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Post your first PC and the specs if possible

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386 SX2 Cyrix 33Mhz
2MB Cirrus Logic GFX
MS-DOS + Norton Commander
No CD-ROM or Sound Blaster SFX.

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i486 DX4-100

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Pentium 133
ATI 2mb onboard graphics
Voodoo 4mb 3d card
Sound Blaster 16 isa audio
Kenwood Multibeam CD-Rom

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Commodore 64

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Dell Dimension 4600

I still have it, it won't turn on so I can't check the exact specs. It's definitely got 1 gig of ram though.

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TRS-80 iii with 64kb of ram. 2x5.25" disk drives. You installed games by typing the BASIC code in from paper back books.

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this bad boy here

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PII 233mhz
64mb ram
2gb hdd

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Pentium 120MHz
S3 Trio 1MB
CD-ROM drive
15" 800x600 monitor
Windows 95

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Amiga 500

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some kind of dell dimension, something with a medicore p4 and either 256MB or 512MB ram

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I just remember it had a TURBO button

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Pentium 166MHz with MMX technology
12x CD-ROM
33.6k modem
16mb RAM

Used to play pool champion and collect hentai.

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Mac plus
8mhz Motorola 6800
4mb of ram (scavanged the simms from my dad's business after he upgraded his IIcx)
20mb external scsi hard drive
later on I got my hands on a external 2x cd rom drive and a syquest drive.

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Zilog Z80 @ 3.5 Mhz

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Don't judge, I got it from a local PC store at midnight when Windows XP was released. It was literally me and a few other neckbeards queuing up outside until they opened.

>K7S5A (Rev 3.X)
>AMD Athlon XP 1600+ 1.40GHz
>1GB DDR 266
>Geforce 2 MX 400 64mb
>80GB Western Digital something
>XP Home

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ibm 5150
intel 8088, no math copossessor
dual 5.25 floppys
and I believe it had 32k of memory

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Acorn electron motherfuckaaa
2MHz cpu
32kB ram

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486 DX33
4MB of RAM
150MB hard disk.
8 bit Soundblaster card
CD ROM drive

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This is like mine, but I didn't have cd or soundblaster (just adlib) because poor and 1994

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Pentium 2 300mHz
96MB ram
SiS6326 integrated shit

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Windows 95
Less than a gig of ram
20 gig hd
cartridge cpu with maybe a 1.3 single core

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First PC was a Tandy 1000 SL hand-me-down from my grandpa...in 1995. First Windows experience was Windows 3.1 on my mother's work laptop.

First actual Windows PC was a Dell Dimension 4300 running Windows ME (I think it was 2000 or 2001), which eventually got upgraded to XP. As you can imagine with the shit quality of the old dells, it did not last long (Few years).

First PC built was a:
-512 of RAM
-AMD Athlon 3000+
-Crappy case that had a door that broke because cheap chinese shit.

And a bunch of reused parts from a couple old builds (I know the HDD and the DVD drive were from another PC). Built it originally to play Half Life 2.

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Intel Celeron 466 MHz
S3 Savage3D graphics card
Windows NT 4 Workstation

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Pentium II 400mhz
64 mb ram
16 mb vram

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Oh and 4gb hdd
Just enough for win 98 and civ III

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Athlon K7 700Mhz
GeForce 2
SoundBlaster Live!

... and then the Abit motherboard died because their capacitors were a shit

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Pentium 120Mhz.. Can't recall the rest of the specs, 8mb RAM upgraded to 16 I think.

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This machine was the first PC i could use
AMD Sempron 1.5Ghz
idk graphics card
80GB Hard drive

Now it's dead. Until 3 months ago my father were using it in her work searching some things on internet but one day PSU died and some days after mobo also die

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Spec data:
1.6-GHz Intel Pentium M; 512MB of RAM; 40GB hard drive; 15-inch SXGA LCD; DVD/CD-RW drive; ATI Mobility Radeon 9600 graphics card; multibay slot; Secure Digital memory slot; HP W500 802.11a/b/g; Microsoft Windows XP Professional Edition

took me forever to track it down

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Atari STe

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It was a Commodore 64C. I remember playing tons of games on it in kindergarten and elementary school in the 90's.
Good times.

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holy shit man, thats nearly identical to the first rig i built in middle school that i got from hand me down parts from my granddad and the IT department where my dad worked.

dat sweet sweet feel when i finally was able to buy a used Voodoo 2 8mb!

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P166 1go disk
Don't remember the rest.

Had to add a soundboaster and a 3dfx monster to play TFC with cracked opengl drivers

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I picked up like three of these from a garage sale when I was a kid. I loved them.

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Pentium III 800Mhz
256Mb of RAM
ATI Rage 128Mb
20Gb HDD

It was supposed to be a computer for school related shit.

Literally all I did on it was play Doom 2, Blood, Half Life, some football management game and watch porn.

