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I'm going to buy a new pc and I have several questions:

Should I buy a Desktop or a Laptop?
What PC do you recommend? Or should I build my own? If yes, I need some tips.

Help tech bros

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You know how /gif/ has a stickied porn request where the guy got banned? /g/ should be like that too

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not funny. Just help me here

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I agree.
Do your own research OP.

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Thats what I'm doing. I just need some advices.

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Quite a loaded question. Nobody can tell you what is best for you personally to do. If you want to know how to do something, then take the time to learn it yourself. Don't just ask someone to lay it all out for you. It won't work out. Fuck off.

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These aren't even questions we can answer for you.

The only thing I can tell you is that building your own desktop PC will always have the best cost/performance ratio.

Everything else is up to your own opinions.

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get that new laptop with watercooling

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(keks internally)

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Even close friends if mine pay $10 for any tech related support, why would we fucking help you?

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I will tell you what was told to me when i asked the equally stupid question five years ago.

Get a friend that knows how to build a pc and have him do it for you.
Everything from finding components to the actual building of the system.

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>buying pre-built

No. And for the price of a 2,000 dollar Macbook Pro you could build this instead.

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Thanks bro

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It really need a 860W PSU? And 1 Video Card is not enough?

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This was a thread from an anon who was spending 1800 bucks and only had an 980ti, an 840 Pro Samsung, and Haswell CPU and mobo.

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step 1: spend alot of money
step 2: spend some more money, if it can be more expensive, then it should be.
step 3:&&&&&


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Now go away.

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*tips fedora*

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He is not saying this is what you should build. He is just getting across the idea that you can save a lot of money by building your PC yourself. Stop being dumb. Start doing your own research.

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No poptarts

why even bother

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Poptarts are deprecated. It's all about Twinkies now.

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