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Wow! Such Innovation!

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>iOS vs Windows 10

ripip apple

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Someone's upset

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maybe, but the iPad Pro can't stand on its own

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That's why they made a keyboard

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Some Nostradamus shit

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Did microsoft not patent that shit? Fucking retards.

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LOL nailed it.

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x86 vs ARM. On one you can use normal desktop programs, on the other you can appear to be productive but the most you can use are shitty mobile 'apps' i.e. angry birds.

Choice is obvious.

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'If you see a stylus, they BLEW it'

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>Microsoft Surfave invented keyboard stands for tablets

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Holy shit this is priceless.

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Surface is superior tbh, actual desktop.

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-> >>50212716

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>actual desktop.

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Ishills getting rump roasted.

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Apple should have copied someone else

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the Surface doesn't need the keyboard to stand

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>Microsoft releases Windows XP for Tablet PCs
>no one wants a Tablet PC at this time because expensive

>Apple releases macroPhone
>fanboys eat that shit up
>everyone raves at muhinnovashun

>Microsoft releases touch-friendly UI as Windows 7 SP2 (Windows 8)
>fully fledged operating system
>new version of tablets that have proper processors
>no one wants Windows on a tablet

>bigger, better, check out muh keyboard
>and muh $99 stylus
>everyone eats this shit up again

I almost feel bad for Bill Gates.

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I feel much worse for the Apple fags that buy that crap.

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that thing does look ugly as fuck, literally anything someone else is going to see is going to be a status symbol thats just a fact so that design was bound to fail

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>"status symbol"
Have fun with your Beats.

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In 2001 that thing looked fucking amazing.

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I laugh at them for spending so much money on aesthetically-pleasing items versus featured items.

It was 2001, what do you expect?

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one runs desktop apps. The other runs apps designed for touch and sylus.

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Windows XP tablets were shit because no touch software, no battery life and insane prices.
iPad fixed all that.

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One runs desktop PROGRAMS and touch-based apps, the other runs apps.

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Bullshit iPad fixed that. The applications that were originally available for it were scaled up iPhone/iPod Touch applications. Developers were pretty much forced to upgrade everything so that it wasn't a 4x scale-up.

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Yeah, 10 years later. Such a surprise. How did they achieve such a feat? Are they wizards? Or has technology advanced enough for it to be possible? Nah, they are wizards.

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Seriously what the fuck is Apple doing?

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Could you provide me with extensive list of links that prove that the Windows 10 is spying on you and the whole system is built on the foundation of user data collection?

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a case is a case, it isn't something that cant just be molded into whatever fucking shape and they chose something ugly as fuck. i expect some fucking quality? im not even an ipad fan, i dont even use tablets, but nothing changes the fact that that shit is uglier than windows xp ricing

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well they did steal the "pro" part

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>A program isn't an application

iPad had an OS and apps designed for touch from the ground up.
Windows XP was just a desktop OS with a desktop interface and desktop apps. None of it was convenient for touch controls

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Shit, nigga, what part of
>it was 2001
do you not understand? Show me one good looking computer from 2001, let alone one with a touchscreen.

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They should steal the OS, too.

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Sometimes I wonder if this is Apple getting back at Microsoft for allegedly copying the OS for the Macintosh and turning it into Windows.

You stole from Xer-...er, us, so we're going to steal from you. Again, and again, and again.

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>Tablet PC
>not a macronewton

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ive seen plenty of good computer CASES in the early 2000s, they are just fucking cases, and have nothing to do with the computer. so again, age is not an excuse, it isn't like computer parts, its just fucking molded plastic

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Stop being pedantic, you know I'm on about decent looking laptops from the early 2000s. Look in your heart, nothing looked good back then.
1985-1998, great.
1999-2008, shit.
2009-2015, equal mix.

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>everyone is retarded except of me
In reality Microsoft just sucks at creating good consumer products.

Nobody needs touch devices with a desktop OS slapped onto it, which is why their attempts in the tablet and smartphone market failed. Nobody needs touch crap on a desktop OS, which is why Windows 8 failed.

Before Apple came along Microsoft wasn't even able to make a decent touch OS, despite trying for over 15 years.

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im pedantic for not eating shit?
>its okay for everything to look like shit you shouldn't be so picky for something you would buy
how the fuck can you say something before 1999 looks 'great' and then give some credit to something in 2001 which looks like absolute shit just because they were 'trying new things'? inn four years you will be the same cuck defending material design, 'oh everything looked like shit back then!"

