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/g/ has a problem, it's called: anime
since moderators don't care about weebs shitting up /g/ threads with off-topic discussions about their kawaii waifus, we need to help ourselves.

but how? the first thought would be filtering, but we can't filter all anime pics - well, maybe we can.

the idea is: parsing all booru related sites (maybe curl?), creating a md5-database of all images and here comes the filtering.

what does /g/ think about that idea? is it even possible? can javascript handle a huge database like that?

opinions welcome.

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4chan already reports illegal images iirc

Also who like anime here

Reply with an anime if u like anime

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>posting on a japanese image board
>complaining about anime
It's time to leave

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The fuck is up with all the normies complaining about anime lately

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>since moderators don't care about weebs

You realize that's because you're posting on an anime and Japanese culture related imageboard right? This is a board for people who enjoy anime (or are at least indifferent to it) to discuss technology.

If you don't like it why are you even here? Go post on /r/technology then.

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>we have a problem with anime
>on anime image board

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OP you riling up the anime shitposters is what causes the problem in the first place for fucks sake

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4chan got different boards for different interests. about 50% of boards are anime related, this is not one of them.

it makes no sense to have a technology board when threads are full of anime discussions. weebs have their own boards.

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>the idea is: parsing all booru related sites (maybe curl?), creating a md5-database of all images and here comes the filtering.
that seems pretty obsessive my man just to avoid seeing some cartoon babes

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Hey OP

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Nobody on /g/ is discussing anime, and the OP is not talking about discussion of anime, he's talking about the postingof chink pics on a chink board owned by a literal chink.

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>mfw anime reaction images get people this butthurt

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>some obscure *.moe site

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I support fuck anime fags!

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Moot said hide it and people are trying to hide it. What's the problem? 2ch outright prohibits duscusding anime or certain boards.

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and none of this is about the "duscusdion" of anime. It's about people being triggered by pictures of anisluts.

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There's a reason /a/ exists as a containment board for weeb cancer.

Make a filter OP, I support it.

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To all people who think 4chan is their secret anime club: Nope. It's as popular as facebook and the interests are not the same as in 2004.

We have now boards for different things. We normies have overrun this site. Deal with it.

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how can you look at this and say 'cancer'????

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Really bad mobile typo.
Why are you so upset people want to hide images?

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gtfo kuro

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Why not use an extension's text filter? It's pretty darn easy to filter out anime-related discussion with that. Why even bother with the images?

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It's almost like you're gay or something OP
Have you come out to your parents yet?

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Fuck off nigger

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Literally who?

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>Why are you so upset people want to hide images?
I'm not. I'm calling you out for lying about it and pretending this is about people discussing anime off the anime boards.

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First off, the animufags are petty enough they will go through and create 9001 copies of each image in their personal collections and alter them by 1 pixel in order to evade the filter.

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why are GAYS infesting 4chan???
who allowed this

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Look at the thread

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Me on the left taking a selfie~

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me second to the left

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>ledditor bootybothered by reaction images

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You are a gigantic fag.

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Hello /desktop thread/, now you can leave again

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>On a japanese inspired image board
>Complain about anime

Even if you were to make such a filter you would end up filtering about 50% of all threads on /g/ and probably about 50% of posts in the threads you havn't already filtered. Have fun talking to yourself.
I guess it's not too bad, go ahead and make the filter and let us be rid of you.
Fuck off faggot.

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Me taking selfie with you : 3

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How do you nip haters feel about 4chan being owned by Hiroyuki Nishimura?

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gays on suicide watch

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This tbh

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>tfw only quoted six times

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Pedophiles are low hanging fruit bud. I'd aim a little higher next time.

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>not liking real girls
>calling them disgusting
>calling anime haters gay

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Too many moe blobs.

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OP your thread is shit
its literally just a nest of anime pedos

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I have no problem with animu, but this is an interesting technical problem.

I'm happy to build and host the backend if someone else wants to handle the browser extensions or however the frontend would be structured.

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OP is a good guy.

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>Thank you for your tip

wait, Americans even tip after snitching to the FBI?

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Top waifu

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Why not both 2d and 3d?

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>tfw OP just baited me into being banned

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Good luck with that. I'm behind 7 proxies,

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Did i just hear "ANIME" ?

