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lol you 4chan fuckbois mad at my god tier build???

no but seriously what yall think

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>840 256GB
>single 980 non-Ti
Get out of here with this poorfag shit.

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It's okay.
1. Downgrade CPU (i5-4590k or 4570k whatever the fuck that devil's canyon haswell i5 is)
2. Upgrade GPU to 980Ti
3. Use an air CPU cooler. AIOs are nice but pointless.
4. Get a samsung 850 pro if they're not more expensive.

>windows 10
If you have to

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>Gaymen motherboard
>Older gen samsung ssd
>Only 550W PSU
>Paying for Windows
Just buy a PS4

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aight aight i c u playa updated w this shit

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>implying you'll buy this shit>>50071336

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Overpriced motherboard unless you really need the feature set it offers. CAS latency on that ram better be 9 or 10. 980ti, not 980. Fractal cases are decent. Semi-modular PSU? Go full modular and add another 100W.

Don't buy Windows.

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The i7 literally has built-in graphics. $499.99 wasted.
>Windows 10
$129.99 wasted

Sorry, without even looking at the actual parts, I assure you that you've thrown $629.98 out the window.

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Primary use is gaming of course but I also want to be able to handle proper video editing and maybe streaming on platform like twitch. Is the cpu/gpu switch still the better option here?

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>Windows 10
>550W PSU
Shit, you'll need more power than that just to keep all of the spying going.

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Your CPU cooler is worth about the same as my GPU.
Anyway get the 980TI if you really love spending money

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Oh Microcenter how do I love thee. Let me count the bills.

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550W is more than enough for this build.

Has any of you fags actually properly measured the power draw of your rigs or are you just spouting memes?

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what OS then??

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>windows license

jesus fucking christ

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Stick with the i7 if you're doing all 3 tasks at the same time.

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Hey, dude.
You might wanna be up to date with your tech.

Nvidia Dunn Goofed

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my graphics card alone pulls more than 600w

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pirate it you fucking mong

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>is the switch really worth it
abso fucking lutely.
If you look benchmarks for CPU intensive games you'll find that the difference between the fastes i7 and a 'good' i5 from the same generation are like 3 fps.
Meanwhile the difference between the 980 and 980TI is like 20-30fps,

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shit bruh, thank you

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>paying Microsoft $129.99 to monitor everything you do
This is the height of good goyery.

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>$130 for windows 10
>you can pirate it, or pirate 8 and upgrade for free

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>waiting evolved

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The i5 will be great for video editing.

These are powerful modern processors, they're beefhouses of processing power.

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That's not the unlocked version, fam. Enjoy NOT overclocking :^)

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What graphics card would that be?

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That's the locked version. IfOP doesn't plan to OC then sure its good, but then what's the point of liquid cooling

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>windows 10

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sounds like some AMD card, probably the 295x2

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7 and 10 dual boot, throw in a Linux OS like Cinnamon Mint or Arch as well. 10 will be for gaming, 7 is in case there's a fuck up in 10, and the linux is for learning how an OS works.

Get the Windows ISOs and use activators.

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>I steal so everyone else has to

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>free OS
>stealing a free OS

Anon, that's not how it works.

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OP from what country are you?
I know a lot of European universities offer discounts on Windows, maybe American ones as well.

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>closed loop
>windowed case
>550W PSU
>Buying windows

Hi Reddit

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What does a fucking 295x2 have to do with the power recommendation of OPs build.

Any single GPU can be saturated with a decent 550W PSU, even AMD ones.
The 295x2 isn't a single GPU thiugh

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Windows 10 is literally free, why pay $130 for it, niggeroo

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gg usa and in uni might check that out

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>buying dead and dated hardware

if you're spending 1800 you might as well get a 6700k and ddr4 ram at the very least

>BUYING windows 10, which microsoft offers for free
>even considering using windows 10
absolutely disgusting

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Sorry to mislead OP. It's $279

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It's called dreamspark

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wow easy kidder
You asked him what kind of GPU sucks more than 550W, and I responded that it probably is the 295X2, even though it are 2 cards it's counted as 1 GPU by some people.

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To upgrade is free dummfukk

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this is literally /g/ & /v/'s standard rig.
Plus windows 10.

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>buying dated hardware

Fixed. But really if it's a fresh new build there's no point in going for anything but Skylake.

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I wasn't shitting on you but on the 600W guy for bringing up a totally unrelated argument, sorry

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You're right, it isn't a single GPU. However, it is a singular graphics card.