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Wow great blog fagatron you sure convinced me with those hot opinions. Where's the subscribe button? And in my opinion itampon and everything apple is shitting out looks like complete fail.
YFW those stripes on the jPhone. Instant trash.

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This is a clear sign that Apple no longer leads the industry in innovation. They're becoming docile in new designs and seeing what the industry does first. It's a safer business model to go by.... however how long until other companies begin to catch up? Apple today isn't the apple of 2010 when they were above and beyond everyone else.

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the point isnt that it looks stupid, but that it could have looked better

i dont see why you are so rabidly defending a failed piece of technology from 2001

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Windows 7 was grand, 8.x just merged tablets with PCs and didn't do it right.

I'm the guy that uses a shitty default install of Xfce and enjoys it. UI means sweet fuck all to me. Hardware (yes, cases...) has to be decent, but not shiny shitty plastic. What's wrong with Material Design?

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They never led >innovation<. They drove dominant fads. Lotsa difference.

The word innovation I would reserve for actual important inventions - like microprocessors, fotovoltaic pannels, rechargeble batteries, flat displays, flash memory, the actual touchscreen (or touchpad) technology as opposed to its succesful marketing, etc.

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They probably didn't even invent their business strategy of using cult-like elements and media/public opinion infiltrating.

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>tfw they used the toy iOS and not OSX
>tfw they used an ARM CPU

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But that's not optimized for a touch screen

>mfw neither is windows

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Windows actually is. That was the whole point of Windows 8.

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One requires minimum 40GB's dedicated to its bloated botnet operating system and 120+ processes, weekly software updates and host of viruses/spyware.

The other one is instant on/off, ARM optimized, more powerful than a mobile i7 and makes use of a 64bit proc/RT-OS.
The iPad Pro is cheaper, quicker and better built than a Surface Pro.
The iPad Pro allows LTE for true mobile computing.
The iPad Pro has IBM and Cisco Enterprise configurability built-in, yet actively keeps the NSA out.
The iPad Pro allows you send a fucking iMessage without the herpes complex that is Skype.
The iPad Pro will be supported by its manufacturer instead of "oh wait until the new Surface Pro comes out next year with i9 turbo booster rockets"

checkmate Win32fags - Apple won.

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iFags in full rationalization mode.

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Lol, Microsoft just doesn't get it. They need to stay away from touch screens and wholly invest into hologram tech.

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yeah no

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>more powerful than a mobile i7 and makes use of a 64bit proc/RT-OS
So much bait in one post

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>implying windows 10 is a good thing

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the A9X outperforms the i7 5500UL in the Geekbench score.

Let that set in.

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A9X outperforms the i5 that comes with the Surface Pro 3. Seeing that Intel is approaching diminishing returns in terms of performance vs. die size, the A10X and beyond will be true desktop class machines. The A9X @ 4GB's of RAM is a beast. Ever wonder why Qualcomm is in RIP mode and Intel is scared as fuck too?

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>cheaper, quicker and better built than a Surface Pro
Entirely subjective.
>true mobile computing
>yet actively keeps the NSA out
>>keeping NSA out

0/10 made me reply

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Great, thanks. You just made my retard-o-meter explode.

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>more powerful than a mobile i7
Stopped reading there bud

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>microshit invented a screen cover that folds into a case that sticks onto the tablet with magnets

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At least Apple care about security :/.

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The saddest part is those cockwads are gonna buy the fuck out of the new iPad and they're gonna think the Surface 4 is just a cheap imitation (if they even know what the Surface is).

>> No.50215858

Tell that to all those girls who are now a part of a large number of spank banks

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You replied because it's true.
The harsh truth is that the Surface Pro is neither a mobile workstation and neither a true tablet.

Can the Surface Pro compete with the muscle of the Macbook Pro? nein.

Can the Surface Pro compete with the efficiency and price points of modern tablets? niyet .

The iPad Pro @$1000 will succeed where the Surface Pro @$1700 will fail.

Resourceful people with $1600 to blow on a laptop will opt to get a fully featured Macbook Pro and run virtualized (i.e. safe) Windows 7/8. We all know the low-end Surface Pro is a poor value and under-perforrmer.
The person who purchases a $800-1000 iPad Pro is a wealthy Facebook user, or a photo/video hobbyist. They will also buy a Macbook Pro or Air when needed.

The Surface Pro will only be used by IT Professionals who can get their company to buy them one for $1700. If there was anything to ever be called a "niche segment" it's the Surface Pro customer.

