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hey /g/ i just ordered pick related, how did i do?

>720p IPS 5 inch display
>Quad Core 1.3ghz processor
>5mp back camera/2mp front
>Android 5.1

56 euros/62 dollars

Is the Doogee x5 the ultimate poorfag phone?

also chink phone general

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>Bought chink shit rather than a zenfone 2
>Can't spell 'pic'
Yeah sounds about right.

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zenphone 2 is 200 dollars, doogee x5 is 60 bucks bro, i think you underestimate how poor some people are

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If you're that poor, don't buy a smartphone you dumb fuck.

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well shit, that's cheap

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How much ram?
But yeah great for the price.

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1gb, forgot to say that

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Not bait, retard.
If you can't afford to spend more than $60 on a phone, you obviously struggle to pay for electricity.
A $15 nokia has a battery 1/2 the size and yet lasts a week on it. Combined with the money saved on the initial purchase price, this lets you afford credit / the bill easier.

Now fuck off and enjoy your piece of laggy shit that'll break in 4 months.

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that's a bit low today, but it's still enough

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>"If you can't afford to spend more than $60 on a phone, you obviously struggle to pay for electricity."
>"Not bait"

dude just get out of this thread if you are not going to be constructive, there is a difference between being able to buy something and being able to afford something, i could easily buy a zenphone, but its not optimal for me because i am not intrested in spending that much on a phone, seeing as i have other priorities in life, it doesn't mean i struggle to pay for electricity it just means i don't care about phones enough to spend more than 100 bucks on one, but i care about it just enough to try to buy the most cost effecient thing, and if i can get a good smartphone for cheaper why the fuck would i buy a 15dollar nokia?

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its not gonna last more than 3 months anon.
i'm sorry should have saved up some money and bough a flagship-tier phone.
any flagship, fuck a 2013 flagship was better.
a friend bought a Razor i for like 90 bucks.
its shit but hey.

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I've had a $60 ZTE for over a year now and it'll still be fine for at least another 6 months unless I drop it like a retard again.

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should have waited for the Lumia 550. I would return it if i were you and welcome the no lag WP universe with open arms.

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>literally same specs
>no apps

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Should've got a lenovo k3 note
Pic related benchmark for 150$

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>1GB of ram on android

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You're full of shit.

Got some Doogee for my mom for $88 a year ago, no problems with it at all. It's so infinitely better functionality wise compared to dumb Nokia that $15 for it sounds like money thrown down the drain.

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Do you seriously think these people talking shit have any experience with that phone or even anything made by Doogee?

I swear this place is full of retards that blow 300+ bucks on their phones just to shitpost here.

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>Android 5.0
kek enjoy outdated os with security holes

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Meme phone for redditors

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Top kek

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Wtf is wrong with you all?

I use Z3C as daily but from time to time test low end phones and even the ones with 512mb are more than usable these days for basic tasks.

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>>Android 5.0
>kek enjoy outdated os with security holes

i bought an huawei ascend mate 7 although it was only on 4.4 at the time, now they released 5.1 for it and I'm still not upgrading because why the fuck should I? I buy a phone for its hardware and not software, if it runs fine then I'm happy with it and if not I just root and mod/rice it until it works/looks how I want it. You didn't have any complainants when there was no 6.0 or 5.1, so why cry now? because there are security issues? U used to live with some of them without even noticing, and now you cry about it without looking at the fact that there are tons of other security issues right now even on the latest Android.
It's like not buying a car because the newest BMWs have some safer driving technologys.

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^this, also i actually find it intresting to see what developers can do on a budget phone, doing a flagship 600 dollar phone and cramming the most high end gear into it is cool and all, but its when they have to make compromises and choose the best hardware for the money were you see a truly great company, not sure if that phone is that but the specs look good for the price

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I had a doogee DG550

The GPS, never worked, period, The MTK6592 was slow as fuck for games, the whole thing was buggy and prone to crashes/self restarts.
Battery life was really really shitty and they never keep any battery replacements in fucking stock.

Finally got 4.3 some time last year but GPS still never worked, bunch of users have the same problem, eventually got fed up with it and bought a Zenfone 5.

Fucking shame as it was nice and thin phone that looked spectacular

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>5mp camera


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>caring about cameras on phone

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I am loving this HTC Desire 510 that I got for next to nothing
Before that was an LG F3
Before that was a Kyocera Rise (slideout keyboard was amazing but man that thing was a slow piece of shit)
I spent less than half of what most people spend on a new phone on all of those combined. My buddy broke his screen recently and paid more than those combined to replace it.
Every new phone I get is slightly better than the last one and I love it. I have a powerhouse desktop at home, why would I spend more than $100 on a text/email device that has a good chance to break or get lost?
To each their own but unless money is no object I don't get it.

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There's an X5 Pro model with 2gb, I think 20 dollars more.

inb4 op regrets

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I heard that one has heating issues

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