an attention whore except it's not him posting Stallman threads every fucking 5 minutes.

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>non-proprietary porn

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>getting aroused by words

haha what are you, a girl?

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>being this indian

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i bet you haven't even looked into it

that or you haven't found your fetishes/have boring as fuck fetishes

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Nah. He just uses what he likes.
He doesn't want you to think he's superior for doing that, so he's just eccentric, but not full on neckbeard.

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Rate Dennis Ritchie desktop

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I have porn saved from 2003

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why is that gif so noisy?

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Of course, X and GNOME just get in the way of him using his normal desktop environment; emacs.

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In 2002 the entirety of my porn collection fit on like one 1.44 Floppy.

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How are you supposed to get turned on if you can't see the cuntlips?

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I'm sure he could find someone in a computer group that likes to install screenfetch and do it for him

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he was tricked into the botnet

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