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ok as far as clcs go
a bunch of features you aren't using and a 2% increase in clockspeed (assuming you're actually overclocking) isn't worth spending an extra $130 on; get a Z97-E or something instead
ok, but 250GB isn't a lot of space, unless you're throwing in an old 1TB drive you have lying around
>graphics card
poor price-performance; get a 390/390X/980Ti instead.
>W10 Pro
ok I guess

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why is that? seems to me theres absolutely no reason to.
this is the same mentality that made morons everywhere install botnet 10.

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Easier to upgrade components 5 years into the future.

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we're talking hardware, kiddo

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calling people morons is a bit harsh, we all use what we use and its all good

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Though 550W is fine, if you're spending that much on a build, I'd recommend stepping up your PSU game.

How much is the corsair RM650i in burger land? It has a 7 year warranty and is dead silent.

If you buy a decent PSU it's probably the one part you'll keep longest of your build.
Also I wouldn't really spend that much on a motherboard unless you really need its features.

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>/g/ growing up

>before the age of 16
>muh cores
>muh gigagigs o' RAM
>muh behemoth graphics cards

>/g/ hits puberty
>muh Thinkpad with clitty
>muh SSDs in RAID 0
>muh mechanical keyboard

>/g/ grows up
>muh chair, muh goddamn chair
>muh screen resolution
>muh keyboard

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bruh normal people hit puberty at like 13 wtf

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If you're spending 1800 dollars at least get skylake or x99.
Also, evo 840 while 850 is out? Fucking retard.

+ only 256gb?
+ overpriced cpu cooler
+ shitty psu

This is the most retarded build I've ever seen.

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>normal people

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tfw can't figure out what to swap a tj11 for because i've fallen in love with it, but i can't afford it or find anything comparable.

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32 bit OS is recommended for larger quantities of RAM

welcome to the meme my friend

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you must be new here

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>1800 dollars
>that build


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>$120 water cooler that performs as well as an $80 air cooler
>16GB ram for gaymen
>buying windows

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>buying windows

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>Buying windows when you're installing gentoo.
>Spending $200 on a SDD
>overpriced underperforming nvidia
>$115 for a cooler
For $1800 you should have a DDR4 system

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>high end pc build
>extremely basic and low end corsair PSU
i've been seeing a lot of this recently and i'm not liking it. how does this keep happening.
people thinking the PSU is where they shave a few dollars off their build?

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why do people buy everything in bulk and not wait for sales?

heres my 1200 build


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1800 dollar build? I'm going by base total. Over by 75 cents. Still good.


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Most jew-persons see the PSU as something that either works or doesn't and cannot improve performance.
Ergo, shave money on PSU, apply to GPU/CPU.

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I would like to see their faces when they buy Diablotek.

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>not a skylake CPU
>840 (at least it's the pro version)
>not the Ti version
C'mon fucboi you can do better than this

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>$250 gaming motherboard
Don't do this, spend the extra to get the 980ti instead

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Buy at least 32, you look like a fool

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Why do you need all that RAM?

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OP wants video editing, this is an area where the more ram the better although for this more SSDs would also be a benefit

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Fair enough

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>Any single GPU can be saturated with a decent 550W PSU, even AMD ones.
Running a R9 290 + i5 4670k @ 4GHz with a 500W PSU and it just works fine and power usage is never near limit in games (~280-380Watt depending on game/scene), only when stress testing both of them.

>inb4 poorfag
I got the R9 290 after I made my build and I never expected to get such a power-demanding GPU in before and since it works just fine why should I buy another PSU if mine just works fine?

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>Samsung SSD
>Gaudy motherboard
You could spend your money more wisely but please, do buy.

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>windows 10
>980 non-ti
>less than 500gb ssd

if you're willing to dish out $1800 you'd be better off going all out instead of half assing it like this

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ITT we all post specs we don't have

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Dude just buy this, its alot better, and set up the SSD in raid 0.

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I've saved up $3,200 in the past month for a re/new build.

What should I get?

Looking really looking to upgrade for Fallout 4.

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Sli 980ti's? Some more SSD's? Nicer case/ cooling/ peripherals?
I doubt you could spend $3200 upgrading that, there's no point upgrading from the 4790k for gaming.
Also Fallout 4 isn't going to be very intensive, probably wouldn't stress your current build too much

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How does this look, /v/? Thinking about dropping the monitor, using my shitty TV as a monitor for a bit and upgrading the pc itself a bit more.

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Wanna now how much you need to spend for Fallout 4?


You can even make money off that build and still play Fallout 4. Like selling 8 gb of ram.

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