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When will there be actual useful software and not just consumer garbage for IOS, do you think? When apple kills OSx and forces macs over to IOS?

>> No.50215916

And will actual useful software be possible on the current IOS, or will apple have to make the OS more open?

IOS has no software though.

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iOS makes them 20x more money than OS X does.

Right now Windows 10 is making a fraction of what Windows 9x/2000 used to make.

Free OS's are now the business model - and Apple is making a killing by getting people to buy their hardware.
Microsoft is scrambling to get people onto the BotNet to at least get ad-revenue. This is a shitty model for the end user who is unwilling to pay the Microsoft Tax in 2015.

The Surface Pro is a nice piece of hardware, I'll admit - but it's Microsoft's savior and if it's to be truly successful, it will have to come down in price tbh.

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>IOS has no software though.

The entire MS Office Suite is on iOS (for free)
Adobe demonstrated a pretty amazing publishing tutorial yesterday on the iPad Pro.
64% of all Adobe Flash content is streamed from iOS.
Every Indie app developer builds his app for iOS first.
SalesForce, JetBrains, SAP, IBM, Cisco, Adobe, and every book publisher goes to iOS first when it comes to mobile.

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Microsoft Surface 3
>12" 1440p
>x86 CPU: i5-4300U (1.9 - 2.9 GHz)
>microsd slot up to 200GB
>Yes, up to 200GB of up to 90MB/s of external memory
>Can be bought for under $1,000

I hope they are paying you a good amount to shill fapple here.

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>Making original things

>> No.50216183

>ipad pro
>surface pro

they stole the name too

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Apple sheeple are too brainwashed tripfag. They don't understand logic anymore. You can throw all the objective proof showing them how shit apple is, they still won't listen.

>> No.50216247

>128 GB SSD

Try the 256 GB SSD and 8 GB Ram model for 1150 retail with your winbloat.

>> No.50216300

There's different price categories of surfaces. All 86x devices have software where as IOS doesn't.

If the performance of the new apple chip is true, and they can do it again, and real software will be ported to IOS, then the surface is dead.

>entire MS Office Suite is on iOS (for free)
That's not the full suite is it...

We are talking IOS vs x86 here. mobile and consumer BS is irrelevant. Yes, ipad is a premier consumer device.
We are talking acctually useful software like:
>Full web browser, addons
>Adobe Suite
>File management, automation
>Development, 86x, mobile, web
>maya, blender etc.

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I wouldn't buy it. You can get a good laptop with 8GB of RAM and an i7 for less than $1,000. But if I were filthy rich then yeah, a 256gb rom/8gb ram surface pro 3 would appeal to me.

I think people should wait for the Surface Pro 4 though, it will take a bigger shit on the ipad pro than the Surface 3 has taken.

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>iPad Pro LTE model cost US$1074
>Cheaper than a Surface Pro

>> No.50216414

The common thread throughout Microsoft's long history of failures is Windows.

>> No.50216418

>no touchpad on the iPad keyboard

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>> No.50216483

The common thread throughout Microsoft's long history of successes is Windows as well.
It's almost as if there are underlying variables or maybe correlation doesn't imply causation

>> No.50216488

That's pretty cool buddy but where's the

>> No.50216553

iPad Pro 32GB is $800
cheaper, 13 in, better resolution, better processor

Just wait for the surface pro 4, and compare those two.

>> No.50216559

The last time Microsoft successfully leveraged Windows to get a leg up in a new market was when they entered the server space in the 90s.

On the consumer side they've been coasting on a slowly eroding desktop monopoly since about the same time. These days most consumers avoid Windows whenever possible and see it as cumbersome, unwieldy, insecure, and slow. The more options they're given, the more Windows fades into the background as an increasingly irrelevant legacy environment.

Microsoft is 1980s IBM.

>> No.50216564

iOS 9 has icloud drive app, or you can use onedrive, google drive, or jailbreak it once possible ;)

>> No.50216570

>These days most consumers avoid Windows whenever possible and see it as cumbersome, unwieldy, insecure, and slow
got a source on that kid or are you too busy sucking dicks?

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>In 3 years
top top kek

>> No.50216583

>cloud storage

How can they make this shit worse

>> No.50216586

You can install "filesystem" apps. https://developer.apple.com/library/ios/documentation/General/Conceptual/ExtensibilityPG/FileProvider.html

>> No.50216614

Have you somehow missed the last 5 years of news headlines detailing the continuous decline of Windows PC sales?

