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Work is giving me a phone. Yes I know that they legally have access to everything I do on it and no I don't really care.

I get to pick between the iPhone 6s Plus, or the Nexus 6 P.

I used android before but don't really care about the operating system.

What should I pick and why?

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Are you gay? -> iPhone
Not gay? -> Nexus

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6s plus

join the gods

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That's what I'm leaning towards. I've been android since the beginning but I don't even root them anymore because there's no point anymore.

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Do you like taking dicks up your ass?



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do it.

Literally the only reason I have an android
(1+1) is because of the price ( I'm a poor uni student)

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What do you hate the most about your iPhone?

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iphone 6 plus comes with a complementary dildo.

You're gonna need to practice for all the gay sex.

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It's a shitty $200 phone with shitty $200 phone performance but with a $900 pricetag.

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iShills coming strong tonight.

Low powered hardware for the price, and a shitty limited OS. Switched to Android a few months ago and couldn't be happier.

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>he subconsciously wanted the nexus to win so he pressed the button 5 milliseconds earlier every time

nice try poorfag

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>being so mad that you forgot to deny that you own one
tip top jej

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I own one, but it was given to me. Did not actually spend money on it, thank god. I dunno why I would deny owning one. I mean, it's kinda shameful, but it's not a big deal.

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>lying to defend your toy company

I don't own a Nexus and likely never will because I prefer phones that support my 128GB microSD, but keep damage controlling from your $200 chinkshit iToy. :^)

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>Low powered hardware for the price,
It's literally the fastest hardware you can get in a phone though?

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if you want regular os updates then skip the clusterfuck that is android

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demand a flip phone.

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>if you want to have control over your updates then skip the clusterfuck that is iOS


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>implying you can update an android phone whenever you wish

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Android all the way, you don't want to deal with the apple bs.

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>I'm purposely running 10 programs in the background to slow down typing

that's strike #2, poorfag

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You literally can.

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>I'm purposely lying while choking back my buyer's remorse tears


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unsupported by either manufacturer or carrier, and automatically voids any warranty, plus the risk of bricking your device
yeah that sounds real attractive anons

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pick one, because there isn't enough RAM to fit both

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>he fell for the MORE RAM meme

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The fact that some people have to post a webm a a iPhone lagging in a specif situation to prove a point is hilarious. Dont you see the irony? You're pretty much saying the iPhone is better by having to post this to try to convince people of your arguments

Any android phones lags worst and more frequently but making a post to point this is redundant because everyone knows it.

iPhone wins once again

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It doesn't matter, corporate IT will lock either of them down. Remember- it's THEIR phone and they are letting you use it for work communication not personal use. You will be monitored.....

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>being a technology illiterate moron that needs his hand held by telecoms

Why the fuck are you even on /g/ grandpa?

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It's damn near impossible to brick an Android phone, they all have recovery modes

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>all those mental gymnastics and delusion to justify his shit tier iToy

Stay mad poorfag. :^)

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>implying it doesn't

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Doesn't justify the price and the shitty limited software it comes with.

Also; see >>50817395.

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>being so frustrated you call someone defending iPhone a poorfag

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>not poorfag

Poorfag detected.

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You forgot to call me a faggot

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um..... dumbass you do realize poorfag is a contraction for poor faggot right

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No its not. Learn 2 meme

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Every executive I've come into contact with uses either BB, WP, or some fucking flipphone even. The rich don't flaunt their wealth with shitty $900 phones that they can buy 20 of every month, they flaunt it with their sports/luxury cars and yachts.

Every iPhone user I've encountered is either sweeping the floors or manning a checkout like. Stay delusional poorfag. :^)

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Serious answer because I'm afraid of you not getting one.

Take the Nexus as the default because it's cheaper than the iPhone.

Do you need anything that the iPhone does? Are you attached to iMessage? Have you poured money into iTunes? Get the nexus then. It's cheaper and a little bit bigger.

