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>Premium Feel
>Internet of Things
>Smart [something]
>The Apple buzzword cluster (Retina, Fusion Drive, etc.)

Anything else?

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>white privilege
>systemic racism

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Free software

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>Gender inequality

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>black lives matter

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>free download
>game of war

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>Fast download

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>>Internet of Things

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in rubey community

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>X is ruining technology
>women are ruining X
>india is taking my job

No this isn't b8. Women aren't ruining tech and curries aren't taking your job. You faggots are just so stupid that your boss thinks women and curries are a better alternative than you. Man the fuck up and stop bitching about change. Maybe try doing something about it.

Also stop complaining about anime.

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Free as in beer

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>activated almonds

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>write privilege
>systemd racism

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>not activating your almonds

Not gonna make it tbh

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yeah basically everything on /g/

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>Richard Stallman
>1v1 me IRl not online see what happens

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All pointless and mean nothing.

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this tbh

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>Internet of Things
>Web 2.0

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>state of the art
>self starter

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> GNU/Linux

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>new features like social media integration
>sufficient for every day usage
>why you need to know about/use
>we as bloggers

Nice bread

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>white genocide
>north america
>south america
>nokia n8/n9/n900

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anime is ruining my memes

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>it's over

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I fucking hate bloggers too

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shit analogies
>this amount is equal to 99999999999999999 mp3 songs
literally tells me nothing

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>facebook, 9gag

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>man the fuck up
Here's a good tab closer

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>Internet of Things

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>Gaming (insert tech here)

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>free as in freedom
>Free Libre Open Source Software

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>pushing the limits
>wage gap
>social networking
>military grade

I rage every time I see teen ameriburgers use this word because not one of them uses it correctly

>beautiful on the inside

They usually say this when a person is deformed physically, and I just don't understand why someone automatically becomes a great person and beautiful on the inside just because they have some physical defect.


Like what the fuck do they even mean by diversity? If there are multiple choices that can compete with each other, there's almost always a clear winner. Why would we need all the other shit that comes after the winner? Why would we need "diversity"? Even if you're talking about opinions there's usually one that's the closest to the truth.

This century is all about buzzwords, hypocrisy, and retarded advertisements so far. I feel like the companies talking to people through ads are adults talking to children about shit like "if you behave santa will give you presents" or "if you're bad the boogeyman will come and take you" to keep them in line, because they know they are just kids and believe everything you tell them.

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[anything to do with games]

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>software engineer
>software architect

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here you go.
reload for more bullshit.

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10/10 content
will use on resume

>community manager
>social media
>the interweb

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>no this isn't b8

Tab closed :^)

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Do you really close the tab for whatever page you're on if you see the word smartphone?

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