>> No.50216633

Sorry don't browse verge

>> No.50216654

>wish I could find that picture from when the original Surface came out showing it charging an iPad
>damn, someone find that pic because it's very relevant

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>> No.50216673

I admire your willful ignorance (it's a common trait in out-of-touch Microsofties) but it's not just The Verge. I won't bother to Google it for you but needless to say that you wont have to look far.

>> No.50216700

>I have no sources

Okay kid, didn't have to type that long sentence for that.

>> No.50216746

>Every Indie app developer builds his app for iOS first.

Who do they pay you for to shill like this and why of this be useful to people on /g/? Why are you hyping IOS games as if they are replacement to PC games? Why do you think anybody wants Flash? Why do you think anybody cares about mobile Enterprise softwares?

Who are you trying to sell this too.

>> No.50216766

Is... Is that a headphone jack at the top of the iPad?

A headphone jack at the TOP?



Just when I was going to defend the iPad Pro and say it doesn't look so bad!

>> No.50216820

Did you ever even fucking USE an iPad? It's like fucking pulling teeth trying to configure the fucking thing.
>need to change wireless security?
>just delete the fucking network and start over!
>accidentally clicked on dynamic for IP configuration?
>congratulations, you just lost all your fucking settings!
iPad is a fucking joke, stop trolling.

>> No.50216859

Actually it's on the side as you're supposed to have it in landscape like that to use the keyboard.

>> No.50216909

Looks bretty good

>> No.50216911

Then why is the home button on the side?

>> No.50216919


>> No.50216982

Because that's the 'top' in portrait mode. I don't think it works like that when you have the keyboard connected - which is how it's supposed to be used... that and on it's back with the $99 "pencil", lel.

>> No.50217016

>That clear lag writing on a tilt


>> No.50217022

ebin :^)

>> No.50217023

>256 gigs of read only memory
for what purpose?

>> No.50217039

Do you miss him?

I do.

>> No.50217044

>feel bad for the richest, most privileged man in the world

yeah i'm sure he's crying himself to sleep at night

>> No.50217047

Maybe Windows is losing market share but you are overblowing it. Microsoft still has the market.

>> No.50217274

>Marketed for productivity.
Enjoy your $800 facebook machine with optional $100 doodlepen and optional $180 kickstand cover.

>> No.50217318

It's not. You can write on it. People are starting to associate ROM with internal memory. Stupid, I know.

>> No.50217335


>implying Surface Pro's aren't just web surfing pee-cees

>> No.50217373

i think the comic is funnier if it's the first guy that is the one lying

>> No.50217716

>quantitatively objectifiable


>> No.50217976

Surface Pro's run a real OS. So you can at least use it for actual productivity, albeit not much due to it still being a tablet.

>> No.50217994

its better than iOS, regardless of the botnet

>> No.50218514

>Do you miss him?
I don't miss him being an enemy of freedom, but he was certainly the only good thing happening with Microsoft. Ballmer just made everything about DEVELOPERS, DEVELOPERS, ad infinitum which wasn't the worst thing, but since Nadella has been in office it's all turned to shite. I had a feeling that bringing in the head of "cloud" services would be a bad idea, with the release of Windows 10 it turns out I was right. Only a cloud king could want to push all of this advertising and invasion of privacy at the cost of "free".

>> No.50220379

>neither a true tablet

What does that even mean?

>> No.50220447

>suck my surface! the surface of my dick!
ayy lmao

>> No.50220567

But can you get a cupholder?

>> No.50220594


Anon, half of innovation is timing.

>> No.50220706

Looks like we are about to come full circle and go back to laptops. Which are actually useful.

>> No.50220775

I miss him very much. Steve Ballmer, too.

Remnants from the old world:

>> No.50221464
File: 74 KB, 398x458, Clamshell_iBook_G3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You know how Apple stuff looked at the time, right?

>> No.50221484
File: 508 KB, 1920x1280, Newton_Lewt_(2200371795).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Their better designs were the same shitty Acer aesthethic, but in black

>> No.50221502


>> No.50221520
File: 82 KB, 850x636, NSA-slide-Apple-customers-are-zombies.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>The iPad Pro has IBM and Cisco Enterprise configurability built-in, yet actively keeps the NSA out.
Ebin meme :^)

>> No.50221552

>The iPad Pro has IBM and Cisco Enterprise configurability built-in, yet actively keeps the NSA out.

