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I'm going to a pawnshop soon to sell this 4GB MP4 player. What's the lowest price I should accept for it?
The display is 2 inches by the way.

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Literally nothing.

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It's not an iPod, so be appreciative if they offer you enough to buy lunch.

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In all honesty you'd be lucky to get $5. Who the hell is going to buy a 4 gb mp3 players when almost everybody has a phone that can play music and has more memory?

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It plays FLAC and has an FM tuner. It's far superior than any Apple shit.

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Not to a pawn shop owner, it's not. Even trailer trash parents want to buy their kids shiny bullshit with Applel logos.

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So what? My android phone will play flac too. Not to mention that 99% of regular people dont even know what flac is, nor do they have a decent enough ear or headphones to have it matter anyways.
And nobody gives a flying fuck about an fm tuner with stuff like iheartradio, Pandora, ect.

Seriously, it's not worth shit. Just accept it and move on.

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>ear or headphones
More like don't have decent enough regular ears. FLAC is a meme, always has been, and you guys gobbled it up. You poor suckers pretend to hear something, like the kings clothes that are really just non-existent rather than invisible
>but i hear a difference!
you want to hear a difference so your brain plays a trick on you. computers being able to detect something doesn't mean your feeble human brain can

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Bender, plz go.

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what country do you live in?

even a KFC zinger costs $7.90 here in NZ :(

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the fuck is a Zinger?

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the average person doesn't care about that shit only contrarian faggits like you do

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>ITT OP realizes tech from 10 years ago isn't worth anything now

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