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Hey /g/, I'm about to sound like an emotional grill but whatever.

So I recently dug up my old gayming rig from when I was 9. (Dell inspiron 530)

I haven't been a mustard race gaymer for a while. Upcoming meme star citizen looks cool and interesting, as well as all the supposed DX12 stuff coming down the road.

So I need a rig.. I'd like to simply upgrade this one for nostalgia purposes. Is there any way of simply installing a new mobo? I know there are form factors involved, according to Google the motherboard form factors is Matx. What socket/cpu do you recommend?

>Inb4 xdd ur onli 15

>Inb4 buy a new case

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enjoy ur b& m8

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>op is now 16 years old

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Yeah you could put a new motherboard into that case, but it would be a stupid idea.

Those cases have shit air flow, and any decent hardware is going to run really hot. Plus it isn't going to have shit for features compared to a new case, stuff like ssd mounts, tool less mounting, decent cable management, ect.

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Dell cases tend to have weird form factors so stuff may not fit correctly.

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Did that look like bait? Honestly I need advice from people who know what they're talking about. That's why I'm here.>>50597816

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You must be 18 to post here

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Thanks for your advice anon. What case would you recommend? I don't like the look of most "gaming" cases. Prefer the look of older workstation cases. As far as features go, cable management is all I ask for.

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Tfw saw it coming

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Depends on what kind of hardware you want to put into it and your personal preference.

Seriously, there are a ton of good case options out there, just go do some research for yourself.

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>Emotional grill
>Mustard race gaymer
>Meme star
Holy fuck go die please, the way you write things makes me want to stab myself in the eyes.

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Been looking at the define r4/5. Love the features and build, but not the look.

Also fairly decent hardware. Possibly a housefire 990 when it releases. More likely to wait for pascal, however.

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Lmao bro then why are you here

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Is is possible, I saw some "stealth" rigs here. i7 & 980 SLI in a 2001 desktop case.

You'll need to buy everything new, also the PSU is too old and possibly shit.

I did similar for myself, upgraded a Phenom I rig with Phenom II, SSD and a GPU. But if you want to get into DX12 you need a real station, at least 2nd gen i5 and a 900 geforce (or similar).

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I had an R4 for a work computer when I was a SolidWorks jockey, and have a Define XL build at home. They're great cases, good cable management, low temps, and nice and quiet.

No reason not to get the R5 over the R4. Little things like the reversible door on the front are nice to have.

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Yeah, the psu is obvious. In fact it literally just failed today. I'm wondering if there is something I can do to increase airflow.>>50598202

As far as specs go, my parents give me buckets of money just for doing well in school. So I'll be mostly on the high end.

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Inspiron 530 was sold in 2008
OP was 9 at the time

OP is now 16

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>people BORN in 1999 now post here

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I'm 15, born at the end of 99 (unfortunately)

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Fuck off, reatrd

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post a speccy

You could pop in a GT610 or HD6450, lower your game settings and call it a day, but that's just me

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Have you ever used a similar card? You would not recommend it if you had

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PSU failed today, so no speccy. But it has a core 2 duo, and a GTX 295 for some reason... And I would go low end like that, but I'd like to play at 1440p on some newer titles.

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How old are you

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295 should run everything released up through the end of the year....

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Tried witcher 3 at 720p medium settings. 40-50 FPS. Unacceptable. Likely bottleneck or throttling.

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i5 6600k
R9 390/GTX970
fuck off

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Any GPU that dosen't end in an 80, 90, X, x2, or Ultra is a waste of money. Enjoy your minecraft on those low end cards, OP :^)

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Literally what I'm doing, I have a Dell 530s that I upgraded from 1 to 6 gb of ram, and I had an hd 5450 in it until it started overheating and I replaced it with a gt 640 that my dad found in a trash computer. 4gb of the ram also came from the trash computer, and my brother gave me the hd 5450, got the computer itself from my uncle, and had a hdd that I stole from my old school laptop as a secondary until it failed a couple months ago. Spent 10 dollars for the initial upgrade of two 1gb sticks of ddr2. My pc is essentially Frankenstein but I get 30fps in most games.

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jesus fucking christ

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You say that like you don't vomit at anything below 60.

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45+ is tolerable. I do require 60+ but will deal with 45 if I have to.

go buy a used 750 Ti and call it a day.

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i don't because i'm not a meme-master like you
there are genres that are absolutely fine with 30fps

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>he never played games with 5 fps
Ok, kid

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Honestly I'm happy if I get more than 20. Played through mafia 2, tomb raider, sleeping dogs, saints row 2/3/4, gta iv, metro 2033, metro lastloght, bioshock infinite, and sniper elite 2 with 20-30fps and still axed my price of shot pc could do that.

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That's awesome, is the airflow as bad as it seems? I thought about modding it to have fan grills on the top or something...

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Aces, I'm all set.

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The only time I've played below 60 was on console or intel HD. I've grown up on 60 frames. Can't stand anything else besides it.

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Sometimes those old cases can be used for modern builds if you use modest, energy-efficient hardware. Right now I'm doing a build with a beige case using modern but efficient parts: i5-4670, GTX960, etc. It's not a high powered gaming build, but the parts suit my needs just fine.

