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the whole point of using linux on a desktop is in heavily ricing it for posting in desktop threads. am i wrong?

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Yes.People want to rice as a hobby.
Stop being autistic

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you are absolutely correct

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not for me. i started using ubuntu with gnome 2 long time ago, and now i am just too lazy to switch. im like those people who refuse to upgrade from win xp, except i use ubuntu with gnome 2.

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I use it because I like it. I get a nice feeling when I see my beautiful XFCE desktop with the theme I like and all my software working how I like it and it all makes sense.

I remember back when I had windows, it was all a mess. Programmes with weird names and numbers doing stuff only 50% because they want you to play for the rest and the desktop always annoying me with things I didn't want it to do and it was all confusing.

Since I switched to linux on the desktop my life has improved by (at least) 500%! I used to have no friends because I had a constant inner frustration, but now I can devote myself to all they joys of life, art, literature and science. The people I know now are much for fun and friendly and every day I am happy to have the life I do.

And that is why I use linux, and recommended it to anyone else too.

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The whole point of using Windows on a desktop is so you can become Microsoft and the NSA's bitch. Am I wrong?

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No not really. I use it as my daily driver on desktop and laptop. Both for anything personal such as banking or email, but also for school work. From notes, reports, presentations, to having to run a server OS in a vm for my networking class. The only time I boot into Windows is for going ever since their big push on telemetry updates.

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The ironic part is that I'm actually telling the truth.

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Or because you need professional utilities and drivers nothing else has. Also don't have time to fuck around with errors.

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>XFCE desktop

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I'll be honest. That was the reason I installed Linux in the first place.

Now I have a full time job working with Linux.

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>using linux
>not being able to figure out how to block microsoft with nothing but build-in firewall
i thought you have to be smart and all to use linux. Am... Was i wrong?

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why would someone shill for linux, its not like anyone would pay for that, right?

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Linux ends M$/Apple monopoly in desktop computing. Having an alternative that can replicate many of the features of a closed source OS is always useful as Plan B.

For example, the failed abortion known as Windows 10 causing people to flee to Linux permanently to get rid of a steaming pile of shit.

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r u serious? this is how you (try to) do it?

muahahahaha : kekedikekedikek

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The point of using linux is having an OS that isn't a virus and malware magnet nsa-backdoored botnet piece of shit OS, and opting for a solid secure dependable freedom as in speech and as in beer respecting roll your own customizable scalable tight like a nun's pussy oh hell yeah just the way daddy likes it OS.

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Sort of the same. I run very bloated Arch with Gnome 3. Not a regret in the world.

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Yeah, when some ass bandit gives me a thumb drive full of viruses or some suspicious file I want to examine, I just boot up the distro and get rid of these safely before approaching Windows.

Another useful feature is data recovery. Imagine if your Windows goes into an infinite loop which happens in places with frequent power outage. You can use Live CD to access your HDD and copy your valuable data way before reformatting the drive.

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They are the worst Linux users, and are only there to make Linux look worse than it already does.

I've tried many times introducing people to Linux by showing them Desktop Threads and, without fail, my friends start depicting me as the kind of guy to sleep with animu body pillows. I'm losing more friends than I am gaining with my stupid hobbies with this OS.

Fuck it. I'm installing Windows 7 tonight and getting a life.

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100% correct, OP.
Linux on the desktop is preferred by many users for exactly the same reasons linux is the OS of choice for servers and supercomputers.
Ricing and shitposting on /g/.

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>tfw my friends know that I fap to lolis
>all that ever happens is some banter

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Ricing is just a feature of Linux, it does not define it. I like the diversity and unique styles presented in desktop threads. On Windows we have a limited set of options, so we all look the same like a Chinese village.

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If they're willing to talk to you after they know you fap to lolis they aren't that normal. Normalfags usually would avoid all contact.

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>windows firewall
>not your router firewall
You're a fucking retard.

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2 of them regularly go clubbing so I guess that these two are pretty normal.

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Being normal and being normal with extreme morals are two different things.

I look normal, people who look at me think I am fucking bitches every night. In reality I just like hanging around /g/ and watch anime or play LoL to kill time. I just maintain this normal image to function in society and get people off m back.

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I've been on /g/ for about 5 years now and I have NEVER seen a linux vs windows thread where Linux doesn't got BTFO.

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Nice to know that you disagree with me, and I am glad to tell you that I'm sure you will be able to find your perfect linux DE/WM match. I did it and it feels great! ;)

Oh, no, but you see that is exactly it! Linux is go great, I have to spread the good word and help people find out about the great things you have have with Linux. I mean, I am not paying for it because it it Free Software, so I feel obligated to help the developers find more people to enjoy and improve their software with. And the more users Linux will have, the more software and support it will get. It only has ~3-5% now - imagine how great it will be with 20-40% (or more). I am a very optimistic person and I believe with the right mindset, you too will have a great life with Linux. Have fun and always stay open to open source ;)

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