They're a fucking PRISM partner you fucking idiot

>> No.50221588

It wasn't just ugly, the software just wasn't there yet. Using Windows in tablet form was not a pleasant experience in any ways. iOS was obviously designed with touch in mind, Windows half assed it by not getting a team to build a new OS around their tech. Windows 8 was waaay too late.

>> No.50221614

just wait for the benchmarks m8 :^)

>> No.50221696

Microsoft needs Apple to make a market for professional mobile computing
So at least they get some sales from the poorfags who can't get an iPad pro

>> No.50221716

What cult like elements?

>> No.50221719

well apple was getting some sale selling ipads to poorfags who couldn't afford a surface, so it makes sense I guess

>> No.50221891

I do not think this is legit
windows ditches too many legacy programs

Steve must enjoy fingerprints and smudges on the display
not to mention giant buttons

>> No.50221906

Looks like Microsoft copied Apple preemptively again.

>> No.50221932

a cult of personality
and getting into schools

>> No.50221937

Nobody was getting a surface m8
Why do you think Microsoft was at stage for the iPad pro announcement

>> No.50222202
File: 224 KB, 1024x768, senselmorph.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Should have been something like this instead of a keyboard

>> No.50222254


Ha! That's really ironic.

Apple got their awesome touch and multitouch support from a company called Fingerworks. They stripped down the user-facing functionality. Now a wannabe startup is essentially reinventing it.

>> No.50222277


The IBM and Cisco enterprise apps are to allow connectivity to Steelbelted wireless networks and for asset management.

None of this decrypts iOS internals. Nice try though. Thanks for mentioning PRISM though.

>> No.50222342

Why not just have an iPod clickwheel instead

>> No.50222369
File: 36 KB, 625x626, d5c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>See Image
What's the deal with the $99 "iPencil", is there anything about it to justify it being so expensive (rather then just Apple branding)

>> No.50222388

>The IBM and Cisco enterprise apps are to allow connectivity to Steelbelted wireless networks and for asset management.
How does that actively keep the NSA out?

>> No.50222401

You can plug it into the lightning port on the bottom and it hangs off of it like a penis

>> No.50222413

>Apple branding
What the fuck do you think they've been doing all this time?

>> No.50222432

call me when ipad pro can run autocad amd matlab modules -especially Simulink modules.

mfw was actually interested in ipad pro replacing my surface pro 2. Fuck that display looked good.
> iOS
holy shit way to fuck up.

>> No.50222467

>The iPad "Pro" can't even stand without the keyboard
Toppest of the keks

>> No.50222522

Why hasn't Microsoft offered LTE on the Surfaces?

Drives me up a wall when I want to send shit from my Surface Pro 2 on the train and I have to set up a hotspot and kill my phone's battery. I don't really run any x86 only software so I'm considering an iPad Pro just for the LTE support.

>> No.50222529


How mad would you be if they get ported to iOS?

>> No.50222530

apple encryption which has been proven time and again to be the bane of NSA

Try keeping track of current events instead of coming off as an idiot

>> No.50222545

apple looks like some cheap wobbly roll up keyboard, while microsoft looks like an actual keyboard with plastic and real feedback

>> No.50222549

What does Apple encryption have to do with IBM and Cisco? Why would you mention them in the same sentence together?

>> No.50222560

if they port the actual program even the base- I'll need to reconsider.

>port to iOS
don't think so

Why the fuck did Apple use a consumer OS for a "pro" device is beyond me. FUCKING IOS. WHY

>> No.50222610

>The iPad Pro has IBM and Cisco Enterprise configurability built-in, yet actively keeps the NSA out.

oh and before anybody points out the age of that presentation. do note that on the current version of iOS that the poc that presentation covers is still valid.

>> No.50222629

Because it's only called pro to charge more

>> No.50222637

Because they know people will buy it simply because it has their logo on it without really analyzing whether or not it'll meet their needs

>> No.50222664

How do you print from an iPad?
How do you connect a projector?
How do you connect an USB stick to an iPad?

>> No.50222670

There's thing thing called the internet or even LAN, you should check it out some time

>> No.50222685

well, exactly this
for every question ever asked about apple

>> No.50222713

with the 99$ apple print-connector or the 1000$ apple printer
the premium apple cable for a projector costs only 50$
and damn, are you in the stone age, why arent you using the apple cloud for storing stuff, casual

>> No.50222715

Wireless network connect to a printer probably, I think I tried to look up my printer a while back not sure if it was supported.
HDMI adapters or some such, can buy Chinese made ones, hit and miss with quality, or buy it from Apple I guess.
Dunno about USB sticks, don't bother with ipads myself just help family with theirs and they aren't bothered about memory issues anyways.