When I look at pics of the inside of that Dell case, the only issues I see are a lack of an intake fan, and no standard mounts for 3.5" drives. Depending on how much time you want to spend, I'm sure you could come up with workarounds to solve these issues but you'll need a drill/dremel and some creativity.

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Sounds like you're underageb&

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How's that beast play games nowadays? Really wanted one when it was new, but I didn't even have a desktop back then..

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>This is the /g/ we all created

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The human eye sees around 27fps.Anything above that is undetectable.

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That's exactly what I was aiming for. I really dislike the aesthetic of modern cases. And I could definitely mod the case. I've hacked up a lot of metal in the past, so I've got the tools.

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It plays fine. When set to the 3GB limit, GTA V runs 70+ FPS. It's a bit toasty, but when DX12 finally decides to stop being a cunt and show up, it'll jump up to 6GB of VRAM.

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Why is OP still not banned

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>thinking the human eye is advanced enough to see above 13 FPS
>The year is 2015.

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try consulting your local doctor about your ADD

I wish the 60fps meme would die already. Yes, it's better. Yes, it's noticable. But you're being so fucking obnoxious about it that you're almost like vegan people who tell everyone they're vegan randomly.

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That's quite impressive, to bad they're pretty rare to find these days.. :(

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I agree with you actually, I'm just being a dumb memer. The only main issue with frame rates for me is a framedrop ( I.E, dropping from 60 to 30 )

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You can find them on eBay every now and again for ~$200. I wonder how long it'll be until newer cards offer better performance for the same price though.

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The gpu doesn't even fit properly in the case, idle Temps on everything of like 40c, doesn't get much worse than 50 thoigh. Might buy a new case just so I don't have to leave the lid off this one.

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>grown up 0n 60fps
>was literally born in 2003

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>there are genres that are absolutely fine with 30fps
Visual novels
Text adventures
That's about it

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60fps isn't even high framerate, it's the bare minimum acceptable.

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Haha ur so cool cause u can't tolerate moving pictures below a certain speed I bet u guys in this thread don't even count every single.frame as you're playing a game u noobz

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You don't need a good CPU to play games.

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What language is this?

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Other than spelling errors I'm sure that you can tell that is english. If not you're a retard.

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That is arguable, because if you have a high end gpu and a 1.5ghz celron dual core, it's gonna bottleneck like fuck. If you want a good gpu you should have a good cpu and a good amount of ram.

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This shit thread actually brings me back a bit. Back in the days when I had my brand fucking new voodoo 3. I was gearing up to play the most amazing game I had ever played at the time, I believe it was Star Wars Dark Forces II. Yeah I have no idea what those frame rates were but it didn't even matter because as Kyle Katarn, I was fucking up alien scum and sith alike.

This also kinda reminds me the first time I ever laid eyes on a 1080p screen. I was walking through Microcenter and had to do a double take because of how clear the images were. It looked like real life.

And don't even get me started on the first PC game I ever played. Fucking Commander Keen. You guys wanna get uppity about frame rates, that shit probably ran at 5fps.

Kids these days will never know what it was like to game on a CRT at 600 x 400 resolution.

This is probably why I have to wear glasses today.

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What about CM Silencio 352?

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a hashwell pentium/i3/6300 is all u need for gaming

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I'm still using a similar case to this day.
It's built like a tank and the door hinges are still intact. My only gripe is with the shitty hard disk bay.

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I'm still using a similar Antec case to this day.
It's built like a tank and the door hinges are still intact. My only gripe is with the shitty hard disk bay which is not up to today's standards.

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>haswell pentium
G3258 isn't enoug due to having no hyperthreading
it either struggles in new games or they don't launch at all
both housefires AND very low single threaded performance
i3-4170 is pretty good for budget builds, yes

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I5 CPU , decent mobo like asus or asrock, skip MSI because they are shit. (socket 1150 is still the best price/performance

8GB ram

600watt gold cpu

240GB SSD (with a 2TB normal disk)

and whatever GPU fits your budget. id go for a 970 or a 290x.

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I actually usually play on a CRT because of no delay. But yeah, I'll probably never be able to have the bliss of feeling the excitement of seeing some crazy resolution for the first time.

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This is bullshit.

I'm currently running a G3258 and it runs new games just fucking fine.

I'm running it along side a 980 Ti, so I can't imagine it would perform any worse along side a 960 or a 970.

I am able to get a solid 50-60 FPS in every game on MAX settings, Crysis 3, Witcher 3, Shadow of Mordor, Dragon Age Inquisition. Actually DA:I was running at more like 45 fps, same for witcher 3

EITHER WAY ... It does fine for gaming.

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>msi are shit

Lol nice meme asus cuck, you clearly know nothing, my z170a xpower is more well specced and has better power delivery than any asus board ever made

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>le pc master race xd

just fuck off back to reddit already holy shit

you're not old enough to post here anyway

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>>le pc master race xd
>cannot recognize satire
>falls for bait

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>980 Ti
>50-60 FPS
good job anon

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I'm a gaymer :D

But seriously, I'm getting a 4790k next week, the g3258 is temporary

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OP is your name Jared?

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