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speccy thread

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3TB in storage not currently connected. Need to replace the monitors soon, too.

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why so much ram?

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Guess how much this cost me

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I do a/v editing as part of my job.

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cpu voltage should be 1.25V lmao

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ayy lmao

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>open CS:GO
>5,000 fps in menu
>driver crashes upon joining game
thanks novidia :^)

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A meme coming through

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do you live in a freezer?

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Look better, anon.

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I am become dumb.

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cold as ice

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Good old AMD and their broken sensors.

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nah, my PC is 98% fans

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Nah. Your sensor is broken uleh.

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all 4?

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I have one of these monitors. Can't wait to replace them.

Mine has severe vertical banding/shadowing, dirty screen effect and the colors in general look like shit.

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Do you live in Antarctica? No.
I bet your room is warmer than 21C. So what kind of wizardry do you perform to get lower than ambient temperatures? You don't. Broken sensors are a common problem with AMD.

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Yes. AMD reports wrong to speccy, go check your mom board's readings for the accurate number

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i literally shit myself

▲ ▲

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▲ ▲

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>only 256gb of RAM
KEK, fucking poorfag.

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literal retard

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polak pozdrawiam
drapichruście ;p

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so no way to see real temps outside BIOS? don't feel like going to BIOS every time I want to see temps

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time to stick this thing in the freezer again...

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nah, fresh out the freezer, temps are back down again.

it happens when you're running 3 VM's on a laptop.

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your self drawn icons are cute

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thanks :3

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enjoy your rusted and broken laptop

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dammit... forgot the pic.

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Same CPU and Mobo. How did you get it so high? What settings?

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Speccy and guts. Got her to 4.4 stable @1.28v. GPU had to be returned to stock clocks because muh 650w psu. Going to a 850 soon for better OC headroom and to prepare for SLI Pascal.

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You're probably using a little over half your available wattage, the PSU isn't limiting you at all.

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Utter Cunt>>50776169


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Actually it is. Even at highest efficiency, my rig sucks up 672w at full load which happens during rendering. At stock clocks I pull about 530w. Everything else has been accounted for, but ill be benching it this weekend with a buddy's RM 750 to see what she does.

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Waiting for Samsung 950.png

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Even at its most efficient, it wont kick out 600w. My load power draw is 633 tested. I need more psu if I want to OC

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Previous post was at 4.4 GHz 633 is the draw at 4.0 GHz

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This nigga needs a NAS.

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This nigga needs some sense
also filtered because of obnoxious trip

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That's far too much trouble. I hardly hear them during normal usage, anyway. Plus, it's hard finding a good case for that with enough HDD bays (I have 9TB more in my wardrobe lol).
How new are you

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What trip? I don't trip on any board let alone /g/

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There's no way a 5820k and a lowly 760 are drawing over 600w. If we assume heavy overclocks average about 200w per component (probably less) even if the rest of the system drew 100w that's still barely over 500w. Even accounting for the PSU efficiency it's not going to be pulling more than 600w from the wall. I'm guessing you're using a meter plugged into the mains socket to get those numbers, in which case I think it may be broken.

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How much of that 14TB is Chinese cartoons, I wonder?

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paste ee/p/pAHGz#5O5I2BGbbccJ8hVL3fwDm5Q3T6lfq6Gg

reformat it, why is a paste service spam lol

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Checked 2 seperate PSU testers and a piggyback gauge to measure Vdrop. Either I have a overly power hungry setup that defys physics or you cannot do math man. Even most PSU requirement estimators put my needs in the 630w range at current OC levels which agrees with my tests.

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>speccy thread
Glad to know that people still love it.

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Depends what you mean by that. Less than 2TB anime, I don't know how much of the rest is jap content though, but I have a lot of images and games.

Most of it is Western content, though.

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I just looked up the Bit Tech review on the 5820k, at 4.3GHz they're getting 340w from the wall by loading up just the CPU. The 760 consumes like 170w, but we'll assume 200w with an overclock. That's 540w and then add the fans, water pump, and for some reason all your drives spinning and you might get some what close to 600w.