Of course, Android requires more maintenance. There's a certain level of work that you'll have to do to make it "better" than the iPhone, and iPhones do age better. Unless you make the Nexus age well (which isn't hard, but you do have to do it), it won't be as timeless as the iPhone.

Are you going to root/jailbrake? Are you allowed to?

Out of personal preference I'm going to recommend the Nexus 6 because I have one and I love it. Got my mom an iPhone 6 though and she loves it. It's really a matter of preference at that point, they're both very good phones.

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ok you contrarian asshat

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Iphone has multitasking now?

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>Every executive I've come into contact with uses either BB, WP, or some fucking flipphone even

Hahah what the fuck. Get a load of this guy

This is a whole new level of fantasy world. Doesn't surprise me coming from a Microshaft fanboy. Its time to go to bad, you have school tomorrow kid.

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iPhone is a luxury.

Sure, you dont need the best phone, but if you can afford it, why not?

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>, but if you can afford it, why not?

I get it. If you can suck dick, why not?

Because I'm not gay.

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>$30/mo for 3 years

Poorfag detected.

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Only in amurica

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>gets rekt
>hurr your logic is too advanced for me

lel androidfags too poor to afford education

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Again, preference. I know this board is like 80% shitposting and "le trolling haha" but I think it's purely preference.

If you like messing with settings, and you like trying to optimize things and using the phone purely for its own sake (ie not playing games or using apps but just messing with the system or making your own stuff for it), then Android is 100% the way to go. If you've already spent the money on iTunes or whatever or you don't care about messing with the phone as an OS, just get the iPhone. But even then, if you can afford it it's still nicer to buy cheaper things so that you have more for other things. Spending less is always good.

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>takes 20 minutes to type out 100 characters on his iToy keyboard that locks up every 5 presses just to reply

How do iPoors put up with this?

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>office phone


It just werks

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nice reaction pic

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>He doesnt know what hes talking about, only what apple feeds him

I cant believe people are this retarded

>M-muh mac doesnt need 8gb ram, Apple says I only need 4.

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Apple is right though, more than 4GB is overkill for a FaceBook Pro.

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I work for Sprint and fucking iPhones cant handle to much at once before freaking the fuck out.

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Shut up and go awoo somewhere else you piece of shit.

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Hahaha i chuckled. But seriously, people think RAM isnt important on a phone? Its just like any other computer. It has to have resources available and when it isnt, it runs like shit.

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Then tell us, anon. What does it mean? :^)

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Are you a curry? Android
Otherwise iOS

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ur mom xD

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Get what everyone else is or has. Be part of the herd.

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>no point

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I mentioned that I know they can monitor me, but it's only on the network level. I actually have root access on the phone, and on the laptop they provide. Nothings locked down.

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Thanks for a real response. Price isn't an issue because the company is providing it. I'll probs go with the nexus anyway.

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What point is there other than tethering which I would do on the company's network anyway?

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>huawei botnet on workplace
Even some company now stay away from lenovo and now you want huawei this is dum thread.

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Updates aren't a problem on the Nexus.

Nexuses get updates directly from Google, and they don't have to go through carriers.

That's why Nexuses are the only Android phones worth getting. Except maybe Sony; they usually don't fuck it up too much.

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Also, to directly address this comment:

Nexuses were originally intended as developer devices. While they are more marketed and more mainstream nowadays, they still retain their strong developer communities and their ability to be bootloader unlocked OOTB. And no, it doesn't void your warranty.

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Started reading this thread and actually almost got heartattack when you said you're leaning towards iPhone.

I mean it's a good phone, but Nexus 6P is superior to it. You won't regret it, anon

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Why would u root a company phone? If there's a security issue, your head is probably first on the chopping block.

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>Started reading this thread and actually almost got heartattack when you said you're leaning towards iPhone.

Lol we wouldn't want him to hang with the overemotional about their products apple sheep huh bro /sarcasm

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>actually almost got heartattack when you said you're leaning towards iPhone.
Caring about the brand of phone a stranger buys to the point of it affecting your health?
You really need to sort out your priorities.

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Well, if you go with Android, the 6P is the right choice.

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