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>trying to put on LGA1155 cpu socket protector on new motherboard
>bend some pins in the process
>search online
>protector goes above the latch NOT BELOW
th-thanks for the warning foxconn

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You are an idiot sandwich

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imma sell it on ebay as used

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I broke the pin trying to straighten it

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Just glue it back on

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Wow, you're pretty lucky anon,
D1 = Not needed to function

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actually its AY3, not D1

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still non-critical to function

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Still don;t need it

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guess i caught a lucky break eh

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rtfm next time.

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>rtfm next time.
story of my life...
>boot it up
>this motherboard is not compatible with i5 2500k
hence why i was replacing the socket cover

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Shiiit man that happened to me too to a board that I wanted to RMA but after bending the pins that was not an option anymore. Thanks for reminding me OP

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You're welcome, taking a quick look at google it seems that a lot of people make the same mistake.

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Motherboards based pins are much easier to break than the ones that were on CPUs.

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Get the fuck out.

LGA is so so much better than PGA.

I don't understand how people can fucking break their socket with LGA, OP must be a fucking retard, if it doesn't have a CPU in it, put the fucking cover on it. Done. Fucking boggles my mind.

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Kek. Switched from AMD my entire life to intel the other week, I put my CPU in the mobo
>Oh fuck
I spergged out for 30minutes on google and realized that's what is supposed to happen.

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Why can't we just return to slots for the motherboard/CPU. My PIII 450mhz installation was so easy.

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