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Botnet 10 masterrace only

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>These temperatures
Are you planning on gasing someone?

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yeah I didn't have my air conditioner on.
I live on second floor, gets very hot up there

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Embrace the botnet.

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Still. I was living in the upstairs of an odd farmhouse with no actually and my i7 never got above 55-60c when gaming, and idled around 30-32c.

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I don't know what to do. I've got 4 fans on it

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we are all one under the botnet.

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in the winter I play with the windows open and my coat on lol

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>haha botnet is so funny!

fuck off fags
I triple boot Win 8.1 with diagnostic tools deleted/auto updates and all that shit that can track you, CentOS and Ubuntu

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of course you're a neckbeard, you're running a 9590.

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first off I shave and I'm /fit/ so fuck off fatty
secondly, big mistake on my part, terrible fucking CPU

good for rendering though, everything else sucks ASS with AMD processors

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yeah if you were /fit/ you wouldn't say you were and, no one on /fit/ even knows of centOS.

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US Air Force Cyber Surety command, we have to stay /fit/ and knowledgeable of all gui OS's

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Holy lee fuk what squadron? I'm in Aircraft Structural maintenance out out Okinawa.

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incoming haters

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3D0X2, Cyber Systems Operations AFSC out of Ramstein Germany, I was stationed in Okinawa for 4 years as my 1st duty station, incredible.

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>what is print screen

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Shut the fuck up Air Force guys like me and >>50097548 are /fit/ as fuck and pounding pussy while you wobble in your squeaky chair your mom bought you.

Pls kill yourself civilian

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It's okay man I don't expect civies to understand.

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Hexa-core beast reporting in.

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>tfw poor

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build it january 2013

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fuckin chair force faaaaaaaaaaaaaaggots. the only thing your ass spends more time on than an office seat is your boyfriends lap, dirtbag.

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The only time I've witnessed tryhards like this is either the type of fag who'll backstab anybody and suck any dick to get ahead and sits back in his room desperately lonely, or is new to the force and thinks he's hot shit.

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Botnet Barry reporting in.

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nigger pls

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how do you cool your cpu?

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>desktop pentium 4 in a laptop
literally housefire

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thats disgusting

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>can't press alt+PrntScr

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or just use lightshot

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Wouldn't you want sli enabled for this setup?

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>how to take screenshot

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>not using Snipping Tool

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but what can you expect from someone who cant even take a fucking screenshot

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>using retard tool

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Yeah. Because screencapping only the parts that matter is totally retarded.
/g/ gets worse day by day.

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Xeon E3 master race.

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just built this pc. so happy

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botnet? yeah I got that

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What was i thinking

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>six monitors
>yeah of course i need all of them

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Sorry for your poorness anon

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/fit/izen sysadmin here.
Your argument is shit

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snipping tool is easier and saves fucking about in paint.

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Three is feeling little to me right now.

>1 monitor to play shows or whatever I'm watching
>1 monitor to work or play at
>1 monitor to either keep 4chan open or as a secondary monitor when I work

I don't know what I'd do with 6, but I'd find a way.

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Xeons are cool. I think it's mostly the name...

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Might as well post this guy too.

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>calls others poor

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I think it's mostly the i7 performance for i5 price.

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thinkpad master race

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>there are actually people unironically using windows 10 here

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literally trash

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Botnet: Memecard Edition.

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It's not. See >>50099444
The E3-1231v3 for example is equivalent to an i7-4790 (non-K) and it's a $240 part.

You also get all of the server-specific goodies like ECC memory, TSX, and VT-d

Why did you pay for Z97? Go trade your Xeon for an unlocked part.

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>Install Win 10 with network unplugged/Turned off
>Make offline account
>Ether do your own regedits or use a premade program like ShutUp10 to turn off the bullshit
>Install drivers as needed
>Plug in/turn on the network adapter

Literally solves 99% of peoples butt hurt but it's all bull shit anyways because the same people bitching are using Chrome and have smart phones.Total hypocrisy at work here boys

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You do realise overclocking isn't the only reason to get Z boards? They have plenty of other advantages compared to the lower chipsets.

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OP here, muh niggas

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I got the Z97 because I was planning on getting a 4770k or a 4790k. I already had the board in hand when I discovered the Xeons, so what ever. I just wish it didn't waste space with the video connectors.

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H97 has all of the features of Z97 minus the overclocking.

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>all these retards with high-end GPUs running 60hz

There is literally one guy in this thread that knows whats up

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Okay, now find an H97 board with the exact same features as the one that guy has. At least looking at Asus's offering's they don't have an identical H97 counterpart. Manufacturers generally put all the best shit into the higher end boards, and that means Z and X boards.

