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>still using a desktop computer
Who the fuck even uses them anymore?

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> 2015
> Using a computer

There is literally nothing that can't be done on an iPhone.

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Can an iphone play triple A vidya games at 4K resolution with the controller precision of a mouse and keyboard?

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Apparently, now it can.

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If based Steve wills it

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Fuck you

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> Vidya

I'm not 8 anymore anon.

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People who want lots of performance for vidya gaems and lots of storage for their pirated movies without buying a shitty overpriced gaming laptop.

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>vidya games
manchild-tier hobby

Just buy a fucking external memory. or use netflix like everyone else

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Wow great argument fagtron you sure convinced me with those hot opinions.

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>hates technology
>doesn't understand people who enjoy it
>posts on /g/

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> External Memory

Its called iCloud and Instagram...

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>manchild-tier hobby

Explain what makes it a manchild hobby

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how else am i supposed to edit 4K footage?

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>still not having a phone that transforms into a full desktop pc when connected to a display

why does nobody push this technology /g/ ? Andromium OS has shown it can be done, wouldn't it be a huge sellingpoint for Windows Phones to have a fully featured Win10 Desktop within your phone ?

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no >>50207418

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YouTube has editing capabilities built in.

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videogames are literally targeting people under 18 years old.

liking video games is like being a brony

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What is Microsoft Continuum?

Too bad the carrier will make it DOA like they did the Motorola Atrix by requiring a tethering plan to use it.

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but i don't want to upload my footage to youtube

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Why not? Are you a terrorist or a pedo? What are you hiding anon?

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good goy

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> 2015
> Being such a greedy materialist that you need to put pieces of plastic on a shelf.

How many movies do you watch more than once anyway?

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>manchild-tier hobby
ebin :^)))

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>Andromium OS
Tried watching the promo video, couldn't stomach past the "beautifully designed dock"
My tolerance for these hipster tech videos isn't what it used to be

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you can build a computer for £250 that will have better performance than a £1250 laptop

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my clients don't want their wedding video on youtube, they want it on DVD or Blu-ray

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Can you provide specific examples?

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But how will they share it will all of their Facebook Friends???

(on a serious side note, I wonder if there would be a market to sell an add on 5minute highlights video that the client can share to social media)

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> Call of Duty
> Madden
> Grand Theft Auto
> Gears of War

All literally designed to appeal to edgy 12 year olds.

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their friends were on the wedding and can request a copy of the full set or just the parts they want at a discounted price if they "mass" order

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all the bait in this thread got me to respond, solid 4/10 boys

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>Dark souls
>Deus Ex

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Football is edgy now.
Fucking football.

Welp time to stand in front of a train

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>shitposting on 4chan is a more mature form of entertainment than video games

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> Literally a bunch of muscled up men rolling on a field groping each other

Seems pretty homo erotic to me. Fucking liberal garbage.

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>edgy 12 year olds
Nigga, bronies are fucking pansies. They're like the opposite of edgy.

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Liberal here. Can't stand football. Hockey and basketball are more my things.

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>tfw use my laptop connected to a monitor via hdmi

dat portability

it's great at university

don't feel like I need a desktop, although I do have a gaming rig in a small rvz01 case, but I barely use it

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External storage and cloud storage are extremely different and have extremely different purposes and are definitely not interchangeable.

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People that have real work to do.

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I'm a big fan of using at least a 1920/1080 screen. I couldn't work without a big screen. Tablets, laptops any other type of PC substitutes just won't cut it. They are just that: gadgets, not full-blown PCs.

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>1920/1080 screen
I meant a 1920/1080 screen with a 21' diagonal at least.

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That sums up every board on 4chan though.
>hates video games
>doesn't understand people who enjoy them
>posts on /v/

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My little pony is targeted towards little girls under the the age of 10. Even if you were right qnd video games were aimed only at 18 year olds, then gamers would still not be anything like bronies

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People who do real work.

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>hey mom check out this sick thread I made aw man I'm gonna make so many people butthurt lol XxxDddd
Mfw you all reply to bait

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You can edit three 4K video streams simultaneously on the epic new iPad Pro with the desktop-class A9X processor!

God was that keynote fucking disgusting.

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>mobile OS
I was disgusted as well.

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I'm a hardware guy, so I found the hardware nonsense more disgusting. They claimed that their 2-watt CPU with an iGPU performs as well as a desktop. I don't think I could make a desktop that slow with modern hardware if I tried.

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Right, I'm all for companies innovating and making things possible in a smaller form factor, no matter what the company is. I own apple, windows, and android devices, I'm just a fan of technology in general. Not the biggest fan of companies lying in order to sell products, though.

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I'm honestly curious about how it would perform if clocked up to desktop speeds...

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And so did you. Baitception.

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It's probably already pretty close. Many modern smartphone chips run at 2 GHz.

The difference in performance is probably at least an order of magnitude for even a low-mid desktop CPU, so doubling the clock speed won't do much.

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Niggah you cant top my 23 inch screen, mouse and keyboard

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I should go to an apple store to try that shit

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You should go to an Apple store, shoot 4K video on a 16GB, and then laugh as it fills up in thirty seconds.

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and how else would i get 4K footage on that thing?

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I'm not sure what you're asking.

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anon i was not exactly expecting the ipads to have 4K footage that i could use, ofc i'd have to record it

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creating ethernet router is impossible on iphone.

chekmate macfag.

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I use a desktop computer every day at work. Best thing about work is the compensate you with legal currency and then you're not homeless or a useless waste of life like a neet.

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>not having 3 desktops
are you fucking stupid or what

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Well, we are talking about MAC users here...

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It means "You must act and think exactly like I want you to or I'll call you names like child would and be all sarcastic and shit."

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>targeted at people under 18
>main demographic is 18-30

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Literally designed to appeal to nihilistic German 12 year olds...

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I Do,

and customization

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If you are 18-30 you really need to be working on building a career and procreating not building forts out of dirt or shooting hooker zombies.

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OP I would use a laptop at this point.

The issue is, if I wanted one I would probably go for one with high resolution and fully supported on linux (or with osx, anything but windows) and those are not cheap. And I can't sell my desktop because it's a frankenstein with old components that nobody will want. It's the kind of computer that I'll use until it dies because at this point it would need a serious upgrade but I'm not in the position to spend it and it still works.

And I can play some games on it from time to time.

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show me an adequately cooled laptop and I will show you a fool in the mirror

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People like you barely understand how to live a proper life.

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Half of /g/ is so underage and tech illiterate they've never even used the numpad on a keyboard once in their life.

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why do you assume that you cant do both?

is this the reason why you're a fat permavirgin, because you cant work out or have a girlfriend while building a career?

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I said procreating not having a girlfriend/wife.

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>There is literally nothing that can't be done on an iPhone.

So they finally got .webm support?

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Hipster gifs will never catch on.

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You don't need weebems anymore with Live Photos™. Now all your photos come alive with a simple 3D Touch™.

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>lol gayming is for manchildren xDD
probably the stalest meme on /g/

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What happened

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>muh vidya

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>I'm a hardware guy
kill yourself

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He tried to watch a webm on an iPhone.

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>buying films and any software

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> Putting hard working Americans out of work

You are destroying the economy poorfag. There is no Trickle Down Economics if you are daming up the trickle with theft.

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>I'm also buying second hand parts
>who cares about americans

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Cheaper, more powerful, more comfortable to use.

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