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implying people who like anime and post about it on /g/ don't also go to at least /a/

Anyway if you don't like anime to this point you need to leave 4chan, simple as that.

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Hiroyuki will make money out of 4chan. off-topic contents on boards will be avoided for ads to work properly. I love you moot for selling 4chan to this guy.

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You're being sarcastic right?

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>/g/ has a problem, it's called: anime

yes and no, I don't care if people post anime images if the topic remains about technology,

But when you see the same stupid desktop threads being made with the same posters all the time, its no longer about any kind of tech and instead its a circle jerk between all the usual posters.

I just assume that the same people that constantly post anime reaction faces and shit are the same people that post in r9k saying how they want some perfect virgin bride, or the same ones that post in adv complaining about lacks of friends/gf/being socially awkward.

Lets put it like this, if a person only posted images of Miley Cyrus and when inserted her lyrics when possible into their posts, and did this all the time, you would think there is something wrong with them after a while.
Same goes for some of these anime weirdos, I can only imagine how hard people must cringe around them in person.

The gays are really into /gif/ for some reason, way too much.

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>japanese image board
>tfw this wasn't true yesterday

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You want normalfag technology board?
Oh wait that's where you came from right?

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We need a new global rule just like the NO PONY outsite of mlp rule. anime shit to anime boards.

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didnt even read this to be terribly honest with you
did you know that complaining about 4chan is actually against the rules

>> No.50417162

read it
read the first board rule and think about it

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Post yfw the new Japanese overlord makes complaining about anime a bannable offense on every board.

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>tfw OP can't discuss about programming because weebs shit up the thread

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I have you filtered
stop replying to me

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I like KUMIKO to be honest

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>implying he was discussing programming and not just complaining about weebs.

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>waits til 4chan sold out before posting discussion

literally fucking cancer, 1/10 made me post.

you can't ban anime from 4chan stupid but its oger now anyway.

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I don't care.

Post more Rikka and Nico.

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Good luck filtering two billion of screenshot every year

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/g/ has a problem, it's called: meta-threads
since moderators don't care about retards shitting up /g/ threads with off-topic discussions about their normie beliefs, we need to help ourselves.

opinions welcome.

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hence the need for new strict measures to keep weeb pedos in line

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>tfw 10 pedophiles infesting /g/ with lolis.
>tfw Hiroyuki will make money on 4chan
>tfw to make money it needs regulation and on-topic content for each board
>tfw anime lolis nightmare will come to an end next week

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where mah mugi bros at?

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I need to see more lolis getting beat up.

>> No.50417273

post lolis beating people up instead

>> No.50417279

one guy tried >>50417061

>> No.50417293

Funny, I did this exact project but with furry shit and on with a squid proxy so that cancer doesn't touch my network.

>> No.50417302

If you are a male older than 14, and watch anime, you are truly and idiot. People say 4chan is an anime board, but last time I checked /g/ is the technology board and /a/ is the anime board. So, if you want anime, which in my opinion sucks dick, go to /a/.

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>> No.50417316

i'll write a shitty userscript if you make a backend

>> No.50417323

those faggots can't stand /a/, because they don't feel "special" there. all weebos there share the same waifus. they're attention whores.

>> No.50417326

How retardedly slow will it be to hash every image in a thread?

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>> No.50417330

>you are truly and idiot

Oh, you. Don't you just hate irony?

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Good luck with that. Use a perceptual hash instead.

>what does /g/ think about that idea? is it even possible? can javascript handle a huge database like that?
You would need to host it as a service on another server and post the image url to it and receive a response. This would be pretty heavy networking-wise.

it's a shitty idea anyway.

>> No.50417334

Why can't you listen to logic and reason, little anime girl?

>> No.50417335

So you admit you're new.

Go to reddit, you'll find a place better suited to your taste there.

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I hope your happy OP, you see what you did?

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>> No.50417344

probably very noticeably slow

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anime is the strongest race in the world t b h

>> No.50417363

Anime is not a problem or the problem. It's advertising and desktop threads. Also, welcome newfriend.