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16gb ram masterrace.

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what if one actually does not like higher refresh rates?

I run all my games at 48fps. Running at 60hz does two things : keeps the gpu drawing more power, and 60fps actually makes me feel "swimmy" or slightly disoriented. So do most fluorescent lights.

Its alright at 60 for just desktop usage, but anything where there is constant motion and stuff it looks weird to me

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Doesn't work properly and all programs have problems. Going to get refund.

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That's some medical condition you have or?

Point is that running a high-end GPU capable of drawing far beyond 60 FPS in most games on a 60hz screen is literally a waste of money.

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>using a 3rd party program to take a screenshot

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20 second boot time, beat that

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linux boots in like 8 sec

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i dont know if it is or not. Its just an irritating fact of life. Even brand-new out the box flourecent lighting with new ballasts flicker to me.

Cellphones that use hysterisis vblanks to dim the screen past a specific point also give me a massive head ache : my moto g is useless below 1/4 brightness for this reason.

Also what if instead of rending more FPS, they render the image 2x the native resolution and down-sample to reduce aa artifacts and increase detail?

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Just finished building this one today. Installing Linux onto one of the SSDs tomorrow.

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No sense in hiding. Embrace the overseer

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Needs an SSD.

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It makes out MGSV and that's good enough for me

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why people choose quadcores?
because of being poor?

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Says the guy who bought the lowest hexa on the cheapest mobo.
That CPU is literally the only boast-worthy part in your setup.

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my 4930K costs at 672 dollers

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my hexacore cost 70 dollarydoos

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its true bot net is best net

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Yes, but it's still the only boast-worthy part in your setup. My GPU cost that much.

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Resistance is futile, prepare to be assimilated

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5820K @ 4.2ghz
290x @ 1100mhz (playing video so it's warm)
Drives in (software) RAID0

I really need to get another 16gb DDR4 kit for quad channel, but I also have my eye on the 980ti Lightning once it's released...

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Alt+Printscreen to desktop or location of your choice without opening snipping tool or paint. Start using autohotkeys.

Waiting for temperatures outside to go below zero so I can load my OC profile.

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>having to care about the weather
Run this all day every day, even in 35+C weather.

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Windows 10 plebicucks kill yourself.





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You can upgrade it with a cheap quad-core Xeon for about $30, you know that right?

>> No.50108133

He might be one of those guys who's completely content with what he has. After all, he's not obligated to upgrade. MUH FREEDOMS and all that jazz

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I'm reporting this thread for false advertisement

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>still having GBs instead of Gts

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mine boots in like 10 seconds with botnet jr. aka Win 8.1

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5 second boot into windows 10, what the fuck are you doing that it takes 20 seconds?

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It's shit

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Yes,I am one of those guys who is fine with what I have. Not prebuilt by the way.

>> No.50109069

He has a regular hard drive. Shits slow man

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I need a better CPU and GPU.

And yes, Win10.

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Looking to spend my tax refund on upgrades. I have $4,900 to spend.

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Just got it

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im ready for my housefire

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>all these single monitor setups

how do you live

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intel house fires reporting in

btw it was 15C since this it pecked at 99C while whatching 30 videos on 30 tabs. muh JAV cooked my pc

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>> No.50113466

thinking about going into this when i enlist. whats it like? Hows the training? Do you like your job?

>> No.50113651

Definitely get a better monitor.


>> No.50113805

>guy has almost $5000 to spend
>recommend shit tier no name monitor from eBay
wew lad

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>2,67 ghz

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An E3 Xeon...

You have an extreme edition Quad, but can't print screen... that's a pre built... looks almost like a dell XPS from about 2005, but that MSI makes me think its something darker...

HP... just stop it. Stop living.

Non k? Or is speccy just being dumb... Also, get graphics card, integrated graphics still not ok.

Good to see speccy still can't AMD. What's the actual temperature?

Why so optical drives?

Just go to craigslist and suck a dick for a better computer.

Built in january with a processor from 2013 that wasn't very good to begin with... why?

i5 with 32GB of ram... for what reason?

AMD on AMD with correct temperatures... what witchcraft is this?

Please don't.

/g/reat, now stop that.

We've been over this, no.

Did you get that from a thrift store?

A phenom and a 980... why? Why all over the place...

Thinkpads in a speccy thread, we're all doomed.

Nothing to talk about with yours, too standard and boring.

The only thing I can think about is that you have a 4770k on a z97 motherboard... unusual, but ok.

asus laptop, doesn't appear to be a G series. Does it... work? Like... without overheating?