>> No.50222723

Are you that stupid? Even a shitty chromebook that is $200 can do two of those three things, which should be essential to anyone doing actual work, and iPad can do none of them.

>> No.50222733

Hi, you clearly don't have a job working in modern office, we use this thing called the 'cloud', you should check it out some time.

>> No.50222782

The apple stand is actually better since you can safely put it on your lap.

>> No.50223207

Apple had a failed tablet too. Newton.

>> No.50224602

I run solid works on my sp3...

>> No.50224669

I guess he made you check mirror then. iPad pro is the king of tablets, the very finest and best.

>> No.50224692

patent putting a keyboard on a tablet?

>> No.50224788

I believe the surface 3 is offered with lte.

>> No.50224854

I think apple tried to patent digital page turning, and they sue anyone that has apple in their company name or have an apple for a logo.
No doubt other companies are also pretty brutal, but apple is practically a cult like scientology, as I recall they have actually copyrighted their 'holy' books or whatever so no one else can know what the fuck is in them.

>> No.50224926

MacBook *pro*
Mac *pro*
iPad *pro*
You starting to see a trend here?

>> No.50224978

>next year
>Pencil™ Pro™

>> No.50225006


Someone call the intel shills. If there is anyone that could shut down these macfag retards, its them.

>keeps the NSA out
>Because I can't see the real configurations for the device, means its not spying on me.
>Especially in 2015
Fucking delusional iSheeple.

>> No.50225013

That's a rather new phenomenon though. It used to be i- for low specs and power- for high performance. Like iMac, PowerMac, iBook, PowerBook.

>> No.50225019
File: 11 KB, 286x290, 1311324405765.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>processor developed in 2015 is better than processor made in 2013

>> No.50225040


just because no one bought tickets for Wright Brother's Air doesn't mean Pan Am wasn't original.

>> No.50225047
File: 35 KB, 493x387, 1361134655446.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

wait holy shit this comic was actually made in 2012, at first I thought it was new

>> No.50225063

>Crapple cucks are literally this retarded

>> No.50225111

>good artists copy, great artists steal

>> No.50225113

The convention still in use way before the Surface, like Intel transition IIRC

>> No.50225141

>>Crapple cucks
I can only assume your incoherent rage has left you, well, incoherent.
Dog-whistling at its finest, anon.

>> No.50225298

>>>keeping nsa out
it's true

>> No.50225380

they didn't steal that though, MBPs existed before surface.

>> No.50225568

>lag is imperceptible, you might see it with a high speed camera
I can see it with my naked eye you cum guzzling moron

>> No.50225596

That's because you're not wearing Apple Glasses™

Fix your vision anon.

>> No.50225609
File: 3.63 MB, 311x311, Limmy.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.50225662

Why are apple haters so insufferable?
Never owned an apple product, just noticed that everytime they announce a new product shitposters go apeshit.

>> No.50225819

That insecure piece of shit that should never have existed in the first place? Sure.

>> No.50226203

It's a reaction to all the apple shills that appear right after a new announcement.

>> No.50226291

It makes it more sympathetic, not funny

>> No.50226347


>> No.50226443

Can't wait for the iphone pro next year, which comes with a stylus and has a $99 smart view case so you can always check notifications without flipping the cover.

>> No.50228469


>> No.50228966

Holy hell that's great

>> No.50229109

So if you have to give a presentation and need a projector, you first have to drop your .pptx file onto your "icloud" and connect another laptop to the projector and use it for the presentation? Real productivity, guys.

>> No.50229945 [DELETED] 

Am I the only one who finds that this new iPad keyboard looks awkward? It looks more like a third party product than something that apple designed. Like a half-assed solution because they couldn't come up with a better idea to integrate a keyboard.

>> No.50229995

They knew their chiclet shit wasn't going to fly in a keyboard of those dimensions and thinness so they partnered up with logitech so they can partially blame them instead.

>> No.50230436

stop trolling that argument isn't remotely good since they released windows 8
it IS designed for touch
so shut up with your ancient greek memes

>> No.50230659
File: 1.74 MB, 640x360, output2.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah, once they show it zoomed in with actual use cases instead of the CGI makeups the lag is bloody obvious.

It's probably even more than you get on the Note which is about 150ms.

>> No.50230807

an external touch screen for a touch screen device

>> No.50230905

Everything Apple is straight out of brave new world, what's there to discuss.
>muh blue bubbles are productivity

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