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>i'm new and you should know it
Ok kid..
Have some anime

>> No.50417375

desktops are technology my friend

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Right here motherfucker

Thank you

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It's cancer

>> No.50417403

>he cant rice his computer

>> No.50417411

I am typing fast so mistakes happen. And it doesn't matter if I make a small mistake, as long as you understoon the message.

>> No.50417425

When did Wapanese become unbanned?

>> No.50417428

Why would you put rice in cumputer>>50417403

>> No.50417430

Why would I? Give me one good reason that isn't "to show it to my /g/ friends"

>> No.50417448

To make it your own and feel comfortable when using it.

>> No.50417450

show it to your friends on /w/

>> No.50417455

Same reason why you keep your room clean and nice for the eye.

>> No.50417469

so you can post anime without posting anime

>> No.50417470

Hiroyuki was known to have sold user data before.

If loli's illegal in your country, you should probably be careful.

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>Not having a waifu

>> No.50417481

Shieeeetttt, I didn't think about it like that.
Thanks anon.

>> No.50417484

I keep my room clean to ward off infestation not for aesthetics. Who the fuck does that.

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>this thread
Doesn't go as you planned right opee?
Or is it?

>> No.50417523

>/g/ has a problem, it's called: anime
hahaha, what? So posting an anime reaction image together with an otherwise sound post?

What about all the bait?
What about all the shills?
What about the SJWs and freedom of speech haters?

much bigger problem. A reaction image is fine

>> No.50417524

Self moderation, problem solved.

>> No.50417543

Actually retard the real cancer is the consumers that are here that have infested this board that have come from Reddit and they shit up this board with their stupid memes with their Wallpaper threads their f****** retarded desktop threads and other consumer trash. If the purge must begin let us begin by purging f****** consumers

>> No.50417547

its not about reaction images
see desktop wdg dpg threads
people chill their waifus instead talking about tech

>> No.50417571

Oh and by the way desktop threads are not technology threads you idiots the needs to be a containment board for you retards maybe like /gc/ or something technology for the consumerist instead of actual users of technology such as programmers and software developer and other people who were intended to use this board

>> No.50417572

Good idea OP. Anime is shit. Western cartoons are way better and have variety. All anime characters are drawn the same. Big eyes, tiny nose, spiky hair...

>> No.50417582

this tbh smh fam
thse pedos have to spread thier sickness on all boards in order to feel special

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???????????????? why does everyone keep bringing up desktop threads ?????????????????????????///

>> No.50417608

This. Pathetic really.

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>This nigga get it
This to be honest
We desperately need separate consumerism board just like that 'place'
I like anime btw

>> No.50417612
File: 1.25 MB, 1152x648, snapshot_21.34_[2015.07.28_03.12.45].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

posting in a metathread

>> No.50417631

because it needs to be purged. It is the prime example of everything that is wrong with this board. You could bring up a myriad of other threads as well I would also suggest guts since they talk more about the pictures then they do the actual builds
Even the stupid question threads have more content than the garbage consumer trash threads

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Exterminate the cancer!

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>> No.50417662

4chins is one of the only places where those worthless fags are accepted. irl they're rejects. Almost equal to pony fags, furries and children w/ autism.

>> No.50417672
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how does man with chainsaw beat powerful anime characters like girls with tank?

>> No.50417676

>tripfag AND newfag

>> No.50417688

I bet I've been here longer than you.

>> No.50417695


>> No.50417705

I like to think my memes make up atleast 10% of your being

>> No.50417710
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I'm better at social skill than average normalfag to be honest

>> No.50417716

I'm 05 too actually

>> No.50417736

Sure you are. Let me guess if I had said 2002 you would have said the same.

Anyway if you've been here for ten years like me you should know you're wrong, and that a tripfag's opinion is literally worthless.

>> No.50417784

Ok, what anon clearly needs is a filter that detects anime by way of a neural network. I believe that's a worthy job for us, /g/.

>> No.50417804

You may have been here for 10 years, but you're still stupid. Not to mention still watching shitty japanese cartoons.

>> No.50417806

I haven't been on /g/ that long. Am I? Because /g/ is full of weeaboo's, neets and people from /v/. Nothing productive happens here. This is where the brain goes to die.

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Somehow it feels good to know that there are still some sane people who can appreciate the beauty of hard Indonesian child labour left on /g/.