Even then with those generous numbers that's still just power drawn from the mains, take into account efficiency and you're drawing much less than the ~650w that PSU has to offer (for that you'd be seeing about 750w from the wall).

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Burning 360 backups?

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The Final Fantasy games don't count as western content, anon.

How much of your 14TB is really Chinese cartoons?

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Recently got a new monitor. Wanted to see what this 1440p 144hz hype was. I can say with full confidence I won't be going back to 1080.

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Just because a 650w psu says it makes 650w, it doesn't anon. My PSU is 90% efficient at 50% load (so @325w, it can push about 295w. At peak 100% load it is 86% rated efficiency, so at 650w you only get about 553w actual. Heat can bring down the efficiency as well anon.

Tl;dr Your math does not account for efficiency.

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Because I like it?

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Mine have held up, I'm just wanting to replace the pair with one bigass ultra wide. They're good for being 5-6 years old, but it's time for an update.

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You don't understand how the whole efficiency thing works. A 650w power supply can supply 650w (well, any that isn't complete garbage), the difference between high and low efficiency ones is how much power they pull from the wall.

Yours for example is 86% efficient at full load, that means for it to put out 650w it needs to pull around 750w from the mains and that extra 100w is output by the supply as heat. A less efficient 650w power supply will still put out 650w, it will just end up pulling more power from the mains (and thus outputting more heat too).

To sum it up, power supplies are rated based on the power they can OUTPUT, not how much they can draw which changes based on efficiency even at the same output wattage.

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Not him, but I think you're going the wrong way.

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You have that backwards you ding dong.

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I'm with you there

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2600k brofist

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my niggas

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I had it backwards and was wrong. Thanks anon. What can be the issue then? I've RMAd every component I swapped in, went back to the old mobo and CPU as a test, it did fine. Guess ill RMA again and see what it does.

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>tfw just installed my optical drive

I love that whirring sound. The sound of the last decade.

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>mfw had a Timex Sinclair 1000 (same as Sinclair ZX81)
>mfw Timex Sinclair 2068 had some specs better than the Speccy
>mfw my mother bought me an Atari 800XL instead of the 2068 I requested for Christmas
>mfw I was resigned to drool over the 2068 in ads run in Timex Sinclair User magazine.

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>What can be the issue then?
I really don't know, all I can think of is a faulty meter but you've tried two of them. If it wasn't for the fact you're using a gold rated Seasonic a highly inefficient PSU would be my second guess.

When you say you had to get rid of the overclock on the graphics card, did you do that just because of the meter reading or did the power supply actually shut off? It shouldn't at a reading of 672w (would be pulling around 750w from the wall as I said before), so if it functions normally I'd keep the OC and continue to use that PSU.

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It feels like these would be pretty shitty specs but suprisingly it's a pretty zippy laptop.

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//link to /b/tard proof codeshare
public class SecretCode {
public static void main(String[] args){
StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder();
String[] memes = new String[]{"1", "E", "2", "G", "e", "Z", ":", "0", "i", "j", "k", "l", "X", "n", "J", "p", "R", "r", "s", "O", "u", "ayy lmao", "w", "8", "y", "z", "M", " ", "E", ".", "F"};
int[] dank = new int[]{27, 2, 31, 16, 13};
for(int i = 0; i < dank.length; i++){
sb.append(memes[dank[i] - 1]);
System.out.println("http://codeshare.io/" + sb.toString());

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wrong thread

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It alternated between a blue screen with an immediate shutdown. No information on error logs, I'm suspecting bad one at this point. And it is a EVGA NEX650G, not exactly a tier 1 PSU, so my guess is its faulty somehow.

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why did you get a 9590 when its exactly an 8350, just max overclocked from the factory?

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could finally afford first decent rig in a rush for OS :(

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good first build outside the display, which doesnt count really

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