That would have been ballin as shit in 2012. 120Hz monitor is nice, but I prefer more pixels.

Did you think you could escape the botnet?

You cannot escape the botnet.

All these dells today.

Boot times. Ok bro, that's great.

Is that an idle GPU temp? I thought those were supposed to be cooler...

Yes it does.

Why did you get the wrong LGA2011? It doesn't have 40 PCIe lanes, what's the point?

This is how you hexacore.

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I'm post >>50103249. Yes, that was idle. I wound up replacing the cooler as the one I had installed was either defective or just shit. Not quite sure. Here's a fresh screenshot with Prime95 running. This is with a Corsair H110i GT cooler.

>> No.50119385

I'm >>50101304 and I get down to 30C sometimes.
50C is about as hot as my stuff gets.

>> No.50119421


By trying to figure out what IPS panel to buy.

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Just upgraded my GPU.

Plan on getting a new heatsink within the month and then doing a fresh windows install and overclocking my CPU, because I just realized how hard my CPU is bottle necking me at some points.

After that maybe another SSD or HDD and I'm done with this build for a few years

>> No.50119688


What's that black spot on bottom right of your screencap?

>> No.50119697

a spot I added in paint so I could post this picture in this thread because I posted it somewhere else earlier

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Skylake master race

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>Nvidia in charge of vram


>> No.50120677

Are your GPUs at idle? 60's is a bit warm

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giga puddi

>> No.50120843


Do you have ANY case fans?

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File: 337 KB, 1064x698, nvidiots.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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File: 38 KB, 653x520, ultrawide master race.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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4k master race. RAM isn't identified correctly. 16GB DDR5 at 2666 mhz

>> No.50120950

>double 980 cuck

>> No.50120956


bought them before the 980ti came out

>> No.50120983

Typical Intel/Nvidia user

>> No.50120992


what the hell 1680x1050?

>> No.50121025

>RAM isn't identified

Anon, what is 1333 + 1333?

You built this and you can't even do maths?

>> No.50121035


read here >>50120726

>> No.50121042


no shit. i'm saying it's only displaying one channel.

>> No.50121056


Turn on virtual resolution for your GPU and bump up to 1920x1200.

>> No.50121070


ah ok.

>> No.50121073


That's how speccy does it, your RAM is dual-channel.

>> No.50121084


>i7 5930K supports DDR4


>> No.50121092


it's also not showing my overclock. CPU is at 4.5

>> No.50121121


you're right. my bad, typo. DDR4

>> No.50121134


ok thanks. hadn't used speccy before

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tfw amd kaveri and incorrect temperature monitor

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>RAM at 2133mhz
>SLi 3GB video cards
>Dell monitors
>Dell ULTRASHARP monitors
>4x solid state disks with no RAID

Do you even know how to fucking computer?

>> No.50121251


I almost forgot

>Toshiba brand solid state disks

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Not him but
>RAM at 2133mhz
If he's using DDR4, I'm not sure it comes slower

>SLi 3GB video cards
He's got the cash, resolution and PCI-E lanes for it with that cpu, why not.

>Dell monitors
>Dell ULTRASHARP monitors
They have a nice resolution, small bezel, and look good, pic related

>4x solid state disks with no RAID
Granted, though the fear of one drive fucking up ruining a RAID 0 scares the piss outta me. And fuck wasting SSD space for redundancy. That's what HDDs + shadowcopy are for.

>Toshiba brand solid state disks
I haven't heard anything bad about Toshiba drives.

>> No.50121503


>Not realizing that's why his DDR4 is gay as fuck
>Thinking two 3GB video cards are acceptable
>Also likes Dell monitors
>Being scared of his RAID0 failing when all of his important things are protected on a RAID5 or 6 already
>Is okay with Toshiba drives

You're just as much trash as he is.

>> No.50121567


That processor also doesn't support DDR4. Just saying.

>> No.50121616
File: 52 KB, 400x282, RAID.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>He's got the cash, resolution and PCI-E lanes for it with that cpu, why not.

**Disregard that, misread it said SLI 3GPU video cards. 3GB is dumb at that resolution.

>Not realizing that's why his DDR4 is gay as fuck
DDR4 didn't make much of an impression at any speed, but okay.

>Thinking two 3GB video cards are acceptable
>Also likes Dell monitors
What is wrong with them?

>Being scared of his RAID0 failing when all of his important things are protected on a RAID5 or 6 already
RAID is not a backup.

>Is okay with Toshiba drives
Seriously, what is wrong with them?

Well fuck. Thanks for the correction.

>> No.50121636


>Implying I called RAID a back up

I said protected.

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