>> No.50417821

what is with your text rendering

>> No.50417831

I'd say a handful of us getting mildly wealthy off of bitcoin in 2011-2013 was productive.

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Sure because it's /g/'s project right?
What could go wrong?
I'll make the logo

>> No.50417855

>anime image board
Why do people say this? Maybe it was 12 years ago, but it isn't anymore.

Most of the boards, /fit/, /mu/, /fa/ etc etc have nothing to do with anime whatsoever.

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Look at >>50416812 to be honest
You should go to reddit if you want normalfag site

>> No.50417954

>which in my opinion sucks dick

you're pretty new here.

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>> No.50418060
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What if like ponies? It's just like your Chinese cartoons.

>> No.50418210

To be honest, I thought anime posters were fine, but they really are cancer. Im not saying all anime posters shitpost, but a huge portion of them do. They infect almost every popular board to talk about unrelated weeaboo shit.

If >>>/b/ is suppose to stay in >>>/b/
If >>>/pol/ is suppose to stay in >>>/pol/
why cant >>>/a/ stay in >>>/a/

>> No.50418238

The only problem /g/ has is /pol/ and /b/ being here and qqing about anime 24/7 and shitposting with muh nvidia muh amd muh freedoms muh windows muh linux muh not linux its muh gnu/linux

>> No.50418252

listen here u fukin cis scum

>> No.50418254
File: 167 KB, 376x328, 1433947174228.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You got it right and wrong at the same time
Like you said posting anime images is fine
BUT discussing anime and manga spesifically is not
You can always post anime

>> No.50418278

I never said posting anime is inherently wrong. It's just that the people who do post it are usually shitposters.

>> No.50418328

Would you agree if i say shitposting is happening on all boards?
And definitely not always anime related
The biggest problem on /g/ is consumerism related thread we need separate consmerism baord

>> No.50418350
File: 1.13 MB, 852x480, Arrested.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's an image board, you post images. If you think the content of the image not pertaining to the board's general topic is a problem, then you have a lot more to worry about than just anime. Just open the catalog and count how many threads start with non-technology related images.

Maybe you should try a text board or perhaps Reddit.

>> No.50418366

Actually, it isn't. Because it takes away the attention from the current discussion. It seems 50% of all threads on all non-anime related boards get destroyed by posting shitty anime pictures. And I don't mean 1 or 2, but you have these idiots who virtually spam pictures on purpose just to annoy those who want to have a normal discussion.

>> No.50418381

>Would you agree if i say shitposting is happening on all boards?
>And definitely not always anime related
I literally said that. My point was that a lot of anime posters are shitposters.
>The biggest problem on /g/ is consumerism related thread we need separate consmerism baord

>> No.50418384

Two of the first board on this site are /a/-anime and /b/-anime-random not /mlp/ and mlp-random

>> No.50418390
File: 591 KB, 1621x1144, 627.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

are you really so retarded that a picture of a cute anime girl can distract you from the topic at hand

then again, nico is pretty cute

>> No.50418409

This anon has a point. While I did come to /dsg/ late, there was a time where animeposters ruined the general by talking and posting anime practically nonstop. Fortunately it died down.

>> No.50418421

i consider anime to be the consequence of just falling so deep down the rabbit hole. watching cartoons made for little girls must be the result of 5+ years as a NEET, I imagine you all to be unshaven, unwashed fat messes with the mental fortitude of a 6 year old, which is why it makes it even more hilarious when you start to type all 'kawaii' to each other

truly pathetic. what an age we live in

>> No.50418438
File: 136 KB, 1700x1200, 583.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

do you really think THIS was made for little girls
maybe you are naive?

>> No.50418444


>> No.50418447
File: 309 KB, 472x800, 41896ce3652dc4f78e36d4e82df8fbb3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What about keep discussing and not make a big deal out of it so you don't trigger the autism?
But again if you want normalfag discussion you should go to reddit instead

>> No.50418471
File: 143 KB, 903x1019, 1442536048784.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>His hobby is what define him
Seriously reddit is the perfect place for you

>> No.50418490

normalfag =/= anything not anime related

>> No.50418501
File: 1.09 MB, 2550x1800, 289.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

..... uhhhh sorry but you are retarded

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