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I had the same one, but with 'only' 512mb ram

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Processor: AMD Duron 800Mhz
RAM: 128
Video card: SiS 200 series (I think) 64MB vRam
HD: 40GB
MOBO: Foxconn (I think)
Monitor: Benq

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Actually you just reminded me, it originally came with just 256mb of SDRAM.

By the time XP SP2 came out in 2004 it was starting to struggle as programs demanded more and more memory, so I went ahead and ordered a 1GB kit off of crucial.

Did you ever have any capacitor problems with that motherboard?

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this was my first pc. I think it only had like 24 mb of ram. slow as fuck. had to wait like 20 minutes for the fucking thing to turn on

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wait, it 32mb of ram. it says it on the case

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>32 mb of ram
Jesus Christ. Did it come with XP preinstalled or did you put it on there? Can't imagine it being a nice experience.

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1981 IBM PC, it had 10MB of hard drive space and a screen that only did shades of yellow.

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it wasn't. It was the probably worst pc i've ever used

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The first one I ever bought for myself was a core2 8600, I think? Quadcore with 2.5 GHz. With 2x2 GB ram and a GT9600. Only ever used the "family computer" up until then.

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Pentium 800mhz
32mb SDRAM
Nvidia TNT2
Windows 98

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it came with windows millenium edition

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*Q8300, I think.

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Yeah what the fuck, XP was already hard to run with 128mb, I think it was the minimum ram, the recommended was 256

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Packard Bell Force 4650

Processor - 120MHz Pentium Processor
Memory - 8MB, Upgradeable to 72MB
Hard Drive - 1.0GB
Graphics Chip - Cirrus Logic, 1MB Video Memory, upgradeable to 2MB
Sound Card - Standard Packard Bell Sound/Modem Card
Optical Drive - 4x NEC CD-ROM Drive
Optical Connection - IDE/Atapi
Floppy Drives - 1x 1.44MB 3.5" Floppy Drive
Operating System - Windows 95
Navigator Version - Navigator 3.6
Case Type - Mini-Tower
Preinstalled Software - 1995/1996 Bundle
Motherboard - PB600

That's if we don't count the Amiga 600.

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XP was like Vista at first in the sense that everyone saw it as a resource hog whilst trying to run it on underpowered hardware. Machines with 64mb of ram were run of the mill a few years prior.

Luckily the hardware caught up with in a few years.

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I don't remember the specs but I got it from toys r us and it had a 2gb hard drive, which was huge at the time. My dad used to say "why would you ever need any more space" kek

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Some beige box.

Specs as I remember them:

CPU: 66 MHz (turbo) / 33 MHz
RAM: 8 MB or 16 MB
HDD: 70 MB or 300 MB
OS: Windows 3.11

It also came with a CD-ROM drive and two floppy drives (3.5" and 5.25"). Games still do say what type of install media they come with, but I remember back then, games or any other kind of CD would have "CD-ROM" written in a starburst, almost like it was a selling point on the box.

I got some free CDs with atlases, a virtual tour of the San Diego zoo, Mavis Beacon teaches typing, and Chessmaster 4000 (the latter of which I still have copied on my computer somewhere). I also had a CD called IE (Interactive Entertainment) which had interviews with some game developers, reviews, and a few shareware games, but I don't remember if I got that with my computer or if I got it later.

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jesus, first one was a 486-dx2-80 with some sort of vesa graphics card i paid for with a check, that they never cashed.

two or three months later pentium hit the market and I had already blown 600 on that piece of dung.

Mechwarrior could only be played in wireframe because the card still couldnt handle it.

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I had pretty much the same thing except a different GPU.

Geforce 4 MX440

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Amiga 500
7 Mhz CPU, 512kb RAM, no hard drive

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First computer was some turbo button thing with 1GB HDD space, 8MB RAM and whatever CPU. Best 5th Birthday present.

First computer I assembled with my own money

8GB Patriot DDR2, lent those to a friend and got myself 8GB Ballistix tracers. DDR2 @ 2.3v, 5-5-5-18 1251MHz. Best sticks I ever owned, not even my current samsung LP Greens.
9600GT 1GB Passive
Silverstone ST50F

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I still remember my old 1800+ with an MX440. RIP that tiny little fan. Credit where it's due, it could run Sims 1 fairly well.

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Apple //e
1Mhz 6502 (later upgraded to 65c02)
64k RAM (later, 128k, then 1MB)
5.25" floppy drive
Green monochrome monitor

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A cyrix 686 rig, then an IBM Aptiva with a P1, then a 647mhz p3 that I rode til 2005 when the 10GB hdd clicked to death

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I think I had a Matrox g4xx in the p3 rig, I upgraded to an Athlon XP and a 9700 pro

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Intel i486DX2-66
150MB + 300MB HDDs
Soundblaster something
can't remember what GFX
Double speed CD-ROM
Windows 95

Thanks OP, now I feel old :(

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4bit RAM
no display
no sound
no hard drive
no cd drive
ToasterOS 19.45.2

it did everything a man could need

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Pentium 166 MMX
Windows 95

I don't remember much more.

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